Ways and Means

The latest essay by our Israeli correspondent MC compares and contrasts the two modern totalitarian ideologies, Marxism and Islam, introducing the concept of “distributed tyranny” to describe the Islamic approach to totalitarian control.

Ways and Means
by MC

When the end justifies the means, then the way to proceed is not governed by external considerations such as honesty and integrity. This being so, both Islam and its sponsors on the Left can lie, cheat and murder their way to power.

Islam, the self-styled ‘religion of peace’, is actually a religion of submission, something completely different, but it suits the style of both socialists and Islamists to allow the semantics to deceive as many as are gullible.

Here in Sderot, these two religions of HATE come across loud and clear, missiles and mortars bridge the gap between Gaza and Sderot. With the IDF trying to play catch-up and not target civilians at the same time, this is especially difficult when the difference between civilians and fighters is intentionally blurred, and whilst the socialists lay their deadly poisonous lies across the journalistic landscape.

Hamas targets our children, when the missiles come over, it is nearly always at school time. But then Hamas has a stated aim of killing all Jews, no matter where or why. Whilst this is a legacy of the close relationship between the Palestinians and the Nazis so typified by Haj Amin al-Husseini, it is also supported in the Quran (alongside the killing of ALL Christians). However, whereas the Christians have adopted dhimmitude, the Israelis have chosen to fight back.

A rather refreshing view of the real history comes from the Trotskyist 4th International: “How the Jews Were Tricked: 4international in an Historical Series is Answering the Antisemites of Today”

Sometimes the Left can be startlingly honest.

I sometimes get the impression that the war in and around Israel tends to be encapsulated and divorced from the same struggles going on in Europe, USA and Australasia (along with Burma, China, Nigeria, Kenya and Russia to name but a few). But the big difference is that in Israel the shooting war started early on.

Israel is the proving ground for Jihad, the suicide bombings started here and spread over the rest of the world, the targeted murders too moved out from Israel.

But it was in Israel too that the ‘dhimmism’ started, land for submission peace deals becoming a play on words. ‘Salaam’ in Arabic is very different to ‘Shalom’ in Hebrew, they are as different as Allah is from Yahovah, whose laws are set in stone. Allah is the ventriloquist’s dummy of Mohammed, producing ‘convenient’ laws at just the right moment, but only through his designated mouthpiece (Mohammed). At the basis of Islam is this circular reasoning.

Allah is a god who cannot protect himself, and requires barbaric acts of men to defend him. He is a god who proclaims a death sentence on all who fall from the faith, and has human henchmen who act as judge, jury and executioner.

As for women:

“Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Qur’an” (Tabari: IX.113)

Since women are domestic animals, logically the old stock can be replaced by new one, as Tabari and Ibn Ishaq recorded.

— From “Unmasking Mohammed” by Sujit Das

The Islamic concept is of women is as ‘Halal meat’, and there are some hadith which make vile reading concerning Mohammed’s attitude to women, attitudes that Muslim males are encouraged to emulate.

This gives the socialist sponsors of Islam some severe headaches — feminism or Islamism? So far, the choice has come down on the side of Islamism; Islam is capable of providing the chaos of proxy war, the ‘sturm and drang’ that feminism cannot abide but that is so necessary for ‘change’. Feminism emasculates males, but Islam promotes absolute male superiority. Feminism has rendered our society unable to defend itself, so the masculinity of Islam is met by feminist acquiescence and appeasement. This in turn causes disintegration of society, the chaos of a seventh century bandit and desertification culture mixing with twentieth century ‘polite’ society has the effect of pouring water into concentrated sulphuric acid and resulting in a spitting, seething corrosive mess, exceedingly dangerous to all exposed flesh.

This socialist action is provocative and much as socialism is wont to do, but socialism has already proven itself unable to ‘ride the tiger’. There is no reason on earth why a dead tyrant should be any more controllable than the more usual socialist ‘live’ tyrants. Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot and the other cultic tyrants rose to absolute power, but then consolidated that power by killing those who brought them to power in the first place. Islam however brings us a new concept, that of distributed tyranny.

No longer is power held centrally; there is no focal point to this particular tyranny. It is the tyranny of soldier ants, each ant with a malignant search-and-destroy instinct deriving from the earliest nurture. A life built around Quran, sunna and hadith is a life that has become devoid of the milk of human kindness, much like a life built around the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

But whilst individuals fail, not so the Ummah.

Islam is a lifestyle built upon power, sex and wealth, each of which can be a profound motivator in the life of a male. The cost of achieving power, sex and wealth is to lift the sword in jihad — no sword, then no power, no sex and no wealth.

The aim of Islam is to subdue our countries, kill the men and take their possessions, make sex slaves of their women and children and impose a bent law regime (shariah) to uphold Muslim male superiority and preserve the status quo.

Socialism, once more grossly overestimating its own virility, wants to use Islam to evolve the ‘new man’, the modern serf, a system where they, the socialists, are the new aristocracy, and along the line sometime, they will have to deal with Islam.

MCin Sderot:

… The foundation of leftist thinking goes something like this:

“I am more clever than most people. Therefore I am probably more clever than you are. Because I am probably more clever than you are (my IQ is 110), then I am more likely to be right. Therefore you must be wrong so I can ignore your opinion. (You must therefore do as I dictate because I obviously know best what must be done.) If you do not do as I say, then you must be harassed and cajoled, bullied and bashed until you do, and I will enjoy the bullying and the bashing anyway.”

The idea of ‘useful idiots’ is attributed to Lenin, but viewed from my side of the fence, these useful idiots are playing an extremely dangerous game, when one is too ignorant to understand the difference between a domestic cat and a leopard, then the consequences of playing ‘kitten’ are unpredictable.

Leopards are killing machines, and they kill primates, just like us. They have been doing it for thousands of years and they are well adapted to it. They will lie in wait, maybe up a tree, take the victim by surprise, bite its head to smash the skull, whilst clawing its body with the hind legs.

The ways and means of leopards make no compromises, they don’t change their spots — until, that is, the hunters come.

45 thoughts on “Ways and Means

  1. MC…

    Glad to see that you’re gaining stride.

    Islamism = Islam + Communism … If anyone takes the time to READ the orginal agitprop spewed by the opfor… it’s impossible to miss its Marxist-Communist-Progressive cant.

    In fact, today’s Islamists are at LEAST as much Communists as Muslims.

    Both demand submission; both are totalitarian; both see the entire world under thumb.

    As for Wahhabism…

    Wahhabism = Nazism + Islam — with permutations.

    Under Wahhabism, Arabs are genetically closer to Allah/ super-men. It’s larded with racial supremist doctrine — in fact — racial superiority goes to the HEART of Wahhabism.

    Both are wildly anti-Jewish ( hard to lable it anti-Semitism — since they are Arabic)

    KSA Wahhabists hate, hate, hate, Islamists with a passion… and vice versa.

    BOTH hate, hate, hate, the West.

    Curiously, most Westerners conflate these two wings of hatred.

    You’ll see this in most MSM blurbs. A unity of anti-Western Islam is assumed — when, in fact, they spend more energy attacking each other, right through to the present.

    Failure to understand these opposed wings leaves Westerners utterly baffled when reading jihad news.


    The other, super common, folly is to assume that Islam is a seventh or eight century rules set. Such a belief is at the heart of confusion.

    The reality is that Islam codifies NEOLITHIC cultural norms. They date from 12,000 ybp — NOT 1,200 ybp.

    Islam is not even culturally ready for agriculture — let alone industry. That’s why it demands that the proles prostrate five times a day. ONLY trappers and caravans can hold to that absurd schedule. (BTW, that’s the cadence of a caravan. Centuries ago, THEY stopped five times a day — camel logic, if you will.)

    That something that obvious goes unremarked… is remarkable.

    • BTW, the camels stopped because the young ones traveled with their mothers — and needed to nurse five times a day.

      They couldn’t be left behind — and consequently determined the speed of the caravan.

  2. I sympathise with the writer because the jews of Israel are beseiged by a combination of Islam and the EU and US.

    meanwhile Christians as in the Copts in Egypt, and the people in Northern Nigeria are also being terrorised by Islam.

    Many por people in Boston are injured for life int he way that so many Jews in Israel post-Oslo were.

    And what position is the left taking up, well many positions and much deceit as well, but in general the left is hostile to the Jewish state, and is pro Palestinian Arab.

    the question is whether this is really inspired by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky or if there is a corruption taking place there, as indeed a Trotskyist would argue that Stalin was a corruption of Marxism.

    I am a Trotskyist if anything and I wrote the piece referred to above, so the writer has to explain how I come to write that, the essence of which is against relativism in history, linking to a clear understanding of the great importance of the 1920 to 1924 period, which encompasses the original League of Nations basis fr Israel, which was betrayed by the British but really by just about everybody, including by many Jews themselves, who under pressure took the road of a compromise, although here I accept it was great pressure.

    Finally does the writer know actual what was the position of Marx to Islam, what was the position of Trotsky to Islam? He needs to to write such an article.

    • I like that Idea, I am quite well read on Trotsky, not so well on Marx (he is not as interesting as “the Jew Bronshstein”). I cannot help but think things would have been different if either Lenin had lived (was he poisoned?) ot if he had been succeeded by Trotsky (Stalin had some sort of hold over the party, he bore a charmed life in the period 1905 -1917, one wonders if he was a ‘money’ man, certainly, giving him the role of General Secretary turned out to be fatal to the revolution). But I have never come across any information on Marx’ or Trotskies’ views on Islam.

      I was very impressed by your series on Israel, it took me many years to sort out the propaganda from the history, but you have put ‘real’ history on your website.

      • I can see that the (relatively recent) admissions WRT Lenins final days have not reached you.

        The Russian Government released the medical files on Lenin. They had been held an absolute state secret until that time.

        For they detail that Lenin died from fourth (final) stage syphilis. He NEVER had a ‘stroke.’ That was put out as pure spin.

        What had happened is that Lenin started raving — insanely so. This is to be expected towards the end with syphilitics. The other insiders immediately bundled him off — removing him from public view — and put out the ‘stroke’ story.

        Lenin’s final attending physician was Russia’s foremost expert in syphilis — brought in after his ‘stroke.’ Tongues began to wag, immediately. Bullet therapy quieted down irreverent chatter. Widespread understanding that Communist Party policies had been dictated by a madman would’ve impeached the street cred of the Party.

        Late stage syphilis also triggers raving paranoia. Such rantings can’t have been a positive influence on Stalin. They may have been the real trigger for Stalin’s early purges – for in his ranting – Lenin would’ve told Stalin that he couldn’t trust ANYONE around him. Such a view is symptomatic of terminal syphilis.

        While you are free to doubt this post….

        This medical history is now the orthodox medical view of officialdom in Moscow. They’re the source, the leakers.

      • You should be made aware that Stalin’s charmed life was exclusively due to his status as an Okhrana double agent — an “agent provacatour” in particular.

        This status permitted him to avoid every round up — HE was the one doing the rounding up.

        Naturally, being on the payroll, the Okhrana never gave Stalin any worry.

        When the Tsar fell, Stalin simply abandoned his secret duties to the Okhrana and further built up his status as the go-to guy Communists can count on. Sweet. (!)

        These games did wonders to build up Stalin’s own paranoia; even if he’d never had a rant from Lenin.

        Lenin famously told other Commuists of his suspicions WRT Stalin. The problem was that Lenin was making similar remarks about every last man standing at the same time. He’d already lost his mind — and everyone knew it.

          • Get a grip on those straws.

            When Moscow University and the Russian Government blow the whistle on their own ‘hero’ — it’s going to take more than an Internet link tracing back to the OLD spin to turn heads.

            BTW, neo-Nazis are adamant that Adolf’s personal physicians just can’t have it right.

          • It’s worth noting that none of the speculators had/ has access to the actual records of his physician.

            The Russian Government does.

            The pronouncement was an official government release.

            From here on it’s silly to challenge.


  4. “However, whereas the Christians have adopted dhimmitude, the Israelis have chosen to fight back.”

    This statement annoys me more than I can express, but I will try.

    It is people of Jewish heritage, upbringing, and/or race who first enforced dhimmitude upon Christians in the West – except that dhimmitude was the subordination of Christian practices to secularization or cultural Marxism.

    Christians in the West used to pray Christian prayers in schools, used to honor the sabbath with blue laws where stores were closed on Sundays, used to post the ten commandments, used to teach Christian values, used to celebrate Christmas in the town square, etc.

    People of Jewish heritage, upbringing, and/or race have greatly increased the worldwide problem of Islam in three ways:

    1. Inventing Marxism and violently imposing Marxism on formerly Christian Russia.
    2. Secularizing the formerly Christian West by imposing and implementing Marxism.
    3. Importing non-European non-Christian peoples into the West – especially Muslims – to act as a check against Christians attempting to re-assert a Christian culture over a secularized culture. Even Hispanics being imported are cultural Marxists rather than Christians.

    Note that, where Marxism takes root, re-vitalized Islam follows in its wake – even in China. Marxism softens a culture to accept the evil of Islam – and Islamic immigration which increases Islam.

    Jewish writers often give the impression that Jewish people confuse majority cultural Christians or secularists with practicing Christians who are very much a minority. As always, practicing Christians ‘fight back’ against evil.

    Historically, Christians have fought back against Islam where other cultures have been annihilated or served as dhimmis. That is why the Muslims were repelled at the Gates of Vienna. Historically, Jews have served as dhimmis where Christians have literally ‘fought back’ in the Holy Land Crusades and Spain.

    As a Christian, I feel for you greatly and I wish that things were different for you and your countrymen and your country. Unfortunately, I am sure that it is the formerly Christian – and thus greatly weakened and disadvantaged – West that will be called upon to fight and save the world from the scourge of Marxism and Islam knowingly inflicted by those who should have known better.

    • I believe both Stalin and Hitler came from Roman Catholic stock, whilst Marx had cast away Judaism in contempt and adopted atheism.

      The reinterpretation of the word Dhimmitude to describe a citizen with a vote, who by the misuse of his/her vote finds his/herself under Marxist tyranny is a bit of a stretch.

      Obama, as I recall, has no Jewish heritage at all.


      This rather sums up the view of established Christianity.

      Bible believing Christians are somewhat more scarce in Europe, and not that common in the USA, but usually end up seeking to impose their particular brand of Christianity on us. The idea of John 3 v 16 as the epitome of a relationship with Yahovah I find somewhat naive, the Greek word ‘pisteo’ although often translated ‘to believe’ really means ‘to trust and rely on’ and can be related straight back to the Mosaic covenant, “If you keep my commandments …. I will sent the rain in due season”.

      Whilst we are very grateful for the help we get from ‘Bible Belt’ USA, they are a political non-entity. But by holding Jews responsible for Marxism, you are opening Christianity to some flak as well, what religion was the Tsar when the Pogroms were happening, What religion were those of the Court of Inquisitors.

      You are holding ALL Jews responsible for Marxism, but you do not hold all Christians responsible for church atrocities, is this a double standard? If it is, then we Jews are very, very used to that.

      • As young man Marx was a Fan of “Jeschu/Jehu/Jahu” …… HIS personal version of all the Scripts he read.

        Growing up he never differed out which was from the historic “Jeschu/…..” and which was obsessivly lied about the Machiah.

        In his unconciousness this gigantic lack of knowledge led to the installment of many psychopathollogical sights. Finally he created a new sort of “aristocracy for the “workers”(the poor) which became in many sights even more brutal to the poor/workers/peasants as many aristocrats.

        Do you know Stalins Holodomor ?

        Marx hated Islam, because he saw in Islam the risk to be detected as the bringer of a quite similar ideology: A two class society. Which is in Islam Umma and Infidels is in Marxism the ones who order and the ones who have to obey …… they are very close systems.

        …. and let alone both collapse- naturally.
        The Soviet Union because they which have to obey did not want to obey anymore and in Islamic Nations without Infidels they can press to taxes the decline comes also very rapidly …….. without Oil and Gas Saudi Arabia would be possibly no more a core Islamic State.

      • Stalin started life as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. You’re seriously misinformed to think that he was Roman Catholic.

        Hitler’s mother was a devout Roman Catholic. His childhood physician was a Jew. He had an outsized importance on Adolf’s life because Mr. Hitler beat the hell out of Adolf all the time; requiring chronic house calls from the Jewish physician.

        Adolf had an undescended testicle. This was the source of his father’s rejection. It is the source of his asexual young life — and why, at some point, he used a prostitute — one infected with syphilis, to boot.

        Mr. Hitler chronically broke Adolf’s bones (arms, ribs) during his workouts. In modern American law the good doctor would’ve been compelled to report this staggering child abuse to the authorities. Adolf’s co-dependent mother hid all of this family shame — becoming even more doting on Adolf.

        Thus, the perfect storm for psycopathy.

        It was with a dead soul that Adolf could send millions of children to their deaths. As a child, he’d been taken to the edge, many, many, times.

        As for the syphilis… Mein Kampf is larded with syphlitic references. By now his ‘groin troubles’ had compounded. First stage syphilis is brutally painful — and never to be forgotten.

        By the late 1930s, Adolf sought out Germany’s expert in syphilis, Dr. Theodor Morell, to be his personal physician. By this time Adolf had already become addicted to laxatives. (!)

        It’s from Morell’s diary — confirmed by a peer — that we now, FINALLY, know that Adolf absolutely suffered from late stage syphilis. The two physicians buried the facts and supporting evidence deep into their files.

        (They could not have been unaware of what happened twenty-years earlier to talkative physicians WRT Lenin’s syphilis. It’s THEIR field.)

        Google “High Hitler” under youtube. The devastating revelations on Adolf’s syphilis is held for release near the end.

        It makes for tart viewing in neo-Nazi circles.

        Adolf knew of his problem — one so severe that he was genetically dead — neutered by the disease. It’s a pretty reasonable speculation that Adolf picked up the disease from a Jewish prostitute. Alcoholic beverages were also involved, I’d say. Adolf was a fanatic teetotaller as a dictator.

        That fourth stage syphilis causes raving paranoia is widely known.

        Taken in sum: he was a total health wreck before he even took office.

        • The idea of Stalin as a pupil of Jesuits comes from an interview with Emil Ludwig (a.k.a. Cohen)

          ” Eric Jon Phelps also provided me with the following information:

          · Both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church have a Byzantine Rite. (NOTE: The Jesuits long ago heavily infiltrated the Russian Orthodox Church.)

          · Czar Peter the Great had thrown the Jesuits out of Russia; however, Empress Catherine the Great had invited the Jesuits back into Russia. (They were expelled again in 1820.)

          · Emil Ludwig (a.k.a. Cohen), author of numerous books, interviewed Joseph Stalin. Stalin admitted to Emil Ludwig that he had been trained by Jesuit teachers at the Orthodox [Byzantine Rite] seminary in Tiflis, Soviet Georgia. Isaac Don Levine, author of Stalin, lets us know that Stalin had been trained at a Catholic high school in Gori (by the Capuchin Order – which is very close to the Jesuits). Stalin was the favorite pupil at this Catholic high school, and won the only scholarship to college at that time. ((NOTE: Webster’s 1828 Dictionary tells us that the “Capuchins” are “monks of the order of St. Francis…”))

          · Lenin formally lifted the “official ban” on the Jesuits in 1922. Stalin was Lenin’s right-hand man at that time. If Lenin and Stalin were both “Jewish-controlled”, then why would they be helping the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order?

          • Stalin ‘Jewist controlled’… where did that come from?

            He’s been described by Khrushchev as being an anti-Semetic of the ‘first water’ — in his diary, IIRC.

            We can start with Trotsky and work down the list — ending in the Doctors Plot.

            As for Stalin actually giving a straight interview to a Jew — ’tis to laugh. According to Nikita Stalin never told anything ‘straight’ — and would put out anything that he considered advantageous — at any time.

            If you want an author that’s willing to put out p l e n t y of researched material… I give you David Irving.

            In my mind’s eye, I can’t imagine the criminally paranoid Stalin spilling the family secrets to anyone — particularly a Jew that changed his name from Cohen. Stalin spent great energies trying to find such players — so he could murder them — and the rest of their entire families. That’s the way he rolled — and how he killed two, maybe three, times as many hapless victims as Adolf Hitler.

            The August 1939 Treaty — now finally released by the Russian Government — makes it evident that it was Stalin, not Hitler, that picked September 1, 1939 as the start date for war… and that he signed on to attack that very same day. Clever as he was, he stalled two weeks with excuses… knowing that the onus would fall entirely on Berlin… for the consequnces of his ‘buddy pact.’

            His lame excuses came back to haunt: Stalin had been telling Hitler his armies couldn’t mobilize in time. This became one of the key reasons why Hitler actually thought his Soviet project would work out.

            As for Stalin’s Okhrana days: all of the critical files have l o n g been burned — and the players shot.

            The presumption must be strong because the boy just never attended — on time — when the Okhrana rounded up his pals.

            Shades of ‘Security’ of “Stalag 17” fame.

      • Ah, where to start?!

        It appears that many people who imposed Marxism – then and now – share a Jewish heritage, upbringing, or race identification. It matters little whether those people are practicing Jews – what matters is that those people draw together using a common item to bind them and that common item is their race identification. Thus, even when these people of Jewish heritage, upbringing, and race self-identify themselves as or appear to be atheists and spout atheist rhetoric, many of these people are drawn together by their common race.

        “Bible believing Christians are somewhat more scarce in Europe, and not that common in the USA….”

        Well, that IS an understatement. Well nigh nobody here in the West appears to believe in or practice the Bible or its substance anymore, but a large part of that is that certain people have found it to their advantage to effectively remove from and/or challenge the Bible in the public square in the areas of law, education, art, and entertainment (where Biblical values would be portrayed as being important) – oh, and immigration.

        How would you be a Christian or Jew if you did NOT believe in the Bible? How would you know how to define yourself or what to believe? A Christian or Jew who does NOT believe in the Bible is just making up their own religion – and that includes the past, present, and future priest and rabbi lawgivers of those religions who make up stuff and codify it in their religions.

        If people fail to bind on religion, those people still bind on race. So, the majority of people that you view as Christians are really just white people – fewer and fewer of whom identify as being Christians.

        In other words, there are a lot of race wars that masquerade as religious wars – even though the instigators and/or participants may be fighting those race wars at a subconscious level.

        “…but usually end up seeking to impose their particular brand of Christianity on us.”

        The Protestant Reformation so balkanized and de-centralized Christianity so that it is difficult to define Christianity when it is being ‘interpreted’ and/or claimed by so many. For example, Mormons claim to be Christian when Mormons are truly NOT Christian. However, they hide under the banner of Christianity when it suits them – as did Romney in the last election. The biggest coup of the last election was that the New World Order got Christians – desperate to dump Muslim Obama – to publicly and wrongly accept (still polygamous) Mormonism as being Christian. This blasphemy is equivalent to the Muslims who claim that they believe in Jesus being labelled as Christians!

        “Whilst we are very grateful for the help we get from ‘Bible Belt’ USA, they are a political non-entity.”

        This is an interesting statement. How has it come to be that the ‘Bible Belt’ is a ‘political non-entity’ in a CHRISTIAN majority country?! Ouch! To me, that says it all: that Christians have lost their own country and that everyone knows it. Certainly, Obama knew it when he oh-so-casually announced that the USA is not a Christian country – and few even flinched and questioned WHAT exactly that reality means to the survival of the West.

        “You are holding ALL Jews responsible for Marxism, but you do not hold all Christians responsible for church atrocities, is this a double standard? If it is, then we Jews are very, very used to that.”

        You must mean that Jews are very used to doing that. You see, Jews HAVE been holding all Christians responsible for church atrocities and the atrocities of obviously non-Christian Hitler for a very long time. Meanwhile, Jews claim credit for all of the very good things that Jews have done – whilst denying any and all blame for the bad things that Jews have done. If all Jews want credit for the good things that Jews have done, then all Jews must accept blame for the bad things that Jews have done.

        Or, put differently, Jews need to give credit to Christians for the good things that Christians have done instead of just blame Christians for the bad things that Christians have done. For instance, it was Christians who kept the Muslims out of the West where Muslims invaded everywhere else and annihilated everyone else that they could. It was Christians who saved Jews from WWII – or do you see it differently?!

        Additionally, Jews need to acknowledge that Christians have suffered at the hands of Muslims and Jews. The Christian Armenian genocide by the Muslims and Christian Russian genocide imposed by people of Jewish heritage, upbringing, or race identification were just as bad as anything that Jews have ever suffered, and yet you recently diminished the Christian Armenian genocide and you deny the role of people of Jewish heritage, upbringing, or race identification in imposing Marxism on the world starting with the Christian Russian genocide and continuing to this day.

        Who, pray tell, who invited the Muslims into the West? Would that be the ‘political non-entity’ Christians or the ‘political entity’ people of Jewish heritage, upbringing, and/or race who have invited Muslims into the West? After thousands of years of Christians disallowing Muslim immigration for GOOD reason, some powerful political entity forced a wholesale change in the immigration policy in the West to the detriment of Christian nations and Christian people. Who?! Nobody voted for that!

        God will sort it.

  5. Good essay and perhaps “islam in a nutshell”. You give the analogies of the leopard and of the soldier ant. Both good ones except that in the animal world most potential victims of predators are aware of the danger and empowered, usually successfully, to take precautions. They of course are well used to the dangers around them. It is THEIR world which they totally understand. Introducing “foreign species” might , or might not, present them with concern. Much like the “foreign species” (perhaps of the same basic genus) may have fear but too little caution. A cat is a cat after all. Try patting a wild tiger or lion then.

    I so well remember, as an A level zoology student, going on a school holiday in France. We were on a French Mediterranean island. Myself and others spotted a rather beautiful spider. With no caution whatever (in the UK we only have bees, wasps, and adders which may deliver a sting or bite, only sometimes fatal) one of my classmates was about to pluck the spider from the leaf for closer examination. Same genus as UK spiders but not the same species. Our French guide almost had a heart attack. HIS world you see, and he knew the danger but we didn’t. (Note nearly ALL spiders are venomous but only some, like the black widow, will bite, and perhaps be fatal to, humans)

    The west has allowed the mass immigration of sub-species of humans without realising that they often have a very different mindset and one which MAY have been corrupted by religion. Not all though, but still a very different mindset.
    Unlike in the African Tundra WE are deprived of the warning signs because the politicians and media choose not to share and warn. I see this and other blogs as the lookout “meercat”.

  6. @MC,
    As it happens last night I was wearing a sweatshirt I had specially made, and got a few looks as I was walking about the town where I work.

    On the front there is the logo of Sderot, and underneath: “Isaiah 5:20“.

    Re. your comments about leftist thinking (“I’m cleverer than you etc”) – this brings to mind the work of Isaiah Berlin.

    • We need support like this, for many “have a form of religion but deny the power thereof”. The very existance and continued survival of Israel (and Sderot) are little short of miraculous!

    • I remember that post…

      In Britain today, a country where elections still take place, the political class are wedded to the doctrine of multiculturalism, but this doctrine is barely discussed by the majority of British voters

      How many Brits vote anymore? The numbers are falling here, too, and that’s the way the fixers like it.

      Our politicians are plutocrats now. It is they who perform the marriage ceremony between multiculturalism (the leering bridegroom) and the dazzlingly ignorant voters (the bride). The plutocrats get their droit du seigneur in the voting booth and then multi-ism can do as it pleases.

      The bride doesn’t care as long as no one blocks her view of the telly. I wish we had a writer as fine as Trollope to chronicle this.

  7. Muslims do view the Socialists as their “useful Idiots”.

    The victory of the Muslims against Socialists is not done by I(I)”Q” but by E(I)”Q”.

    The Emotional -. inhuman – “Quotient” is much more stronger than the Intelligence – in the Socialist case also inhuman – “Quotient”.

    There is this famous Hadith where a Muslim warrior asks his comrades if its true that he will meet Allah and the Virgins in the aftermath — they said: Yes. He took his sword, threw the scabbard from him and fought until he became deadly wounded and died ……

    Socialists have no “grounds” against this set of feelings ….

    Hitler felt this in his heart and admired Islam for these reasons.


    From historical Ongoings it is also very clear (The Devline of oriental Christianity under Islam: Bar Yeor) that without true motivs to long for love and wisdom from the Ever Holy all the “Christians” Sectarians, Roman Catholic-Evangelical-……all those “Niceans” biblically oriented “Feelers”, also have not a clue to overwind Islam – its only the question of how serious Muslims take their believe …… and how much they “fear” to have to start to work themselves instead of Dschizija- Pressing on Dhimmis.

    The Machiah did not fled, when – quite clear – the ultimatum was brought to him, that there would have been a massacre under his followers if he did …… HE INDEED GAVE HIS LIFE TO PROTECT THE LIFES OF HIS FRIENDS !

    ….when bishops and popes started to render this into a lie, into a “marytrdom” for the “Forgiving of ALL SINS EVER MADE AND ALL FUTURE SINS”, making their hoax on true friendship and by lieing that much implemented a full size self betrayal to utmost hypocracy ——- who wonders ? why such “Christians” have no “ground” against the “Brotherhood of Mohammed” and also all other of the Eagle Cults have no “ground” against such, as they are the worst.

    To be hypocritical for evil ends is less bad than to think that being hypocrite is the way to bring the good…..

    So the present Pope really thinks he is doing properly when prolonging the decisions of the Second Vaticanum, where the hypocrite Souls then finally boomeranged themselves UNDER ISLAM AND UNDER ALLAH, because instead of leaving the origins of Islam – the Matthew Gospel – they bent in their hawk-mentality to the “Eagle of Lies” under all scripts, which is in its thorough hypocrite falseness the Matthew Gospel.

    ….closely followed in the “Intellegencia” of Luke, the other side of the wrongness of selfishness, the finer woven fabric of lies…… where the inside truths, when not really wanted to be seen, the “qick believe” in the lies beside such lies they made themselves to their gaping traps —- since they followed inside which really loving hearts would never do !

    …if you “walk” life how often you come to the unconcealed evilness ? …….. having to choose the right answer or reaction within tiny “time”…..

    how much time more usually has a soul when the soul reads in a book ……..

    The end of lieing brings the End of both Islams and all Socialisms …. this is for sure !

    • Islamism = Islam + Communism

      Evner Hoxha, Yassar Arafat are exemplars of the new creed.

      You’re overlooking FUSION.

      The Western Communists see the Marxism built into Islamism. If you’d get beyond the clipped al-Reuters and al-A.P. dispatches, into the source documents, you’d see that AQ is overflowing with Communist economic theories — and worldviews.

      The fanatics talk up Mo’ while their Caliphate is structured to be a clone of the USSR — partcularly to include the blissful end (economic) state proclaimed by Marx.

      It’s this FUSION that causes the Tsarnaevs of the world to become radicalized by Western political and economic theories (Marxism) while in Western universities — not so much at home.

      M. Atta started out as a very secular liberal muslim — until he was re-oriented in German universities.

      As Qtb showed, it is worse that folly to educate muslims in the West.

      We’re doing it on our dime — and the result is that we bread fanatics.

      The absolute worst of the worst: STEM degrees.

      Arafat, Atta, Morsi, … on down the line. These fellows don’t return home to build a better Arabic society. They climb Maslov’s pyramid to achieve Mo’s lethal ends — that’s ‘self-actualization’ for a muslim — following Mo’s footsteps.

  8. Go back beyond Marx, to Rousseau. Rousseau admired Mohammed & islam. Rousseau was a fascist socialist (like Mussolini, Lenin, Hitler, etc). People who did not agree with the will of the collective in Rousseau’s ideology would “be forced to be free”. See Andrew McCarthy, “The Grand Jihad”. See Mao, and Pol Pot.

    Mussolini was a socialist. Hitler was a socialist. Read the 1919 Fascist Manifesto, and it is more socialist than most western socialist parties are now. Read Hitler’s 25 Theses, almost as socialist as the fascist manifesto. Read the Muslim Brotherhood’s 50 Demands (1936): again, socialist.

    The founder of the British Trotskyist party (SWP) admitted in the 1940s that the Muslim Brotherhood were fascists. When Hasan Al-Banna was assassinated in the late 1940s, the NYT described the MB as a fascist party. In 1956, probably the first books on the MB (written by an arabic speaking muslim), said that the MB was an amalgam of the Nazi Party, the Communist Party and salafism. Mawdudi, the greatest muslim thinker of the 20th century proudly admitted that the islamic state is a fascist state.

    See Orwell’s remarks on the appeal of communism to the British intelligentsia: they became more enthusiastic for it as it became more tyrannical, more genocidal. Thomas Sowell calls these arrogant, elitist socialists “the Anointed”. James Burnham (who left the SWP to form the CIA) referred to them as the managerial class.

    The connections between these forms of collectivism (islam, socialism, fascism) are manifold.

    • The Brotherhood was financed by Berlin. It took German money for it to grow. For the Nazis, the anti-British angle of the Brotherhood was too juicy to pass up.

      There are a number of fictive accounts of German spies/ agents in Cairo waiting for Rommel. The authors never mention that ALL of the anti-British pro-German Egyptians at that time were in the Brotherhood. These fellows were not wandering the streets of Cairo, as lonely political beggars.

      The Brotherhood was assured that they’d be made co-Nazis in the new world order. Which see: the Mufti’s visit to Hitler and SS formations raised.

      The Mufti also gave Hitler a fatwa in favor of the Shoah — and took up his residence just down the road from the Wannsee Conference — while it was meeting! ( Naturally, the area was used by the Nazis for visiting high officials, it’s so bucolic.)

      What a coincidence.

      Plainly, Hitler got the news: the ummah was more than fine with the Shoah. Hell, they’d been on jihad for twelve centuries… killing every last Jew on Earth — even the thought — just brought them goose bumps.

  9. Of course Islam is a totalitarian ideology like communism, however it’s been anointed by the multiculturalists as the “religion of peace” and Moslems have been defined as a “race”.

    There seems to be an almost wilful ignorance amongst multiculti academics and wanna-be academics as to the true nature of the ideology, most of them, whatever their IQs, are monumentally ignorant of the relevant history which probably is the cause of that intellectual arrogance MC describes. Any criticism of Islam’s appalling human rights record is “countered” by quoting platitudinous verses from the Quran, so what, Marxism was originally intended as a humane doctrine.

    Challenging these smug, pompous, patronising ignoramuses is usually a waste of time (and extremely irritating) as they don’t respond to questions such as–

    (1) Define Islamophobia,
    (2) Why are Moslems defined as a “race”
    (3) Why is opposition to the Islamic ideology “racist”?
    (4) The Crusades were a relatively minor incident in a 1400 year war, you really “don’t know what you don’t know”.
    (5) If the majority of Moslems are “moderate”, why are majority Islamic nations oppressive and authoritarian?

    The problem is not the Left, but the multiculti Left.

    • “The problem is not the Left, but the multiculti Left.”

      The problem is not Islam but extremist Islam

      Note the congruence of the two statements. I have yet to find a leftist who does not espouse the opinions dictated from above, it is part of the identity.

      in 2066, multiculti will have achieved the invasion and occupation of the UK, it will have taken a bit longer than that of 1000 years previously. If this occupation is an action of the extreme left then I expect to see condemnation of it by the soft left, but I don’t.

      I see no criticsm from the soft left of the occupation of Kosovo by Albanian Muslims and their ‘liberation army’ helped by Nato.

      The soft left too holds fast to the doctrine of ‘equality’ which is at the root of the moral relativity of the left. But Islam is an inferior culture espousing the absolute superiority of its (male) adherants.

      We are definitely NOT all born equal.

    • I used to think the problem was the multi-culti left. But it isn’t. Just like there’s no logical boundary between “moderate” muslims and “extremist” muslims, there is no boundary on the left. Muslims, fascists, communists, socialists are all collectivists. They all believe it is the right thing to do to sacrifice individuals to the collective. As von Mises says, socialism is a theology. And the basis of it is islam. The natural trajectory for all forms of collectivism is totalitarianism.

  10. Corrections:

    Shall another year pass by with the knowledge presented above only on the “side lines”……… another year where the knowledge about hypocrite “Christian” leaders having submitted to Allah during the Second Vaticanum is “exclusivley” tried to hold down by the Marxist-Marcuse Leftists media, knowing exactly this would bring MANY SOULS TO CLOSE INVESTIGATIONS which those Marxists do not want .… because the simple question would be: Which are the connections ? Answers: Especially Deuteronium and Matthewgospel. ….. which then would immediately be followed by the question: Why did Marx not wrote about this, having had so much knowledge and why he did not differ it out ?

    Marx gets crumbled by this —— they do know, if they do not know: They “feel” it in their brains !

  11. Yer man writes

    “Note that, where Marxism takes root, re-vitalized Islam follows in its wake – even in China”

    But sadly I can read no further I am so splitting my guts laughing

    As to the person calling himself “Blert” it seems that conspiracy theory does not belong to Alex Jones alone. Blert you have no idea of the history of this and you are merely amusing.

    The issue is about the position of Jews in Israel and Antisemitism in this new form and I happen to think the position is critical, but it is now well accepted a key factor here is Jewish leadership at present (see Martin Sherman´s analyses) but then again sadly Sherman has no answers either.

    On this without boring people I would say that Israel must above all be independent. But that is a matter of leadership.

    The great leaders, usually a 4-some, Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.

    Mao arose out of the defeat in Shanghái which Stalin had a hand in.

    Luxenburg went on a tangent (the supreme anti nationalist ideologue). Stalin was the gravedigger.

    Also there was a harmful tendency in that they became specialised and narrowsighted but easy for me to say now. None saw the great power of the national movement contained inside Judaism.

    Like most in their period they were uninterested in Islam. The science of the study of Islam is a recent enough development, centred on Bostom, Spencer, Geller in a more practical sense and especially Bat Yeor. Islam in our period buys its way with oil.

    Lenin could and should have finished off Stalin politically speaking very early on when it emerged he was abusing women in Bakú. Lenin was abroad possibly in London living under false names with Krupskaya and he used people like Stalin opportunistically.

    What has not been laid open is that the Bolshevik Revolution without any doubt blocked the Holocaust happening in Russia in 1917 and it is a fact that the central “Whites” cadre supported from all countries abroad was to be the nucleus of the German Nazis (the research to follow here is that of Michael Kellogg and an interesting PDF is available on (excuse me while I vomit) Google

    • This is an entirely Jewish perspective and certainly not what most Europeans would regard as the absol;ute truth.

  12. Israeli citizens should build their own rockets and let fly at Gaza.

    • It would be fitting, lets see the accusations of ‘disproportionate response’ then…..

      But it would be a shame to have to emulate those who are worse behaved than animals, most animals kill to eat, Hamas kills as a matter of religious preference, Allah demands a blood sacrifice; women, children, the elderly he does not care, and Hamas is more than happy to oblige.

  13. As fish don’t recognize water… the Leftist Media don’t deem Leftist cant as news.

    The result is that AQ screeds — and all the rest — are stripped of their Socialist/ Marxist/ Communist/ economic cant as the front-line editors reduce them to a kernel — suitable for translation and the nub of a headline.

    For obvious reasons, the Western Governments are not happy to even further broadcast the original screeds. You have to go to the Internet — and to South Asian publications, English language, too, to read AQ agitprop that reads like it was written in Berkeley California.

    (Frank Herbert’s neighborhood. (Dune))(Ground zero for the anti-Vietnam War movement.)(Where the unabomber self-actualized.)(Even ground zero for the atomic bomb — Cal Berkeley preceded Los Alamos — doping out which particular isotopes might pan out — and the purities required — the foundation for the Los Alamos crew’s design efforts.)

    Today, Berkeley is known for having the hotest hot bed of Maoists, Trotskyists, et. al. within the US. See Zombie (Bing it) for surreal snaps.

    Rational conservative observers have long noted the weird tolerance that the Berkeley crowd has for Islamists/ Islamism.

    However, the doctrinal split is not great: Western Islamists turn back to Islam AFTER they’ve already absorbed Western Collectivism — which in Berkeley means something further to the left than Bolshevism. Mao and Trotsky are still in very good standing with that crowd.


    Any infidel has to be wary of al-Reuters and al-A.P. agitprop coming out of the Middle East or South Asia. Inspection of their bylines reveals that their muslim quotient runs 100%. As the American Army found in Iraq, given enough time and effort, just about every A.P. dispatcher was being revealed as a double agent.

    It makes sense: they were always standing up for each other. “He’s a good fellow.” Anyone not on their wavelength was prone to ‘work accidents.’

    Which goes a long way to explaining why the number of journalists and combat photographers lost in Iraq was sky high — while a royal few never seemed to get their hair mussed.

    (After the Surge, the Sunnis flipped direction — and so did the wire reports.)


    University crowd Islamists see themselves as converting their fellow Collectivists into new wave Muslims. Here and there, it’s working.

    A true atheist is willing, ultimately, to believe anything.

    With Islam, criminal behavior is a new ‘deen.’

    And the Tsarnaev’s are the new exemplars: no booze for them — just stoned on cannabis and rolling on jihad; the tax-free life style.

    What more could a stoner hope for?

  14. My comment of yesterday was held for moderation and has not appeared. Is it posible that you censored it and allowed the following to go through without a rebuttal?


    “If you want an author that’s willing to put out p l e n t y of researched material… I give you David Irving.”

    • Mr. Quigley,

      I haven’t “censored” anything. Before today, you have left two comments here, on May 4 and May 5. If you scroll up, you’ll see both of them. I haven’t deleted any of your comments, nor failed to approve any of them. If one is missing, there may have been an error in the WordPress system, or on your computer.

      People can say what they want here, provided that they refrain from obscenities and epithets, avoid incitement, and stay on-topic. The final judgment of what passes is obviously up to me, but you’ll find that I’m pretty lenient (much to my wife’s annoyance).

      Blert can like David Irving if he wants. You can like Lev Bronstein if you want. I don’t mind.

        • blert, the issue isn’t whether I got your sarcasm or not. But someone else obviously didn’t.

          It’s one of the risks of being sarcastic in a text-only format: there are no cues involving tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. It’s more difficult when reading to determine whether someone is being sarcastic or ironic.

          I’ve learned that the hard way — people often think I’m serious when I’m being entirely humorous. I’ve learned to warn readers that I’m kidding.

  15. MC–

    For whatever my assessment is worth, I think this article of yours contains a number of brilliant, and brilliantly stated, observations. I won’t try to quote them all or quote their expositions, but I applaud you for them and thank you for sharing them. Here are some that stood out to me:

    “Islam however brings us a new concept, that of distributed tyranny.

    No longer is power held centrally; there is no focal point to this particular tyranny. It is the tyranny of soldier ants, each ant with a malignant search-and-destroy instinct deriving from the earliest nurture.”

    “Islam is a lifestyle built upon power, sex and wealth, each of which can be a profound motivator in the life of a male. ”

    “The aim of Islam is to subdue our countries, kill the men and take their possessions, make sex slaves of their women and children and impose a bent law regime (shariah) . . . .”

    I’m not sure how correct you are about Christians choosing dhimmitude, unless you use the term quite loosely as a synonym for current Western culture. It seems to me that the movement toward dhimmitude has correlated quite well with Western cultural movement away from Christianity (or should I say Christendom?); and many– perhaps even most– of those taking the lead against Islamic expansion and domination, e.g. this web site, Robert Spencer, Michael Coren, Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Warner, Paul Weston, and others, either are Christian or have affirmed the benefits of Christianity’s central place in the West (not to deny the evils it has committed) over most of the last 2.000 years.

    I hope you will keep writing and I hope many people are able to read what you write. But no matter how many people read what you write, all that is needed is for the right people to be influenced by it in order for the future to change because of it.

    • My feelings of ‘Christian’ Dhimmitude apply particularly to the established instittutions we see around Jerusalem; The Church of Scotland has just dispossessed us from the Abrahamic covenant, then there are the Arab Christians (Maronites) who have their own PLO affiliated terrorist groups, all whilst they are being squeezed out of Bethlehem and Nazareth (for which they blame Israel). The Church of England (Episcopalian) are staunch supporters of the Palestinians. Usually the Christian units that practise replacement theology, are those who would like to see the threatened Palestinian genocide of Jews/Israelis come true. These, to Jews, are the face of Christianity, a few months ago, in York in the UK, I was accused of being a Christ Killer, this is what Jews get from Christians. That same day, my ‘kosher’ lunch was ham sandwiches, the instructions had said no Pork, so they gave me ham instead. In Israel we call this a ‘burnt toast day’….

      • Perhaps I should add here, Jews do not, on the whole, see Christianity as a many faceted reflection of Biblical doctrine, Few Jews read the New Testament (Few read the OT either). So to a Jew, Christians are those visible mainly in Jerusalem and the Middle East environment.

        Jews see the fighting in the Church of the open Sepulcre between the Monks; Jews see that Jesus was ‘born in a cave’ at the C of the Nativity in Bethlehem. They see that Yahovah is supposed to have changed his mind and preferred the Christians, when the scriptures actually say He is unchanging.

        If I go to Jerusalem today, 90% of the Christians I see will be pro-Arab and hostile (in varying degrees to Jews/Israel). Those Christians who actually read their Bible, and read the Prophets tend to be different, and these are the ones we see in Sderot as opposed to Jerusalem. But they still tend towards dhimiism because they see everything in terms of ‘Love and Peace’ not as an eternal war between Yah and Satan, Seth and Cain, Issac and Ishmael, and between Jacob and Esau, they do not understand the implications of Amalek (Grandson of Esau) attacking the women and children and the elderly in the train of the Exodus, and later, Yah’s command to Saul to wipe them out (which he failed to do).

        So please excuse my using the term ‘Christian’ as most Christians would use the term Jew. I am am a Sephardi, but I am probably not of the tribe of Judah (Jews) but who knows? and I am certainly not a Khazar, I am extremely poor, I exist on about $1000 a month (in a country where everything is twice the price of the USA), and I have nothing to do with banking. But I will admit to being a Zionist…

        And thank-you indeed for your kind words 🙂

        • You are welcome for the affirmation, and thank you for your very informative response. It was fascinating to read, and it helps draw together various bits of information and experience in my life.

          I’ve had some contact with some of the Christians to whom you referred, those who make trips to Israel and support the Palestinians in ways I find naïve and destructive, who embrace peacemaking in ways I find naïve and destructive, who see any attempt to evaluate Islam as an offence against Muslims, and so on. I have disputed their views and seem to have gotten nowhere.

          If it can be of encouragement, please know that– in spite of their faults– there are many Christians in the U.S., especially among the so-called evangelicals, whose support for Israel is firm and often passionate. Many of them are waking up to what they see as a defection or betrayal concerning Israel by some other evangelicals, by their often-more-liberal leaders, or by other more liberal Christians, and they are starting to fight back. I’m not sure how the struggle will go, but it is on.

  16. I apologise. I thought I was censored and was not and I like your policy finding it most fair. You probably are snowed under with work like all of us are becoming. I should have taken that into account. But I meant my complaint to be private to you and should have said so.

    People can read what I write and either accept it or tell me to go to hell.

    In a general sense and in answer to ms my position is that Judaism is a very old religión and philosophy of life, very honourable and notable in that it has held the Jews together as a nation through great trials. That is obvious to a dunce.

    But that does not mean that Judaism is equipped to lead the Jews to salvation on this earth in a period of the growing tide of Fascism.

    In order to understand what is happening to capitalism today then you or anybody on this earth has to begin to understand capitalism historically.

    To do that you have to turn to Marx, and in this your choices are limited. If serious you have to.

    But everything about Judaism as I have seen it militates against doing that.

    The result of that is that I see Judaism and Israel in a very stormy sea but without a compass, in many ways actually blind.

    However all is not lost. Unlike say 1933, a critical year, this time Jews do have a national state, and a national state machinery, the IDF etc.

    Still I meet many Jews on the web who think that that solves everything but not necessarily so, because what counts is who is leading in that state.

    And the Antisemitic killers are actually at the gates, across the border according to the debka article of yesterday, the Iranian killers are massing in number.

    roughly my position is this, expressed when I can do it on “themarxistblog”, and I chose the name because I want to hit people right up”the gob” to use an Irish expression with that, no apologies.

    In general the stage we are at in my opinión and why I write on this blog and find a unity here is…We have to defend against Fascism.

    It was necessary to stop Obama from taking power. Big sections of the betraying left supported Obama.

    It was necessary to defend Saddam because he was a secular bulwark against the Jihad. The left opposed the war on Saddam by Bush and Blair for the very opposite reasons, because they supported Iran and the Jihad.

    It was the same, necessary to defend Gadhafi, Gaghbo, Ben Ali and above all Mubarak against the Jihad. Not abstain. Not sit on the fence in any way…proactive…campaign.

    Be bold. State we defend Mubarak because we want to stop our worse enemy the Fascists from taking state power.

    Israel did not do that but many like Caroline Glick and above all Pamela Geller came very close.

    I was not “close” I was right on the button, I campaigned for the Republican the hateful McCain to beat Obama, and for Mubarak and the others to prevail over the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Assad is no different, even if he is in Alliance with the Fascists. He must be defended on principle because he is 1, secular and 2. is supported by the minorities who fear the Sharia Jihad.

    That does not mean lowering guard in any way so the strikes against Assad are totally to be defended.

    People here can talk all kinds of [nonsense] and even lie continually, some open lies and some insiduous lies, but what matters in political life is what positions you take up.

    Now Israel must mobilise to destroy Hizbullah, Hamas, Fatah, and Iran.

    I am no military expert so the experts must decide, but the political will has to be supreme. Sadly MS Israel is at war again and will have no peace.

    But I do say that the overthrow of Mubarak has put Israel in a desparate position.

    I hate to say but the future of Israel and the Jews is continual war but it is going to test us on the outside to the very limit. You think YOU are hated by the Iran loving Fascist leftists and Anarchists, you should see what they are writing about me!!!

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