Ottawa Muslims Call for Sharia-Based Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

“Everything has a limit… There is no such thing as unlimited free speech.”

As most readers know, back in February Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation visited Ottawa to talk to interested Canadians about the need to stop the building of new mosques, and how to use legal means to accomplish that purpose. Gavin’s appearance at the Ottawa Public Library provoked controversy before, during, and after his talk took place. CAIR-CAN tried to pressure the library to cancel the event, but failed.

Several weeks a later a group of Muslims gathered in the same room of the same library to give what they styled as a rebuttal of Gavin Boby. Their only significant proposals were that people like Gavin Boby not be allowed to speak out about Islam, and should be denied entry to Canada.

Vlad Tepes has compiled some excerpts from that “rebuttal”, and includes some of his own commentary:

For more information on the context of this event, including links to the complete videos of the “rebuttal”, visit Vlad’s place.

5 thoughts on “Ottawa Muslims Call for Sharia-Based Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

  1. “Nobody has a right to come and spoil this country,” he says. That’s weird, because Muslims believe they have a divine right and obligation to invade and spoil every country on earth, as they’ve been doing for 1400 years.

  2. To the beginning of the Vid … I viewed only short than I stopped after he came out with his first major lie “asking” for respect for every religion.

    He knews exactly how gigantic that lies is. His Muslim audience knows exactly he lies big scale. Many Canadian burocrates and politicians and journalists maybe do not “know” exactly the size of the lie ……. since their brains would have to self-reflect about their own ones with which they “live” daily.
    But there are also many who did understood already that murderwishing souls DO CAN LIE SO INTENSE …… and turn their back from the podium, walk through a door and knowing that they are out of sight make their expressions of “freedom” which they “had to surpress” all the time out there ……

    Such liefilled guys yell out their “freedom and relief” when they have no “sorrows” to bee seen with their curses and hate in their eyes …. following the Quoranic contents valid parts.

  3. So I guess calling for the murder of all Jews on the planet is out now? Please amend your Koran accordingly…

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