The Child Victims of Groruddalen

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about the culturally enriched suburb of Groruddalen in Oslo.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the Groruddalen, here are previous articles on the topic:

The translated article:

Ask the ethnic Norwegian youths whether they feel safe in their own city

Ronny Ramberg from Tonsenhagen in Groruddalen [the Grorud Valley] has written an op-ed for Aftenposten about his own family’s experiences in the area. All four of his children have been mugged. In the op-ed he mentions that they have been subjected to verbal threats and robbed at gunpoint.

Young people feel unsafe in Oslo, says Ronny Ramberg, while politicians who have a more favorable attitude towards Multiculturalism praise the great food, the new dances and the enriching linguistic diversity of the new international community.

Are they incapable of, or they are simply refusing to see that certain groups of immigrants are openly working against the society that has welcomed them?

The op-ed mentions that there is a subdued hatred of immigrants among children that have been threatened with death and who have been robbed of their valuables by immigrants.

“We have four boys in our family. All of them have been mugged at gunpoint here in Oslo, and they have been subjected to violent threats such as stabbings. The perpetrators are immigrant youths. Last Saturday night one of our boys was mugged yet again at the bus stop outside our apartment. In our own local community, where we are supposed to feel safe and enjoy a good life, he was threatened at knifepoint and had his cell phone taken away from him.”

“It is of course possible to buy a new phone, but it is very frustrating that this happens time after time. What’s worse is that our boys don’t feel safe in their own local community, and that the hatred towards the immigrants is simmering just below the surface when we discuss the incidents, something that I find completely understandable.

“These are not exceptional cases; it’s just that it’s a whole lot worse when it’s your own children that are being affected, and the feeling of helplessness becomes so much more palpable. We would simply have moved out of the city that we are so fond of if they had been younger. The city that has been so completely neglected by the politicians who appear to be both blind and deaf. What do they really know about what is taking place outside of the great multicultural events that they have awarded money to, and where they bask in their own glory? Ask the ethnic Norwegian youths whether they feel safe in their own city, the answer might perhaps wake up the politicians.

“I have personally helped to organize ski activities aimed at immigrant children and have met many wonderful parents and children who show great empathy with others and do all they can to integrate in Norway. Consequently the disappointment is so much greater over a few who completely disregard our laws and embark upon a criminal career at a very young age, and the fact that they are allowed to do so!

“What upsets me the most is the fact that the parents are completely absent and have no idea about what their offspring are up to in the evenings. More than likely their language skills are poor and they have little or no contact with the world around them. And with the type of demands on integration that our elected representatives make, perhaps we shouldn’t expect much else.”

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18 thoughts on “The Child Victims of Groruddalen

  1. This must be Fjordman’s fault.

    If he had only been nicer to the immigrants, they’d be all be nicenice Norwegians too.

    I feel very sorry for this family. They are being sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism, part of a huge, unvoted-for “experiment” by their leaders.

    You don’t have to wear a swastika to act like a Nazi – and whoever authorized the waves of mass invasion now rapidly destroying Norway’s social fabric – are definitely of the same mindset as those other left-wing socialist planners . They act as though the Norwegian people can be made to tolerate any indignity for the sake of the elites’ pc/mc orthodoxies.

    I’ll bet they don’t have a Plan B in place when this all goes sideways. Other than wave their tattered “Fjordman BAD” flags, there aren’t any other bright ideas at the top.

    If it does nothing else, I hope this tragedy lays to rest finally the old canard about I.Q. being important to humankind’s survival. Norway had it all: health, wealth, intelligence, and cultural consensus. We’ll have to leave it to the historians to figure out how they were tricked into selling their citizens for a mess of p.c. pottage.

    • Maybe is was not JUST PC POTTAGE. MAYBE it was bundles of cash and bags of gold from the HOUSE OF SAUD?

  2. What makes you think it is a multiracial ‘ experiment ‘? The intention is to
    destroy the native society and replace it with one that is more easily manipulted. It’s not an experiment, it is a WAR.

    • I was buying into that explanation too, until… I realized it must be even much worse than that. Easily manipulated? Think again. Of what kind are those people who are replacing the natives? They aren’t taking no nonsense, and they don’t give in to manipulation. All that keeps them back is waiting until their numbers are sufficient to take over. If it was the leftist elite’s plan to buy themselves more voting sheeples against the forever renitent conservative core, they are either tragically mistaken in their characterization of the material they import, or their intents are a lot more evil than we imagine.

      • The elites , who are basically the enormous Rothschild/Rockerfeller criminal syndicate, don’t care that Islam may replace the natives of White
        countries, because their main objective is to destroy homogenous White nation-states thus removing from contention the only group/race who COULD be capable of stopping their total
        domination of the World. It’s pure resentment ,
        which has lived in their poisoned minds for
        countless generations.

  3. This is the reality. The biggest victims of this poisonous experiment tend to be the young and the elderly poor because they are the ones *on foot* and thus easy prey for the immigrant gangs.

  4. I think the elites KNOW exactly what is happening and planned it all in the first place, that this is happening all across Europe/North America/Australasia at the same time is indicative of CONTROL.

    This is about non-violent revolution, using the TV instead of brownshirts/red guards type street thuggery. The Islaminc community is being teased and exploited into undermining their host communities, all funded from a central (Wahabiist) point.

    It is not the Islamists who arrested TR over the w/e, it is not the Islamists who excluded Geller/Spencer, it is the controlling elites who are pulling the strings, the Islamist are the very predictable puppets who provide the trickle of brutality that keeps the terror picture alive and kicking on our TV screens.

  5. This crap is called cultural Marxism, it’s implemented by left wingers, and is the official policy of the EU in Brussels. The goal is no less than destruction of white civilization. Yes it is WAR. It is Plan B after the Soviet Union fell. The EU is really a new Soviet Union run by communist ministers. Reject multiculturalism, reject political correctness, and vote these traitors out of office!

    • There WILL be a time, very soon I believe, when voting
      ‘them’ out of office will just not happen. It could occur
      towards the end of Obama/Soetoro’s term . Who is going to stop him if he decides to rule America for the next twenty years, and then be replaced by another hand-picked Manchurian Candidate. We are VERY close to state capture here.

  6. It is no less astounding that the Lefties seem to think they can control the mosloons after they have subdued the white population. Their head will be on the chopping block just like everyone else’s. Marxism is a mental illness.

  7. This statement puzzles me:

    “I . . . have met many wonderful parents and children who show great empathy with others and do all they can to integrate in Norway. Consequently the disappointment is so much greater over a few who completely disregard our laws . . .”

    Is it true that only a small minority of the Muslim immigrants in Norway are involved in the all-too-familiar predations, the systematic destruction of non-Muslim culture that Islam produces everywhere?

    While Nazism, organized crime, communism, or Islam require only a small minority of actively violent members to intimidate or terrorize a society, I have had the impression that in such Norwegian communities more than a few of the Muslims were involved in intimidating the native Norwegians.

    Can someone educate me about this? Is the ethnic Norwegian man interviewed above simply saying what he is supposed to say– perhaps even thinking what he is supposed to think– or are his words accurate?

    • He’s just saying what he has been tought to say.
      ‘These are just incidents’
      ‘They’re not all like that’
      ‘Some of my best friends…’
      The usual left-wing claptrap.

    • My apologies, I was rather a bit brief. Allow me to elaborate.
      Here’s a man who has been raised from schildhood to believe and live the marxist multculti dream.
      Lately this dream is beginning to show cracks. It’s worrying him but he doesn’t now why. He stil wants to live his dream but deep in the back of is mind there is this nagging feeling this dream may come to an end.
      And when is does this person will completely disintegrate.
      He will realize that his entire life has been based on a lie.
      Problem is when this realization sinks in it wil be to late.

    • You can find a firsthand account of the “integrated” Muslims hidden somewhere in ABB’s enormous manifesto. The Nordic states have no racism or discrimination, but these “integrated” types nonetheless feel like they are out of place — because they so obviously are. Those who abandon Islam find friends in the ultra-left. A great majority of them buy into multiculturalism because the state rewards any liberalism they display, but they are far from becoming ordinary Norwegians.

  8. For Gods sake someone tell these kids to fight back! It is you God given natural right to be able to defend yourselves from harm. I wish we could resurrect some of those old Vikings to deal with this [undesirable element] in our midst.

    • It is very difficult to fight back when you have been both physically and emotionally disarmed, by emotionally, I mean that at every instance you have been told that ‘their’ culture is superior and that we are dhimmis, this happens in most European Schools.

      My son at age 11 knew more about the (painted) face of Islam than about his own culture/religion, Religious Instruction had become (sanitized) Islam instruction.

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