Shariah Rules the UK

In a not unexpected — but nevertheless shocking — move, Britain’s Home Office has denied entry into the UK to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. The two anti-sharia advocates had planned to join Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll this weekend in laying flowers at the site of Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich, in honor of Armed Forces Day.

Unlike Geert Wilders at the time he was denied entry to Britain, Mr. Spencer and Ms. Geller are not on trial for “inciting hatred”. They have never been convicted of any crimes. They have never incited violence in any way. Their only “offense” has been to speak out repeatedly against Islamization and the dangers of Shariah.

In contrast, Islamic hate preachers — who not only incite violence, but occasionally commit it themselves — are always welcome in Britain. Anjem Choudary is just the clown-faced poster boy for this phenomenon; dozens more who are nastier and more seditious than he is enjoy the hospitality of the British state.

This seeming disparity makes no sense until you understand that the British government is simply applying Shariah law on “slander”, which under Islam means “to mention of your brother that which he would dislike.” Coupled with “talebearing”, it forms the heart of the legal justification for suppressing all criticism of Islam:

“In fact, talebearing is not limited to that, but rather consists of revealing anything whose disclosure is resented… The reality of talebearing lies in divulging a secret, in revealing something confidential whose disclosure is resented. A person should not speak of anything he notices about people besides that which benefits a Muslim…” [Reliance of the Traveller, Chapter R, “Holding One’s Tongue”]

Exposing the doctrines and practices of Islam where infidels can see them is something that Muslims “dislike” and “resent”. It does not “benefit Muslims”. Hence, whether it is true or not, it slanders Islam, and is thus forbidden.

On the other hand, calling for infidels to be beheaded, raped, or enslaved does not in any way offend Muslims, and is therefore a perfectly acceptable form of expression.

It’s now official: Britain is a Shariah state.

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Here’s what Robert Spencer had to say about the British government’s decision:

Britain capitulates to jihad

In a striking blow against freedom, the British government has banned us from entering the country. Muhammad al-Arifi, who has advocated Jew-hatred, wife-beating, and jihad violence, entered the U.K. recently with no difficulty. In not allowing us into the country solely because of our true and accurate statements about Islam, the British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state. The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.

See Jihad Watch for a scanned copy of the letter from the Home Office denying him entry.

See also Pamela Geller’s take on what happened.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

51 thoughts on “Shariah Rules the UK

  1. This is in the area when men had reached the moon, when micro invasive surgery can be done and solar energy could be the mostly used power …. and politicians are still on Niveaus of barbarisms…….

    Lieful, traitors, dumb, sick in their minds, egomaniac, narcistic, betraying ……..

      • Well if past & current events are anything to go by I would say absolutely nothing will happen. As supportive evidence of my statement I give you the beheading of a British Soldier in broad daylight on a British street! If anything would have roused a nation like that of 1939 from its slumber that would/should have been it!? But no they continue to slumber and if you dare mention it or Islam you are immediately branded a racist and bigot. Britain is dead there is no way back, they just haven’t realised it yet.

  2. As a UK citisen this makes me feel physically sick.
    Roll on the 2015 elections!

    • And precisely whom are you going to vote for, Old Sapper?

      Who out there can and will do anything to reverse this, our ethnic and cultural end-time, through the ballot box?

      And please don’t propose UKIP, BNP or any other supposed ‘Political Party’, extant or embryonic; accept the fact that anything even resembling a democratic political solution is no longer a viable option. That opportunity has long passed us by.

      Our now choice is simple; rise up and fight, with all of the gruesome results that course of action will generate, or do nothing and accept the fact that under the latter circumstance you and yours will simply cease to exist and history – if it does not actually come to an end in the Islamic evolutionary cul-de-sac which will result therefrom – will record that a once vibrant, progressive, overly cultured people exchanged its moral vertebrae for a simple notochord of ideological jelly.

      Seneca III

      • Sadly, I agree that we are long past the time when elections will make any difference. Our masters are taking their orders from a different cadre.

    • And what difference do you think the election will make? Things will be worse under a Labour or LibDem government!

  3. I can only apologise to Pamela and Robert for the actions of the UK government. I still hold British citizenship, but I suppose that it is inevitable that a socialist political party masquerading as ‘Conservative’ would do this.

    The EDL is a major embarrasment to Cameron, A popular EDL means he HAS to take action. So if ever they win popularity so they are very dangerous to his alliance with Clegg (whom I expect had something to do with this decision for the Liberal Democrats are both illiberal and undemocratic).

    Britain should conside whether it needs to change its flag, whether to incorporate a green cross or a black one instead of the red one……

  4. Disbelief and utter disgust is what i’m left with.Sadly,because i used to hold
    Great Britain and her democratic tradition in very high regard.
    Is this really the country,so many british men and women gave their lives for?
    This is not ,what Churchill fought for: a sorry excuse for a statesman like
    Cameron and his administration bending over backwards in order to appease
    islam….are they really so dumb,that they haven’t yet understood,that
    islam is a malicious,totalitarian ideology,maskerading as a religion….
    Churchill would have seen it for what it is; there was no bending over
    backwards to the nazis, on his watch.
    Mister Cameron,you are the southern end of a northbound horse,and with you that
    sorry bunch of lackeys in your governmet .Shame on you.

  5. This is what I sent to Mr. Cameron’s office. Not that he will ever read it.
    I am protesting the banning to enter Britain of freedom lover and champion for democracy and the rule of law, Pamela Geller.

    This is a despicable and shameful act for a country that used to be a beacon of light for human rights. Britain has now proven that the likes of Anjem Choudary are courted, and those who fight for the preservation of liberty and freedom are banned from protecting these very rights. Shame on you, Mr. Prime Minister. I am ashamed to be associated with you through membership in the European Union.

    The Britain of 2013 would have denied Churchill entry for “extremism and Islamophobia.”

    • Churchill would have been imprisoned long ago on the grounds of stirring up racial and religious hatred, making a series of hate speeches etc. Churchill was opposed to mass non-European immigration. In 1955 he wanted to lead his Conservative Party under the banner, “Keep Britain White”. There was no question of large scale immigration from the Continent then as Eastern Europe, today’s source of cheap labour, was behind the Iron Curtain. The indigenous British would have done the jobs if the price had been right but the greedy employers wanted cheap labour and so brought in indentured labour from the New Commonwealth, just as they had done in the days of the Empire.

      The White Britain Policy did no reach fruition because Churchill was too old and his successor Anthony Eden too scared. Then along came the Labour dominated 1960s with their usual left-wing love of mass immigration, to be followed by Heath who might as well have been in the Labour Party and our fate was virtually sealed until New Labour doubled the agony.

      Couple Churchill’s policy with his views on Islam and if the climate in the Britain of 1955 had been that of Britain in 2013 then Churchill, a senior citizen, would have been bundled into a police van along with the 85-year-old lady from Kent. And what has happened to Emma West, is she now one of our first “disappeared”?

  6. This is absolutely shocking! This is a cowardly and disgraceful act of capitulation by the British government. We must protest with everything we’ve got. This cannot be allowed to stand. Choudaryland must be taken back. I’m looking up the contact info for the British High Commission in Ottawa right now.

  7. i have written to my MP, about two known hate preachers visiting this country asking for them to be ejected ASAP.
    i actually expect to receive the most BS laden whine as to why that cant be done…..

  8. Why did the Britons ever bother to fight the nazis during WW2?
    Seems they would not be worse off today if they had just surrendered.

    • Winston Churchill was almost alone amongst the “elite” in believing that we could, never mind should!

    • My old dad as an 18/19 year old served in France Holland and Germany at the end of WWII. He says now that England couldn’t be worse than it is now had Hitler won.

      • My families are a bit older than yours. Fortunately my mum has dementia and is completely unaware of what is going on. She worked in some branch or other of Intelligence during the War. We buried my father in law a few years ago after a string of severe strokes, he never knew what has happened to the countries he fought to defend/reclaim.

        For both of them, I never thought that their ghastly conditions would be a blessing, but that is how it has turned out!

  9. Here’s what I just wrote to the British High Commissioner in Ottawa ( and to the other British consulates in Canada:

    TO: The British High Commission, Ottawa, ON
    ATTENTION: Mr. Howard Drake, British High Commissioner to Canada

    Dear Mr. Drake:

    I have just become aware that the British government has banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, two tireless campaigners for human rights, from entering the UK. The purpose of their planned visit was to take part in a memorial service for the slain British serviceman, Lee Rigby.

    The purported reason for the banning was that the government sees their views as being “not conducive to the public good.” However, the real reason is pandering to those who would limit free speech and fear the truth. I have followed the work of both Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for several years now and can assure you that their statements on Islam are always well-founded and backed up with documented sources. The fact that their speech may not be liked by all is irrelevant.

    This banning is a disgraceful act in which the precious right of the freedom of speech is sacrificed in the name of political correctness. Yet Islamic hate preachers are allowed entry with no problem, apparently. Shame!

    I truly never thought that this day would come to my native Britain.


    This is truly an outrageous act by the British government. Our forefathers and our brave heroes from the world wars are turning in their graves. Would Churchill also be banned were he to come back to life? Apparently so.

  10. “…it (Islam) is a religion and a belief system that mandates warfare against unbelievers for the purpose of establishing a societal model that is absolutely incompatible with Western Society because media and general government unwillingness to face the sources of Islamic terrorism these things remain largely unknown.”

    Is it now a prosecutable offence in the U.K. to demonstrate and share this factual opinion?

  11. Who’s to blame in this case? The Muslims? Islam? No, its the Home Office. Is it still legal to accuse the Home Office? Yes, I think. Is it hate speech to criticise the Home Office? No, I think.

    Is there a specific Mohammed Abdul Tralala, who has pushed this case? No. So one could just blame Islam as an ideology or religion. That would be interpreted as hate speech. Seems to me that not even a single muslim is involved in this case.

    The liberals are our enemies, they push multi-culti in order to destroy our societies, read a book about the Frankfurt School. The muslims are just a “victim group”.

    If this was a bullfight, then the politician who directs the Home Office is the matador, and Islam is just the cape. Ignore the cape, go after the politician. Tell the British who is responsible for the Home Office’s actions.

    • I belive it was muslim represents who, in the first place, brought it to the attention of the home ofice.
      I could be wrong.

    • I agree that the puppeteer is the Frankfurt School (or their front group Common Purpose). The Muslims are being exploited to suit the ends of the Hard Left. I fear that the coming fight between Muslim incomers and the indigenous population is just what the Left want, to justify the imposition of their dictatorship (sorry, “Peoples Republic”). After all Tony Bliar has “predicted” it.

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  13. I am so sick and tired of the spineless scum we have in parliament in this country!

    What an absolutely appalling decision, by a vile Home Secretary.
    What an embarrassment this country has become, to the idea of free speech and freedom of expression.

    Cameron, Clegg, Cable, Osborne, Milliband, Balls etc the whole bloody lot should be slung out of the country, sent preferably to some Islamic cess pit, and NEVER allowed back in.

    • Once again, A. Nonny-Mous, the heart warming phrase ‘ropes and lamp posts’ does, for some strange reason, spring to mind.

      Seneca III

      • I’ve always preferred “Rope, Neck, Tree–some assembly required” myself.

  14. The Frankfurt School and its disciples are the main reason for the mess civilisation is in.
    Someone should remind the the left what happened to them in Iran, Lebanon etc

  15. And yet will there be any outrage about this in Britain? Will there even be comments pages open on major British newspapers on this topic?? Personally, it’s hard to see either happening… if you can’t read about a problem, and don’t hear about it from your friends, because:
    a) they don’t want to be called “racist”
    or b) they don’t know about the problem (because their friends have succumbed to a) )
    then how can you know about it happening, let alone being upset about it, protesting or encouraging your friends to protest??

    Seems like in Britain, a “positive feedback” mechanism is at work, which means that anyone who can be suspected of being “racist” or “inciting hatred” can be arrested, deported, not allowed in, or worse – with hardly nobody batting an eyelid.

    The above, of course, only applies to whites suspected of being “racist” or “inciting hatred”… non-whites, or Muslims or any other minority can engaged in these activities to their heart’s content (and may even get an appointment with the Mayor of London as a reward).

  16. Interesting point made in comment posted at JihadWatch:

    G179 | June 26, 2013 11:50 AM | Reply
    I doubt that Robert Spencer ever wrote the passage quoted in the Home Office’s letter. For one, it is gramatically incorrect.
    In fact, this passage is taken from Murderer Andres Breivik’s manifesto, quoted by the “hope not hate” movement:

    So now the UK is using Andres Breivik’s manifesto as a reference for its decisions? This is insane.

  17. The actions of the UK here remind me of a battered spouse who believes that if they appease the abusive spouse’s demands that they will be allowed in peace. We all know how well that strategy works out.

  18. From what I understand. Hope Not Hate aka as Nick Lowles, and affiliated with Searchlight is the driver of this ban. They (he) circulated a petition. Also Labour MPs, particularly of a ethnic Muslim backround came out in support of banning Spencer and Geller. Furthermore Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner, did as well.

    For American readers, Hope Not Hate is a dubious organization in the same mold as the US ‘Southern Poverty Law Center,” which targets conservatives as hate groups, for example supporters of traditional marriage, for the purpose of undermining them politically and deligitmizing their POV.

    Here is Hope Not Hate’s Counter Jihad bad guy list.

    Which conatins many names including Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant from Canada, David Horowitz, Bruce Bawer and a whole host of people that you are likely to know from across Eruopean Christendom.

    It should be noted that Hope Not Hate every once in a while capitulates to criticism and denounces Islamist and Jihadist Muslims in a general kind of way, and promises to start opposing them and targeting individual Islamists and Jihadists and Organizations, instead of the mostly Classical Liberals who oppose them. But it never materializes. Nick Lowles knows who he hates.

    • Hate not Hope, as I always call them since it is much more truthful, are just another bunch of state sponsored Trotskyite thugs, very similar to UAF (Unite Against Freedom). A good analogy for them would be Hitler’s Sturmabteilung, but without the brown shirts and much scruffier. Their idea of constructive debate is throwing bricks and bottles at people.

  19. The penny finally drops…….

    That the ‘UK’ is already under sharia…..

    I was scorned and laughed at a few years ago when I stated so in my writings…

    We are a defeated, ‘occupied’ nation like Vichy France once was in 1940… a subservient state of the German Empire. The future is Islamic. We have been defeated in Afghanistan too but the fools don’t ‘get it’. There will be no stopping Islam now. A once, huge powerful NATO wasted on the Anvil of Afghanistan leaving us defenceless. Do these politicians never read history?

    Now ‘Our’ goverment support cannibals in Syria- sorry ‘recycled human resources’… one must be politically and culturally sensitive of course.

    The feckless British will do nothing either…..much more interested in TV filth and cheap booze. A nation that acts like this deserves what it gets in full measure. We have been lied too, accused of racism and all the rest. Names are but names. They don’t hurt like bullets or knives like the one used to behead Lee Rigsby…..Now the herd start to understand…..

    Wonders never cease…but far too late.

    The country is a cesspit…..

    My aged father lost 74% of his aircrew as a pilot with Bomber Command…..

    Just for this?

    It makes me so angry….

  20. I sure don’t understand, nor do I believe that the government of Britain is so stupid as to not know that this is going to end badly for all involved. I think it is just a case of “kicking the can down the road” as we Yanks say, but sooner or later the road ends. It is really disheartening to me to see a once proud and mighty people who withstood the worst the Luftwaffe could throw at them just to surrender with hardly a whimper. All in the interest of “social cohesion.”

  21. It’s important for us to understand the thinking of the multi-culti liberals. Many of them honestly believe that they are fighting “extremism” by preventing Geller and Spencer from coming into the country. They believe the meme or “narrative” that Islam is realy a peaceful relilgion, subverted by a radical minority. Or, rather, they prefer to believe that. Because the alternative is so terrible that they refuse to believe it. As people used to say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.”

    • Excuse the typos: I meant “that Islam is really a peaceful religion subverted by a small, radical minority.”

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  23. In the early 80’s I was obliged to sit through lectures given by aged Marxist academics. One, a former member of the Communist Party of Australia (I can’t recall whether he went with the Moscow Alignment or the Peking Alignment when the party splintered following the Sino-Soviet split – he may also have been a member of the People’s Front of Judea, the Judean People’s Front, the Popular Front of Judea or the People’s Front of Judea-General Command it was all too confusing back then) but still a committed Marxist, made a stunning pronouncement one day that I can still hear and see as if it were yesterday; for it was akin to discovering a large diamond whilst raking manure.

    This grizzled old Lefty lecturer calmly, but carefully, stated that for hundreds of years there had been only one country in Europe where basic human rights – I now shudder at that formulation of words, given the rampant abuse of it in the ensuing years – such as freedom of expression had been consistently upheld and thus provided asylum for political dissidents: Great Britain. He explained that France and Germany had each gone through periods of political repression of speech and writing and that is why Karl Marx lived the latter, and most productive in terms of volume of writings, part of his life in England. The implication was that, whilst “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital” aimed to destroy the “economic structure” and “social and cultural superstructure” of Victorian Britain and usher in the “dictatorship of the proletariat” blah, blah blah, the despised “capitalist ruling class” nonetheless permitted Karl to live, sponging off his aristocratic wife, Jenny von Westphalen, in London in peace, free to write whatever he wanted.

    I was amazed that this lecturer was not only prepared to acknowledge this fact, but actually imparted it to hundreds of impressionable and usually left-leaning undergraduates. It should be borne in mind that during this era the academic consensus was that Mao’s murderously grotesque “Cultural Revolution” was a good and necessary thing. And they’d fail you if you contended otherwise.

    With the Home Office’s appalling decision to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the UK, a rubicon has been crossed: Great Britain has jettisoned the most noble and unique part of its historical legacy. The article was the first thing I read today and, seriously, I momentarily thought it was a wryly satirical item to lighten the hearts of GoV readers, a sort of this-could-really-happen-in-the-future piece of hyperbole.

    The graveness of and historical significance of this decision is doubly underscored by the party affiliation of the government and minister that made it and the status of the people banned.

    It was fully expected in 2009 that with a Labor Party Home Secretary – Jacqui Smith*, an egregiously PC nincompoop in a party of PC nincompoops – would submit to outright Islamic blackmail and acquiesce to the threat by Lord (Jesus wept!**) Ahmed to mobilise ten thousand of Muslims to protest the showing of Fitna in House of Lords if Dutch MP Geert Wilders was admitted into the UK and ban the latter’s entry as an “undesirable person”. The decision rested on the most transparent fig leaf of legitimacy as Wilders was in fact at the time being prosecuted in the Netherlands for “hate crimes” or “thought crimes” or whatever the nonsensical proceedings brought against him to cow him into silence on Islam were called.

    *Just take a peek at the photograph of Smith in her Wikipedia entry and you just know everything you need to know about her, because one has met hundreds of this species, and if that isn’t enough read of her path to political power, her (other) astonishingly authoritarian statist political acts (eg, a law allowing the government to collect and maintain for 12 years a database of the DNA of citizens without criminal records), her rank hypocrisy in drugs policy, her (other) abuses of power (coercing government advisers into making apologies for factual statements Smith found politically uncomfortable) and her personal corruption (in claiming 116,000 pounds in expenses by nominating her sister’s London home as her principal place of residence). If there are two certainties in life they are that politicians of the Left will try to empower the government apparatus at the cost of the freedoms of the citizenry and will stick their snouts into the public trough as deeply, including illegally, as possible. Sucking off the public tit is a Leftist art form.

    **The elevation of Nazir Ahmed to a peerage by Tony Blair must be the paramount example of nutty affirmative action anywhere in the Western world. And equally a world-beating “epic fail” for the party that appointed him. Formerly a local government councillor from Rotherham, Baron Ahmed has, since age 41 when given a life peerage, been a one-man litany of PR disasters, culminating in a criminal conviction and prison sentence for killing somebody and very recent resignation from the Labour Party – he jumped days before he was due to be pushed. Ahmed enriched himself by running a property-development company in tandem with his day job in the House of Lords. Ahmed impoverished the family of one Martin Gombar by running Mr Gombar over, fatally, on the M1 – Ahmed was at the moment of impact texting whilst driving his Jaguar XK 8.

    And who did Baron Ahmed blame for his criminal conviction? Wait for it … the Jooooos! Yes, folks, he was only prosecuted because “the Jewish-controlled media”(that would be the BBC and The Guardian) made such a fuss about him running some worthless kuffir over and he was only convicted and sent to prison because the judge who heard his case was specially appointed due to his being “a friend of powerful Jews”.

    Absent the world having being turned upside down, it should not have been expected in 2013 with a Conservative Party Home Secretary that anybody without a criminal record or a record of inciting violence would be banned from entering the UK simply as a pre-emptive move to placate the ever-a-hair’s-breadth-away-from-erupting-into-mass-violence Muslim lobby. Lord Ahmed, busy habitually engaging in unlawful activities as he is, need no longer make threats; the one he made in 2009 endures forever. Lesson well learned, pusillanimous little dhimmis that presently constitute the British apparat.

    So Robert Spencer, erudite, polite and calm lay cleric with the Greek Orthodox Church (Or one of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. Don’t you just love the predictability of the accusations in the Islamic/Leftist blogosphere that he’s Jewish? Presumably they are based on his Levantine-appearing physiognomy) who disseminates factual material about Islam and events in the Islamic world is, perforce, an “undesirable person”. One can only respond simply: Wow! All manner of maniacal mass-murder plotting, bent-on-destruction-of-the-West barbarians are routinely permitted to disembark at Londonistan’s airports, promptly go on the dole and sire a clutch of rabid progeny, but Robert Spencer – no way Jose.

    Pamela Geller, well she’s in a different category to Spencer. For starters she’s a Jew – under the Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 in any event she probably is, even if she does eat pork and drive a car on Saturdays – and that alone in the very near future will suffice to not only warrant one’s entry to the UK being banned, but living in the UK at all. Vale: Jewish presence in the UK for the past 600 years or so. Peter Mandelson doesn’t have any children so he couldn’t care less. And the Miliband brothers? I see David has already decamped for the USA. And Ed? He can disavow his Jewish religion and roots all he likes, it won’t make a whit of difference to Anjem Choudary and his cohort: Ed’s in for the chopping block. As he unwisely called his sons Daniel and Samuel, they no doubt will be too. Ed’s parliamentary pension will sustain him in one or other of the dwindling number of countries that tolerate Jews. Natch, he won’t be moving to the despised Zionist Entity: grimace and spit. I hope, for their sake, he takes his sons with him wherever he goes.

    But I digress, Pamela, as the name suggests is a woman. Yes, indeed, a woman against Islam. Personally I can’t imagine why any woman would have a problem with Islam; it’s so empowering for them, but, hey, each to their own. A woman critical of the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammed (PBOH) … pardon me for a moment whilst I leave the keyboard to beat and rape my nine year old fourth wife. Back now. Ohhh stop your whimpering, you little girl, I’m trying to write here. And get off the Persian rug, go and bleed on the concrete floor of your kennel! Ms Geller is brash and outspoken on these subjects too! These attributes of being an outspoken Jewish female of themselves jointly and severally are an affront, grievously insulting, to Britain’s Islamic community. And I wouldn’t mind betting the clothing she packed to visit Britain in summer probably included short sleeved tops, dresses and all manner of offensively immodest garb. I vaguely recall seeing some cleavage in photographs and videos of her. It’s all about respect for the religious beliefs of others – its their culture – and Pamela simply doesn’t get it.

    Accordingly, upon further reflection, all reasonable people should regard the prohibition of Ms Geller’s entry to the UK as being wholly justified. And give three cheers that Britain will be free of the ugly spectre of her presence thanks to the courageous and principled leadership of the Tories. Benjamin Disraeli (odd name for a Englishman!) would be so proud of what has become of his party.

  24. On Monday on an epsicopal visit to Derby to inspect a church to be used by my Traditional Old Catholic Archbishop- I was asked ‘What was a Jew doing in Catholic orders?’ My name ‘Leven-Torres’ struck the speaker as ‘Jewish’. When I explained to the idiot that it was actually a name dating back to the German ‘Von Lewinski’ clan and that the ‘Torres’ was Spanish from Panama, it still failed to understand that my name was not ‘Jewish’ and yet I would be proud of being descended from ‘those terrible Jooos’….

    Yep we live in interesting times

  25. Disgraceful. The Party of Thatcher and Churchill has fallen a long way. Britain becomes an ever more “managed democracy”.

  26. If we had a government with any principles, we would reciprocate by banning Brits like George Galloway, Ben White and Yvonne Ridley.

  27. Britain’s opportunity to save itself passed about 20 years ago. There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to save the British people from total demise. Within the next 50 years the UK will become a Muslim state ruled over by Sharia Law. The British people have done this to themselves by voting for the same 3 failed anti-British political parties since WW2 (Labour, Tory, Liberal). The great social engineering experiment will be complete and the British people will no longer be masters of their own lands. I think that within 50 years we shall see the UK fall into civil war along the same lines as places like Syria – it will be whites verses blacks and Asians. The whites will lose because the Blacks and Asians have many more men of fighting age (18-40). The poor whites will by this time be old and infirm. I see absolutely no future for the British people in their own country. We have all betrayed our children and their children. My advice to whites in the UK is to get out as soon as you can – find another Anglo-Saxon country where Islam will never be tolerated. Problem is, this place doesn’t exist….. Australia, USA, NZ, SA, Canada are going down exactly the same road as the British. The end result will be the complete destruction of the white race. Wake up Britain – STOP voting for these failed 3 political parties. Civil War NOW is probably a good idea compared to what’s in store in 20 or so years…. It will become a criminal offence not to be Muslim!!!!!!!

    • “it will be whites verses blacks and Asians”

      That’s much too simplistic and the true situation is much more complex. For a start blacks and Muslims are at each others throats in Birmingham. Hindus and Sikhs hate Muslims, and vice versa. African Christians and Indian Hindus and Sikhs have long experience of Islam, and no illusions about its true nature. In practice each group will look after its own interests, and where they coincide will make alliances with other groups.

      You’re right that it would be better to start the war now than in twenty years time, but not enough people are as yet aware of the necessity of fighting it as all the Western media avoid any negative associations with Islam. I remain confident that we will win the conflict, but I am not willing to discuss my reasons for thinking so on an open blog.

  28. And you think it can’t get any worse? Wait until Islam lover/Muslim admirer Prince Charles is crowned King.

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