Gang Rape in Broad Daylight in Bergen

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about a culturally enriched gang rape in the city of Bergen in Western Norway. The translator includes this introduction:

I have translated this article from about a particularly brutal rape that occurred in Bergen yesterday in broad daylight. The article mentions that that the alleged perpetrators are five men of foreign origin, but nothing more than that. However I did some research online and found out that the park mentioned in the article is frequently used by African and North African drug pushers, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that the perpetrators are involved in this line of work or that they hail from those parts of the world.

I don’t know anything about the victim, whether she’s a drug addict or not.

If this had happened 25-30 years ago the police in Bergen would have beat the living crap out of the perpetrators if they had been able to track them down. Check out this article about police brutality in Bergen in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

The police in Norway knew how to deal with criminals before PC was allowed to poison the profession and society as a whole, and all the girly-men were allowed to join the force.

The translated article from Aftenposten:

Woman raped by several men

The woman was taken away in an ambulance. “She was injured and collapsed,” says one witness

Police were notified of the incident at 3.11 PM. Ambulance and police personnel were immediately dispatched to the scene.

“The woman has told us that she was raped by several foreign men approximately 35 minutes before we were notified of the incident,” says Erik Gjesdal, leader of operations in Hordaland police district, to Bergens Tidende [local newspaper].

“The woman was in a terrible condition and it was obvious that she was very distressed,” says the chief detective at the scene.

Partially naked

A nurse in her 40s discovered the woman.

BT’s (local newspaper) cultural editor and editor of the comments sections, Hilde Sandvik was walking just behind the nurse who discovered the battered 30-year-old victim when she (the victim) collapsed in Nygårdsparken [The Nygård Park].

“She shouted to me while she was holding the woman still. I immediately called the 113 emergency number and informed the emergency operator that a woman had been attacked,” says Sandvik.

According to Sandvik the woman had scratches on her body, had been subjected to violence and was partially naked. Sandvik concluded that the victim was in a state of shock.

In a terrible state

“She was in a terrible state. It was painful to look at her.”

She describes a woman who was deeply distressed and who was hyperventilating. While she was on the phone to the police Sandvik tried to keep a group of men, who at times behaved in a threatening manner, away from the scene.

“She was terrified when some men came over. She was clearly terrified of something.”

Was unable to speak

The woman didn’t have a cell phone or a wallet, but they were able to identify her from one of her credit cards.

“The other lady (the nurse) did a marvelous job calming her down and at the same time checking her pulse. Eventually an unmarked police car arrived followed by an ambulance and several police patrol cars.

“At the time we don’t know what had happened, but it is painful to watch a woman who is in such a terrible state and so terrified.”

The woman who helped the victim is in her 40s and says that she has been working as a nurse for many years. She was walking through the upper part of Nygårdsparken just ahead of Hilde Sandvik.

“Worst case that I’ve ever seen”

“Suddenly I saw this woman come walking towards us. She was terrified, trying to run, but then collapsed. It was obvious that she was injured. She was crying, shivering and her teeth were chattering. She was in a state of shock and I was worried that she was going to lose consciousness,” says the woman, who wants to remain anonymous.

“I had to partially restrain her because she wanted to get up and run away. I saw blood, bruises and traces of sharp objects on her body This is the worst case that I have seen in my twenty years as a nurse,” she says.

Are searching for the scene of the crime

The woman was taken by ambulance to the department that deals with rape cases at the hospital in Bergen. At 9 PM she was brought to the police station in Bergen to be formally interviewed, according to a Twitter update posted by the Bergen police.

Police are now trying to find out exactly where the alleged rape occurred

“At the moment we only know that the rape occurred in the area around Marineholmen, just south of Nygårdsparken. The rape didn’t occur in the park,” says Gjesdal.

“Do you know how many men participated in the rape?”

“The number five has been mentioned, but this is something that we have to look into further,” says Gjesdal.

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32 thoughts on “Gang Rape in Broad Daylight in Bergen

  1. When is the whole of Europe going to wake up to the utter madness of third world immigration? Every day I read more and more articles involving the barbaric acts of uneducated, primitive immigrants. Every day I become more and more racist. Every day I become more and more angry, angry at the ruling elite who facilitate the madness, but more angry at myself for not knowing what to do.

    • Well, that’s exactly what they want to put into your head. Have you been following #OpRollRedRoll? Bunch of white Christian kids from a football team somewhere in the US druged and gang-raped a girl. Didn’t hear about it? Of course not! Medias cover up that kind of things (and the Sheriff and that particular event) to manipulate you into thinking we’re better than those “uneducated immigrants”. Wake up people, we’re no better than anyone and those thing are often perpetrated by white people. It’s all about dehumaning “the ennemy”, because every empire needs a dehumanised ennemy in order to justify it’s dirty interventionists actions.

      • Where did you get the idea that White people think themselves better than any other race? They don’t, the issue is White people being treated fairly
        and being able to survive in peace and not walked all over all the time.

      • Congratulations!

        For your [redacted] equating of a SINGLE case of a gang-rape by whites that is muffled or under-reported by the media with the THOUSANDS of yearly gang-rapes upon women that happens all over Europe, America and Oceania.

        Tell me,[redacted], did those…”christian” rapists left their victim a bloody mess too, with sharp object imbedded in her body?[redacted]
        Please let us know, will ya?

        NOTE:I took the time to make this publishable. Just chance; I usually don’t have the energy. I can understand your sense of outrage, but expressions of disagreement must be couched in moderate terms on this website. Name-calling, race-baiting doesn’t see daylight here. Not on purpose. There are lots of other places you can indulge those feelings. – D

      • Look Anonymous, this case has been all over the media, and of the two found guilty, one was black. So there goes your white Christian theory. Besides, the “rape” was by one of the boys fingers, there was no intercourse. In addition there is no proof that the boys drugged her, by all accounts she passed out at a party.

        These guys are disgusting human beings and they deserved to have their lives destroyed, as they had happen to them. But this case is nothing, absolutely nothing like what one will find digging through the details of the now countless immigrant assaults on European women. Women have been crippled for life by these animals – No comparison!

      • One difference (aside from the numbers of incidents) is that when Muslims perpetrate gang-rape, they claim it was their right because the woman was “uncovered,” and because Muslim men view infidel women generally as theirs for the taking; and if the perps are young, their mothers are likely to say it was the victim’s fault for putting temptation in the way of their poor baby.

        The Islamic belief-system justifies rape. The Western belief-system does not.

      • None sense. Stats suggest that gangrape is almost exclusively carried out by enrichers.

        It’s a crime category that was virtually unheard of in the UK before the 1980s. Rape is also disproportionately carried out by vibrantists in the US too.

        See the Calimny surround Duke Lacrosse team. The prosector was hounding innocent college men so he could score one stat that goes against the grain. Wake up.

      • Sorry, but I live in the USA and the drunken, shameful shenanigans of athletes from High School on up to the Pros is a staple of our news coverage.

  2. These attacks will get more brazen as their numbers grow. All part of jihad and to ‘inform’ the kuffar who is in control and that only ‘reversion’ will save rhem. The ritual killing of the soldier in Woolwich and the rape- also ritual rite of passage- dating back to prehistoric practices are all organised in a deliberate programme of intimidation. All these attacks are planned- note the ten other people arrested by British Police- it was no random slaying. These are tarditional ‘razza’ or raids, whom even the Romans knew about and dealt with in their own way. All the riots, ritual sacrifcial slaying, ritual rapes are all organised to spread fear and intimidate….

    Stupid priests includng a stupid Pope keep saying that ‘Allah’ is the same ‘god’ as ‘Jaweh’. No he is not….He is a moon god, with a very long prehistoric tradition of ritual sacrifice and rape. The Pope even publically kissed the disgusting ‘holy’ Koran….a pagan religion, an act the Moslem clerics regard as a submission by the whole Catholic Church- Rome to them and the House of Allah. There are though priests like myself who will have none of it and know it for the Satanic filth it is. And prepared to say so even if it means a fataw from the British State or death.

    I love my Jesus Christ more than the earthly, so they can put their threats where the sun ‘don’t shine’. ..very deep too

    • God bless you! I am a protestant and I too love Jesus Christ and value my soul more than life on this earth. You speak truth.

      • Hopefully, Gates of Vienna will carry a piece about the visit to the Middle East on a factfinding mission of our new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, although Egypt was mentioned on the BBC, which is not part of the Middle East. He has gone to find out about Christians affected by the no doubt New World Order instigated Arab Spring.

        What a change from his limp-wristed and effete predecessor, Rowan Williams, who said that the inclusion of Sharia Law in British Law was inevitable. God bless you Justin for showing the courage which governments in West European and supposedly Christian countries are terrified of showing. Not a peep out of them about Christian murders, so afraid are they of the muslims in their midst.

        In church we pray weekly for our fellow Christians subject to persecution and some even pray for help for Christians in Europe when the time comes that Marxists and Muslims reveal their hand and join forces.

        As Russia and China increasingly unite forces, latterly to ensure safe passage for Edward Snowden Russia Today has suggested that the reason that Germany is spied on to such an extent by the NSA and their GCHQ affiliate is that the New World Order fears that Germany might ally with Russia. Alternatively, if Germany rises then who will control her. Nice of their Justice Minister to feel sorry for us British whom she described as already living in George Orwell’s 1984. The only mistake that Orwell made was that he did not anticipate that our enemies would use mass immigration and multiculturalism to dilute and fragment the indigenous British so that they would no longer be able to join forces as a cohesive and homogeneous entity and fight back.
        Perhaps even he could not anticipate that there would be British politicians who would be so evil as to treat their own people in this way.

        • Orwell could never have anticipated the level of technological sophistication of current and future surveillance methods. As these things, e.g., Bumble Bee drones, proliferate, so will the felt need by the state to use them.

          Science and technology have become separated from ethics and are bloated on their own arrogance. If it can be done, why not do it because for sure some other polity will beat us to it, etc., ad nauseam.

          The power of the state combined with the latest in weaponry is THE biggest problem we face as the welfare state collapses and there is no more funding for basics like staffing police and fire personnel. It’s going to go Hobbsean sooner rather than later.

          The last generation of do-gooders were so sure we’d all blow ourselves up with nuclear weapons. Now they’ve turned to climate control, just to have something safe and way too big to ever be solved.

          Whoever is left afterwards will have to design a humane system. Or not.

  3. Correction-

    Misspelt ‘publically’ should read ‘publicly’


  4. A female political commentator in the left-wing-biased newspaper Bergens Tidende (“Bergen Times”; although they claim to be neutral) was by accident the second person to the scene where the rape victim fainted. This commentator has previously written numerous articles about the joys of multiculturalism.

    Today, she said in an interview that she thinks the drug scene in the public park where it happened should be cleaned. (The park is the defacto home for a horde of drug-abusers in Bergen.)

    Yeah, that’s right, the left-wing political commentator was the second to the scene where a woman was brutally raped by five foreign man – but blames the drug scene – not the foreign rapists!

    Even if both the victim and the rapists were drugged on heroin, it’s not related with drugs – since the ethnic Norwegian drug-abusers manage to get high on heroin without gang-raping women.

    • What was a politician doing in a “defacto home for a horde of drug-abusers in Bergen”?

      • This park may be home to drug abusers, but that point is nothing but a distraction in this case. The Nygaards-park is a big and beautiful area and is used all year long by families with children as by normal people form Bergen out for a jog or to have a barbecue on a sunny day. The drug users keep to themselves mostly in a secluded area at one side of the park. (Not saying they are not a nuisance)

        This woman was raped outside the park, at the opposite side from where they keep themselves.

        Now the notable thing about this area, were the assault did happen, is the density of immigrant habitants, not the addicts. Surprise!

        Anybody seen the movie “the purge”? In times like these one would almost wish that there was something like that in our societies. Its not like we can call our selves civilized anymore anyway.

  5. The woman will now be given lessons on how to dress modestly in order not to appear attractive to Muslim oops Foreign men. Her hair will be dyed black and she will wear a black blanket over her.

    • Swords are indeed cheap these days.

      I am not a man of faith, but I’d join under the banner of a Crusade if the X-ians ever find their gonads again.

      “In Hoc Signo Vinces” does have such a nice ring to it. 🙂

  6. – Politicians…Are you horrified? Anyone..?

    Has any Norwegian politician as of yet talked about how horrified he/she is at such a barbaric act against a woman? Ministers…? Prime minister..? All is fine?

    “- She was afraid of men, and we managed to keep men away.” (Journalist Hilde Sandvik to Dagbladet)
    “- Hun var redd for menn, og vi klarte å holde menn unna.”


    This is too uncomfortably close. Parlamentary elections are coming up in September. Quick! Let’s rather talk about any gang rape in India now. Or quite simply, let’s talk about something totally different and forget about savage barbaric acts imported to the country during the last few decades

    • Oh. They’re also going on about rapes in India – same news here, England.

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  8. Somebody ought to stand at Bergen airport and by the cruise ships which dock there and hand out leaflets explaining that this is modern multicultural Norway and that, if female, they should not walk about the city alone. Hopefully, that will give the Norwegian tourist industry , which must be pretty health in view of the beauty of the country, a big boot up the backside which might just put the Norwegian government in a flat spin.

  9. The day after 9/11/2001 When the twin Towers went down and the politicians in USA – brave as they always are- declared that the attack was by Alqaeda and had nothing to do with Islam. The American people and in Europe became deeply “interested” in knowing about Islam and Muslims. They spend $ 2 billion dollars – in a very stupid way- on Islamic books, to educate themselves about Islam. That money went as a reward to Muslims for what they did. Muslims call 9/11 Ghazwa, in Arabic it means an incursion the initiative beachhead that facilitates the invasion of the country later. Alqaeda in Arabic means “base” or rank and file or ordinary Muslims that are imported by the Western “democracies” who on their own plan and execute a sabotage act for the glory of “the religion of peace”.
    Those books did not educate the Westerners, because they did not contain, we as Muslims is our duty to rape, kill, maim, poison the water of, behead, … etc. Infidels ( any non-Muslim) . Allah then will reward them as mentioned in the Qur’an.

    • Well, a lot of us did indeed educate ourselves about Islam in the months following 09/11/01. I’m one of them. The result of this was that we saw what an ugly religion Islam is. If Muslims seem to have more integrity [actually following what their religion teaches] than Christians, it’s only because Islamic ethics pander to every sinful lust of the male sex–including sexual immorality and violence, as long as directed at “them folks”.

    • Do gooder liberal women, and many conservative women with charitable characters are essentially restraining their own men from quickly and decisively squashing the existence of these rape gangs.

      The Cops could end it all in a weekend. The men of the nations affected could have the problem sorted out in a day.

      Problem is the women would never speak to them again.

  10. I heard of a similar incident from a few years ago. There was a park used as a short-cut to a school when a group of asylum seekers started to meet up there. A girl on her way to school was gang-raped by them but the worst bit was because it wasn’t reported there was no warning to people who used the park – so it happened again a week or so later.

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