Love Jihad in India, Part 1

In Britain, “grooming and pimping” — i.e. sex slavery — is a popular method used by young Muslim men to subjugate infidel girls. Muslims in India take a somewhat different approach with Hindu girls, isolating them and forcibly marrying them in a process known as “love jihad”.

The following interview was conducted by a renowned Bajrang Dal Human Rights and Women’s rights Activist, Parash Rajput. He has reportedly helped 400 Hindu victims of Islamic jihad.

Many thanks to Achintya Das for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Yes, tell me your name. Shilpa Shankar Pujari.
00:04   Whatever questions I ask, you need to respond to those loudly and clearly
00:08   so that we can record perfectly.
00:12   What is your date of birth?
00:16   10th February 1990.
00:20   What is your educational qualification?
00:24   Graduation B.Com and GNNIT MIS course.
00:28   What is the address of your residence in Mumbai?
00:32   [address redacted]
00:36   opposite BMC school.
00:40   What is the name of the boy? Imran Masoom Khan
00:44   How did you meet him?
00:49   We stay at the same locality, so first he became my friend.
00:53   This is the way I came to know about him. Did he initiate the friendship via mobile no?
00:57   Yes, He called me first.
01:01   What are the areas did you used to roam together?
01:05   Rajabari Garden or
01:09   Titwala. Where in Titwala?
01:17   Titwala Temple. Was he allowed to visit Titwala temple?
01:21   Only one time we went to the temple.
01:25   Did Imran enter and visit the temple with you? No.
01:30   Are you aware of
01:34   this issue that any type of sexual intercourse can be regarded as rape
01:38   if that sexual intercourse was performed forcefully?
01:42   When was the first time you had first sexual encounter with him?
01:50   It was 2007. Can you remember the month?
01:54   Yes it was August. How old were you at that time?
01:58   I was 17 years old at that time.
02:02   Okay, That means you were underage and a minor at that time.
02:06   Did the sexual intercourse occur forcefully? Yes.
02:10   Where did this happen? Zarimani,
02:14   Whitehouse Lodge Safedpur.
02:18   Do you know the nearby address of that place? Yes.
02:22   Safedpur.
02:31   You gave us a detail
02:35   that he captured some photographs and videos of yours.
02:39   Did he capture them the first time or later?
02:43   He took those later.
02:51   Did you delete those photos and videos from the mobile?
02:55   Yes, I told him to delete those and he deleted 1-2 videos
02:59   in front of me and I don’t know about the rest.
03:03   He started blackmailing you via these videos and photographs.
03:07   Yes. How did he do this ?
03:11   He told me that if you break up the relationship or leave me
03:15   Then I will expose all these to the public, I mean he said this to me.
03:19   He said either he will publish those on internet or
03:24   else I will show the next person, whoever will meet you in the future.
03:28   He warned me and said if you ever meet any new boy or anyone for friendship or marriage
03:32   and leave me I will share all of these with them.
03:36   Have you said anything about this to your parents?
03:40   No, I had fear in my mind
03:44   Because I was afraid about my mom and dad
03:48   and I had no idea about what are they gonna do after knowing about this incident.
03:52   So finally you married that boy. Yes.
03:57   Did that marriage occur forcibly or with your consent ? It happened forcibly.
04:01   That means the marriage occurred also forcibly? Yes. When did the marriage take place ?
04:17   Yes, the marriage took place in the month of April 2010.
04:29   When did your parents start receiving threats from him? Did this occur when you went against him?
04:33   Yes.
04:42   When my family came to know about this incident they took me to the village.
04:46   He started threatening my family to return me to him.
04:50   What sort of threats did he used to make to your family?
04:58   Like, I will kill your dad and mom.
05:06   He used to create pressure and tension on me and wanted to defame my reputation.
05:10   During the time of threatening you and your family he used to talk about the photos and videos,
05:14   you told us.
05:19   That when I got married the lawyer took one witness.
05:23   Do you know its illegal? Yes.
05:27   The lawyer has no permission to have a witness.
05:31   There was a girl witness and her name was
05:35   Nilopher and she used to be Hindu before.
05:39   Who said this to you? Nilopher told me
05:43   Yes, she told me,
05:47   that I was a Hindu and after making a love marriage I became a Muslim.
05:51   Also she said that her husband was married before
05:55   and she is the second wife of that man.
05:59   Okay, don’t you believe after seeing this pattern that this is a racket?
06:03   or syndicate which is operating this game and job? Yes, I do believe that.

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