More on Tyranny

The latest essay by our Israeli correspondent MC concerns the emergence of what he calls “distributed tyranny” within the Western democracies.

More on Tyranny
by MC

In recent essays on Gates of Vienna two points have come up that I wish to explore further. One is the idea of distributed tyranny, and the other is the idea of a tyranny within a democracy.

But first we need to think about what it is like to live under a tyranny. When we read of life under Stalin or under Hitler, we think, ‘How terrible!’ as we read of gulags and extermination camps. But there is a different story as well, the story of those who prospered under tyranny, and this story is very rarely told.

I have come across this phenomena a few times, one of them first-hand. There is an excellent book entitled Frauen in which the author Alison Owings interviews German women who were alive during WW2. The second was a bio of Traudl Junge. Traudl Junge began working for Hitler in December 1942. She was the youngest of his private secretaries:

“I was 22 and I didn’t know anything about politics, it didn’t interest me”, Junge said decades later, also saying that she felt great guilt for “…liking the greatest criminal ever to have lived.”

She said, “I admit, I was fascinated by Adolf Hitler. He was a pleasant boss and a fatherly friend. I deliberately ignored all the warning voices inside me and enjoyed the time by his side almost until the bitter end. It wasn’t what he said, but the way he said things and how he did things.”

At Hitler’s encouragement, in June 1943 Junge married Waffen-SS officer Hans Hermann Junge (1914—1944), who died in combat in France in August 1944. She worked at Hitler’s side in Berlin, the Berghof in Berchtesgaden, at Wolfsschanze in East Prussia, and lastly back in Berlin in the Führerbunker. [Wikipedia]

The third was from a work colleague who was a successful banker under the communist regime and is now a clerical worker. She had enjoyed the security of life under a tyranny, where life was ‘predictable’.

Living under a tyranny is not unendurable for a large sector of the community. As Lenin was reported to have said, “people with full bellies do not make revolutions.” For the majority of people, tyranny is not recognisable from within. As Traudl Junge’s statement above indicates, it is only in hindsight that the awful truth comes out.

Britain is now a tyranny within a democracy. It is a tyranny because at least eleven people have been arrested for passing comment on Twitter, Facebook and in public about the perils of Islam and Islamic violence. They will be duly incarcerated in prisons where life and limb will be in danger from the very Islamic extremists that prove their various points.

Unfortunately our political masters feel that they must intimidate the general public by demonization of the likes of EDL, and indeed anyone who chooses to criticize their Islamic ‘pets’. One may, it appears, say what one likes about Zionists (Jews), but the government’s own domestic animal imports are above criticism; Why?

One can only assume that our governments want the divisiveness of an Islamic plague in our midst. They want to shatter our societies and fragment our cultures.

For many years now we have been manipulated into the acceptance of ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ as being ‘good’ things, but if you look out of the window what do you see? wherever equality and social justice are preached, there too are the guillotines severing necks whilst the knitters look on, the blood bespattering all their petty fabrications.

The Romans used to throw Christians to the lions. Modern-day governments throw whole populations to an even more dangerous group of wild animals.

The question we need to address is this: Are Cameron and Clegg a Laurel and Hardy double act — “Look what you’ve got me into now” — or are they more devious, and more like a Machiavellian Prince, playing a double or triple blind.

Say one thing, do another. With a tamed and controlled media, all things are possible.

In the England of my youth, a famous milk drink put one into the mood for a good night’s sleep. In Singapore the following year, the same drink was advertised using Gymnasts, as something to wake you up. It’s marvellous, the difference slick advertising and propaganda make.

The tyranny within the democracy has been very carefully crafted. It is all about strategically dangled carrots and big tactical sticks. One has to isolate those who twig to what is going on and deny them ‘influence’ by marginalising them. Any opposition is ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’, ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘far-right’. The tame media constantly reinforce the government image. So, for example, ‘EDL’ is never mentioned without the words ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’ attached — a compulsory government health warning one might say.

The daemon here is the linkage that has been built between German Nazism and liberal conservatism. Most believers in ‘small government’ are the enemies of ‘big government’ and must be metaphorically kettled. That ‘small government’ people tend to be ultra -conservative means that the ‘far right’ daemon has only to be tweaked a little and the small government faithful fall into its apparent definition zone, even when nothing could be further from the truth.

Personally, I admire the EDL. So far they have resisted the temptation to become violent in spite of intense provocation. And it is the violence that the government need in order to shut them up, officially. Cameron’s UAF have failed him in this respect. Even with the beady eye of the law blinded in their direction, this government ‘rent-a-mob’ has not provided good value.

This tyranny within our democracy will go on as long as we vote in accordance with prescribed norms. It is very dangerous and is insidious in that it is like a puff adder: whereas most snakes remove themselves from any human presence, the puff adder is lethargic and well camouflaged. But it will strike if provoked by an unwary step, and its venom is cytotoxic, leaving the victim crippled for life.

We must stop listening to government rhetoric, and start looking at what they actually do. Promising a referendum on European Union membership in order to get elected, and then refusing to hold the referendum makes Cameron a blatant Europhile despite his words. So far he has lied to his party and to the people. The shame is that he is not held accountable by those to whom he can be held accountable — those who have been elected to serve the people.

I compared the distributed tyranny of Islam to that of a colony of soldier ants, and the amazing thing about this idea is the plausible deniability gained from this model. We see this with the Woolwich incident. In the aftermath of this sickening crime, the distribution of the tyranny can facilitate the plausible deniability and dissembling that we are now seeing. Islam — what Islam?

But the Muslims who did it violated no Koranic command or Hadith or anything in the Sunna; they followed Islam to the letter. So upon whom does responsibility descend? From a Western perspective, where individuals are held personally accountable, then only the murderers are responsible. But what of the ‘religion’ that incited this barbarism; what of the political implications of statements made about ‘armies’ and the taking over of countries? Are these to be lost because we insist on the application of Western logic to Middle Eastern viciousness?

What we have is the legacy of a tyrant who died some 1400 years ago, but who left strict instructions for the political advancement of his political ‘religion’. As discussed above, living under a tyranny can have its good points, and so it is with Islam, especially for the men.

At age six or thereabouts, the male child is ejected from the women’s quarters and is brought up by the (younger) men. These males have no contact with women and are somewhat sexually frustrated by western standards. Young boys coming into contact with these youths are not safe. By the time the boy is mature enough to be married off, he usually needs reconstructive surgery. Physical damage can be repaired, but the mental and emotional damage is somewhat more difficult.

But as the boy grows into manhood, so he becomes the bully of the younger males in his turn, much the way ‘fagging’ works as described in Tom Brown’s Schooldays. One could describe the graduates of this Islamic upbringing as potted ‘Flashmen’.

It is the absolute male superiority that makes Islam a soldier ant community, each ant willing and able to promote the colony, as violently as whimsy takes it at the time.

Woolwich was an ‘opportunist’ incident. The ants were obviously looking for a victim in a place where a victim of the type wanted was likely to be found, much like a predator stalking at a water hole.

The Africans who did the deed came late to Islam, and had to learn the trade as ‘outsiders’ and thus had to be even more fanatical to prove themselves ‘worthy’.

The sinister part of the incident was that the ants had been programmed. The term ‘brainwashing’ has been mentioned several times in the Woolwich context. Brainwashing does not just happen, and brainwashing in the context of a mosque is not a neutral act. It also cannot be divorced from its Islamic roots, as the political and media elites are trying so hard to claim.

If I programme a computerised robot to shoot people wearing an item of red clothing with a laser gun, am I innocent of murder because the computer does the killing?

Such is the process of distributed tyranny. It is the reason why Islam is marketed as a religion and not a political system. In Nazism, the SS were trained in the same way, and the histories are littered with descriptions of minor acts of barbarism by the SS that never made public notice. Islam is Nazism perfected. There has never been a more dangerous political system, but the tentacles of its distributed tyranny are long, and are now well insinuated into our Western culture.

And all the while our governments are actually promoting this obscene threat, hiding it behind a veil of lies and a burqa of obfuscation. Treachery has reached new heights, and politicians, almost without exception, are mired in greed and lies. The trust we put in our democratic representatives, and the oaths they take on our behalf, have been trashed by the lure of the easy money of the Islamic lobby and the cultural destructiveness of leftist revolutionary politics.

Under tyranny, we are like the frog in the cooking pot. We cannot see that the water is getting hot, but it is time to jump, folks.

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  1. This is an excellent informing piece of work, and i shall be bringing it to the notice of the readers of the Daily Telegraph at the earliest opportunity. Well done.

  2. Just last night I was thinking of the people in the UK that were hauled out of their homes and arrested for “improper” twitter posts. Think about the police power involved, and the sophisticated software employed, in order to do that…

    Laventri Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police, once said “Bring me the man and I will show you the crime.”

    • “One can only assume that our governments want the divisiveness of an Islamic plague in our midst. They want to shatter our societies and fragment our cultures.”

      Precisely what a relative few of us have been saying since 2002 when the knee-jerk defenses of all things Islamic began in earnest even among most in the right-leaning media. It was my insistence on this truth that got me banned from LGF, then shunned at Hotair, and even today gains few cogent responses at Ace of Spades. If most people have not caught on in 11 years, I do not believe they ever will. It’s often easier to believe a lie.

    • I have Jumped, to Sderot in Israel, but then as a Jew I have that privilage, here the war is more honest (but just as lethal)

      (this somehow ended up below!)

  3. Terrific writing using a brilliant descriptive “distributed tyranny” . We have this exact same problem here in the States as Islamists are well embedded in our halls of power.
    The treachery described is sickening. I hope that our citizens will find the gumption to overthrow this evil government and send all of Islam’s residents into any available desert real estate. The mosques in this country could be used as sports facilities.

  4. > And it is the violence that the government need in order to shut them up

    This kind of thinking does apparently not extend to Islamic violence.

    If an EDL member engages in violence, it’s EDL’s fault. If an Islam member engages in violence it is everybody’s but Islam’s fault.

  5. The only remaining hope at the satans in charge is righteous fury and hatred.

  6. It’s too late! We are like Winston Smith in the novel 1984. We keep believing other members of the governments are on our side when they offer us help in containing the actions of Big Brother. I have just described the Republican party’s actions in America.

  7. Only an incredible arrogance would not recognize the dangers that islam poses to western societies. Only an idiot could fail to see the changes, the damage, that has already occured in western societies since substantial islamic minorities have been in place in our countries. After a titanic struggle we threw off the dominance of church, not to speak of that hideous partnership of tyranny, the secular ruler and the church with the church officially acknowledging the ruler as gods chosen, and the ruler swearing to defend church. Now its starting all over again, this time with islam and its …….. founder, and i’m not allowed to criticise or mock that religion or its leader; why not ? They can destroy the society i live in, but i can’t say a word. Stunningly stupid governance, painfully bad.

    • It’s all been deliberate; there’s no better explanation. If we non-experts can figure it out, they HAD to foresee the ramifications of their policies years – decades – ahead of their implementation. And even if they did not foresee them, they see them now yet won’t change it. So again, we’re left with the inescapable conclusion that if it didn’t start out as deliberate, it is now.

      • Exactly. What ‘s happening in the west is not an accident – our economic and cultural Verelendung has been the objective all along.
        They really meant it when they were chanting: “Hey ho, hey ho – western civ has got to go”

        • As a Jewish Holocaust survivor once famously said…

          “When people say the want to kill you, believe them.”

  8. MC, Excellent post but, going back to an earlier contribution of yours, exactly what is it you have against the City of Portsmouth, of which Paulsgrove is a district ?

    • I was born in St Mary’s (East Wing) and grew up in Portchester, my mother still lives in the Portchester end of Paulsgrove. I was in the Royal Navy and had a series of Pompey based ships. I have been in and out of Portsmouth for most of my 61 years.

      I have nothing against the City, I have seen it change, probably not for the better.

      Paulsgrove has always been a rough place, especially down the Wymmering end. As a kid I avoided it if I could, it was a place where trouble lurked around every street corner

  9. It is Time to jump indeed , but so far only a microscopic numper of frogs have made the jump out of the politically correct maistream-pot . It seems that the water is not hot enough yet in most places , and some frogs have build realy smart gated cooling systems for them selves and their families . Only when the cook makes the mistake of ”stirring tings up ” does a few more frogs find courage to jump . In Israel we say that the only thing that muslims can be trusted to doo , is to shoot themselves in the foot . In this case it means shooting young fotogenic british soldiers in broad daylight .

  10. “Are these to be lost because we insist on the application of Western logic to Middle Eastern viciousness?”

    Adopt privilege theory. As long as someone has Muslim privilege, he will be treated as such. Cultural “Marxism” is also Western logic. Why is that we punish all “Islamophobes” for the actions of Breivik? It is the Left that should turn the other cheek. After all, that is what they advocated during the Cold War. Unilateral disarmament.

  11. This may be interesting:-
    In November 2008, Gordon Brown and the then business secretary Lord Mandelson went to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to ask them to fund our shaky economies by putting billions into the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    Lord Mandelson acknowledged that they offered the Saudis some financial influence over Britain and the West.
    This is why in my opinion, criticism of Muslims is not allowed in Western countries.

  12. What a well written piece. We need to get you elevated into investors business daily or a similar, large conservative rag. Keep up the good work.

  13. The difference with the Soviet bloc was that when it collapsed, Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe were ethnically much as they had always been. They have thought of a much better plan this time, you destroy the indigenous peoples of Europe so that they can never rebel and restore their old countries. They are succeeding remarkably well. Peter Sutherland has described exactly what they are up to and have been since the docking of the Windrush in England in 1948, namely mass third world immigration so that the homgeneous nation states of Europe, especially those of Northern Europe with their love of independence and democracy, would be so diluted that they would never be able to rebel against the one world state. Third world countries they seem to have assumed to be in the bag.

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