The Designated Racist

Paul Weston, the founder and leader of Liberty GB, talks about the opinions he holds which cause him to be labeled a “racist”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

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15 thoughts on “The Designated Racist

  1. Yes, though we all know who the real racists are Paul. And it ain’t you or me.

  2. Paul Weston has amazing courage and his well-spoken, articulate talks, such as this one, are sorely needed in the West. More people need to hear this. Apparently national pride is great, as long as it’s not coming from a Western country. Any culture, no matter what its values, is apparently superior to Western culture, if we’re to believe leftists. Recently I mentioned to a friend (we’re both Canadian) that multiculturalism has failed here, and that immigrants should be asked to adhere to Canadian values. She scoffed at the notion of “Canadian values”—yet waxes poetic about her love of multiculturalism. Basically, she doesn’t “get it.” She’s yet to understand that multiculturalism brings the bad (misogyny, honour killings, suppression of free speech, etc.) along with colourful ethnic costumes, jewellery, food, and customs. I sense that her deep dislike for the Canadian way of life prods her to welcome any other culture as long as it’s not Canadian. How long can a society exist when it has turned upon itself? Paul Weston knows this is a looming problem for the UK; I can see it here in Canada too. We may have vast areas of land and a small population, but our cities are changing drastically. What we need is a bedrock of cultural values, upheld by the state. Actually, our Conservative government has made some good progress in this regard, but there’s still a mountain of work ahead.

    • “Paul Weston knows this is a looming problem for the UK; I can see it here in Canada too.”

      It is NOT a looming problem in the UK. It is a MANIFEST problem in the UK. You have a LOOMING problem in Justin Trudeau in Canada.

  3. Simple, straightforward and complete common sense, excellent. Only Western Europeans and their descendants now worry about being called “racist”. The rest of the peoples of the world slog on, best as they can, looking out first for their families and their kinfolk. As they should.

    • I don’t think it is just West Europeans, I have no doubt that the peoples of the Old Commonwealth and the United States do as well i.e. whites.
      There are 500m people in Europe of whom 10% now probably are non-ethnic Europeans. There are 300m I think in the US of whom now 70%? are ethnic Europeans. There are 1.5. to 2b black Africans, 1.3b Indians, 1.3b Chinese, 200m Japanese, 560m Pakistanis and then all the rest who really feel no need to sacrifice their racial and cultural identity and hand over their homelands to millions of racially and culturally different people. At around 700 to 800m Europeans now constitute the smallest of the major races probably and yet we just want to wipe ourselves out because of, as Paul Weston has said, terror of the Marxist concept of racism which previously was always considered to be self-preservation or maintaining an historic racial and cultural identity.

      Enoch Powell merely always stated the obvious. The Left enthuses about diversity. I think they just want to think they are on holiday abroad all the time. But Powell said that “vibrant multicultural” nations lead to the ultimate extinction of diversity. The reason he was against mass immigration was because he realised that true global diversity can only continue to exist if the nation state is continued to be upheld and immigration between those states limited. Throughout most of human history this idea was held as common sense.

      In time we will still have global diversity but it will just be limited to non-white nations. Hitherto white nations will just be a featureless mish-mash, nowhere places. Indeed, in connection with the recent Daily Mail article about one in four British fathers being born overseas, somebody stated, Britain is now a nowhere place with no real identity at all. I am sure that the same could be said of Sweden and some other Western European nations.

  4. The chosen background setting to Paul Weston’s video declaration became a curious distraction. I don’t recognize Paul Weston as a racist, and neither do I recognize the strange form under construction in the background. Was this location chosen specifically to illustrate the assault on British culture and landscape as well, or am I reading too much into this?
    I agree with Mr. Weston’s political stand against the politically privileged encroachment of the savage belief system of Islam. I, too, want to avoid future civil war against the primitive savage ideology of Islam, so, yeah, to that effect, I am a racist too.

    • The prominent feature in the background was the river; it takes up half the screen. The river of life, inexorable in its power. I thought it a perfect background recalling the historic sea-power of Britain, its trade routes, and its protective mote. I only glanced at the object you mention, and gave it not a moment’s thought.

      “I am a racist.” My opinion of this is it matters greatly who hurls that accusation at you: your friend or your enemy. Consider the source. Since we know it’s from our enemies we know it is meant to shame and silence us as they rape our country and steal it from us. Frankly, I’d rather be a racist than a traitor, which is the only legitimate retort to lob against those who DELIBERATELY subvert our nations, our values, our national characters, rooted in Western Civilization.

      Bring it on, lefties. You have been handled with supreme patience for far too long.

      • The background building across the Thames is the O2 Arena. It was put up to celebrate the Millennium. It is now a concert venue. Had Michael Jackson lived it was there he would have given his first return performance. I think it was there also that he gave his last interview.

    • I think that building in the background was the upsidedown white bellied many legged, sapsucker building…

    • In the background, the thing which looks like a gasometer – if you still remember those – is the millennium dome, another of Tony Blair’s legacies to us. With the year 2,000 approaching Blair and New Labour decided to recreate something akin to the 1951 Festival of Britain, designed to celebrate Britain and its achievements.

      Unfortunately, he did not realise that the Britain of 1951 was a very different place from the Britain of 1999, even before he had let in the equivalent of 4 or according to Paul 8 cities the size of Britain’s second city Birmingham in terms of third world immigrants. Birmingham is, of course, destined to become yet another of Britain’s third world majority cities. The Britain of 1951 was still 99.9% indigenous white British and Christian. It was cohesive and homogeneous and like one big happy family. The first West Indians had begun to arrive and already there had been trouble in terms of an indigenous backlash and immigrant rioting.

      The Britain of 1999 was already a fractured multicultural mess and people could not pull together to get behind the dome which was a bit of a flop. Still, it now serves for large events and is owned by a mobile phone company I think. Basically it is what it looks like, a white elephant and a testimony to the totall lack of understanding of the British people on the part of these Marxist multicultural maniacs. By the way Paul, Tony Blair is now worth about £40m whilst his naive ex-constituents are grubbing around for jobs or are on benefits. I often wonder if he had has palm greased by the New World Order as I am sure Heath had and Cameron possibly is. The one consolation is that he now looks like a frightened rabbit, either because he knows you have correctly assessed his ultimate fate, Paul, or but for the 24 hour protection the taxpayer still has to pay for him to be afforded he might well be a gonner. He certainly gives his new home, the Roman Catholic Church, a bad name but I am glad he is no longer a Methodist and if he is going to get to heaven then I am going to romp in there.

  5. I applaud Paul Weston for embracing the racist label in the same manner other disenfranchised groups embrace labels such as the N word, faggot, queer, slag, whore, etc. You only give a label *power* if you back away from it or react in a negative, defensive manner.

    American radio host Michael Savage espouses the same philosophy of protecting one’s own language, borders, customs, and culture. The Japanese are a homogeneous group of people who have not massively imported third world immigrants like other Western nations. To legally immigrate to Japan, one must fluently speak Japanese. Since it takes effort to learn a second language, most applicants do not qualify for immigration to Japan. It would solve many problems if all Western countries adopted similar language requirements. Perhaps one day the indigenous youth of Europe will grow to be mature adults and see Paul Weston, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, the Baron, and others like a modern day Enoch Powell or Churchill sounding the alarm of future civil wars.

  6. Great stuff Paul. You articulate what 85% of the bedrock English and British people of this country are saying privately. It doesn’t matter what the middle class left wing intelligentsia have put onto the statute book to attack our freedom to speak out.

    The choice of the Thames as a backdrop, put me in mind of the beginning of Heart of Darkness by Conrad. Where he wrote about it as a metaphor for our history, flowing though the ages.

    • Some of you may remember Lady Jane Birdwood, the scourge of Searchlight, who fought against the multiculturalisation of Britain in the last decades of the 20th century. She had her homeward bound scheme which was much mocked by the Left and said that when the immigrants leave then peace will return. It is of course absolutely true. In fact, I believe, that when she died in the 1990s the Marxist BBC actually had a derisory comment from Searchlight on her passing.

      I read somewhere that there was a repatriation bill dating from I don’t know when here in Britain which is still on the statute book. When the European empires finally shut up shop then there must have been heartache for those born and brought up in the colonies who had to return to Britain. However, this is as nothing compared with the heartache that will ensue because Enoch Powell was silenced in 1968. We now have the children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren of the original immigrants. We have children born of indigenous and immigrant parents who feel they belong nowhere if, as we have heard, Britain is an institutionally racist country; but no more than France and some other European countries; and a country which despite the changes inflicted on it still staunchly fights to maintain its national identity.

      The consequences of any major repatriation scheme would be monumental. Property prices would plummet for a start as all those empty properties came on the market. Developers would be up in arms at having to refurbish empty properties rather than build on greenfield sites. Mass immigration is a boon to them, as Cameron knows.
      The only comparison would be with a refugee crisis which would have to be managed by the United Nations who, without doubt, being the instigators of mass immigration into white countries in the first place, would fight it tooth and nail.

  7. Paul Weston is absolutely right: the great advantage the Left has going for it is that the average decent Englishman can’t imagine Surbiton turning into Syria in twenty or twenty five years. I daresay the average decent Englishman believes, really believes, that his country and his culture will muddle through somehow and it will all turn out right in the end. It won’t. Unspeakable horror is coming. How to wake the average decent Englishman is the single most important question of our time.

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