Is This a Religion?

Bob Smith’s excellent three-part essay “Islam is Fear”, adapted from Islam’s Fatal Flaw, appeared here a couple of years ago (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Mr. Smith’s latest essay lists the overwhelming evidence that Islam is neither peaceful nor (mostly) a religion.

Islam is no more a “religion of peace” than “Jack the Ripper” is just another neighbor

by Bob Smith

I believe it is fair to say that before 9/11 most people in the US had little or any knowledge of Islam. If you had asked the average American anything about Islam, he would have responded in a positive manner. That’s because most Americans are fair-minded. Additionally, most Americans try to believe the best about something they are unfamiliar with.

But the 9/11 terrorist attack changed all of that. Suddenly there was a reason to look into Islam. Along with thousands of other Americans, I began reading about Islam. And what did I, and others, find?

The truth about Islam is not politically correct. But here it is.

Islam’s claim to be a religion seriously confuses the casual observer.

Yes, Islam does have some religious components. But the majority of Islam is a perverted totalitarian/political ideology that dictates almost all aspects of Muslim life.

Islam as a whole discriminates against, women, homosexuals, blacks, non-Arabs, non-Muslims and especially Jews. Islam has a “legal system” called Sharia. Sharia is a barbaric code that today, in the 21st century, dictates stoning of women for the “crime” of being raped. It also mandates amputation of hands and feet for thievery, and execution for anyone who tries to criticize, change or leave Islam. To make matters worse, significant portions of Islam’s theological texts incite its followers to commit horrendous acts of violence while enforcing religious law (Sharia) and “spreading the faith”.

Muhammad — Islam’s founder — is revered by Muslims (like a cult leader) as the perfect human. Muslims are supposed to make every effort to live lives similar to Muhammad’s. But Muhammad — according to Muslim sources — was a pedophile, a rapist, and a murdering thug.

Don’t be misled by PC talk of “cultural sensitivity”, “coexist” signs, and “interfaith dialog”. Below is a short list (this list can easily be expanded) of global violence driven by Islam. Ask yourself: Is Islam really like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and other religions? If you think so, prove it — send me an equivalent list:

  • In Thailand, Muslim terrorists were responsible for over 4,000 deaths in the past ten years.
  • In the Philippines, Muslim terrorists have been committing murders and violence for more than a generation.
  • In Myanmar, the Muslim population can’t get along with the Buddhist population.
  • In Pakistan, Muslim terrorists have turned the entire country into a killing field. They kill teachers at girls’ schools, and murder medical professionals trying to eradicate polio. Sunni and Shia Muslims routinely bomb each other’s “worship” services. And they have managed in a generation to ethnically cleanse all but a handful of Hindu and Christian minorities.
  • In Afghanistan, the full force of NATO and the US military has been unable to keep the Muslim Taliban from making life a living hell. NATO and the US can’t even kill the suicide bombers faster than Islam can produce them. The Taliban blow up and gas girls’ schools. They destroy 2,000 year old Buddhist archeological treasures. And no Muslim anywhere says a word.
  • In Bangladesh, Muslims have killed and ethnically cleansed most of the non-Muslim population since its founding in 1971. Recent riots by Muslim religious fanatics have brought hundreds of thousands of into the streets, killing hundreds while demanding Sharia law.
  • In India, Muslim terrorists have been killing Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists for centuries. At one time, the greater Indian civilization included most of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The population was essentially 100% Hindu and Buddhist. It included virtually no Muslims. After the arrival of the first Muslims in 711 AD the largest holocaust in history began. Over a period of centuries, somewhere between 125 and 250 million Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists were murdered by invading Muslims. To this day India suffers violent Muslim atrocities almost on a daily basis — and Muslims consider India “unfinished business”. A single Muslim terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 resulted in 164 murdered and 308 wounded civilians.
  • In Russia Muslims have carried out numerous terror attacks. In Moscow in 2002 Muslim terrorists seized a crowded theater and took 850 hostages. Over 100 theatergoers lost their lives. In Beslan in 2004 Muslim terrorists took a school, and held over 700 children hostage. The terrorists rigged the school with bombs. In the end, there were more than 300 deaths including 186 children. Muslim terrorists have bombed Russian trains and planes on numerous occasions.

Western European governments, ruled by believers in Multiculturalism, have allowed a large number of Muslims to immigrate in the past generation and a half. How has that worked out?

  • In France, Muslims now make up as much as 10% of the population. French Muslims for some reason cannot integrate with the rest of French population. There have been numerous deadly Islamic terror attacks. The situation is so bad that the French government has identified over 750 “No Go Zones”. The French government calls these zones “Zones urbaines sensibles” or euphemistically “ZUS” (see this French government site listing these ZUS). The French government has lost control of these ZUS areas. The Muslim inhabitants rule with Islamic Sharia law.
  • In the UK, neighborhoods in London and other cities are now unsafe for non-Muslims. Muslims post signs proclaiming “Sharia Controlled Zones”. Young Muslim religious fanatics “patrol” the streets, harassing non-Muslims. And Muslims are responsible for numerous crime waves, including predatory child sex rings and the drug industry. There have been numerous Muslim terror attacks including the 7-7-2005 transit attack that killed over 50 people.
  • In the Netherlands, the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim jihadist because Van Gogh had made a film critical of how Islam treats women. Gays and Jews are targeted by Muslim “youths”. And the Dutch politician Geert Wilders needs 24-hours-a-day protection because he is critical of Muslim immigration.
  • In Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö has become a low-grade war zone where non-Muslims are not welcome. A Muslim rape epidemic puts Sweden at the top of European rape statistics.
  • In Madrid, Spain, a 2004 Muslim terrorist attack on the subway killed 191 people. Muslims in Egypt have vowed to recapture Spain (which they refer to as Islamic Andalusia, al-Andalus.)
  • In Denmark the writer Lars Hedegaard was nearly assassinated by a Muslim terrorist because Lars had dared to write about the realities of Islam. In Muslim dominated areas of Copenhagen, Muslim “youths” extort money from non-Muslims. In Copenhagen Jews are advised to not speak Hebrew, or wear skullcaps or the Star of David in public.
  • In Switzerland, Muslims use violence and intimidation to control the drug trade and forcibly convert users to Islam. Muslim young women are murdered in family “honor killings”. A Muslim advocacy group has called for a change in the Swiss flag (red with a white cross) because it offends Muslims.
  • In Germany, Muslims permanently scarred the Olympic Games with their 1972 terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team. Islamic terrorists murdered US military personnel at the Frankfort airport. Immigrant Turkish Muslims refuse to integrate with the German population. Native German children are routinely victimized by immigrant Muslim children at school.
  • In Bulgaria, Muslim terrorists murdered Israeli vacation-goers.

In Africa and the Middle East, Muslims jihadists have been busy killing other Muslims and non-Muslims:

  • In Nigeria the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram has attacked the Christian community hundreds of times, killing thousands. Hundreds of Christians were murdered during the 2012 Christmas season alone.
  • Mali, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya all have active ongoing Muslim terrorist activities.
  • In Tunisia, (starting point for the “Arab spring”),Libya and Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalists are turning these countries towards more conservative Islam.
  • Iraq continues to have almost daily atrocities committed by Sunnis and Shiites against each other.
  • In Saudi Arabia, Muslim women cannot even leave their home without a male guardian. When the do leave they are required to wear a niqab. The city of Mecca does not allow any non-Muslims. Saudis still behead people for sorcery. Migrant female domestic help is routinely sexually and physically abused. Hardline Muslim clerics have been sent out to mosques all over the world in order to incite Islam’s most devout follows to commit violence in the name of Islam.

The rest of the world is not exempt:

  • In both Canada and the US, numerous Islamic terrorist attacks have been carried out — and luckily numerous others have been stopped.
  • In China’s western Xinjiang region deadly Islamic violence has claimed numerous lives.
  • In Australia, even though Muslims only represent a small minority of the population, they are unable to get along with the host country. Muslims have been involved in numerous riots and police scams — all the while claiming discrimination.
  • In Bali, in 2002 Islamic terrorists bombed a tourist district and killed 202 people.
  • In Argentina, Muslim terrorists attacked the Israeli embassy in both 1992 and 1994. The two attack killed over 100 people and injured more than 350 others.

Such is the “religion of peace”.

13 thoughts on “Is This a Religion?

  1. Agree with all he has to say: just one thing though, Islam is particularly tough on the Jews AFTER the mushriks have been all murdered. The Jews are given the right to live, but under humiliation. The mushriks are to be murdered outright. Ask the Hindus of India, who lost (it is estimated by very serious historians) about 80 million to Islam over the medieval years.

    Forget that the Hindus have a profound monistic philosophy in their Upanishads, and that it is precisely this that allows them to see God in every form. To the primitive barbaric muslim mind, all that he sees is a mushrik, to be killed as per Kuran 9:5.

    • Vinod. Yes, there continues to be a great misunderstanding about Hinduism by other real religions. It’s going to take a great increase in suffering from the left/Islam parallel world movement before the real religions finally seriously consider each other and finally join together. Eventually this must be. But the real religions are too sleepy and gnosticized/spiritually sick, to self repair without a shock.

  2. Islam is the ultimate murder cult.

    Its deepest circle is in Quoran Sura 8, Vers 17 – which sees the most intense “God feeling” when murdering. Vers 17 (in some translations where the Bismallah is counted its Vers 18) “teaches” that “Allah himself” is the murderer.

    So not the soul is to the Muslims mind sets views the one which murders: Its Allah.

    So the monstruos ideology expels all feelings of guilt or empathy during a murdering.

    …..and puts in expectations for the greatest possible “wonder” in Islam – to be together for a short while with the “creator” – and the next expectation for the next highest reward possible with Sura 9, Vers 111 to become killed for “paradise”.

    Islam is the ultimate life hating cult on this planet and it will not be ended until – which a member of a US Church has also his difficulties with – the “basis of Islam” is “burnt” to “mental ashes” on an argumentative level, which no Muslim can withstood and any attempt to try would make such a fool…….

  3. I mean it is vital NEVER to speak or write about islam as a religion. It is an ideology like communism and nazism. The Quran and Mein Kampf has very much in common. Hitler wasn’t very nice to Europe or to the Jews, was he? And now the muslims arn’t very nice to us or the Jews. I’m afraid the only way to stop them is using military forces. But until that happens, they will reach to kill many, many people.

    • I agree with you in every word. I believe that the only way to prevent fanatics from killing us is by using the force. You can’t appease a bunch of beasts with words! But what would happen when our armies be full of muslims? To whom will they be loyal? By 2030 Europe will be almost an islamic province, full of muslims everywhere. Who will have the power to stop them? Meanwhile nor our governments neither the European Union do nothing to cease this invasion, on the contrary, they promote it. And the ones who protest are branded as “fascists”, “racists” or “xenophobics”, if not prosecuted or arrested.

      If things keep on going like this, the fate of Europe will be the total obliteration.

      • I remember reading a long article in the Wall Street Journal back in 1988 (?) about the state of Yugoslavia then and what would happen after Tito passes. The writer focuses especially on the army. Seemingly Muslims in the ranks “go off” on a regular basis and just shoot their Christian “comrades” in arms. Not difficult to work out really. Have our governments decided just like with the Hitler cult in the 30s to go along to get along. There has to be a Churchill out there somewhere.

  4. The Four Horsemen are saddling up and I doubt if there is anything left that we can do to stop them riding out; the grotesque, global social engineering experiment that that the West has indulged itself in has patently failed and history teaches us what the consequences will be.

    Hence we will reach a point in the not too distant future, as or if we take our countries back, that we will be forced to cede many large urban areas to the occupying barbarians, and contain them and their exponentially increasing get therein.

    Whilst the containment of these occupied territories will be far from simple to impose, so manpower intensive, so demanding on mind on mind and body that it appals our current sensibilities it would, never the less, be nothing more than just that, containment, not penetration street by street nor neutralisation building by building.

    And the only bright light on this storm racked horizon is that if we apply ourselves with sufficient determination it should not necessarily be of particularly long duration. There are four specific reasons why :…

    1. Power stations are rarely found situate in such locations and, where they are, their raw material supply lines are long and tenuous.
    2. Water catchment areas, together with major reservoirs are invariably quite distant from these areas and their feeder systems are likewise long and tenuous. (Birmingham is a case in point – the majority of its water supply comes from Wales.)
    3. Food production, on anything but a very minor scale, does not take place in urban areas.
    4. For obvious reasons refineries are never located close to centres of population.

    …and, consequently, we can hope that it won’t be that long before the exodus begins and the meandering, carefully escorted lines of predators, parasites and primitives will stretch to the airports and the docks as they return to whatever failed socio-economic hellhole they or their immediate ancestors came from and have tried to recreate here.

    Then, and only then, can those few fanatic diehards who choose to remain be given the benefit of some serious social work.

    Then, and only then…

    Seneca III

  5. You’ll never see a COEXIST bumper sticker on a car owned by a Muslim. Only western mush-heads can possibly believe such drivel. People who do should be required to have a MORON ON BOARD sticker in their window.

  6. An interesting point emerging from the 2012 London “Multicultural” Olympics. The firm charged with recruiting security staff for the games failed lamentably and at a very late stage, security was placed in the hands of the military. On a daily basis, the soldiers charged with keeping the games and its supporters safe were threatened and abused by mobs of local muslim “Youths.” For some reason, this did not get reported in the MSM. Any guesses why? And of course the question nobody asked, “Who were they protecting the public from?” Answers on a hundred Dinar bill…..

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