Halal Meat is the First Giant Step of Our Islamization

The following article by Enza Ferreri was published earlier this summer at the Liberty GB website.

Halal Meat is the First Giant Step of Our Islamization
by Enza Ferreri

Halal meat — made from animals sacrificed to Allah, often brutally — is being given to unknowing non-Muslim consumers and diners in supermarkets, restaurants and schools throughout Britain. How did this come about, and what can we do to stop it?

A few days ago I got up determined to keep Islam and politics out of my mind — I tend to think about such subjects a lot these days — at least until I would turn my computer on and start working.

I went to the front door to check my mail and among the letters there was a leaflet with the menu of a local takeaway. I inspected it and found the dreaded word: “Halal”.

There is no way you can keep Islam out of your life, or even out of your thoughts for long, in today’s Britain, even more so in today’s London. The saying “If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain” seems particularly appropriate under the circumstances. I did not want to figuratively go to Islam, but Islam came to me.

I threw the takeaway leaflet in the dustbin, but not before phoning the place to let the people running it know that I was about to keep their leaflet, since the takeaway is convenient and close to us, but that when I saw they were selling halal meat I got rid of it — which is exactly the truth. I added that there are many other people like me in our area who don’t want to eat halal meat and that the takeaway is going to lose business because of this issue.

The only thing I did not mention is that I am a vegetarian, which is the best, surest way not to be affected by halal if you live in Londonistan — although I was vegetarian long before the birth of this problem in the West: I recommend it to everybody, regardless of the halal question. Let’s not delude ourselves: even in the best conditions, slaughter is always atrocious for the animals, it is in fact murder. But although a vegetarian, I would not buy anything from a halal-meat-peddling outlet.

People who haven’t seen the light sometimes say to me during a discussion that the Islamization of Britain is never going to happen, a view, alas, shared by many.

The fact is that we do not even need to talk about the future, because it is already happening.

A clear case of Islamization already present is that of halal meat.

This subject is one of those that most antagonizes British and other European natives against Islam for two reasons.

The first is that lots of people care about animals and they do not want to see them unnecessarily suffer to satisfy the ritual requirements of a doctrine, Islam, which is alien to us and seems to disprove its ethical and therefore religious status exactly with precepts like these that instruct its believers to increase, rather than diminish, the suffering in the world.

It looks paradoxical that the improvements that our civilized society has introduced to at least alleviate, if not eliminate, the terrible agony of slaughter should be reversed on the whim of a group of people with a way of thinking stuck in the 7th century AD and who came to our countries with their hands stretched out asking to be helped to get out of the poverty and backwardness that Islam forces on them, only to practically replicate those conditions here.

The second reason why halal meat is so unpopular is that here we can see in practice, perhaps for the first time on a large scale, what Islamization is.

What many people strongly object to is that they have been compelled to live according to Sharia law against their will, and that is the very essence of Islam and its supremacism.

Many UK schools, hospitals, canteens, hundreds of restaurants and pubs have been routinely serving halal meat to non-Muslims who did not know that they were eating meat from ritually slaughtered animals. Famously, even sporting venues such as Wembley Stadium and Ascot, supermarkets including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield and the Co-op, fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Subway and KFC, and pizza chains like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Nando’s have been selling halal meat without letting their customers know.

Part of the reason for this is that not all meat produced from animals killed by halal methods of slaughter is suitable for Muslim consumption because it may still not meet other Islamic dietary requirements, and therefore may end up being sold to non-Muslims. Something similar happens with kosher meat for Jewish consumption, which may find its way to the wider community.

Even Easter eggs and cat food have been found to be halal in Australia, as denounced by the Aussie website Halal Choices, which is so popular that it has received more than 250,000 visits since the Christian activist Kirralie Smith created it two years ago.

And this is the good news. The movement against halal is global, developed in all Western countries with a Muslim population. Facebook alone pullulates with anti-halal pages, sometimes dedicated to the closure or the prevention of a local abattoir.

Only two to three months ago a row erupted over a North-East London school’s decision to start serving only halal meat to its pupils. Parents objected to these plans of the management at Larkswood Primary School in Chingford. These are people whom we should support. It was also discovered that halal is the only meat served in three-quarters of council-supported schools and academies (46 in total) in Waltham Forest Council.

The Daily Mail reporter who wrote the article about UK institutions and commercial outlets serving halal linked to above has managed to have access to a halal abattoir undercover. Here is what he witnessed:

They [Animals] are fully conscious as their throats are slit by a slaughterman as he utters prayers to Allah to ‘bless’ the animal. The creature then bleeds to death in a process that can take more than 30 seconds…

Though the deep incision to the neck cuts through the animal’s windpipe and main arteries, the creatures are still able to cry out.

During my two-hour visit, I watch as lamb after lamb has its throat sliced open while fully conscious. They make pitiful bleating and gurgling sounds as they choke on their own blood. It’s a chilling sound that, once heard, stays with you for days afterwards.

And then there’s the fact that the animals can witness each other being killed as they travel along the ­conveyor belt. Their hooves twitch wildly as they try to break fee.

One lamb cries out for more than 20 seconds before it flops off the end of the conveyor belt and on to a rotating table. From there, it is shackled by its hind legs and hauled up to the ceiling on a hook, where it is left with a dozen others to ‘bleed out’ — another ­important part of the halal process.

Of course, no slaughter of an animal is easy to watch. But it is hard to remain dispassionate as I watch dozens of still-conscious animals bleeding to death, the floor covered by an inch of warm, frothy blood.

British law, which requires animals to be stunned and rendered unconscious before slaughter, should be changed so that it no longer makes exceptions for both halal and kosher, as the new counterjihad party (to which I belong), Liberty GB, says in its manifesto. Sweden and Norway banned ritual slaughter in the 1930s. Switzerland, one of the most ancient countries to be based on popular consent and direct democracy, banned it as early as 1893.

It’s worth explaining that, if we implement that, nobody will have to go against his or her religious beliefs or commandments.

Islam specifically exempts its faithful from the obligation to eat halal food if none is available:

He hath only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that on which any other name hath been invoked besides that of Allah. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then is he guiltless. For Allah is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful. Quran (002:173)

Neither Islam nor Judaism prescribes meat consumption. If a follower of either faith does not want to eat non-permitted meat, he can be a vegetarian, thus also doing a favour to his heart and decreasing his risk of cancer.

Interestingly, it’s a major secular Jewish philosopher, Peter Singer, who has this recommendation for Muslims and his fellow Jews in his book Animal Liberation (Amazon UK) (Amazon USA) (page 155, The New York Review of Books, second edition):

Meanwhile, those who do not wish to eat meat slaughtered contrary to the current teachings of their religion have a simple alternative: not to eat meat at all. In making this suggestion, I am not asking more of religious believers than I ask of myself; it is only that the reasons for them to do it are stronger because of the additional suffering involved in producing the meat they eat.

The Jewish writer and Nobel Prize laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, also a vegetarian, said: “I am not a vegetarian for my own health, but for the health of the chickens” and “every day is Treblinka for the animals”. He wrote a very poignant short story, The Slaughterer, in which a compassionate man, Yoineh Meir, is appointed the town’s ritual slaughterer in the old country, and obediently performs his duties, but his life is turned into a living hell of nightmares and obsessions about blood and slaughter, until madness and drowning himself in the river become his final escape:

The killing of every beast, great or small, caused him as much pain as though he were cutting his own throat. Of all the punishments that could have been visited upon him, slaughtering was the worst.

While we are waiting for the law to be changed to prohibit ritual slaughter, at the very least halal meat should not reach the non-Muslim market (and kosher the non-Jewish), and all meat from animals who were slaughtered when conscious should be clearly labelled as such. There is certainly a vast number of people who want clear labelling, knowledge and choice.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born London writer and the Press Officer for Liberty GB. She blogs at www.enzaferreri.blogspot.co.uk.

For her previous articles and translations, see the Enza Ferreri Archives.

37 thoughts on “Halal Meat is the First Giant Step of Our Islamization

  1. Simple- once a business is found to be catering to Muslims, it should be boycotted– forever. If business wants to serve Muslims, they should not expect to serve kafirs. If we make a few examples, Campbell’s would be a great place to start. Kafirs, let’s flex our economic muscles!

  2. I was on Heathrow last fall and i asked the servant: Is this halal? She obviously was confused and guessed the answer, So i went: i dont want you to be in doubt about this. I wanna know for sure.

    She – it was a she- went for the manager and this gentleman said: No its not! “You want to place a halal order?” So i told him. Why do we have this discussion? I hate halal. And since you cant tell me it’s not. I dont want to buy nothing from you. Keep your halal stuff apart from mine and please do inform your customers you have the halal option.

    Both of them stood there in complete silence. England. It is the worst islam infested hell hole of the West. i dont want any products from England. Not no more. And we all should not buy from any islam loving merchants.

      • Do remember to advise the Saudis to thank the west, without whom they wouldn’t be able to extract and refine oil as they are too busy knocking hell out of each other for the sake of the very same religion that is causing this discussion, hhhaaaaa hhhaaaa, booooom!

  3. I always avoid any establishment that sells Ritually slaughtered Halal meat, here in Paisley we have 5 Subway fast food sandwich places that are owned by a particular Muslim franchisee, I simply wont eat in those places, I noted he employs infidels to serve the Subway breakfast meals that consist of pork sausage, bacon and egg on a sub roll.

    I noted a new Subway owned and ran by this particular cultural enricher in the West end of the town, suspiciously close to the new Islamic centre (ahem,Mosque) and in a area that has mainly Islamic shops and business’s from Indian? curry houses, to Kebab shops to the usual newsagents and mini markets that serve the locals and the not so local, but suspiciously close up until 1pm every Friday for the prayers in the Mosque on Wellmeadow, generously donated by the Marxist Dhimmifie’d University of the West of Scotland that has its main campus in the area. I have noted an increasing number of Islamic students coming to the university and they are now colonising the area, they never leave once here to study and end up working in kebab shops or driving taxis (hardly university quality jobs?).

    The KFC’s in the town are unashamedly Halal, and the local Renfrewshire council is busy opening up the beleaguered recession hot town centre to an ever increasing amount of Islamic business’s 8 miles up the Paisley road West we have Glasgow, the big city in Scotland, and home to our largest Muslim population, they say there is only 60 or 70.000 in Glasgow and its conglomeration, but considering there is around 2 million souls in the Glasgow and surrounds , they are becoming increasingly visible and in many areas such as Polloksheilds and Govanhill/Queens park/Strathbungo the only people in these area and there is a strong air of sharia, their shops and business’s have overtly large signs saying no dogs allowed, Arabic can be heard being spoken in the background, and there is in many cases an air of hostility, and feeling that they don’t want the locals to be here. Ahh the joys of Multiculturalism and the treasonus one world agenda that has allowed Islam and its adherents to incubate in what was once the most Scottish place on the planet.

    • Agree with you I live in shawl ands have a dog but keep being told by Muslims to stand back from a shop when they go in soon be in a minority with [disgusting] snp and labour in power

  4. Didn’t read beyond the vegetarian advert. What may be a good article has been ignored (at least by me) because the writer is obviously just as fanatical about vegetarianism as the Muslims are about halal meat.

    • Guilty as charged, I am vegetarian and a supporter of vegetarianism, as I say in the article. I would not call myself “fanatical”, though. Simply to believe that something is right does not make one a fanatic, only somebody with ideas. We all in the counter-jihad movement could be called “fanatical” using that standard, because we all have – rightly – strong opinions about many things.

      Thank you for thinking that it may have been a good article, but pity you didn’t read it. Maybe we should allow more for individual differences.

  5. I used to love a juicy steak on the George Foreman Fat-free Grill with some raw garlic, until I saw a u-tube of Halal slaughter of beef cattle. You say 30 seconds for a lamb, these were steers which took between 4 minutes and 27
    minutes to die, in total terror, pain and desperation. It was something which no animal should go through. I decided never to eat anything cut off a steer
    again. That was 3 years ago. Since then it seems most if not all supermarkets
    sell Halal beef, often hiding the fact that it is Halal. I will never go back to eating any animal that MIGHT have been destroyed in this way. It just makes
    me despise Islam and its sick practitioners even more .

  6. A useful complement to Enza’s article…go to YouTube…and find the video of
    Halal Slaughter. (I could not watch it all the way through…still grief stricken from it.)

  7. Interesting that the promotion and saturation of halal products massively exceeds any demand that the UK muslim demographic could possibilly generate.

    Therefore the penetration of halal products into the indigenous market should be recognised as a sharia marketing tool and political assault, that force feeds sharia law to the indigenous peoples and is sanctiond by the UK Government and food industries.

    Sinisterly the halal descriptor is being sold to the British public as a quality assurance brand by manufacturers and supermarkets. How long before halal marketing creates a cartel/monopoly over the British food supply chain?

  8. As Enza Ferrari mentions, ritual slaughter has been banned in Sweden for decades. But there are no restrictions to import ritual slaughtered meat.
    Registered and accepted Kosher- and Halal-meat from Sweden comes from animals that have been slaughtered after anaesthesia. As far as I know, there are no reports telling that this should lower the quality of the meat (Rather the opposite.).

    Now to my point! How come that there is a big market for meat slaughtered the “old-fashioned” way? If it’s not the taste of the meat and there are no objections in the Quran – the only left alternative is that the brutal violence against the animals is the main “merchandise” many people are willing to pay for. Please, tell me that I’m wrong.

  9. If one were to go out on the street and ask the population what “halal” meat is they would be unable to answer.
    The fact that animals need to be conscious dates back to the 7th century where in order to make sure the animal is healthy it needs to be conscious at slaughter.
    I think I have told this to the GOV crowd before but EVERY STREET food vendor in NYC that I witnessed had a halal sign on their wagon.
    Do the people of NYC know that the animals they are consuming were slaughtered while fully cognizant? Do they also know that the butcher shops of this meat tithe back to the jihad?

  10. A year ago I went to a major mid-range restaurant. There it was “assuring customers that all their meats are hellall” (sic) I made it very clear to the new wave useful idiot manager and staff why I was being disrespectful to the max. This was not a Muslim or other exotic establishment. Hopefully I could also shame a middle class muncher by speaking loud enough to he overheard. A year later this particular chain now only highlights that “all its chicken is hellall (sic)! Looks like the food people and God knows who else is trying to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.  

  11. Speak against the proliferation of halal meat outside the Muslim community all you want–I’m with you.

    But quoting Peter Singer approvingly–now that is beyond the pale. This man’s moral outlook is so warped that he grieves for animals killed for food but advocates for infanticide. Sorry, an ally like that is one you don’t need.

  12. For all UK readers who want to avoid purchasing/consuming Halal slaughtered meat from supermarkets there is only one major supermarket retailer that does not sell ritually slaughtered Halal meat.

    Asda =Halal
    Tesco = Halal
    Sainsburys = Halal
    Co-op = Halal
    Ocado =Halal
    Waitrose = Halal
    Lidl = Halal
    Aldi = Halal
    Netto = Halal

    All of the above major supermarkets in the UK sell ritually slaughtered Halal meat in accordance with Islamic principles & sharia law, all of these retailers do not give the paying customer the freedom of information or choice to make an informed decision due to the fact they do not label the meat they sell as being Halal, if they did we could simply leave it on the shelf.

    Morrisons is the only major British supermarket chain that does not sell Halal meat including poultry, beef etc. Morrisons have their own British farms and their own slaughterhouses and their meat is of a commendable quality, I am not a place man for Morrisons, I have simply found this out myself by research and speaking about this subject matter when shopping in the Morrisons supermarkets (managers).

    • scotsinfidel, thank you for both your highly informative comments.

      Unfortunately, Morrisons seems to have fallen into the same state of dhimmitude as the others. On their website’s ‘FAQs about our company and policies’, to the question “Do you sell Halal meat?” they reply:

      “Morrisons recognises the importance religious communities attach to food produced in accordance with their beliefs, and in response to customer demand we sell a number of branded halal and kosher products. Our customers who do not wish to purchase halal or kosher can choose our fresh meat in full confidence that all animals are pre-stunned and no prayer is read at slaughter. Our fresh meat is 100% British and uniquely the majority is processed at our own abattoirs – giving us unrivalled control over the provenance and quality of our meat.”


      Boycott Halal also gives other reasons for concern:


      The way forward is boycotting all companies that sell halal, as you, scotsinfidel, and Guy Macher, The Dutch Patriot, s ducain, Peter, Susan-Anne White, Notoo Helhal, have said.

      Consumer pressure is very powerful, and has imposed many important political changes.

      My party Liberty GB has produced a halal leaflet, among others, which you can download and print:


      Liberty GB is preparing an anti-halal campaign, with an online petition to sign and other actions. I’ll keep you posted.

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  14. Halal slaughter is nothing more than practice for jihad.
    Their throats today, yours tomorrow. And that’s the truth, the only reason for Halal in the first place.

  15. I am opposed to the ritual slaughter of animals by Muslims, and would never knowingly buy halal meat. However, it is disturbing to read a quote from the infamous Peter Singer in the article above. Does the writer not know that Singer has outrageous, evil views on abortion, euthanasia and bestiality, for example?

  16. Some years ago, in 2004, I think’, muslim Councillors on the London Borough of Camden tried to force the serving of halal food on all of their school children and Council employees. The Council had more sense and threw the proposal out. The proposer was Councillor Abdul Quadir. He was voted out of office in 2006 but returned in 2010 and served as deputy mayor during 2010/2011. In that municipal year, halal food was served in all Camden’s schools and colleges “as standard” as well as in the staff canteen. As an employee, I boycotted the canteen and urged my colleagues to do likewise.

  17. I checked this out a bit last year. Marks & Spencer told me they sold no Halal or (surprisingly?) Kosher meat; Tesco said all Halal was humanely slaughtered and clearly labelled.

    The RSPCA (equivalent of ASPCA in US) said they were campaigning for stunning in all cases. I’m no expert, but I thought the original, practical reason for killing animals while conscious was to maximise draining of blood, to reduce risk of contamination in hot climates; likewise pork (and some fish) were forbidden because they go off quickly. In all cases, modern refrigeration and freezing should render such rules obsolete- IF people were always rational!

  18. The best way to fight halal is never to patronize Muslim businesses that sell meat.

    And to go vegan. Sorry, but there is no such thing as a humane way to kill an animal. Stunning or halal, the animal feels pain, distress and suffering.

    • I totally agree that animals always suffer during slaughter, and I think that we should all become at least vegetarian.

      But there is a difference between being killed when you are unconscious and when you are not. Animals take time, frequently a long time, to bleed to death. That atrocity can be avoided, even if the rest is not.

  19. I shocked a French friend recently when he told me that the lamb chops he was serving up were from New Zealand – once the French would not have allowed that. I told him that in that case the meat was probably halal as I had heard that all New Zealand lamb was halal because of NZ being forced to open up markets in the Middle East once the European Common Market had forced Britain to import continental meat in the place of that from the Old Commonwealth. He told me that all meat in France has to be labelled halal – is this correct? – and am I correct with regard to halal in NZ. Perhaps a Kiwi could tell me – and a Frenchman about the labelling.

  20. Further to my last comment, I meant to add that Morrison’s HQ is now in what is probably Britain’s most islamic city, Bradford, due to its high concentration of Pakistani muslims. Those putting forward contendors please speak now. Hence, I wonder for how much longer their policy can survive as their HQ is forced to employ more and more of the “locals” until they eventually dictate company policy.

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  22. In answer to the comments about Peter Singer, yes, of course I know Singer’s views on abortion, euthanasia and bestiality, as well as on many other topics about which I disagree with him.

    That doesn’t alter the fact that he is right in most of what he says about animal equality.

    I didn’t quote him because I consider him an ally, but because of Jewish opposition to banning ritual slaughter, and to show that there is nothing anti-Semitic in advocating such a ban, as partly evidenced by the fact that prominent Jewish writers and philosophers have done the same. Singer, in particular, addresses the question of religious freedom by saying that in Judaism there is no prescription to eat meat.

    We can distinguish a person’s opinions between those we accept and those we reject, without the need to demonize anybody.

  23. Hi Enza I am in total agreement with you as so many others must be but are too scared to speak up in case Islam rears its anti west head!Both my sons attend a highly rated state junior school in Stanmore which every year is increasing in Arabic/Muslim students.This is because muslim parents follow Hindu(vegetarian) chidrens preferred schools as they know the parents are known to select the best schools for their children.The school’s current menu now states that ALL meat served is Halal which I am disgusted at and feel is blatant discrimination!Harrow is prime for Islamification as they have built a massive mosque here to encourage even more of them,we even housed a Jordanian terror suspect?? Can you believe that.I am of Hindu origin and vegetarian so feel same as you.Why is the West bending over backwards and obeying Islamic demands all the time when muslims just want to glean from the west in order to further expand Islam under their noses! Whilst their terrorists hold non muslims to ransom globally and feature in the news constantly.ACTION is needed now to stop this slow cancer.

  24. Hi,
    Great blog, I also have been avoiding halal meat for six or seven years, I email restaurants and ask them if there meat is halal as I found people think I am strange if I ask that inside the restaurant. McDonald’s sent me a email and they do not use halal and neither do Burger king, so if I need a snack while I am out that is handy.

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