Halal Stickers and Product Tampering in Australia

An Australian candidate for political office is causing controversy by selling halal product stickers to raise money for his campaign. He is adamantly opposed to halal, especially unlabeled halal, and urges his supporters to put the stickers on halal items to inform culturally unenriched Australians about what they may be buying.

A peculiar incident of apparent product tampering has clouded what would otherwise have been a colorful, if contentious, political campaign:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

One thought on “Halal Stickers and Product Tampering in Australia

  1. I have been know to walk into restaurants and take away food shops that spruik themselves as halal during ramadan and ask for a roast pork roll or ham sandwich. I don’t get the order, but I do get the satisfaction.

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