A “French” Assassin in Tunisia

The assassination Chokri Belaid back in February caused a lot of unrest in Tunisia. Now there’s word that the assassin — who also took out Mohamed Brahmi more recently — is a culturally enriched “Frenchman”.

See ANSAmed for more on the Brahmi and Belaid assassinations.

From Novopress via Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

A French-Born Islamist Sought by Tunisia for Several Assassinations

Boubakeur E1 Hakim (photo) is strongly suspected of being responsible for the recent assassinations of Tunisian opposition members Mohamed Brahmi and Chokri Belaid. The suspected killer was born in France and has been condemned for having organised jihadist groups towards Iraq.

Discovered by French intelligence in 2003 during demonstrations against the war in Iraq, Boubakeur was identified as one of the people responsible for the jihadist gang “filiere des Buttes-Chaumont” in Paris. This group facilitated the trip for foreigners who wanted to fight American forces in Iraq. The suspect, already sought for arms smuggling into Libya, is also thought to be implicated in the assassination of another Tunisian opposition member in February 2013.

Boubakeur El Hakim, who will be 30 on the 1st of august, is born in Paris. In 2008 he had been condemned to 7 years prison. The Criminal Court declared that he had “had a combatant role” and “incited young Parisians of foreign extraction” as a “facilitator” for their passage to Iraq, and acted as a “supervisor”. He was freed in 2011.

This case, as so many others, reminds us what a dangerous vector for Islamic terrorism mass immigration is.

Vlad has a photo of this alleged Gallic assassin.

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