Al Raya Flies Over Grønland

The back flag that is flown by Al Qaeda and frequently waved by supporters of Anjem Choudary at demonstrations is al-raya, the black flag of jihad, or Islamic battle flag. The text on the flag is the shahada, the Islamic testimony of faith.

Now al-raya is flying over the culturally enriched neighborhood of Grønland in Oslo. It’s not illegal to fly the black flag of jihad in Norway, so all the police can do is to politely ask the householder to take it down.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the article, includes this note:

I have translated this article from about the black flag of jihad which was flying from the wall of a building in Grønland in Oslo on Saturday evening. I’m sure that the owner of the flag and his comrades dream of the day when it will by flying from the top of the Norwegian parliament building — which isn’t all that far away. Actually, the people inhabiting said building probably believe that it already does.

The translated article:

Flag of Jihad flying in the middle of Oslo: “Scared the crap out of me”

The black flag is associated with terror, death and destruction. Saturday evening it was flying over the town square in Grønland, Oslo.

A black flag with Arabic inscriptions, the war banner of the jihadists.

The incident caused fear and loathing, and at around 7 pm someone finally contacted the police. The flag was flying from a building that houses a Meny-butikk [Norwegian supermarket chain] right next to the town square in Grønland received confirmation at 8:30 pm that the police had been in contact with the person who hung the flag on the wall of the large apartment complex facing the town square.

“It is an Islamic flag. Some neighbors felt uncomfortable seeing the flag, so the person who put it there has taken it down, “ says Tor Grøttum, the manager of operation at the Oslo Police.

“It scared the crap out of me”

Neighbors told police on Saturday evening that they thought that an Al Qaeda flag was flying from the wall of an apartment complex which can clearly be seen from the middle of the town square in Grønland.

“It scared the crap out of me,” says a neighbor to

The neighbor, who is a Muslim, noticed the flag and recognized the inscription that read, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger”

“I did some research and discovered that it was the same flag that Al-Qaeda uses,” says the neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The neighbor says that she is considering moving away from the area out of fear for the extremist groups that are now establishing themselves in the neighborhood.

Not illegal

Although several neighbors reacted to the fact that the flag was allowed remain there for at least an hour and a half, there is nothing the police could have done if the person had refused to remove it.

“It’s not illegal to fly an Al-Qaeda flag, if that’s what it was, and we could not have instructed the person to remove it. But because of the unease of the neighbors the flag was removed by the very cooperative owner of the flag,” says Grøttum.

It took a few hours before the police responded to the incident on Saturday evening, due to a heavy bus fire in Bjørvika.

Grønland is situated just to the east of the city center. The area is mostly populated by people of Muslim background.

The distinctive flag has previously been carried by radical Islamists during demonstrations in Oslo.

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7 thoughts on “Al Raya Flies Over Grønland

  1. “It’s not illegal to fly an Al-Qaeda flag, if that’s what it was” … the police and all politicians should be aware exactly what the Black Flag of Jihad means, it is a direct challenge to their authority, a declaration of war. It should be banned under penalty of imprisonment and deportation for anyone flying it within the EU.

  2. I suspect the flag was an answer in supremacism at the 16 month jail sentence given to employee Marte Dalelv for reporting her rape to the police in Dubai. What in the hell is the matter with the wimps in the government of Norway. Marte should be out by now, the Al-Queda flag should be banned and with any luck her former company Swedish owned, the one, should have the boots put to it by customers in Europe. By the way, Marte was fired for reporting her own rape by a fellow employee by Janet Jackson’s new billionaire husband.

  3. I used to think that Sedition was a crime in most countries.
    It will only get worse. Maybe when a few “leaders” feel the heat they will see the light.

  4. “…and the banner of Jihad was up for 1.5 hours.” only.
    Well as a beginning that’s enough for now. Next time it will be 4 hours. The time after 24 hours. Then a week. Afterwards permanently fluttering. The Norwegian police will then assure the “clever un-cowardly” Norwegians that the Jihad banner/flag is harmless and they must get used to it, as those who erect it are also citizens and it is goo to enrich our culture. I like you Norwegians for being so altruistic. I know you are not afraid of … oh Muslims. You are not like other backward people. You are postmodern, postChritianity highly advanced people. And you know what you are doing.

  5. THERE is no state deserving that in Europe more than Norway. i hope things will go so bad there that the awakening call will finally be heard.
    i am also happy that the rape victim is from Norway. this “progressive” country need urgent “reality-check”

    • Sadly it is not Norway. Its everywhere the Muslim of any stripe goes. The countries with the big demographics at home and the most embedded ahroad in sharialand I imagine will be the first “OMG!”

    • “THERE is no state deserving that in Europe more than Norway. i hope things will go so bad there that the awakening call will finally be heard. ”

      Unfortunately… that’s a universal truth around the globe. We don’t learn by education. We don’t eat just a tiny portion of an egg and reject the rest because it is addled. We eat the whole egg and tons of eggs until we get really sick then we take action. Then sometimes might be too late.

  6. This flag is right in your face when you go to the customer service desk at a major auto repair shop in west Los Angeles. I did not leave my auto. I just pc’d out of there.

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