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Many people are reporting different issues with the site.

Many are just seeing a database error when they try and go, and others are seeing a sort of slight of hand by cloudflare, a partial solution to DDOS and other forms of attack where the site still appears to be up as the front page is distributed across multiple IP’s and servers which makes it hard to take down as something you can see, but the site itself doesn’t actually ‘work’ so if you try and add a comment or see posts older than the front page you will get an error.

I and many other people are working on this to try and make the site available generally again to all. But it should be known that I am in excellent company. Phyllis Chesler and a lot of other really great sites have been hacked and otherwise stopped from being available at around the same time and it is not a bad bet that it is by the same actors.

In a way it is quite flattering to be put on par with many of those great thinkers and writers and people who are willing to spend their own time and resources to try and inform the members of Western Civilization of the truly massive and serious threat that islam both as an ideology, and as organized groups present to us, our way of life and legal codes, culture etc.

But be that as it may, I remain down for the time being and expect a period of instability till the attacks stop or a solution/countermeasure is found. But I am not idle. I have edited and made available several important videos in the meantime which should be available at many sites as well as at the streaming sites such as MRCTV (Vladtepesblog channel) and across a few youtube channels.

Thank you Baron for letting me post this explanation here. And when I do get back online, I will have a lot to post.

Your servant:

Eeyore for Vladtepesblog


3 thoughts on “VladTepesBlog status

  1. Hang in there, Vlad, it is going to be a long war and only by hanging together and growing slowly but surely until we become legion will we succeed. S III.

    • S III…

      You reminded me of my favorite acronym:

      S(till) H(anging) I(n) T(here).

      Here is the link to Vlad’s channel

      MRCTV vlad

      Sometimes I have trouble finding it. I’ll ask the Baron to put it on our blog roll if it’s not already there.

  2. Speaking of denial of service attacks, does anyone know what is happening with NewEnglishReview.org? Apparently it’s still down.

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