The Entry to a Totalitarian System

The European Union is slipping gradually into more and more blatant totalitarian thought-control. This latest initiative would punish party groups in the European Parliament that “do not respect the values of the EU”.

Admittedly, the proposed punishment for thoughtcrime is only financial — for the moment. The full Soviet apparatus of state thought-control — withdrawal of civil rights, re-education camps, mandatory internment in psychiatric hospitals, etc. — will presumably arrive later, when Brussels’ power has become uncontested.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Quotenqueen:

EU: Having the Wrong Opinion Becomes Illegal

Political parties serve to educate opinion, states the German constitution. No worries — that is how it will remain. The EU is only refining its citizens’ freedoms somewhat. Just as we should not have any old bananas or cucumbers, political parties in the future will only be permitted to have correct opinions. Our responsible superiors find us citizens too valuable to let us be deceived by false opinions, or an inferior salad oil.* Anyone who counterfeits opinions or gives currency to false opinions will have to reckon with financial penalties. For now, just financial.

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten [German Economic News] reports:

The EU Commission has taken up a suggestion by the socialists in the European parliament, according to which parties which “do not respect the values of the EU” will be fined. By this means, the group of Hannes Swoboda, an Austrian, intends to prevent “right-radical or xenophobic” parties from being represented in the EU parliament.

At the moment, 13 parties are represented in the parliament. Together, they get 31 million euros in party financing. In the future, it should be possible to exclude groups that do not adhere to EU values from this financing.

This idea has run into resistance in Denmark. The responsible minister for Europe, Nicolai Wammen, has been charged by a number of parties to agree to this rule only with previous specific definition of which “values” are in question.

As the Danish website reports, the speaker for the Danish Liberals, Lykke Friis, stated that there must be objective criteria, to prevent the rule being abused as a “vendetta” against dissidents. Green Party Nicholas Villumsen said: “That seems as if the parliament would like to punish parties who have the wrong ideas. It is very worrisome that the European parliament wants to punish parties for their convictions.”

Wammen played down the criticism and said that the rule would not apply to parties that are only represented in their nations. Besides, it is only about “fundamental principles of democracy, the rule of law and respect for minorities.”

Such a regulation is actually quite dangerous. It opens the door to political thought control. It is possible to have very different opinions about what values are. In the tense atmosphere of crisis, EU critics could be muzzled. The right of freedom of expression can be suppressed with such a rule.

A ban on certain opinions enforced by punishment will above all lead to the restriction of thought. One of the advantages of democracy is that everyone can say what he thinks, and political parties can form freely, so long as they act within the law.

“Values,” on the other hand, are not clearly defined, democratically determined laws. They are always vague and — depending on linguistic or cultural background — cannot usually be clearly defined.

The compulsion to believe in “values” is undemocratic.

It is the entry to a totalitarian system.

It is dangerous, and furthermore unnecessary. The European parliament already has the ability to punish especially vivid language. Nigel Farage, for instance, had to pay €3,000 for attributing to EU council president Hermann Van Rompuy “the charm of a wet rag.”

*   Reference to a recent decree that beginning 2014 olive oil will not be allowed in open containers on restaurant tables in the EU. Who knows, one wry commentator noted, what may lurk in unprotected oil.

22 thoughts on “The Entry to a Totalitarian System

  1. Look, European friends. Either you have a right to speak your minds or you don’t. Leave the flowery speeches to the socialists; now speak your mind and write your thoughts! The more the better! Flood them, throw their threats back in their faces, and laugh at them and speak louder, with more bravado.

    The use of “democratic” and “undemocratic” severely weakens this argument against fines in the EU parliament. You are being censored, that is serious and must be attacked. Fight back with tough words, cut the gibberish about democracy. “Democracy” invariably brings to mind a collective thinking: opposite of the point!

    (Beside the fact that “democracy” can and has lead to totalitarianism. Democracy is not Santa Claus, kids.)

    • Look American friend, if such you are, you have your own emerging police state with all your telephone calls being handed over to the security forces. Apparently, GCHQ here in England is being supplied with information by America as well. So the FBI is spying on us here in Europe as well. This is no criticism of you. It just shows us all how close to the one world totalitarian police state we are getting. Jon Bercow, the probable grandson of an immigrant, who is the speaker of the House of Commons said that immigrants work harder than the native British – except those on benefits!! For a start as the speaker of the House of Commons he is not supposed to express such opinions; and secondly this must be a racist comment and anybody saying the opposite would be no doubt been arrested i.e. all these third world people and East Europeans are lazy so and so’s; and must be the sort of comment the EU wants to silence, as well as “the EU is a Marxist multicultural totalitarian state”.

      At 7am this morning on the news on Radio 3 we were told that six men in burhkas attacked Selfridges in London with axes in a robbery attempt. I don’t know if they got away with anything but two rode off on a motor scooter which fell over and were then apprehended by passers-by. How right France was to impose a burkha ban as they foresaw this sort of thing. This is the second time it has happened in England for the killer of the police woman in Leeds a few years ago, a Somali, escaped to Somalia dressed in a burkha. Interestingly, that news item about the robbery at Selfridge’s has not been repeated on the BBC today. A D notice perhaps?

      • Today overheard a woman in the bank saying that a couple of days ago in another branch of the same bank in another town a man entered the bank wearing a balaclava, and when challenged asked whether he’d have been challenged had he been wearing a burka. Methinks the natives are getting restless.

        The EU will do whatever it can to maintain the status quo – that’s only natural because of course it has everything invested in it. But it can’t stop the turning of the tide, and that’s what it’s facing. Let them do their worst, because of course they will.

      • He’s right-
        We are all in the same boat. We should be thankful that – so far, we can speak up with less fear of being charged with hate speech. Let’s support our cousins rather than berate them. What is happening to us is only the first step.

        • Pleistarchos, no one berated anyone silly; It’s called criticism. Our freedoms will be gone if we don’t flex our opinions with some muscle, right now, and this example in this article demonstrates a weak approach which accomplishes the opposite of it’s intent.

          Note the number of times the word “democracy” is used.
          What. may I ask, does democracy have to do with free speech? It has nothing to do with it, therefore this argument is weak and etherial.

          You either have it or you don’t, it being the ability to give your opinion. If you’re not willing to use it, that mean you have already lost it.

          I am not thankful that there is more and more pressure for me to refrain from giving my opinion from my government and the assisting media.

          We need to speak our minds now or cow in submission forever. I don’t mean my opinion, I mean yours.

          • As a fellow American, I suggest you take a European vacation in 2013 and simply wear a shirt with a picture of a mosque with a circle around it and line through it (representing no mosques) and walk around Britain, France, Netherlands, Sweden and the rest of the EU with your non-verbal, freedom of speech t-shirt. See how long you will be allowed to wear it. A pregnant woman was arrested a few days after Lee Rigsby’s horrific murder. The British woman was simply carrying a Union Jack flag. And was arrested for inciting racial hatred. One can only protest in Europe in government sanctioned marches. A single individual will be arrested on the spot. Watch some Youtube videos to see how indigenous, local citizens are afraid to say anything about mass immigration, hate speech bans, Sharia controlled zones, No Go zones, integration, assimilation issues, and so forth.

            You come across as smug and ignorant of the consequences one will face if he/she speaks out in Europe. Would you risk arrest or imprisonment for your freedom of speech? Could you walk in Geert Wilders or Tommy Robinson’s shoes for one day knowing your life is in constant danger along with your friends and family because of your protest actions?

  2. Your headline “Your Entry to a Totalitarian System” could be used to describe the recent revelations in the US of IRS abuse, phone tapping journalists and massive collection of personal activity of every American with a phone or internet connection.

    Yesterday I started answering the phone “Babs speaking. This call is being logged by the NSA and may be reviewed in the event that either one of us comes to the attention of the Federal Gov’t.”

    • I’ve had too many wierd noises on the phone,to brush them off as mere static…..i’ve made a habit of greeting whomever is there in an
      unambiguos manner,in the course of most phone-conversations….LOL,
      though, in the light of the latest news from across thepPond,this is
      hardly a laughing matter.

  3. Thought-control……wasn’t there another Austrian national,who tried this already on
    a large scale,?I think he was second only to a Georgian national,who tried it on an even bigger scale……
    Both were unsuccesfull,which leaves me marginally optimistic;
    people have (at least for now)acces to almost unlimited
    information,outside the mainstream-media-fastfood.The processes that ultimately
    brought the Austrian and the Georgian to power, are there for everyone to see,at work
    right now,right under your nose .The undemocratic / totalitarian features of the EU are impossible to overlook and fatal to ignore. Criticism of the EU among citizens of most nations in europe is on the rise and getting louder.EU-critical/sceptical parties are becoming stronger and more outspoken.
    It was to be anticipated, that the EU would want to limit funding of political parties to those singing its praise…..or as the german saying goes “Wess Brot ich fress,dess Lob ich sing”.
    But then i doubt,that EU-critical parties would want to be on the payroll of Bruxelles…..

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  5. In the 1980’s some friends of mine who were CND activists (They have grown out of that now) claimed they were having their phones tapped. On one occasion, they dialled a friend and instead of being put through to that person they were played a recording of a conversation they had had thirty minutes earlier.

  6. I love the EUSSR graphics on this post. Is there any way they can be made into car stickers? Has it been done already? if, so where can I buy one?

    • I don’t know if the Baron has ever put that particular image on Café Press. When he comes back to the land of the living I’ll check. It’s one of his favorites, too, along with the EU logo w/Stalin’s image.

      As he says, propaganda is key to waking up folks who didn’t need to pay attention before this…and you can delineate exactly where you think “this ” is.

    • I found another image on the internet;it was a bunch of yellow
      hammer and sickle-symbols,nicely arranged in a circle on EU-blue background.I have noe clue about copyright for this one,at least
      i was unable to find anything.But i liked it so much,that i had a number
      of stickers made, at my own expense obviously.I’ve had one stuck on my
      car for a couple of years,and the nice thing is,that only when people
      are close enough,the true symbolic meaning of the image becomes evident.From far,it looks like just another EU-sticker.Me,i love the irony!
      And the stares,i might add….
      I,ve given away a numbers of these stickers for free,so if you have a means
      of contacting me ,perhaps with the help of the moderator,i wouldn’t mind
      sending you one as well,strickltly,for free.
      Last time i checked on Cafe Press,i did not see this particular image,but
      that may have changed in the meantime.

        • ADDENDUM

          Fredrik Reinfeldt mörkar de viktiga frågorna, så att det svenska folket inte ska bli påmint om vilken nattsvart framtid vi är på väg emot.

          [Google translation: “Fredrik Reinfeldt blinds the important issues, so the Swedish people are not going to be reminded about the bleak future we are heading to.”]

        • Yup.Thats the one.I had my stickers done in an oval
          shape,to make them look really close to the nationality-stickers in this part of the world.It was rather costly to have them made,so if there’s a source where they are
          readily available ,i’d be happy to learn more about it.

  7. Perhaps it’s time to abandon political parties when running for EU Parliament, then. Avoid thought control on technicalities. When they move to prohibit individuals, perhaps individuals will care more.

  8. Keep in mind that according to the Treay of Lisbon, Europe does not have an economy based on capitalism, the official basis is “social market economy”, also known as soft fascism.

    Don’t take my word for it, read what its advocates say about it when they try to convince other nations to adopt it:


    In order to support the successful introduction of the concept of the “Social Market Economy” in the Arab World, the Regional Program Near East/Mediterranean has the honor to publish the manual “Social Market Economy in the International Work of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung”.

  9. As I can see from the article and from the comments to it, Western democracy everywhere – Europe, US or Australia – is quickly evolving into a velvet totalitarianism, in which freedom of conscience and expression is subtly and quietly destroyed, and a particular set of ‘values’ – globalist, liberal, atheist, multiculturalist and mildly socialist – is imposed on everyone. The dictatorship of political correctness has resulted in a drastic reduction of space for dissenting opinion. What strikes me as especially dangerous, is that this soft and sly totalitarianism considers traditional Christianity as its worst enemy and does its utmost to suffocate Christian faith, to destroy Christian morality and even to reject traditional European culture informed by Christian ideas and images. By doing so, it attacks the very basis of Western world, driving the West to suicide. Thus, it does the jihadists’ work for them.

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