Playing With Matches in Gaza

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this brief report about last night’s fireworks show from Gaza:

Hi Baron,

I awoke last night to three explosions, probably Iron Dome taking out the missiles fired at Ashkelon.

I read in the newspapers that this is all about an internal squabble in Gaza, where the little boys are playing with matches at our expense.

It just illustrates how cheap human life is to the Palestinians, and Jewish life particularly so.

I suppose that what is worse is that the rest of the world excuses this behavior, or ignores it,


Below are excerpts from a report on the incident in The Times of Israel:

In Upside-Down Gaza, Rockets Fired at Israel Actually Aim to Hurt Hamas

The latest barrage, launched by Islamic Jihad, is largely due to internal Palestinian strife — not a desire to inflame tensions with Israel

Celebrations of Mohammed Assaf’s victory on “Arab Idol” lasted in the Gaza Strip for just under 24 hours. A volley of rockets fired from Gaza Sunday night and Monday morning at several targets in Israel marked a return to routine in the Strip. The Israeli response wasn’t long in coming: bombs on installations associated with Islamic Jihad, which was apparently responsible for the rocket fire, and on the tunnels in Rafah, and a closing of the border crossings between Israel and Gaza.

But this time, after 40 days of total quiet, the motivation for launching the missiles is not related to Israel. The various Palestinian groups, including Islamic Jihad, didn’t even attempt to claim that the “Zionist enemy” was responsible for the current deterioration. The shooting is rooted in an internal Palestinian incident whose exact circumstances are unclear. What we do know is that a senior Islamic Jihad official was shot to death, apparently by Hamas policemen. The Jihad decided to “avenge” his death by attacking a very sensitive spot for Hamas these days — the ceasefire with Israel.

It’s no secret that Hamas is investing tremendous resources in maintaining the ceasefire with Israel. Last week, The Times of Israel reported that the rulers of the Gaza Strip had established a force of 600 soldiers working around the clock to prevent rocket attacks. Hamas’s desire to preserve the quiet with Israel has even increased recently, after the Egyptian Army launched an operation in an attempt to completely stop the smuggling of goods and people to and from Gaza through the tunnels in advance of the June 30 protests planned across Egypt. The Egyptian Army’s primary concern is that terrorist cells operating in Gaza will pass through the tunnels into Egypt and take advantage of the many protest rallies expected next Sunday against President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to carry out terror attacks.

Hence Islamic Jihad’s decision to “punish” Hamas by firing at Israel, sending a message to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s government that there’s a steep price to pay for mistakes like killing a senior official of the organization. The closure of the border crossing to Israel (which was to be expected after the rocket fire) at such a problematic time — when the tunnels are almost completely inoperative, when the shortage of various fuels is worsening (once again hundreds of cars are lined up at the entrance to gas stations) — will only increase the public’s anger toward the Hamas authorities.

The incident on Saturday which brought about the current decline between Islamic Jihad and Hamas was unplanned, despite Islamic Jihad’s claims to the contrary. Hamas police raided the Shuja’iyya home of a drug dealer. Raed Jundiya, an active member of the Islamic Jihad, apparently tried to prevent the arrest, because he knew the dealer. As to what happened after that, the accounts diverge. The Hamas interior ministry said the bullet that killed Jundiya was fired from his own gun, while Islamic Jihad insists that Hamas policemen shot Jundiya to death after he tried to prevent the arrest. Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister, announced the formation of a committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death.

On Sunday, however, the situation got even worse. During Jundiya’s funeral, with senior Islamic Jihad officials on hand, a Hamas military vehicle hit the commander of the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, Mohammad al-Harazin. Following the incident, Jihad published a message in which it claimed that Jundiya was murdered by “traitors” and announced the cessation of all contact with Hamas.

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  2. Hamas police raided the Shuja’iyya home of a drug dealer. Raed Jundiya, an active member of the Islamic Jihad, apparently tried to prevent the arrest, because he knew the dealer.

    Just a little preview of daily life in the Ummah. As in drug dealers in Utopia?? Never. And a pure-as-the-driven-snow jihadist running interference for someone breaking Sharia dikta??

    That’s why it’s doomed in the long run: Sharia laws are founded on corruption.

    • The inner core of the muslim conquest and Al Qaeda is called: “TAKFIR WAL HIJRA”(The banned heretics)

      They originated in the Middle age with Hassan ibn al Sabbah(the Hassan-sins, in Farsi…AKA ASSASSINS), the old man of the Alamut Mountain, the Ismaelites.

      They piss on the Shariah(just for suckers)and the old man proclaimed his only principle in bring on the Mahdi are TWO:



      The 9/11 crew are believed to have been Takfiris, and the chief of the Lebanese-Syrian Druzes Kamal Jumblatt have accused them of fighting on BOTH side of the Syrian war with the intend to stiffen Muslim resolve for world conquest.

  3. There is a question that has been on my mind for a long time, and I thought I’d just come out with it on this topic:

    Does Israel support the counterjihad?

    If “yes”, what are the indicators?

    Fighting the friend of my enemy doesn’t qualify, just to make that plain.

    • In the case of Israel, the question is irrelevant, for the whole of her existance, and for twenty years before that, Israel has been fighting a full scale war against Arabism, the main source of the Jihad in your country in the first place.

      If Israel falls, the the Frontline will move somewhere else; to Spain or the Balkans, places that were once under Sharia law. Or maybe to your home town.

      There is no room for counterjihad here in Israel, there is only survival in a hostile world. for it is not only the forces of Islam that seek to engulf Israel, it is the forces of world anti-Zionism/anti-Semitism as well.

      Where Judaism and Israel is concerned, there are no easy answers, because the world applies double standards to all things Jewish and especially where Israel is concerned, after all, what other country has to abide by the unstated and infinitely whimsical rules of ‘disproportionate’ response?

      Israelis like Caroline Glick and Bat Ye’or have made major contributions to Counter Jihad, and one might even say that Bat Ye’or founded the whole concept.

      There is at least one more Israeli Blogger in the Watcher’s Council

      Even this small contribution, along with manny others, to counterjihad in Europe, comes from Sderot in Israel, from an Israeli resident and citizen; we do our share.

    • Now please apply the question to Your home country, does the government of the US of A support CJ?, does the UK government support CJ, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc.

      No, they are actively hostile to it, most CJ writers are constantly aware that the 3 am knock could come on their front door, if it is not Jihadi’s it will be authorities arresting them for ‘hate crimes’.

      So please MRIGGS in order to show us that you are not guilty of applying double standards to Israel, answer the question:

      Does (insert your country here) support the counterjihad?

      If “yes”, what are the indicators?

      Fighting the friend of my enemy doesn’t qualify, just to make that plain.

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