Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Tommy Robinson on BBC News

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, the leaders of the English Defence League, have organized a walk to Woolwich next weekend to honor Lee Rigby, the soldier who was executed sharia-style on that spot last month. The occasion is Armed Forces Day, and other interested parties are planning to be on hand in Woolwich to lay flowers, among them Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Certain people in Britain, including MP Keith Vaz and the BBC (naturally), are outraged that these two “Islamophobes” are coming to the UK, and have called on Home Secretary Theresa May to keep them out.

Below is tonight’s “news” report from BBC London about the controversy. In it you’ll see a clip with Pamela Geller, and interviews with Robert Spencer and Tommy Robinson. Make sure you watch all the way to the end, so you can hear Tommy quote William Gladstone and Winston Churchill on the topic of Islam to the BBC audience.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

36 thoughts on “Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Tommy Robinson on BBC News

  1. Robinson PwNed that jumped up private school girl with a phoney BBC sinecure.

    Well done Tommy!

    The producer on the show must have been screaming in her ear to cut it off after Robinson quoted Gladstone and had a stroke after Churchill was quoted.

    PwNed! She didn’t didn’t understand that the uncouth man form Luton is actually an intellectual.

    • Tommy is mostly on ther other side of being intellectual …… he is caring truely.
      Intellectuals do not care truely.

      Higher Wisdom helps in bringing love …….. thats why intellectuals, also because they are to proud to love, never can bring through their lies against true love as long as there is time for free speech…..and… even the point where free speech time was ended was a win for love ……

      …. and could become – from some distance in time – the win for her, too, when she has to admit to herself, that she then, was doing on the case of selfishness and thus lieing first to herself than to the viewers …… about which she will have to recognize: Most of them: They did checked it !

      Lies build the path to aggressions ……

      Truth brings relief and peace !

  2. Tommy Robinson’s approach to this ongoing problem is eventually going to resound with the British public. He shows the BBC for what it is every time he appears on one of their programmes.

    Eventually he will make the government sit up and take notice because he is gaining support and respect with each passing day.

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  4. This is an example of classic BBC behaviour, throw a hissy fit as soon as the subject tells the truth, i.e. departs from the PC hard/left agenda.

    In may 1995, the same thing happened to me when i was asked to give an interview to local regional radio from an unmanned studo, how do i know this, they rehearsed cutting me off and asked if i heard a “click”.

    I didn’t. They cut me off and blamed a “broken” link.

    BBC ? British Bull[expletive] Conspiricy.

  5. Well done Tommy!

    Perhaps the EDL can make the point that Muslims’ desire to keep Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer out of Britain for the sake of “community cohesion” deceitful. It is nothing other than an attempt to enforce of sharia law, i.e. no criticism of Islam is allowed.

  6. When he circeled close on truth “sending time is running out”…….

    Eagle Cult souls throughout the centuries showed “respect” for other liefilled cults but never for truth.
    They had and have their “diplomatic liars”, so does the “mind-prostitute” attempted to deliver over the graves of much more than 270 Millions murdered by Islam an Imagination of Islam as being worth protection and not as seeing it as a murderbloodshed “cloth” on minds and hearts which should and must be overcome……

    “By the way”: Homosexuality and pedohpilea have been and are big themes amongst Eagle Cults which are ALL also Slave cults.

    You know …… its the BBC ….. but: There is also some hope to see in the Vid….. a young reporter who makes seeable how uncomfortable he feels which what he “had to say” ….

  7. This women and the BBC are clearly agitators. Turn off your television and turn on your brain !

  8. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to leave it there…” ie That didn’t go quite as well as I expected – too much reality leaking in.

  9. In retaliation. I now denie mr Keith Vaz of his rights to enter the Netherlands. And now i am at it? I have revoked the right to enter the Netherlands to any member of the Labour party or anyone supporting that criminal group. How’s that for an answer?

    The Labour party of Brittan is now considered a dangerous and criminal organization in The Netherlands, at least by me.

  10. More lies from the BBC. Faith Matters is not a charity, it is a company. Furthermore, no sooner has Faith Matters subsidiary “Tell Mama” been exposed claiming “muslim attacks” have gone up (when the police say they have gone down), than the BBC switches from having Fiyaz Mughal speaking for “Tell Mama” to speaking for “Faith Matters”.

    If British journalists spent even 60 minutes investigating Fiyaz Mughal via Google they would find a lot of material that shows him in a bad light.

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  12. Fiyaz Mughal OBE and Keith Vaz MP seeking to outlaw British peoples and their allies from walking on English soil.

  13. Um…Baron, I love Gates of Vienna. But do you think it’s wise to have one James Boom displaying a despicable white power avatar in your combox? Just wondering.

    The BBC interview with Tommy Robinson precisely manifests something Leo Strauss predicted: liberalism’s open-ended individuality causes liberalism to morph into a permutation of fascism, a “seminary of intolerance” that is latent in its beginnings:

    “When liberals became impatient of the absolute limits to diversity or individuality that are imposed even by the most liberal version of natural right, they had to make a choice between natural right and the uninhibited cultivation of individuality [. . . ] Liberal relativism has its roots in the natural right tradition of tolerance or in the notion that everyone has a natural right to the pursuit of happiness as he understands happiness; but in itself it is a seminary of intolerance.”

    Or as he says at the outset of “Natural Right and History” from which the above is taken, it would not be the first time that a nation (Nazi Germany), defeated on the battlefield, had denied its conquerors of the sublime fruit of victory by imposing on it the yoke of its own thought.

    Or as Charles Kesler has also so nicely explained, open-ended individuality is at the very heart of identity politics (multiculturalism).

    • Didn’t we have enough of this with Charles Johnson? I am weary of condemnation via symbol; it’s an old Leftist trope and tediously hair-splittingly unthinking. My Celtic cross is just fine with me.

      There is a swastika on Carlsberg (sp?) Brewery elephant. They should be stoned.

      The commenter obeyed our rules on discourse and if one commenter’s symbol ruins this place for you, so be it.

  14. His symbol doesn’t ruin the place for me Dymphna. Not at all. I’m a fervent fan of the heroic work you and Baron do. I’m just saying, the Left can simply point to stuff this like this and further besmirch — marginalize — GV. Obviously, it’s your site; do as you wish.

    But I still plan nonetheless to donate money in the future to GV.

    I loath Charles Johnson – that’s a low blow! I loath him precisely for the reasons you do. His defamation of GV proved him to be a monumental liar — a malignant narcissist.

    (For whatever it’s worth, I met the man years ago at a panel at the American Film Institute along with Andrew Breitbart, Cathy Seipp, Roger Simon and Kevin Drum. Chatting with him afterwards, his arrogance was extremely palpable).

    • Some time ago the Baron devised a term for what the Left does, and for what the Right does when it follows them in fear. He calls it having ‘the sreaming Nazi heeber jeebers’ – SNHJ. At least I think that’s his term. It’s meant to cover all the reactive – as opposed to responsive – inclinations that drive public conversation. Only now they create a large public silence.

      Example: I was looking at the Twitter Feed of someone today, a fellow who set up a “Hate Breitbart” account. Yes, an ironic name. He described being in a Starbucks this morning and in a cell phone conversation he said the words “Tea Party”. The coffee shop went silent as the customers
      gave him cold, disapproving stares. That’s just plain old intimidation and it’s a top-down problem. Imagine having to go to a solitary place to say those words out loud.

      Example: Back when I was up for it, I used to frequent Barnes & Noble (and would complain when they set up a table with climate change books and nary a one of them were dissenters against the “common consensus”. Even though one of those ‘aginers’ was a respected academic who lived, oh, maybe a mile from the store. I had to lean to get another pov). At that same store, Leftists felt free to take books from my pile and sneer at them. “Polarizing” “divisive”, they sneered…I didn’t argue with them, but an unrelenting level gaze works wonders. They inevitably broke eye contact first and threw the book back on my table. Of course that’s easier for a woman to stare someone down without being accused of sexual intimidation, or whatever.

      Please look at what you’re saying here. Yes, it’s kind and well-intentioned. But are you joining those who would make this a totalitarian democracy, who would limit our speech? What did de Tocqueville warn – “the tyranny of the majority”? Only they’re not even the majority, simply the chattering classes who have grabbed the reins of power, who stand at the portals separating the sheep from the goats. Little tin gods. Please do not let them have your mind because you’ll find it hard to get it back.

      I don’t know how it happens. Too much media? Public education? Going along to get along? It’s understandable – Lord knows I’ve kept my mouth shut when a guest at someone else’s home but it makes it unlikely I’ll go back there.

      Our son is going to visit some of his parents’ old friends in another state. They have asked him to drop by when he’s in their town and he feels the pull of fond memories. Besides, he doesn’t want to be rude to old friends when they know he’s in town. But he’s seen them on Face Book and they are quite open with their lib hate. So he’s dreading the possibility of political talk with “his elders”. I suggested he might politely decline, saying he’s too shy to discuss his politics or his sex life.

      That’s the choice for conservatives: endure public scorn or be like the early Christians and gather in the catacombs with the other subversives. If Hillary has her way, we’ll all soon be silenced and separated “for our own good”.

      BTW, we’ve already been judged and found wanting. Among the fissions and fractures of the Right, we are scorned already. And the Left hates anyone of our ilk. To paraphrase Churchill, you have to figure out what you’ll sell your soul for.

    • I’ll add my brief two cents’ worth here, Rob.

      Re: “besmirching” and “marginalizing” Gates of Vienna —

      Every since December 2007, I have laughed at the idea of worrying about such things. Between them, Charles Johnson and Pajamas Media did all the besmirching and marginalizing that can possibly be done to us. The LGF wars burned out any fear in me of losing my “reputation”.

      My motto ever since then has been: “I spit on the grave of my reputation.”

      The Breivik business four years later only served to harden my attitude further. I truly don’t give a damn about my reputation.

      In fact, I would be ashamed of myself if I deleted people’s comments just because of the symbols they chose as their avatars. What kind of illiberal attitude is that?

      If a good reputation depends on that, then I don’t want one. Good riddance.

  15. Dymphna- your points are well taken. Courage to speak our minds as conservatives and as opponents of the coming totalitarianism is the most important thing. As Aristotle said, courage is the most important of the virtues as it makes all the other virtues possible. Democratic conformism is indeed a dangerous thing (Paul Rahe’s book, “Soft Despotism: Democracy’s Drift” incidentally is very good on this…).

    And I hope that the Breitbart hating idiot experienced the beginnings of a crack in his ideology — perhaps a small piece of cognitive dissonance!

    I really don’t want, or mean, to make too much of a mere symbol that appeared in a combox comment.

    Again, with all due deference, it’s your site — a heroic, indispensable site — and I don’t want to distract from what are more immediately important things (viz., at this very moment, I’m taking a break from reading the latest GV News Feed, one of the best things you guys do).

    I’m just saying, the Celtic cross is an artifice. It exists by convention. In it’s stark black/white aesthetic rendering as above, that convention has morphed — in the public imagination — into something quite clearly antithetical to what that same symbol, in its general form, originally signified. I don’t think even many conservatives who are well informed, who are mindful of the accurate historical provenance of said symbol in its general form, look upon this particular aestheticism — given our context; given that there really are racists from whom we counter-jihadists, conservatives in general, must distinguish ourselves — as anything other than a marker of racist commitments.

  16. Brilliant debate by Tommy Robinson. It was so encouraging to see him stand so well in speaking the inconvenient truth that by the end I felt tears welling in my eyes. The murder of Lee Rigby appears not to have been in vain, if for no other reason than the fact that it has forced the BBC and other news outlets to give Tommy Robinson air time. Tommy’s forays into the lions’ dens are bringing his voice to many Britons who never would have heard him before Lee Rigby’s murder. The caricatured, demonized, heretofore-gagged outcast is being discovered to be articulate, well-reasoned, and not hateful. The walls are crumbling.

    • Yes. The walls are crumbling. Their problem is that their world view can’t answer the questions that are being asked of it. People are already looking for another explanation.

  17. First of all, Tommy you are looking good! Keep it up.

    Secondly, Baron…you gave some great advice to the EDL(Tommy) to quote Churchill. They, the BBC and others are really at a loss as to how to counter that, so they don’t.

    They, the media, are out in full attack mode against Pamela, Robert Spencer and the EDL. They are desperate to try and stop them. You can hear it in their voices. You can feel their fear of losing their control over the narrative to the public.

    Ponder this advice Tommy:

    If given the opportunity to defend Pamela and Spencer…point out their writings and speeches are in fact quotes from the Koran and the terrorists themselves. So, that when you (Mr. BBC) accuse them of hate speech, you are in fact accusing Islam and Muslims themselves.

    The interviewer was quick to point out that Brevik mentioned Spencer several times in his manifesto. The implication, of course, is that Brevik was somehow inspired by Spencer to commit his horrific crime. I would counter that if you believe that is true then you should also believe that Muslims who commit their acts of terror are inspired by the Koran since many of them quote it. At which time the interviewer right on que, will bring up about how there are many bad things in the Christian Bible as well. Counter with…that they are quick to believe that the Bible inspired bad things in our past, but seem to have a problem of making that same connection with Islam and Muslims today.

    • I picked up on that as well. Tommy Robinson should be forwarded your last paragraph. That is the correct strategy. The only response to that is to end the interview. “We’ll have to leave it there….”

  18. This brings tears to my eyes for one reason; England died in 1955. I do not think either of the Asian gentelmen was born in England and even the interviewer doesn’t look as if her parents were. Why, why, why have they done this to my country? Nobody ever asked for mass immigration and multiculturalism. As Paul Weston has said we native
    English will be a minority in our own country within decades. No non-white country is experiencing this . It is genocide. What good is it doing to anybody, indigenous or immigrant? Enoch Powell said that one day the black (or brown man) would have the whip hand over the white man in his own country and in the case of Mr Vaz and Mr Mughal this is now obviously correct. Many of us just want to leave this multicultural sinking sheep, this hell hole that the Left and globalizing capital have created out of what once was a demi-paradise but where do we go now that they have multiculturalised nearly all the hitherto white world for no logical reason. But not the non-white world.

    This Royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle
    This earth of majesty, seat of Mars
    This other Eden, this demi-paradise
    This fortress built by nature for herself
    Against infection and the hand of war
    This happy breed of men, this little world
    This precious stone set in the silver sea
    Which serves it in the office of a wall
    Or a moat defensive to a house
    Against the envy of less happier lands
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

    In 1955 when Churchill tried to stop third world immigration, this was England a fortress still with a wall around it where this happy breed that is being driven out of its home by mass immigration lived. Now they have demolished the fortress, they have breached the wall and they have invaded and colonised us without our consent. How I hate all those who were in power to defend us from the world beyond that silver sea for letting it rush in and crush us to death. I hate them all for what they have done to us. When are they going to call a halt to this hellish experiment in Marxist social engineering and let us have our country back. These people all have countries of their own. We have no other. Was that other England really so terrible. Of course not, it was one of the best and most civilised and stable countries in the world; but not any longer as it is replaced by the third world and becomes an Afro-asian country in all but name.

    • Thank you for sharing this deeply moving piece. As an outsider who loves England (and Britain) I feel a fraction of the pain you must feel. Unlike many of your compatriots, you demonstrate the wisdom of noting that there is nowhere else to go.

      The legitimate claim to an ethnic homeland is the basis for turning this around– the only basis I know of. And, if you were to go anywhere else, no matter what substitute you and your fellow exiles might build, it would not be your ethnic homeland. The very structure of your history is built into, and in turn built by, that “green and pleasant land”.

      In response to your probably rhetorical question, no one is going to give you your country back, but I think you can take it back to a large extent if you fight hard enough, effectively enough, and soon enough.

      A few ideas, which I hope either will be useful or will stimulate better ideas:

      1. Britain’s elderly may be an untapped resource.

      (a) It appears that Britain is to a large extent paralyzed by fear of career-killing, social life-killing public censure for being supposedly “racist”. But once one reaches retirement age one is less vulnerable to that pressure, because one’s career is completed. One can speak more boldly.

      (b) Victims are among the most hallowed people in the politically correct worldview. If the elderly present themselves as aggrieved victims, just as do Muslims and others, they have great potential to force changes.

      (c) The older one is in Britain, the more ethnically British one’s age group is. The overwhelmingly ethnically British elderly do not need to fear significant division within their ranks. They should be able to mobilize an unusually high percentage of themselves.

      (d) It is the elderly, and almost exclusively the elderly, British who actually remember what life was like before Britain began to be browbeaten into ethnic and cultural suicide. They need to speak, write, record videos, lobby, or whatever it takes to convey to younger people that which has been destroyed and is being destroyed. They need to speak of that which is lost as being a right denied and violated, as true victims do– because they, among all British, best know and remember what it is that has been robbed from them.

      (e) The elderly are often poor and intimidated. They probably will need help to organize, encouragement to speak, write, record videos, lobby, or whatever else needs to be done. Not many of them have the ability to articulate their case. Perhaps none of us do; but we can and must learn quickly how to speak of the things we need to convey and which we need them to convey. They need the help of all of us.

      (f) When we read the above brief essay about England since 1955, I am quite sure most of us can sense with certainty the validity of what is being said. But our culture has been hijacked by leftist, politically correct (cultural Marxist?) thought categories which keep us from conceptualizing and expressing that which is real and in plain sight. The elderly can remember the reality spoken of above and feel it better than just about anyone. We who are younger need to help them get it processed so the public consciousness can be changed as soon as possible.

      (g) Liberty GB seems to me to be probably the best forum, the best group, I know of for facilitating this. If anyone else has better ideas, please speak up. Time is short. Every day the elderly grow more elderly and frail, less capable of action, and more of them die. Britain needs them now.

      2. As public consciousness is re-shaped, the educational, legal, and political systems seem to me to be prime targets for change.

      (a) English, Scottish, and Welsh history and culture should be the only ones taught in British schools, and they should be taught abundantly. I’m no expert, but it looks like about two generations of British schoolchildren have been robbed in this regard. We need to recapture the younger ethnic British people, who are becoming a minority.

      (b) The laws of the land should not give any ground to any other culture or ethnicity (e.g. Polish, Pakistani) for special consideration, or even equal consideration. Britain needs to be re-grounded legally for the explicit purpose of restoring and maintaining English, Scottish, and Welsh cultures, and ethnicity is a valid component of those cultures as a general statement.

      (c) Related to that, the push for legal recognition of England, Scotland, and Wales as ethnic homelands should be a priority. If one looks at the U.N. statements on this topic, they show clearly the logical benefits that flow from that recognition.

      (d) Immigration to Britain, and the continued presence of immigrants and their offspring– is driven largely by the benefits available to immigrants in Britain. These benefits must be decimated. Britain needs to be transformed into a place in which no one but a well-established and determined person, ready to forsake completely his or her own ethnic and cultural background, will want to come and stay. Strong movement in this direction should persuade many of the rest of them to leave voluntarily. Make them feel deeply unwelcome and pessimistic about their futures in Britain. If this can be accomplished, the demographic avalanche which already is making a minority of ethnically British children can be reversed, and it must be reversed quickly.

      (e) Mount a sustained effort to locate former British citizens overseas and persuade them to return to Britain. Offer them incentives in line with the explicit commitment of Britain to restore and maintain itself as a group of three ethnic homelands– or one ethnic homeland together, if that works better.

      Well, my mind has run dry of ideas at this point. If you find value in these ideas, please copy this and re-post it (without crediting me, please) wherever you can. Make it better. Add, correct, subtract as you see fit. We need to talk about this.

      • Thank you for your reply. When I am with a group of my own or the previous generation – 55 plus I feel that only they understand. I feel secure because we share common blood and a common folk memory and yes we were taught English history and a pride in it from primary school onwards. However, there are many in my generation – not I – who were probably left-wing students in the 1960s and 1970s and are now seeing the consequences of their utopianist stupidity. They have all been useful idiots. I hope that in their later years they are now regretting what they have done.
        As for mounting a spirited defence, isn’t that what the 85-year-old lady did in Gillingham who told the worshippers at the mosque to go back to their own country and was arrested and bundled into a police van without her husband being allowed to accompany her to the station. We learn from Edward Snowden that the British are more watched by GCHQ than even the Americans now. But this is no surprise, I think we have more on-street CCTV cameras than any other country. By the way, if you want to learn more about the Edward Snowden business then watch Russia Today. I bet none of it appears in the MSM in Britain. Russia, ironically, is probably more Conservative now than the EU and the USA which are turning into Marxist totalitarian states.

      • Here’s an idea… organize a Liberty Great Britain film contest. Have people submit historic clips shot in 8mm and 16mm film converted to digital format. Clips of historic events, speeches, holidays, etc. Clips showing the former Luton, Manchester, and other locations before they became “No Go” zones and Muslim dominated. Post the links on Youtube, Liberty GB, and Gates of Vienna websites. It’s hard to fathom but many indigenous youngsters have no idea what the former Britain and Europe looked like before millions of third world immigrants arrived on scene. Japan, China, and Korea are a few of the remaining countries that retain their indigenous, homogenous populations.

  19. I wonder if that BBC employee could explain to the British public, who are paying her wages btw, how someone can lay flowers in a provocative manner?

  20. You’ve got to laugh.

    Of Ms Geller and Mr Spencer “…their presence would incite hatred.”

    This said in defence of the most hateful creed of them all.

    The liberal/left/commies really are scraping the barrel.

  21. Brilliant Tommy. You get better with every interview. The establishment’s double standards were exposed beautifully.

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  23. Support Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg who is one of a few Rabbis to have the guts to have her speak in his synagogue.
    Add a comment…

    openid (signed in using AOL).

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg has been an advocate for Holocaust survivors and a truth teller about the Holocaust for many years. He is also the rabbi willing to take a stand and criticize the corrupt Claims Conference disgusting leadership. Any person with conscience must stand behind Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg in fighting for the elderly Jewish survivors. In no time their witness will be buried with their soul that has suffered like no other human on earth ever suffered.

    The Nazis did not treat Jews like animals, as some compare…their animals were not showered with the poisonous gas Zyklon B and their bodies were not thrown into an oven…there are no words, in any language, to describe what the Nazis did to 6Million Jews!

    Dr. Barry Resnick and his colleagues deserve praise for their hard work in revealing the deceit and fraud of the Holocaust Claims Conference. Rabbi Rosenberg is one of the bravest Rabbis in this country; he always speaks his mind. The Forward for some reason banned him from commenting. Perhaps this is because he said some positive comments about Yeshiva University. Please give credit to where credit is due. DR. JACOB FRANKEL

  24. rosenberg

    The shenanigans going on with the Holocaust Claims Conference and the daily reports in various newspapers is reprehensible. If I were not a child of Holocaust survivors and Jewish I would truly develop anti Semitic feelings and be jealous with hatred of the Jewish people. Why? Jews have been hated throughout history because non Jews believe we control the financial world and find every possible method to steal money from others.

    . I am sixty five years old and was born in a DP camp.. My parents, survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald died when I was relatively young. Except for a cousin, their entire families perished in the Holocaust and all their property including land and businesses was taken from them. Any elderly Holocaust survivor who is in need of food, medicine or financial assistance which Germany just made available should receive the additional funding through the Holocaust Claims Conference.

    Due to the mishandling and theft involved with the Holocaust Claims Conference the world is regarding the entire Jewish population as thieves. Is this the legacy we want after many of us lost most of our families to the Nazis?

    While I realize Holocaust survivors will say that the money given by Germany belongs to them, I can suggest other venues where this money would help the children, grandchildren and future generations of those who suffered in the Holocaust. There certainly are many Holocaust survivors who financially did well after the war. I am sure they would also like to see funding from the Holocaust Claims conference used for the Jewish education of their children and future generations. How many Rabbinical Theological schools offer courses in Holocaust history or education? This is the way to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and those who died. Day schools are in desperate need of financial assistance and synagogues are having financial problems. Many young Jewish families, especially Religious families are struggling to keep kosher, send their children to Yeshivas, support synagogues and purchase homes in religious neighborhoods.

    Are we going to allow the same leadership of the Holocaust Claims Conference to misappropriate and mismanage funds to the point where over fifty million dollars was stolen? It is time for new leadership. Unless others join me in speaking out, ten years from now we will be reading about more theft and misuse of funds while most of the Holocaust will have died.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

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