ZUS, British Style

In France, the no-go zones in culturally enriched suburbs are euphemistically referred to as Zones Urbaines Sensibles (ZUS, “Sensitive Urban Zones”). As of yesterday, Britain has officially designated at least one ZUS in metropolitan London.

From Facebook, via Henrik Ræder Clausen:

I hope some enterprising “persons of British background” are plastering these all over the lamp posts and bus shelters of Greater London.

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  1. I wonder how the average Brit would take such poster? Also of interest, I note that Tower Hamlets has 6 neighbourhoods with a religious name. I.e. St…. I’m curious if other invaded cities have experienced a similar phenomenon.

  2. I hear that slippery David Cameron has just been to Pakistan. I wonder how long that visit has been planned and whether the knowledge that he was going there, probably to sign Britain ( and via Britain the EU ) up to another trade agreement as part of the one world programme, has influenced his decision to say that the murders of Lee Rigby and the sex grooming cases are condemned by the majority of muslims in Britain who are, of course, peaceful and decent. Or in his words that they are a betrayal of Islam. Cameron occasioinally throws in a comment about Christian Britain as a sop to his Middle England Tories and to try and hang on to their votes; but he knows that this is an aging electorate and that soon he will be able to content himself with the knowledge that Muslims will be in the majority in about ten years time and they are the voter base to aim for. The thing is he pretends to care about Traditional Britain but he doesn’t of course because he is a prime mover for the New World Order who want Britain and the British replaced by third world peoples. If nothing is done Britain will be a majority Afro-asian third world country dominated by Islam. At that point Cameron will have long ago run off to New York to claim his reward.

    • I doubt Cameron knows what “traditional Britain” is.
      Or if he does, he’s trying to suppress the knowledge of it as desperately as he can.
      In “traditional Britain,” people were not afraid to take up arms, faction against faction, in their own self-interest. I find it disgusting that the English were so willing to fight each other to extirpate Catholicism and extreme reform 500 years ago, and now, they’re perfect cowards in the presence of a genuinely militant and conquering foreign faith– Islam.
      They fought Catholics to the death time after time.
      Defamed them all over the place.
      Now, confronted with Islam, more foreign, more violent, the English buckle and surrender!
      Like, Wow.

  3. I wouldn’t waste my time, Britain DESERVES what its got. The people elected the political d-bags, so they can live with the consequences. The SMART conservatives will leave, the rest can enjoy their multi-cult lifestyle. (or deathstyle by dull knife)

  4. I’m a retired Police Chief Inspector – I retired in 2004 having served the people of London for 23 years. I’m now ashamed that the force (sorry service), I gave my working life to is treating decent WHITE citizens as worker bees, there simply criminalise and to generate revenue for the anti-British government. My former employer is fast becoming a JOKE. The idiots who run the Met are NOT proper policeman they are politically correct left leaning social workers wearing a police uniform. I am glad I’m out of the job now. The REAL coppers (thief takers) left the Met long ago becoming sick and tired of the policies adopted by the police elite. Real police officers like myself would refuse to attend diversity courses run by anti-British socialists who clearly have a hidden agenda – the downfall of the white race in the UK.
    I genuinely think that the UK is becoming a police state and that the police themselves are becoming agents of the Labour Party etc. I fear for the future. Within the next 20 years the UK will descend into CIVIL WAR – Whites verses the Third World Invaders. The thing I worry about is that the imported Muslim immigrant population by this time will consist of young, fit fighting males whereas the whites will be an elder minority. When will the British people STOP voting for the failed three political parties who have engineered this situation? If we are to avoid civil war we need to vote for Nationalist parties who protect the REAL British people.

    • The demographic to watch is not the overall Muslim population – they don’t need anything near 50% to try on a civil war. All they need is for their males aged 18-35 to be close to the number of non-Muslim males of the same age. And with the former rising, and the latter falling, that point will arrive far sooner than most people think.

      • “All they need is for their males aged 18-35 to be close to the number of non-Muslim males of the same age.”

        With the Muslim males far more likely to practice martial arts and knife fighting and to train at the gym, do they even need to be close to the number of non-Muslim males?! The Iranian revolution was carried out by around 10% of the Iranian population. All it required was for the other 90% to sit in their homes and do nothing… would it take 50% Muslim males to subdue the other 50%, or would a smaller number of dedicated hardcore “street Jihadis” be enough to do the job?


      The Europeans went to The New World and wiped out The Native Indians.

      The Spaniards went to Mexico and South America and wiped out the Incas, Toltecs, Astecs et al.

      The British went to Australia and wiped out the Native Australians.

      The Caliphate went to Spain and did the same.

      And so it goes……………

      What will happen when islam has invaded The World?

      We are nearing midnight and it is time to wake up!

      Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends!

    • Mr Clerk. I read your comments with gratitude and amazement. Somebody who really has the courage to speak the truth. What happened to Stephen Lawrence was terrible but could have been anticipated. This is what Enoch Powell tried to warn against. I feel very sorry for the Lawrence family but Stephen need never have died if the One World whore as I have called Heath had been defeated by Powell. Thousands have died, indigenous white English and immigrants who would still have been alive if this insane experiment in Marxist social engineering backed by the UN and the plutocratic elites who think they will rule the world when it is complete had never taken place. Now Stephen Lawrence is a cause celebre, the proof of the evil of the white Englishman and his story will run and run and run. That of PC Blakelock is barely mentioned. I suspect that you may have been around when he died.

      You have put it correctly. We are talking of the genocide of a people and the theft of a nation. As for civil war, the Left have said that Powell was wrong. But he never put a time scale on his predictions. When the indigenous English, those who have not bought into 50 plus years of Marxist multiracial indoctrination or felt that intermarriage is the hip thing to do, knowing all about differences in iq levels between Europeans and those from the third world, finally reach the stage when they are nearly outbred in their own land then they will have no option but to fight.

      Powell predicted that Britain or England would be a mirror image of the Indian Sub-continent. We know from comments on this website that Hindus and Sikhs are squaring up for a fight with muslims and that blacks and muslims hate one another; although I suspect there may be friction between blacks and all Asians. The expectation was that the indigenous population would fight the immigrants but perhaps Powell underestimated the effect that draconian race relations would have on them and offical browbeating. Eventually, as you say, that will happen; but I am expecting battles between the various religions of the Indian sub-continent and between blacks and Asians as the Asians begin, as elsewhere, to have the upper hand over the blacks.

      It takes people with all the maturity of a ten-year-old to think that mixing all the races and religions of the world in one place would create a harmonious and stable society of the sort that existed here when England was homogeneous and cohesive. Sadly these children, as children today seem to be able to do, have screamed at and bullied the more mature into submission. Powell was a genius but he only said what anybody with common sense and maturity would have said in his place, even the ordinary working man, had they been given the chance.

      As for not voting for the the three main parties I think many people believe that we may have reached a turning point in that regard. The mps awarding themselves a 15% pay increase when many have their wages frozen or are taking a pay cut will, I hope, be the point when the English say a plague on all your houses. And yes, Edward Snowden, has told us we are already a police state; and as I have said elsewhere, Churchill with his pro-British and politically incorrect views would have been doing time if her were alive today. Take heart, I believe the anti-Marxist counter-revolution is about to start in freedom loving democratic Denmark and once it happens there hopefully it will spread across Europe like wildfire.

    • Thanks very much for taking the trouble to give an inside view, Mr. Clark.

    • Further to my comment on your posting last night, Mr Clark, I am sorry to have spelled your name incorrectly on that occasion. Please keep posting in the way you have. Some of us who have lived through 60 years of mass immigration and the deliberate destruction of English – England and the English are not worth saving said Jack Straw mp – can’t take much more as we are chased from pillar to post in our own country looking to live with the people we have shared this land with for at least 1500 years.

      I wonder what you have to say about Teresa May’s statement today that she wants to day away with stop and search because it targets persons of certain ethnicities excessively. My view is that this is the Tories now desperate for the “ethnic” vote as they are chasing the muslim vote which contstitutes 25% of the Labour Party’s electorate. The Tories now know that they are losing votes to UKIP and possibly to the English Democrats, the BNP and other “nationalist” parties and that they need to recoup their losses. But they are on a loser, the more they embrace the culturally Marxist left, the more they lose their traditional voter base to UKIP and others. I am hoping that the euro elections will prove to be a disaster for the three main parties as that is when people traditionially register a protest vote without fearing that they will give votes away to one of the other three main parties. But when we will get an mp from the traditional centre; i.e. what used to be the patriotic norm, rather than the culturally Marxist three main parties, who knows. People have not drifted to the “far right” British politics has drifted, without any consent from the British people, to the far left.

  5. Quote:
    The thing I worry about is that the imported Muslim immigrant population by this time will consist of young, fit fighting males whereas the whites will be an elder minority.

    This is precisely why neoconservative wars work in the interest of the Ummah. With the young men bled out of the population, the vulnerable groups of indigenes have no protection and so the nation will fall, and the indigenous culture and beliefs will be suppressed.
    When England’s nationalist concept came together, in the Early Modern Era, 1490-1603, England produced geniuses.
    It had a little to do with brilliant individuals, but much more to do with an optimistic and cohesive society.
    With pluralism comes instability, in spite of the example of the U.S., where the individual is left to his own devices.
    You were a nation.
    If you bring in tribal, non-Western entities, don’t complain about their contempt for you.
    The Eastern peoples have always hated the West.
    They always will.
    And they won’t play this multicultural game with their own societies.
    All the social workers in the world will not make Britain cohesive again.

  6. If you like Jeanne D’Arc, St. George and St. Athanasius, have the nerve to protect them from the horde that would convince you that all these saints were demons.
    Muslims will suppress the study of these figures and many more.
    If you favor Christ, then dare to say that he is the Son of God.

  7. A good poster to stick up on bus stops – but without the “Islam is for cretins” in the bottom left… what else could possibly be interpreted as “hate speech”, as opposed to stating facts?!

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