Mau-Mauing the Tennessee Rednecks — FAIL

Below is Dr. Bill Warner’s account of what happened at that meeting in Manchester, Tennessee two weeks ago. Assistant Attorney General Killian from the Department of Justice partnered with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood to explain to all those hicks in Middle Tennessee that their First Amendment right of free speech does not extend to the criticism, mockery, or insulting of Islam.

Mr. Killian received a strong and presumably unexpected pushback from a large crowd that had traveled from all over to make their feelings known. These good people had educated themselves about the reality of Islam, with the help of Dr. Warner, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Dr. Andrew Bostom, and all the others who have worked so tirelessly to make the truth known.

This was planned to be a special kind of mau-mauing, with the Ikhwan representative providing the primary intimidation. He was a subliminal reminder of what happens to people who insult Islam — as if behind him there were a half-tone screen displaying the burning, bombing, disemboweling, raping, and beheading that awaits those unfortunate infidels who stand in the way of the Muslim Brotherhood and its comrades.

The other half of the intimidation was, of course, the Department of Justice, which represents The Law. Recent events have revealed — as if we didn’t already know — that the DoJ is now a law unto itself, whose attention ordinary Americans have good reason to avoid. Partnered with the Ikhwan, it is Dhimmi Law, in service to the Ummah, unaccountable and relentless in its pursuit of those would slander the prophet of Islam.

But that evening the citizenry stood up and shouted “NO!” to dhimmitude. The attempted mau-mauing by the DoJ/Ikhwan scored a major FAIL.

The article below was originally posted at the Political Islam website (thanks to the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ACT! For America for the tip):

A Defeat for the Muslim Brotherhood, a Model for Winning

by Bill Warner

The Muslim Brotherhood was handed a tactical defeat on June 4, 2013 in Manchester, TN. The FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) appeared at a meeting called by AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council — Muslim Brotherhood) in Manchester, TN. It was to include a talk by a US Assistant Attorney General and an FBI agent in charge. The meeting was due to a joke posted by a Coffee County Commissioner on Face Book. The DOJ Assistant Attorney General Killian said in a newspaper interview that the joke might be in the category of a hate crime.

Over 1200 people came from all over the US to a meeting in a town of 10,000. The web had buzzed about free speech in Manchester and talk radio chimed in.

In the course of the presentation by Killian, several in the audience began to shout our retorts to him. At first some in audience tried to shush them, but the momentum began to build and the shouted challenges increased in numbers and volume. It should be noted that the shouts were factual and knowledgeable. An example: when it was mentioned how hard it was to be a Muslim refugee: “Free medical care, welfare and scholarships tough to take?” When Killian said that DOJ protected voter rights, the shouts were to the tune of: “You mean like protecting the Panthers in Philadelphia?”

There were also knowledgeable shouts about Islam: “We don’t care about the religion, it’s the politics. No Sharia.”

When Killian mentioned Eric Holder, the room erupted with thunderous boos. People were angry about the Feds. The FBI agent presented a better face, but he got blow back as well. Chants of “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco” rang out. This was a “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” attitude.

There has been both praise and condemnation of the crowd. But to understand it, you had to be there. There was a palpable pent up anger about a long string of corruption out of the Obama White House: the IRS scandals; Major Nidal Hasan’s jihad called “work place violence”; vacuuming up everybody’s phone records; and more. They felt that the Feds were here to talk down to them, not to answer questions.

The Feds came to talk down to them since they are considered rednecks. Those rural white people who are not politically correct are called rednecks. Rednecks are the only under-class who have no protection or advocacy. They are the only group that can be mocked, ridiculed and made the butt of jokes. The worst of the ghetto blacks are forbidden to be called the equivalent of redneck, the N word. There is no RN word. Nope, they are rednecks, trailer trash, crackers, white trash and worse.

Another measure of society’s hatred of rednecks it this: if the shouters in the audience had been black, the media would have said that they were: “Speaking truth to power”. They would be reported as victims against oppression and fighters for social justice. But rednecks are called bigots and ignorant haters.

Why did the rednecks have to come and oppose political Islam? Simple, our leaders will not do the job.

The leaders in the pulpits of America are professionally ignorant cowards. Ministers and rabbis go to Family of Abraham events with Muslims and tip toe around any criticism. They cry over the Crusades and believe whatever they are told by Muslims. Over 100,000 Christians were murdered last year and there is an ongoing jihad against Israel, but not a word will be spoken to the Muslims about the Islamic crimes. Tears will be shed over graffiti on a mosque, but not one mention of Christians being machine gunned at Christmas services in Egypt.

What university has ever held an event where the jihad doctrine of Islam is discussed? Critical thought and fact-based reasoning are not allowed in their forums and curricula. The history of the deaths of 270 million Kafirs has no place in history departments. Sharia cruelty is not taught in feminist studies. No word about Islam may be spoken without approval from the MSA (Muslim Students Association, a Muslim Brotherhood front.)

Will law enforcement and the military protect us against political Islam? They do not even recognize the existence of an Islamic threat doctrine. All information about Islam in terrorism training must be approved by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Will the media protect our civilization in a civilizational jihad? Not just no, but hell no! The media is Islam’s mouthpiece and a savage opponent of everyone who opposes Sharia law.

What about American business? Islamic business fuels civilizational war with unlimited funds, just as the Koran commands. As an 11 year veteran counter-jihadist, I am unaware of American business support for the counter-jihadists. There may be small donations, but no systemic funding. Muslims get billions, and our fighters get a thousand. How will that work out?

Well, if the preachers, rabbis, professors, reporters, military, politicians, law enforcement and business are absent in a civilizational war, who shows up? Isolated warriors such as Spencer, Geller, Bostom, and others are the front line fighters. Oh, and Tennessee rednecks.

The Tea Party types and conservatives say that we should always be polite. My personal experience is that I have presented talks about political Islam that are very civil and polite for years. It doesn’t make any difference. I am still called a bigot, hater, Islamophobe, racist and merchant of hate. I have been told by community leaders that it is people like me that stir up the terror. They say I am an unpleasant man who frightens people. The Southern Poverty Law Center says that I am one of America’s top 10 bigots. “Doing it right” is judged to be immoral. Being nicer may not be the way to win a civilizational war.

Our society has become so wimpy and politically correct that there is no longer any righteous anger. We have become a nation of pleasant liars who are never angered at society’s outrages. We are ever so polite to those who destroy our civilization. We are a nation of zombies, but polite zombies. There have been over 20,000 jihad attacks since September 11, 2001, but you don’t want to mention that since someone might become uncomfortable or be offended.

For years we have watched as Muslims and dhimmis (apologists) have put on a multicultural love fest with Islam. In every case Islam has dominated. This was the first time in 11 years that the Kafirs dominated the information battle space in Tennessee — the first time.

How do we dominate the information battle space without shouting? Analyze what went right at Manchester. Here is what we and the rednecks did right:

  • We showed up. Now is in this case we had 1500 show up, but we cannot use massive attendance as a usual tactic. However, a normal AMAC event would have put out chairs for a 100 people. We don’t need but a dozen people to dominate the meeting with information.
  • We knew the doctrine of political Islam. We knew when people were lying or telling a half-truth.
  • We knew the event was happening. We had intelligence and knew who the players were.
  • We opposed the lies by voice, leaflet and signs. This is what rednecks bring to the party — rednecks are not politically correct and speak their minds. (That is part of the reason that they are hated.) They don’t give a hoot what the media/government/church types think. This spirit must be carried into every meeting. We must speak up and speak out. This is hard for those who are ruled by being “nice”.

We must learn how to co-opt the events without shouting. We must be organized and show up at every public event where Muslims come together with their ignorant dhimmi (apologist) partners. All of these events should become information battles. We should show up with signs and leaflets. If they will not allow signs, then bring cloth banners which can be put into bags and backpacks. We must do these things politely, but with authority like a warrior. And forget about the question and answer session for scoring points — the Q and A is always: write down your questions and we will select the ones we want to answer.

We must invite the Muslim Brotherhood and all of their supporters, such as government agencies and ministers, to our own events to explain their position to us, not in their power position of speaking down to us, but in a round table event centered on fact based reasoning.

The Manchester event was a rough hewn victory. We must learn lessons from it and then show up for every battle against this civilizational jihad.

14 thoughts on “Mau-Mauing the Tennessee Rednecks — FAIL

  1. Andrew Jackson would have approved. This was definitely a redneck-Jacksonian event.

    Maybe it could only have happened in Tennessee, which has been under terrific assault by Islam in the last decade, aided and abetted by the MSM’s bigger Tennessee newspapers.

    It is heartening for all conservatives when federal government apparatchiks gets their heads handed to them.

    And yes, I know about The Trail of Tears…been there, done that. Islam has a very specific template for its own countless Trails of Tears for infidels. They have practiced and perfected Death by Tribulation. Those in the US and Europe will follow the pattern laid down in India, Persia, North Africa, etc.

    Indeed, the hated rednecks will be the first to go because they’re dangerously fierce Scots. Maybe that’s why Islam chose to focus such energy in the church-ridden state of Tennessee – i.e., because its existence threatens the Plan.

  2. I agree with Bill that we should insert ourselves into these inter-faith love-fests with the polite authority of warriors. Here are some additional tactics:

    1. Confront the Islamist apologists while they are eating or in the bathroom where they cannot escape
    2. Carry an offensive excerpt from the Quran written in Arabic. When someone tells you the Quran can only be understood in Arabic, challenge the person to translate the Arabic to you. Often they cannot.
    3. Find an Arab-Christian to be your spokesperson during Q&A. The moderator will often call on an Arabic-looking person, hoping to get a supportive question.
    4. Anticipate the takiyya and distribute your own handout of tough questions to the assembled group PRIOR to the commencement of the meeting. That way, the sponsors may feel forced to respond to the questions in order to restore their credibility.

  3. When you begin to study Tennessee history, you see a pattern of this kind of cantankerous courage. One piece of history I recall seeing online is when GIs returning home from WWII voting in a local election in one county. People observed the ballots being destroyed, ballot boxes being stuffed, and GIs weren’t going to take it. They attacked the local courthouse where the vote was being stolen, and laid siege on it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they may have even set it on fire. At any rate, that happened almost 70 years ago.

  4. I have never been to Tennessee, but we studied the TVA at school some 50 years ago, I thought then that it must be quite something. As the article indicates, it is a start, a start to a fight back, we need to lay the truth before Jews and Christians wherever we find them, we need the trees and the rocks to cry out, “the muslims are telling their lies again” We need to ambush the moslems and their dhimmis and say we don’t want your deceit here!

    “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” said Hosea, So let us impart knowledge to the people.

    Islam worships a rock
    Islam condones child sacrifice (Shahid)
    Islam condones child mutilation (FGM)
    Islam condones canibalism
    Islam condones wife beating
    Islam condone abuse of under age children

    Islam has no place in a civilised society!

  5. Remember dead tree format? Leaflets and signs are still very effective, provided they are germane, but but they only last a moment. Imaging the act of leafleting and waving signs and getting your deeds onto the Internet shortly after the event makes the protest an enduring success—and costs less than your printing.

    The hard part is to know what to say: the briefer, the better.

  6. “Islam has no place in a civilised society!”

    Such democracy that in its voting process churns out dummy dhimmis who are against their own citizens, against Christians, against honesty, against decency, and supporters of Muslims to rule and control us and our western countries, have no place in a civilized society.
    Just go to any arabic site and you will find an ad urging you, just urging an Muslim to pack and head for USA or Britain or Australia. And citizenship awaits him. And will be treated with awe and submission.
    Try it.

    • The purpose of this immigration into the West is to “make ready” (per Surah 8:60 and the MB motto) that area for the ultimate Islamic take-over. A definitive book on this subject is “The Modern Day Trojan Horse — The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” by Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi.

  7. The thing to remember here is that the other side will have noted what happened at that meeting, and will adapt their behaviour accordingly. So anyone who intends to tackle the other side at such meetings in the future needs to be aware of what the other side is likely to do, and how to counter them effectively.

    John Loeffler at Steel on Steel has done some great work outlining the tactics employed at such “meetings” and explains how to short-circuit them – his work is available at the website. I also recommend his series of lectures which deals specifically with this sort of thing, which is available at khouse.

  8. The government of the U.S. has no fear of you. It is your responsibility to correct that.

  9. I’m neither old-line Anglo-Saxon American mountaineer nor Tennessean, but I was proud of my countrymen of those persuasions.

  10. John Loeffler describing the tactics employed at such meetings and how to sabotage them & get your message across – here’s the link. Once you start researching these techniques it’s quite fascinating – and you can see them being employed all over the place (at work, for example.) So this can be helpful in all sorts of ways.

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