10 thoughts on “Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion (2)

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  3. Islam is a Death Cult.

    You try to leave, they try to kill you.

    Just because it is the biggest one in history doesn’t change that fundamental fact.

    Except to make it that much more horrific, since it means that 1/7th of the human race are victims of an intolerant, retrograde, murderous, terrorizing ideology self-camouflaged as an “Abrahamic” religion.

    To quote a poet critical of the Roman Empire’s similar methodology:
    “They create a desert and call it ‘peace’.”

    • Give a Moslem garden and he will turn it into a desert.
      Give a Jew a desert and he will turn it into a garden.

  4. Russia Today has just posted an article about a statement that immigrants into Britain are better educated and getting better jobs than the natives. This is meant to counter the view that they are low iq benefit scroungers. But I doubt if it made the natives feel any better knowing that and that Indians and some Pakistanis also are very good at and interested in accumulating vast wealth whereas the British find other things more important in life. The words future underclass spring to mind.

    However, one of the comments ran: “How I long for safe, wonderful boring England”. So many of us do. This would have been the England that still existed when Daniel Johnson and I were ourselves undergraduates. The Oxford I see portrayed on this video is a different one from the early 1970s when nearly every face in the union would of been of an indigenous Briton. How I hate these people who are so besotted with the colour and chaos of the third world that the are replacing Safe and Boring England and the Peaceful and Boring English with peoples from all over the globe whose own countries are anything but safe and boring; most of them are chaotic and extremely dangerous. Lee Rigby has now been laid to rest according to the rites of the Church of England. It was a Pakistani muslim, the unctuous Mishal Hussein, who told me that on the BBC. Undoubtedly she would like England to be as colourful as the Pakistan where she began her journalism career.

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