6 thoughts on “A Shariah State in Belgium?

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  2. He is not a well spoken rep. I don’t know if it is his trouble with English, but this party needs a much more capable mouth.

    • Considering that English is not his first language I was very impressed. I did not find one grammatical error. Sorry if he did not come across as slick and smooth as slippery David Cameron but I thought he spoke as well as Geert Wilders. Interestingly, many Afrikaaners have their roots in Flanders rather than in Holland. I was in Flanders when an Afrikaaner film crew arrived from the SABC and the Flemings and Afrikaaners could converse quite easily. Did I read that the Dutch government refuses to give asylum to Afrikaaner famers fleeing the butchery in South Africa? I would not be surprised if any independent Flanders would do that, although, of course, Belgium also has many immigrants from the former Belgian Congo. First the Afrikaaners and then others of European stock will end up with nowhere to run to, bar, perhaps Russia interestingly.

      • I was impressed too. As for Cameron?

        He wants Turkey in the EU and he also want’s Britain to stay in the EU.

        Turkey’s population is eighty million and they’d all have a right to come here.

        Just imagine?

  3. The video is actually dated Oct 30, 2012. Has it escaped our watchful eyes back then?

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