Fjordman: Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

The May 2013 riots in certain immigrant-dominated suburbs of Stockholm raised eyebrows abroad. While I found them disturbing I cannot say that I was totally surprised by them. I’ve consistently warned agains t such a likely outcome under this pen name for what is now nearly a decade.

The political elites not just in Sweden but also in neighboring Denmark, Finland and Norway watched nervously as the events unfolded. Clearly, major riots by immigrants no longer take place just in slightly more distant Paris or London, but now also in the largest city in the Nordic region. The problems are getting closer.

In Norway, the former soldier Aslak Fløgstad Nore is a journalist and author of spy novels who has for some unknown reason been hailed as a brave intellectual, telling truths others don’t dare to tell. One of his idols is Sweden’s Jan Guillou, a far-Left activist and writer with pro-Islamic sympathies who, apart from being an author of spy thrillers, was paid multiple times by the KGB for providing them with sensitive information.

In addition to being an editor at Gyldendal, one of the largest publishing houses in Norway, Nore is a regular columnist at VG, the country’s largest national newspaper. On May 26 2013, Nore published a commentary in VG on the “enigmatic” Swedes after Stockholm had been rocked by a full week of riots on a scale unprecedented in modern Scandinavian history.

What were his views on the causes of these riots? Well, for one thing Nore assured us that they had little to do with Islam, despite the fact that even left-wing newspapers show video clips where shouts of “Allahu akbar”! may be heard from residents of these heavily Muslim-dominated suburbs when Swedish police officers are attacked.

Instead, Mr. Nore blamed the obligatory “racism” of the white natives, especially alleged police racism, for partly triggering the riots. Finally, he blamed the “Swedish class society” for these problems. Yes, really. Nore defines himself as a member of the political Left and is a Social Democrat, but his above-mentioned analysis is straightforward Marxism at its core. His father Kjartan Fløgstad is an established author influenced by Marxist ideology. Nore didn’t foresee similar riots coming to Norway, although he admitted that the percentage of immigrants is actually higher in Oslo than it is in Stockholm.

Just to enlighten the ignorant Mr. Nore: Oslo has previously experienced major riots involving Muslim immigrants plus their left-wing extremist allies. I know, because I was there. In the very heart of the country’s capital city on January 8, 2009, a peaceful demonstration in support of Israel gathered in front of the Parliament (Stortinget). This triggered sizeable and very violent counter-demonstrations, broken windows and stone-throwing plus the mandatory shouts of “Allahu akbar!” Eventually, the police had to use large amounts of tear gas at the very doorsteps of the nation’s Parliament to disperse the thugs. Some Muslims afterwards walked around central Oslo looking for people they thought might be Jewish, so they could beat them up.

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19 thoughts on “Fjordman: Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness

  1. Well, my family’s partly Chinese, so “anti-immigration” doesn’t always sit well with me. Add to this, much of my European background is Jewish (even if I am a Christian). However, it is clear that the Islamic immigration in Western countries has been largely a disaster.

    But we have other choices besides violent backlash. Here, in the USA, there have been quiet Evangelical inroads into America’s Muslim communities. The Iranian-American community is 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 non-religious, and 1/3 “other” (Christians, Jews, Bahais, Zoroastrians). In the Christian sector, ex-Muslims are close to outnumbering ethnic Assyrian and Armenian people, due to conversion after immigration. Also, small but growing communities of ex-Muslim Evangelicals in the Kabyle region of Algeria and in Turkey are the result of European evangelization of Muslim guest workers who went home and went to work for Jesus Christ. Indeed, many missions-minded Christians have been both surprised and pleased by an unprecedented openness on the part of Muslims to hear the Gospel. Could it be that there are people in the Islamic communities upset by the violence of their inherited religion, who would be open to something that is really a “religion of peace”?

    I would urge the Scandinavian brethren to re-appropriate the spirit of Bugenhagen, Tausen, Nyland, Agricola, Laestadius, and Hauge and get to work evangelizing your immigrants. That will be the real rescue of their lands.

    I realize that many in the Scandinavian and other European countries no longer honor Christ. It is a tragedy. I am enough of a “backwards Asiatic” to fear that maybe God is judging our Western world; but also to hope that maybe revival can come.

      • I understand that the new Norwegian translation uses “young woman” instead of “virgin”.

        However, it was a bunch of Jews who certainly knew the meanings of “alma” and “Betulah” who translated the Septuagint into Greek back in the third century BC, and in Isaiah, they used “parthenos” (virgin), which is the form Matthew quotes. And, BTW, some of Matthew’s Old Testament citations also suggest his own translations from Hebrew rather than complete dependence on the Septuagint.

        If I read the Norwegian Bible, I’ll stick to the older Bokmal version, I guess.

        • That is interesting.

          Christian Revivalism is definitely a great strategy for a positive future.

          Many Christian institutions have been corrupted and are seen as part of the problem by many concerned with the well being of European peoples. I dont disagree with their observation of corruption, but I do disagree with their analysis of continuing the wholesale abandonment of Christianity. That is the foundation of the old order, which still has infrastructure and insitutions and tradition and heritage woven into the cultural fabric (which of course is targeted for deconstruction). Much easier to (re)embrace Christianity than to build something from wholecloth to compete with Islam and Marxism for the future of Europe.

          • Don’t tell that to those who fervently believe the Norse gods are simply waiting for things to break down far enough.

            Christianity, except in its most severe Lutheran forms, never established a firm foundation. Chrisitianity got started later in very Northern Europe; its syncretism of the Mediterranean Greek/Roman/Hebrew myths from warmer climates never penetrated as far into the Nordic soul. Now, with the onslaught of another desert religion, people are looking back to the founding myths for comfort…

        • Also, Ive heard that Evangelical missions are making inroads into Europe.

          • Escape Velocity: If Evangelical missions are making inroads into Europe, I thank God that some of my prayers, and those of better men than I, are being answered.

            Dymphna: While I identify more with the Swiss-Rhenish-Puritan wing of the Reformation, the Gospel came to me partly via Scandinavian Lutheran influences.

  2. Just a quibble. There isnt a dimes worth of difference between Social Democrats and Communists, with regards to the ends, they only differ in the means…they are both Marxists. So the use of Marxist terminology by Social Democrats is hardly surprising.

    • Ill go further and state that many so called Social Democrats do support revolutionary violence, in the same way that your average Muslim is sympathetic to the Jihadists. We can see that sympathy in the movies made about Che for example, or the new one by Robert Redford, which sympathizes with Weather Underground terrorists. There are many, many examples. Such as the support for Unite Against Fascim in the UK, even by the Tory Prime Minister. Leftwing terrorists are widely employed in Academia.

  3. It is the same all over Sweden .
    Every small town is experiencing the same.
    Burning cars and buildings.
    In Landskrona the police have now employed a security firm to protect police-buildings frm beeing destroyed !
    The ALLWAYS SUFFERING “people” of the pedofileworshipers are just violent thank´s to many hundred of years inbreeding !
    Violence is in their genes and part of their “culture”.

    I have peronally stopped attempts to burn cars and garages with parked cars.
    I am living with a constant threat, since I can not shut up.
    Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockhlm, London, Paris, Aarhus, Helsingborg…

    The muhammedan “spring” is nothing else but a cruisade for world domination in Allahs name .
    And since Swedes are regarded as beeing incredably suicidal and damsculated, this political suicidemission have reached proportions that scares the h*ll out of people.
    And with an ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT Police-force nobody is safe.
    More than 2000 women and men are raped every year, and the police don´t even start investigating less than 16% . ALL comitted by…

    It is just to accept that if You wan´t to live among violence, rapes, burning cars etc, just vote for the idi*ts in power now !

  4. Fjordman: Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness.

    What of rightist willful blindness, William Hague arming the Syrian Free Army?

    The Swedish people can only be thankful that Hague’s jihadist inspired delusions of democratic grandeur do not extended to material aid for those outgunned muslims of the Swedish Free Army fighting on the streets of Stockholm.

    • Hague may claim to be ‘of the right’ but his agenda is of the left, it is very important to listen not to what they say, but to look at what they do. The senior ranks of the Conservative party are part of the problem of collectivism that is bringing Britain and Europe to its knees,either by inaction, or by re-enforcing leftist and undemocratic EU doctrines.

      The Clegg influence has nailed down the coffin of any ‘right’ doctrine left in British Conservatism, I suspect that one of the pre-conditions of the alliance with Clegg was that the Conservatives become EU compliant, so the Conservative party is now living the leftist lie.

  5. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway now have beachheads of Muslim colonists, thanks to feckless leftist elites. But what of Iceland? I’m sure Iceland has its share of leftist misleaders too, but I haven’t heard of any Muslim crimes there yet. Does anyone know the situation in Iceland these days?

    I wonder if Icelandic (or other places in Scandinavia, or not-yet-Islamic places) schools teach history, especially about the 1627AD Tyrkjaranio -Muslim pirate raids in east (Austurland) and south (Vestmannaeyjar) Iceland, when hundreds of healthy young Icelanders were carried off into slavery in North Africa?

    Thoses that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  6. Fjordman: “Not only are the natives expected to continue funding their own colonization and ethnic dispossession; they are expected to actively celebrate their national destruction as a great and wonderful thing. This is true all over Western Europe.” End of quote.

    A perfect description of the RACIST and RELIGIOUS HATE Western European and British ruling elites have for their indigenous, white, non-Muslim peoples. Ruling elites are determined to DESTROY their own people and their own countries who are being offered up as sacrifices to Islam. The future of a people who have been conquered by Muslims is terrifying.

  7. Non-Muslims live in DAILY FEAR from Muslims in many countries. Once Muslims attain a majority, life becomes a non-stop living HELL. It’s all over once Muslims attain a majority. We CANNOT let this nightmare happen to Britain and Europe! Britain has Muslims from many different countries. The majority of Muslims are from Pakistan. Pakistani Christians told, ‘Protest again and you will die’ By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries March 16, 2013

    Many in the Lahore area are living in shocking conditions following the violence there which saw about 200 Christian homes torched and two churches burned to the ground

    LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) — Outraged Pakistani Christians have taken to the streets of Lahore (and other cities in the country,) to protest against the terrible violence they have suffered following a blasphemy accusation against a young Christian.

    The demonstrators denounced the burning of about 200 Christian homes and two churches by a frenzied Muslim mob of about 3,000, amidst claims spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the Muslim prophet Mohammed…

    The violence that tore through Lahore’s Badami Bagh community on Saturday, March 9, 2013, followed the arrest of Sawan Masih, a Christian in his 20s accused of blasphemy.

    “But Masih’s arrest wasn’t enough to appease an angry mob of Muslims irate over the alleged crime,” added CNN. “(The) mob wanted police to hand them over the alleged blasphemer, said Hafiz Majid, a senior police official in Badami Bagh.

    “The mob also looted some shops run by Christians, he said. Majid said Christians have fled the area for fear of being killed.

    “If convicted, Masih faces the death penalty. He denies the allegations made by the two men who filed the blasphemy complaint against him with police on Friday (March 8, 2013), Majid said.”

    Since that time, hundreds Pakistani Christians become homeless in
    Badami Bagh, said ANS correspondent, Shamim Masih, who also reports for the British Pakistani Christian Association.

    He said, “Two hundred homes were turned to ashes and poor Christians are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs. Their children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and fear. Many Residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow and depression is seeping through the entire community.”

    One Christian that Shamim Masih spoke to, Sajid Masih, broke into tears as he said, “I feel helpless and unable to do anything for myself and my family.”

    Shamim Masih went on to say, “Christians around the country who have been incensed by the recurring theme of a blasphemy allegation followed by the attack and burning down of our vulnerable communities, held protests across the country in a concerted effort to vent their disgust at this most recent incident and to show solidarity with the victims.

    “In Youhanabad and Kot Lakhpat, Lahore police used this opportunity to beat the innocent Christian protestors, shot tear gas at them and beat them with sticks, yet when the Muslim attack took place they stood back and watched till the town had been razed to the ground,” he said…

    Mr. Masih said that Muslims of Jhelum City, located on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the north of Punjab province, “then threatened to burn Christians homes like those in the Badami Bagh community, in response to the protests.”

    Christians are very often falsely accused of blasphemy.

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  10. The internet blog ‘Algemeiner’ of today, had yesterday published an article on the Jewry of Sweden. See link:
    The article is not wholly correct. It does not cover the problems regular Swedes are encountering on daily basis, with hostile immigrants and the indifference of neglecting elite of political-correct multiculturalists .
    Here is what I have posted:
    As a person who has deep interest in the Scandinavian countries, I am not so very happy with the one-sided and incomplete manner you present the issue. You depict the situation in today’s Sweden as it was Nazi Germany during the ’30. In Nazi Germany were the atrocities against Jews the work of Germans. In today’s Sweden, the hostility against Jews is nearly 100% the work of Muslim immigrants; especially Arabs. Due to the non-stop aid they enjoy from their political-correct, multicultural left-wing elite Quislings they had already managed to change whole area’ into Sharia-enclaves and No-Go Zones. The city Malmö is already a Muslim city with a tiny minority of European Swedes. Vast parts of the city look like a combination between Gaza, Islamabad and Dar-el-Salam. Especially the area of Rosengård. But it is not only Malmö that is so infected. Most big cities of Sweden are sharing the same problem. More and more Swedes are escaping the big cities up North; to places where the Swedes are still in the majority. The situation reminds the time when Europe was terrorized by the plague and people had to leave the environments they had lived in. News on the atrocities of Muslims against local Swedes come frequently on anti Islam blogs and underground newsgroups on internet. In the present situation the dawn is not falling only on Sweden Jewry, but on the Swedes themselves. They will get their freedom and independence back, when they will first deal with the fifty colon of multiculturalists that sold their country out.

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