The BBC Sanctions the Murder of Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, has appeared in the media frequently of late, both in Britain and abroad. Paul Weston takes note of a particularly egregious — and possibly criminal — incident in the BBC’s recent treatment of Tommy.

The BBC Sanctions the Murder of Tommy Robinson

by Paul Weston

Just when you think the BBC can stoop no lower into the gutter of Islamic appeasement they gird their leftist loins, put their shoulder to the Dhimmi wheel and come up with quite astounding levels of grotesque behaviour.

The first instance is the BBC Free Speech programme which aired last week. The introduction concentrated on the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, yet for reasons best known to themselves the programme’s producers concentrated on the question of “Is Britain more racist and Islamophobic?”

In order to discuss this vexing question, shortly after a white Englishman was beheaded in the street by Nigerian Muslims, the BBC arranged a panel consisting of a black man who considers Britain to be institutionally racist, a Muslim woman, a mixed-race man and a leftist white woman. Keeping things in order was a carefully bearded young metrosexual chap with the correct political orientation necessary to have landed such a job at the BBC in the first place.

Oh yes, and Tommy Robinson, who was obviously considered so repugnant by the panellists he was consigned to seat 1, row 12, amongst a hostile audience. Only the BBC could manage to pull off such a remarkable piece of blatantly biased social engineering. A white soldier is killed by Muslims and the BBC convenes a panel of pro-Islam leftists to talk about racism and Islamophobia….

Although the program was called Free Speech, the irony of the concerted attacks on Tommy for voicing his free speech was lost on the attackers. Tommy was a racist and that was that, even though they could not actually tell him why he was a racist, despite his asking them to clarify this matter countless times. They simply did not like the fact that he tells the truth about a religion called Islam, so he was therefore a racist no matter how often he told them Islam was not a race.

The second instance and by far the more serious, was Tommy’s appearance on Andrew Neill’s Sunday Politics show. Mr Neill is a political/media heavyweight, unlike the foolish children on Free Speech, which makes his behaviour during the interview a matter of great concern, and possibly even concern for the British police, assuming they have a shred of interest, of course, which they probably do not.

Andrew Neill’s opening words were “Should I call you Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or Paul Harris or Andrew McMaster?”

Tommy said he could call him Stephen Lennon, and explained that he used aliases because of the death threats he and his family receive on a regular basis from the followers of the religion of peace. These are not unsubstantiated death threats, the police have issued “Osman Warnings” to Tommy, which means that based on information received, the police think the threats are credible.

The idea that Tommy’s children had been threatened with beheading cut no ice with Mr Neill at all. He responded with “We did find your birth certificate, you were born Stephen Christopher Yaxley Lennon in Luton 1982.”

Now, bearing in mind that Tommy had just told him he used aliases because of death threats, was it just sheer stupidity of Mr Neill to broadcast to the Islamic world the full name and year of birth on his birth certificate? Can anyone recollect another example of a BBC guest with credible death threats against them and their children, having his full name and date of birth announced to the wider world?

No, I don’t think it was stupidity. It was deliberately done in order to help enable the murder of Tommy Robinson, whom the BBC leftists hate with a passion. This is more than impartial reporting or bias, it is a genuine desire to help people who wish to kill Tommy do just that.

If no one had been killed by Islamic murderers then perhaps it could be forgiven as simple naivety, but given the murder of Pim Fortuyn, Theo Van Gogh and the attempted murder of countless other public people who have dared question the Religion of Peace, it is absolutely wrong and absolutely unforgiveable. I have often thought the BBC crossed the moral line before, particularly so when they stacked a Question Time audience with hostile Muslims after 9/11, but to actively help Muslims track down a man with death threats against him must surely constitute the BBC’s most wicked, evil and darkest hour to date.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

29 thoughts on “The BBC Sanctions the Murder of Tommy Robinson

  1. Andrew Neill has conservative credentials that place him far from being a man of the left, more a case of selective working class man v. comprehensive working class man – not difficult to spot which one has the most integrity and virtue concerning the counter-jihad debate.

    Andrew Neill’s interrogative was personal and fundamentally challenged Tommy Robinson’s right to exist, maybe this was motivated by Neill’s fear and loathing of his Scottish working class roots.

    • In following D&C’s link and thru comments section Andrew Neil, the interviewer is now suffering
      a href=””>death threats .

      What is more interesting are the general comments seeing thru the bbc interview systems, and any comment supporting A Neil is attacked.
      Really a wonderful broad spectrum of weighed up commentary and thoughts for the whole situation in the UK.


      • Hi Baron, Sorry to waste your time and precious energy. If you can delete my earlier above comment and replace it with this one and the url should then be ok.

        In following D&C’s link and through comments section Andrew Neil, the interviewer is now suffering
        death threats
        What is more interesting are the general comments seeing thru the bbc interview systems, and any comment supporting A Neil is attacked.
        Really a wonderful broad spectrum of weighed up commentary and thoughts for the whole situation in the UK.
        Helps one to take heart that the message is spreading, though early days


        • I followed your link to “page not found” but did a search on the title and came up with this. I don’t know that it will work any better than yours did:

          BBC Journalist Gets Death Threats

          If not, readers may want to do a search also.

          I wanted to read the comment section of course, though one couldn’t help but notice this Freudian slip in the ‘news’ report:

          Mr Robinson also argued people who make Nazi salutes at EDL rallies or are convicted for criminal offences while using the name of the group should be taken to represent the whole organisation.

          Oops. So sorry. Didn’t mean to leave out those three letters of negation between “should” and “be”.

          What’s the other name for jornolists who so tediously and predictably turn these cheap tricks?
          I didn’t read all 80 comments, many of them repeats, but when I came across this reasonable woman – well, she certainly stands in for a lot of her fellow Brits with these sentiments:

          It may surprise some but many more people support the EDL than anyone realises. I am much older than most and have many friends and family that have become EDL champions. We may not be in a position to march with the younger set and for other reasons find it prudent to keep quiet in public but do agree with all that they try to tell the powers that be about what most people are thinking. The government should sit up and listen sometimes even if they do not want to. The masses will not be silent for ever.

          Sad beyond words, because “the masses” may indeed turn out to be “silent forever”. Or “silenced forever”…

          Paul is right. They want to kill Cock Robinson.

          Who killed Cock Robin?
          I, said the Sparrow,
          with my bow and arrow,
          I killed Cock Robin.

          Who saw him die?
          I, said the Fly,
          with my little eye,
          I saw him die.


    • Andrew Neil interview with Tommy Robinson is here

      a href=””> Tommy more than holds his own .

      Again the comment section is generally pretty good.

      The A Neil really tries to set up Tommy but he manages very well so the poison can be seen from the bbc establishment is quite transparent.

    • Andrew Neil interview with Tommy Robinson is here

      a href=””> Tommy more than holds his own .

      Again the comment section is generally pretty good.

      The A Neil really tries to set up Tommy but he manages very well so the poison can be seen from the bbc establishment is quite transparent.


  2. Just as it is foolish to ignore the fact that Muslims are engaged in bloody war with us, it is foolish to ignore that some on the left are waging the same war against us. They are absolutely committed to violence and we are nuts to be unprepared when facing it.

    • Yes, the leftists are in league with the Muslims, as they were in Iran in 1979. If the leftists were smart (which they are not because they are delusionary) they would try to think realistically about the probable outcome of this alliance and look at history: in Iran when the Ayatollah took power with the help of the communists, he arrested the communists and killed them. Islam does not share power.

      • Hey, Vinny-

        Want to do a rant on the Left, the Right’s apparent blindness, etc?

        Or, if you’ve read Diana West’s book (on the sidebar) a review of the same subject going back to the old US Communist Party?

        Saw a video today in which Bill Ayers says Obama should be on trial in the Hague – along with every other US President, of course.

  3. the bBC has long since ceased to be a public service broadcaster and is now, blatantly, the mouthpiece for Marx-Leninist agitators and PC parasites.

  4. Early on in the “Free Speech” programme, there was also a moment where the Muslim woman on the panel, after Tommy Robinson mentioned receiving death threats, said that she had not received death threats, “perhaps because I’m a nice person”? (or words to that effect). Was this an attempt to justify death threats, live on air on the BBC?

  5. the BBC arranged a panel consisting of a black man who considers Britain to be institutionally racist, a Muslim woman, a mixed-race man and a leftist white woman…

    As the late, great Peter Simple used to ask: How could it possibly have been biased when all shades of progressive opinion were represented? However, if one asks why the BBC is so committed to waging war on Whitey, and in particular on the evil white male, and even more in particular on the evil white working-class male, the answers are uncomfortable for Gates of Vienna.

    • If I ended up in a country which I considered institutionally racist, like India or Japan probably, I would not hang around, I would go home and live with my own and think, ” I don’t need you”. I remember recently on the BBC obituary programme, Last Word, there was a piece on a black musician or poet, can’t remember, who said that England will never be a multiracial society. It is a pity that these people didn’t realise this from the start when they flooded in here and it is a pity that our governments since the late 1940s didn’t realise this either. Are we meant to feel ashamed and guilty? That is what we have been made to feel for six decades. I am sure that India, China, Pakistan, Japan and most of black Africa will never be multiracial societies either but they do not agonise about it, they just consider it to be the normal state of mankind, which Marxists refuse absolutely to accept. Could they please accept it now and call a halt to their destructive experiment in social engineering which will destroy all white countries in time. South Africa, the rainbow nation will be the first to collapse, then America and finally Europe. As Paul Weston has said, European Civilisation will go to the wall because of one word invented by the Marxists, namely, racist, which outside white countries is just regarded as self-preservation and the upholding of historic national identity.

  6. Neil was threatening him, quite clearly threatening him for having the temerity to speak with a working class South East accent.

    Eric Blair=George Orwell

    Arthur Welsey=Arthur Wellesley=Duke of Wellington

    Lev Bronstein=Trotsky

    Vladimir Ulyanov=Lenin

    David Windsor= Edward VII=Duke of Windsor

    Guilliame Tannerson= Guilliame le Batard=William The Conqueror

    Robin de Loxley=Robin Hood

    el Che=Ernesto Guevara

    I’d also note that Tommy Robinson may have been chosen as a revolutionary type name that speaks to English folk traditions…

    Tommy (“Tommy This and Tommy That” Atkins) and The British Tommy is a old way to say soldier. Thomas also means “Twin” in Aramaic btw so it’s a perfect pseudonym, it’s also a possible allusion to “Doubting Thomas”. ie “Hey there, what the [blazes] has happened to my country?”

    Robinson is pretty obvious too. Robinson means a sort of unclaimed bastard in medieval English. It might also be an allusion to Robin Hood.

  7. Let’s face it, given policies of appeasement, demographics, and leftist treachery, Europe as well as the USA is lost and a new Dark Age is upon us. We are at the end of Western Civilization and there is no point denying it.

    • Sorry to keep bringing up the gentleman in this context but Sir Kenneth Clarke on his Civilisation series began by civilisation escaping by the skin of its teeth after the fall of Rome. We will not go under. We will escape once again by the skin of our teeth but it is going to be a hell of a fight. The hope is that those who have been induced to flood into Europe for the last 60 years at the behest of the United Nations or European governments following their one world programme will realise that the present situation is unsustainable, that it is all going to end in bloodshed and tears and their best option is to pack their bags and leave. Clarke ended by saying European Civilisation will only go down if we lose confidence in ourselves. We must not. If you need help then listen to some Bach or look at pictures of the ceiling of the sistene chapel. As for us British, we have to turn to Churchill’s most moving and inspiring lines: “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

    • Sir Kenneth Clarke at the end of his Civilisatin Series said that European Civilisation would only go down if we lose confidence in ourselves. He probably knew that this was the Marxists’ great weapon, to make us feel guilty and ashamed and unworthy of survival. But we must not. Immerse yourself in 3,000 years of European culture and keep your chin up. We will not go down. As with the fall of Rome, we will survive by the skin of our teeth. If you tune into the BBC’s Radio 3 and escape into the vast repertoire of European classical music then you would know that this cannot afford to be lost to mankind. Actually, listening to Radio 3 I sometimes wonder if they know what is going on in the multicultural mess outside the studio window. It is a bit like listening to the band on the deck of the Titanic. If you are British then listen to Churchill’s “We shall defend our island” speech on youtube ending with “We shall shall never surrender” and believe it.

  8. Andrew Neill’s coincidence of journalistic phrase in questioning TR could give the impression of mimicking Mehdi Hasan’s ten questions for the EDL, inviting the whiff of agent and deception.

  9. What is going on with Tommy Robinson is a mirror image of the steps taken by the Dutch media and police, leading up to the assassination of Pim Fortuyn.

    First the media spent years labelling the refined, educated gay old geezer as a racist, a fascist, a Nazi.

    Second, this made him a desirable target to the leftwing fascists, who could live out their fantasy of “assassinating Hitler” (of course, Hitler was an ex-soldier, surrounded by murderous thugs for protection, whereas Prof. Fortuyn had nothing but good manners for protection).

    Third, when the death threats started to come to Prof. Fortuyn, he went to the police, and they duly ignored them.

    Fourth, Prof. Fortuyn continued to give advertised interviews to the TV/Radio stations, meaning that the murderer would know where he was, and when he’d be alone. The murderer could stake out the place in advance, choose the time/place of his attack and prepare for it.

    Fifth, these steps have been dropped down the memory hole. The first assassination in tolerant Holland for 350 years. And I bet 12 months go by before Prof. Fortuyn’s name is mentioned in the media. Why remember him? The “popular memory” of him was that he was a racist, a fascist, a Nazi.

    Tommy Robinson needs to stop giving TV interviews immediately. The power elite know that the procedure worked brilliantly for them in removing Pim Fortuyn.

    I would expect the eventual assassin of Tommy Robinson will not even be a muslim. He will be some kind of fascist Leftist. The establishment will want to put some distance between the killer and muslims.

    It pains me to see how so many of the counter-jihad movement so easily forget the steps that were taken against Pim Fortuyn.

    • If Tommy Robinson stops giving interviews, people will only have the media narrative to go on… Yet as things stand, he can be heard, and interviewed, and get his point across in his own way, with no spin put on his words… and even when the LBC title his interview as “Tommy Robinson admits EDL has racist members“, anyone who then bothers to watch his interview will see the context in which this was said. And, as seen from the comments on his videos, he comes across overwhelmingly as someone with more reason than the media gives him credit for.

      Would people have this same perception if he were to go off the air? Sometimes, a choice has to be made between insignificance and character assassination, and a risk of actual assassination. Tommy finds himself in this unenviable position. Yet anyone foolish enough to want to carry out such an act should bear in mind that any attempt on Tommy’s life may result in not one, but ten thousand more Tommy Robinsons. And, if the EDL prevails and the Islamic threat is averted, his name may live on – in the names of future British streets and squares, and in the hearts and minds of people across Britain.

  10. Many “News” and “Discussion Rounds” Media people of today are either in the segment of being FULL SCALE “NAZIS” or even worse.

    When Hitler checked the fate he had brought onto “his” Army on the outskirts of Moscow, when then it became rapidly clear that the Red Army would “win” …. he maybe have had one of his rare “phases” where the monster in him was some time surpressed by sorrows bigger than the sorrows for himself and his plans …. BUT, these sorrows were to no extent real human sorrows because he tried to use Islam for “his” soldiers to become even more worse war robots.

    So Hitler “cherished” and HOPED the even bigger evilnesses of Islam would could change fate for his hypocrite reasons of his own causes for evil.

    So which is the difference between Hitler – who knew which is Islam in its core center – and those hypocrite liars of todays mostly MSM “Journalists”, who also DO KNOW EXACTLY which is Islam in its core “business”…… a minimum of 270 millions murderd by the hate cult followers.

    Do they really think that Muslims could be lied about the content and the wide spread knowledge which is core Islam, their seizings, their WAR WINS aso – and which is NOT from the Suras from the historical beginnings, which have been made void by the Naskh.

    Facing the many Islamic murderings AND NO MAJOR MUSLIM DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST THEIR SCHAHIDS OR MAJOR WIDE RESISTANVE AGAINST ONGOING DSCHIHAD ACTIVITIES, so taking all of this into account which SUCH “JOURNALISTS” DO KNOW !!!! THE WISH FOR THE MURDER OF TOMMY COULD LEAD TO RIOTS AGAINST MUSLIMS … which they also know ………. so: This seems to be really what they want !

    So in first weighing it seems only quite close to Hitlers evilnesses, but this is not the case. They are even bigger liars and traitors …..
    So here are the facts:
    Significant big groups amongst Germans really did wish to do war with Hitler ……. BUT are these “war punchers” compareable in percentage to the amount of Souls in GB which really wished to have the ideology on their Grounds which is in GB over so many generations known as a primitive and murderous cult knowing that leting in so much would end finally in war ?

    Is`nt it from a very simple view clear that a murderers as Hitler against the “outside others” is less evil, than such which import a murderers cult into their own “home” country and than do stress every cell of their brains getting the inside war started ………

    Final: Solve religious problems which its occuring hates on the religious path – there is no other way to do this seriously …… the “alternative” of not doing so is bloodsheds.

    And : Yes: Those who cry out so loud against National Socialism only do this to hinder souls to look straight behind such Souls “curtains”.
    Thos who wish genocidal doings in their own lands by importing a murder cult ARE WORSE than even the National Socialists creatures, were before they started which their intentions were ………

    I know: Truth is astounding simple when someone lets himself no more tricked by the games of the evil minds, amongst which their thickest curtain is labeled “We are the good ones…..”.

    • Did Hitler murdered a single Soul personally in World War 2 ?

      So do not would murder any of such present days “Journalists” anyone !

      …. but they try to make it happen.

  11. One other thing

    Sala al Din or Saladin was really called Joseph/Jusuf. Perhaps Tommy ought to point this out to the next jerk who makes a big issue about a Pseudonym.

  12. Andrew Neil knows which side his bread is buttered. He did what the Beeb wanted, after it came in for so much criticism, following Tommy’s interview on the Today programme on R4. I used to quite like Andrew Neil but not after watching that.

  13. In an article in connection with Father’s Day published by the London Daily Mail it was revealed that one in four fathers in Britain is now born abroad. The figure for England must be even higher. And this does not take account of those whose fathers or grandfathers were born abroad. England’s was prior to mass immigration the third most stable population in the world and immigration into England had been minimal, as Paul Weston explained, between 1066 and 1948. It is now clear that England is going to be one of the first hitherto white countries to fall to the New World Order’s genocidal intent, thanks to 60 years of governments, mostly but not all of the Left (see Edward Heath) pledged to the One World agenda. One commentator at the end of the article said, “Goodbye England” and another said this was pure genocide. Could not Paul bring this to the attention of Genocide Watch, although I can’t think they would be interested.

    England is now the mostly densely populated country in Europe and one of the most in the world, having edged ahead of Holland. However, the next country, Belgium, has half the population density of England. And yet, we know that the muslim population alone will be doubling every ten years. Here in the next to the least densely populated county the government is offering financial inducements to councils to build more houses. Britain’s optimum population is 30m but despite the efforts of the Optimum Population trust all our politicans signed up to globalism are deaf to entreaty as our population is already more than double and skyrocketing. Democracy, don’t make me laugh. It died here in 1955.

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