“The Medina Carta”

This one is overdue. And at ninety-nine cents on Kindle (there is no print edition available, quelle surprise), you can’t afford not to read it.

Still, I don’t know why it’s not involved in some obscenely expensive Islamonausea lawfare battle right now. By any UN standard – say, for example, Resolution 16/18 – this is hate speech. Or it would be if they could but get 16/18 passed.

Whatever. It is to our benefit that the author, Mo Dawah, remains at large and it is my fervent hope that he is prospering, codswallop inshallah. As a commenter at Amazon’s UK page for the book put it: “this is the book of the New Enlightenment”. To which one can only add – Amen, brother.

Here’s Amazon’s unsigned review:

Britain stands at a crossroads.

Before her are two paths.

One of shamelessness, secularism and doom.

The other path leads to salvation, Utopia, and social harmony inspired by the principles of Islam.

Mo Dawah is destined to be spoken of in the same breath as Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell, William Wilberforce and Cat Stevens as one of the greatest Englishmen who ever lived.

In this Manifesto of Genius he outlines exactly what went wrong with British civilisation.

Locating its malaise in the fundamentally corrupting principles of the Magna Carta, he accurately describes how replacing its flaws with a ‘Medina Carta’ rooted in the sovereignty of Allah rather than the dominion of imperfect men has the potential to usher in a new era of tolerance, pluralism, diversity, multiculturalism and peace.

Destined to take its place alongside works such as Milton’s ‘Areopagitica”, John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’, Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin Of The Species’ and Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, this work is a towering achievement in the annals of Islamic and British civilisation, that will make secularists, atheists, so-called feminists and so-called rationalists wet their beds in fear.

But everyone else who believes in peace, tolerance and diversity will agree with it.

Or else.

Here is Mo Dawah’s Twitter page, the Kingdom of Dawah. And just in case a dim bulb, a Rage Boy, etc., stumbles upon the page, Mo says “MoDawahMoParody”.

For all the good that will do.

The Baron went to the doctor today. While the cat is away, the semi-literate mouse will play with the keyboard, trying to learn how to post. When he returns, my Amazon link may disappear to be replaced by a proper image. On the other hand, he may be so fatigued by the time he returns he’ll just shrug and say, “aw, to heck with it”.

Whichever way it goes will give me a wifely gauge by which to assess his health.

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  1. LOL “Codswallop”. It’s been years since I’ve heard that word, nice one D

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