Cruel Britannia

In the wake of the Home Office decision to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the UK, great anger has erupted on both sides of the Atlantic at a government that could be so weak, fawning, and Shariah-compliant towards its Muslim minority.

An American reader has sent an idea about what can be done by anti-Shariah Americans who are disgusted by Dhimmi Britain. Not a boycott per se, but a simple decision to spend their vacation dollars in places that haven’t decided to surrender to Shariah, with a special emphasis on those that have decided not to allow Shariah inside their borders:

It is, as you know, the summer tourist season.

Free speech advocates can refuse to go to countries that ban free speech. After all, they’re simply no longer safe for those who don’t agree to comply with Shariah blasphemy laws.

We hear that Egypt’s economy, dependent on tourism, is being hurt by tourists fearing to go there. Now the UK needs to understand that enforcing Shariah will result in some very bad press and affect tourism. The money at stake is considerable.

Encourage Americans instead to visit instead Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, and South Dakota where foreign laws that violate constitutional protections and due process cannot be enforced. “Put your money where your mouth is” isn’t just an old saying about committing to your principles — now it really is literally about putting your tourism dollars where they can do the most good, by rewarding those states in the US that have taken a stand for free speech and against foreign legal codes that violate constitutional protections. A number of states have passed Free Speech Acts protecting writers and publishers from foreign libel actions including

  • New York
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Utah
  • Tennessee
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • South Dakota
  • Oklahoma

Great places to visit.

Consider: Infographics discouraging tourism (done as Tourism Posters) — not so much on the Muslim terror as on the government’s caving in to it — so the TOLERANCE for the grooming, the ARRESTS OF TWITTER/BLOGGERS after the beheading, the bans on free speech, the imprisonment or lawsuits etc. against those critical of Islam, the bans on Christian displays — i.e. Visit The Merry Olde Shariah State of England, just don’t wear a cross (with smaller print about the cases where people have been fired etc. to show the factual case study).

AND/OR encourage people to send letters, civil and non-threatening other than saying they won’t visit England until Robert and Pamela are allowed to visit England.

This is the tourist season. Here is the tourist office for the Americas. Below is the manager’s info:

Regional Manager North America — NYC phone number I see

Name: Karen Clarkson
Responsibility: Karen heads up all of our operations and marketing in North America.
Telephone: + 212 850 0349

Here is the tourist office directory for the world.

And here for Europe.

Manager Central & Southern Europe

Name: Holger Lenz
Responsibility: Holger is responsible for Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.
Telephone: +49 (0)30 3157 1911

European Marketing & Nordic Manager

Name: Gary Robson
Responsibility: Gary oversees the Nordics and Russia.
Telephone: (+46 8) 6713016

You can find some great places to visit this summer outside the UK.

Have Fun in the Free States!

22 thoughts on “Cruel Britannia

  1. This is an excellent idea and will reap benefits for the states that have resisted Sharia. It’s a positive step that all of us who are shocked at the pathetic action of the British government today can take. Many of us are wanting badly to do something—anything—to register our disgust, and are also searching for ways to help Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. I hope many ideas such as the travel one will come forth soon. We could also contact the various English travel sites (such as and notify them politely why we won’t be travelling there. Word will get around.

  2. I’m an avid traveller, and I haven’t been to the UK since 1996. I refuse to go there and give Westminster my money so they can funnel it to Syria, Abu Qatada, and Anjem Chaudhury. I more or less restrict my European travel to Eastern Europe and the former USSR these days–at least it still resembles Europe somewhat!

  3. You forgot a great summer destination: ISRAEL. I can assure you that Shar’ia Law is not in place. The natives are friendly. And they do fight against Islamic terrorism.

    Go to ISRAEL and spend your money wisely.

  4. Good idea. I just balk at the inclusion of California, New York and Illinois as desirable destinations for politically mindful vacationers.

    Maybe on the singular issue of free speech US states like California, New York or Illinois get a thumbs up. But on a hundred other counts those states are ushering in leftist, totalitarian ideology as quickly as they can.

    For freedom loving people who don’t want their tourist dollars supporting their future oppressors I’d suggest a shorter list which leaves out the Commie states.

    • I agree. Leftist states like California and New York, in heart, would support Britain’s ban of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. The only thing that prevents them from doing so, is our first amendment. But if they could, they would.

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  7. Good idea. I’m a British passport holder, have just been to Britain this past weekend, and have tickets to fly there again in September, but apart from that, I don’t think I’ll be visiting the UK again anytime soon… a country which bans Spencer and Geller, allows Islamic preachers who advocate wife-beating and violence towards Jews, and has talks about transferring weapons to Syrian rebels who include Al Q’aeda is dangerously close to being an enemy state…

  8. Shariah, now that’s a far too deferential spelling, sharia { all lower caps } would suffice

    • I totally agree. Always lower case when it’s related to islam and mustards. (muslim retards)

    • Unfortunately, we British have been, since the First World War at least , lions led by donkeys. Please follow the suggestion of one of the above bloggers and boycott also Norway, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Spain and Italy. I thought it was only a matter of time before tourists looking for Merry England found that it had been obliterated through mass immigration and decided they were wasting their money. Can I please suggest that all those proposing to boycott Britain write to David Cameron explaining why with a copy to Her Majesty the Queen.

      The Daily Express tells us today that Cameron and Obama have iq’s of 131. I think mine is higher and Enoch Powell’s was probably much higher still, as was Winston Churchill’s. Powell spoke about 30 languages.
      That may be Cameron’s and Obama’s iq level but there are geniuses and evil geniuses. The foreign minister of Ecuador with regard to the Edward Snowden affair spoke of America being ruled by totalitarian elites. They may think they are geniuses also but they are geniuses of the most evil kind. We benign geniuses need to somehow dislodge them. We must have the brainpower to do it. We just need the courage.

      • I am English. What a sorry place England has become. Unrecognisable as England in many parts – but doesn’t the same apply to every other Western European nation? London? I’ve been half a dozen times in 30 years – each visit work related.

  9. There is already talk of planning events for 2020, the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. Recommend Americans mention that one.

    • Can’t see that being allowed in Britain. Any celebration of European expansionism must be now taboo here.

      • Harwich in Essex is spending £2.5 million on a replica of the Mayflower plus an associated centre as the original vessel was built there. Here in Plymouth the ‘400th anniversary’ already features in the local paper. Speaking personally if American history lessons are as ‘vague’ as the ones we now get here I am wondering if many young folk over there would know, care or be interested.

  10. This is a great idea. I am from England but I would willingly make posters showing all the tourist spots that muslims have made their own: Woolwich, Kings Cross, Edgware Road, Oval, Whitechapel, and the blessings they have brought to these places…(…)
    For instance, in the style of the old seaside posters: Come to Sunny Whitechapel!! Hate distorted faces, beards and burkas…

  11. William Hague, our Syrian Al Qaeda supporting foreign secretary, described the English as a potentially very violent and aggressive people. So how come we are just lying down like lambs to the slaughter? Anglo-Saxon and North European culture seems to have focussed on the tribe and its leader, the king, to whom all are loyal.
    If you remove the leader, which is what they have done by splitting us up through mass immigration and condemning anybody around whom we might rally around as racist then we are easily rendered impotent.

    Add in the guilt factor. You English had an oppressive Empire which looted and enslaved the third world. As Sonia Gable said, you and your fellow Europeans deserve this. Guilt paralyses people and they know this. We are a paralysed and frightened people who have now lost control of our own country.

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