13 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly’s Guest: Another Irishman

  1. That was funny when Bill O’Reilly told Tommy Robinson “you’ve been called anti-muslim and a racist…” TR should know Bill O’Reilly has also been called those names as well because that is what The Left calls all opponents. It doesn’t matter what the facts are or what views you have. If you demand one standard for all people, regardless of color or religion, and you are opposed to the Leftist Murder-Suicide Pact they call ‘progress’, you too will be called every name in the book.

    Bill O’Reilly was also foolish when he claimed the FBI ‘slaps down’ Muslims when they get to fanatical. CAIR, and others, have neutered the FBI and had training material removed from various US Government agency training programs because it portrays Islam accurately. The US bends to Islam domestically very often. Just this week the US sent a US Attorney to my area to lecture local citizens on how not to offend Muslims while posting messages on the internet. People are afraid of Muslims because Muslims routinely demonstrate they will murder to advance their goals.

  2. There has been a subtle but potentially catastrophic shift in the recriminations surrounding the woolwich atrocity, the release of a guilt laden sociopolitical mneme – that it is not muslims that should integrate but whites that should assimilate with islam.

    David Cameron mutterings are representative of that mneme occupying a confused multikulti Terra nemo, surrender enticing submission.

  3. Good points Tommy. Well presented too. Pleased you put the ‘racism’ accusation in its place – that is, it is designed to stifle debate. I think this point should be made as frequently as possible, along with the other one that pulls the rug from under their feet – if Muslim immigration is as beneficial as *they* say, why aren’t *they* moving to live in Muslim enclaves?

    One slight criticism – there’s nothing wrong with regional accents, but I do hate it when people mispronounce “think” as “fink”. It shows them in a poor light. Think, don’t say fink!

  4. Incredible how O’Reilly has already deemed the EDL as militant..I don’t think Tommy heard that part to refute it..It’s the antifa/leftie/muslim bloc who are the extremists..What about the muslim gang-rapes Billy Boy?!!

  5. First was the left
    The most important lesson the left taught our invaders was this: “you can do evil (killing, raping, stealing, you name it) and get away with it, if it is a reaction to suffering done onto you or the group you claim to defend.”
    Second was the Imam
    ” if you decide to go all the way, wrap yourself in explosives and blow sky high, a hundred blondes will be granted to you, provided that your more earthly coreligionists have not raped them all beforehand.”
    By the way, all warring societies have a scarcity of women, they prefer sons to daughters (better fighters), so they have to fight to snatch women from their neighbors, these in turn become more macho societies, if only to survive… It is always a bad deal for women.
    They know how to put to work the mentally challenged too; think of Lee Rigby´s killer. It is a win-win strategy for warmongering groups, almost Spartan. They get rid of the weak and advance their cause altogether.

  6. O’Reilly needn’t act all surprised about the reaction of S-P people to anyone trying to discuss Islam – remember how he was treated by Whoopi and her pals when he pointed out the religion of the 9/11 hijackers?

    And he asks Tommy how and why he’s criticised for doing the same sort of thing? Really Bill – wake up and smell the coffee, you old culture warrior you.

    Hark back to your youth!

    • A few years ago O’Reilly decided he was being overshadowed by Rush Limbaugh. Rush is usually defined as too-Right. To re-brand himself O’Reilly became ‘reasonable’, that is never as far right as Limbaugh. With regards to Muslims, that means he will not allow the idea there might be something wrong with Islam itself. The problem must be a twisting of genuine Islam.

      Since then O’Reilly has tried to recover the importance of his show by filling it up with guests and less of his bloviating. He’s a fading star.

  7. I seem to have sent that comment too soon. The EDL has a Sikh and a Hindu division. Why? If they were integrated as well then why separate divisions? I am told that in Luton there are shades of the Indian sub-continent with Asians arguing amongst themselves. This will only get worse as the numbers of non-ethnic English grow. I would suggest that you all watch David Dimbleby’s programme the other evening about the coronation 60 years ago and see what the multiculturalists and the one worlders have done to England. In 1953 we had a happy, gentle, civilised country which was homogeneous and cohesive. The third most stable population in the world where there had been hardly any immigration since 1066. The crowds along the coronation route were controlled by smiling country bobbies with not a weapon in sight. We kept the uncivilised third world at bay. Now it is falling in on top of us. Look at the multicultural third world hell we have now as we are driven out of our towns and cities and even the country itself. We are not alone, the same could be said for many countries on the Continent and Scandinavia. And as Paul Weston has said, we were never asked if we wanted this and have never been given the chance to say no. All the main parties have opened the flood gates to the third world in line with the EU’s and by extension the UN’s and the New World Order’s plans. Watch that programme and see what they have done. And as Paul has said, we must stop being afraid of that word racist which in non-European countries would only be the equivalent of self-preservation and survival. By the end of the century that country of 1953 will be as non-existent as the Carribean prior to the arrival of black slaves. We will have been replaced by totally alien peoples.

  8. The largest shareholder of News Corp the parent company of Fox News is a Saudi. In America everything is for sale to anyone everywhere and all the time – if the the price is right. So Bill needs to be careful or he could be replaced.

    • Excellent Point. London is owned by rich Saudi companies and bankers. The shadow government of the EU permeates the globe. Any third party trying to gain political strength (i.e. Tea Party, Libertarian Party) gets shut down in America as malcontent, loon, far right fringe. Even the leftist green party has never put someone in office even with Ralph Nader on the ticket.

      The real truth is that money and power rule the world. The rest of us are the taxpaying minions and slave workers that create their economies of wealth. The only thing we can do at the local levels is to fight for our culture, language, customs, and borders to preserve national sovereignty, free speech, self-protection, and individual freedoms. Otherwise, it could all turn into a Hunger Games scenario in a new world order.

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