Vigilante Groups and “Riot Tourists” in Sweden

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from NRK about the formation of “extreme right-wing” vigilante groups in Stockholm. The translator includes this brief note:

I don’t know whether we’re talking about neo-Nazis here, or fed-up citizens who are tired of the police not doing their job. The info in the article is taken from Swedish MSM news sites, so it could quite possibly be just ordinary citizens.

Notice that most of the arrests on Friday night were of ‘right-wing extremists’. Apparently the police had no qualms about arresting the vigilantes, but they seem incapable of stopping the stone-throwing ‘youths’. Go figure.

For the time being the Swedish intifada is continuing.

A side note: “Right-wing extremists” are being arrested because they threaten the existing order. No matter how many cars and schools the “youths” burn, they do not threaten the existing order.

In fact, from a cynical point of view (and I tend to be a cynic), the violent culture-enrichers serve as enforcers of the existing order.

The translated article:

Right-wing extremists form vigilante groups in Sweden

Right-wing extremist groups patrolled in several of the suburbs in Stockholm on Friday night. Meanwhile the riots spread to Örebro and Linköping.

Approximately 200 black-clad right-wing extremists in approximately 30 cars drove around in the suburbs of Stockholm ostensibly looking for immigrant youths and intending to stop the car fires.

In Tumba, south of Stockholm, they chased people in the streets until the police intervened and stopped them, according to SVT.

After leaving Tumba, and going to Mälaröjden via Älvsjö,18 right-wing extremists were arrested and taken away in police buses.

There are also reports coming from other suburbs about right-wing extremists forming vigilante groups, something which the police have long feared would happen, writes Expressen.

Unrest in Örebro

The riots in the Stockholm’s suburbs, spread to Örebro on Friday night.

“We’re talking about 25-50 masked youths with cans, probably containing flammable liquids,” says Mats Nylén, a police spokesman in Orebro, to Aftonbladet.

According to the police the unrest first broke out in Vivalla, a suburb north of the Örebro town centre. At 2100 on Friday night a group of masked youths were on their way to the suburb.

“We chased them away, but they reappeared with flash-bangs,” says Nylén.

Has spread

Shortly afterwards several cars were ablaze and the police station in Vivalla was vandalized. A grass fire was also deliberately lit, and it started burning at a school.

Youths also smashed the windows of a police patrol car and one police officer was showered in shards of glass. This officer was taken to the hospital with glass splinters in his eyes.

“We’ve wondered whether the events in Stockholm would spread to this area, and that’s now what has happened,” says Nylén.

“We are trying to prevent them from setting fires to schools and residential properties. Cars are by comparison much less important,” says Nylén.


Police also had to acknowledge that the riots in Stockholm spread to Linköping, and there were a number of reports of fires and several incidents of violence during the night.

In the suburbs of Stockholm the riots continued for the sixth night in a row, with car fires in Tensta, Norsborg, Jordbro and Årsta.

Firefighters responded to approximately 40 fires and on Saturday morning the police could report of a total of 23 arrests. Most of them were right-wing extremists who had been arrested at Mälaröjden.

“Riot tourists”

The majority of the youths detained in the Stockholm area earlier this week have criminal records, writes Aftonbladet.

The paper has looked into the background of 16 of those arrested and found that 13 have prior convictions or are described as known individuals by the police. This does not surprise the criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki.

“Those who actively participate in the riots have definitely engaged in various forms of violence and criminal activities in the past,” he says.

“However, this does not mean that there may not also be legitimate reasons for the dissatisfaction in these areas. But if the discontent is manifested by the burning of cars, then these is definitely not ‘God’s best children’ [Norwegian saying — unsavory characters] who are engaging in it,” says Samecki.

Police are also investigating whether there are many of what the police themselves refer to as “riots tourists” among the rioters. Out of the seven who were arrested at the police station in Älvsjö last night, no one came from the area. One of the individuals arrested was from Denmark, according to SVT.

Spokesman Lars Byström says that the police are now looking into the matter.

22 thoughts on “Vigilante Groups and “Riot Tourists” in Sweden

  1. Sweden has done this to themselves and has nobody else to blame. I am just sitting back and watching the fireworks on this one. I wonder when the Dhimmis in the government will cave in and give their Muslim masters everything they want.

    Personally I would be rounding up the entire Muslim population and sending them back to the hellholes they came from originally. Then give the entire Jewish population (What is left.) a formal apology and reparations.

    • The successive governments of Sweden have done this to Swedish people. And Swedish people are nice= foolish. Now with their struggle with Muslims they will become wise again. And they will say, “I think, after all, there was a good, logical and moral reason for the Inquisition to exist because Europeans were being strangled by Muslims without mercy.


      • The Swedes voted for their governments. They voted for the Nanny State and Multiculturalism. They cannot now complain about how their government is handling their immigrant problem. And it is a problem.

        The Swedes imported in the unwashed masses from Africa and the Muslim world to do the jobs they thought was below them. The new immigrants will not do the jobs when the Swedish government will give them free housing, free money, free food, etc…

        I don’t believe that the majority of Swedes will rise up. They have been indoctrinated by their government not to. To accept everything they will be subjected to. One must not rock the boat. No they will accept their Dhimmitude, convert to Islam or try to find a nation to run to. They are lost.

      • I agree Murad.

        The Swedes have been isolated, surrounded by European Christians on all sides and grew very naive about the world.

    • That’s right. Poor police can’t do anything if their hands are tied behind their back by their superiors, and cabinet ministers. They have to obey them blindly. It is absolute authority. Or the ordinary police will lose their jobs.
      You see the governments will put you in prison if you are negligent. But we can’t put our pathetic “leaders” in prison or punish them.
      When rights are going on and cars are burnt the “leaders” are dining and wining with several beauties.
      They don’t lose one cent from their salaries for gross negligence.


  2. Vigilante groups form when people have lost faith in law enforcement and/or the courts and penal system.

    When your car is torched, your windows broken, the school you went to burnt up, all with no arrests do you think your faith in law and order would be shaken? It’s amazing to me that this has been allowed to go on this long.

  3. If the police have been worrying about “right-wing” gangs forming in reaction to the Swedish destruction, why haven’t they addressed the cause? Oh, right, part of the plan.

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  6. Right-wing extremist definition (according to the Swedish “authorities”) = one who doesn’t destroy other people’s property and manifests against the savages that ravage his homeland.

    Well done, social democrats; bravo, champagne, applause, success!

  7. Remember the Korean small business merchants who protected their property with high capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons in LA.

    Just sayin’

    • Amen!

      Contrary to what leftards claim, self-defense is a God-given right, not “right-wing extremism”. Since the days of Gustavus Adolphus, or the Vikings, many Scandinavians have valued being physically fit: so take up martial art. And shooting: .45s and 308s preferrably, but at least .22s, birdshot or pepper spray. If they can’t hum ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’, then at least ABBA’s ‘Fernando’ lines “…how proud you were to fight for freedom in this land…there was something in the air that night, the stars were bright…for liberty…”

      Don’t just be meek ‘good’ German Jews riding cattle cars to gas chamber oblivion (make no mistake, genocide for us ‘infidels’ is what their Koran commands)…be bold Warsaw Ghetto Jews fighting tooth and nail against evil.

  8. “There are also reports coming from other suburbs about right-wing extremists forming vigilante groups, something which the police have long feared would happen”

    So the police feared that this would happen, but did nothing to stop the immigrant mobs from destroying and burning things?

    Now I begin to realize that stupidity has truly no limits.

  9. “After leaving Tumba, and going to Mälaröjden via Älvsjö,18 right-wing extremists were arrested and taken away in police buses”

    But how many immigrants have been arrested for destroying cars and schools?

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  13. The fact that Swedish politicians can’t even fathom the possibility that muslims would follow what their holy book preaches makes them utterly incompetent as leaders.

    What’s worse, as soon as police assist the rioters by preventing people from protecting themselves, Swedes should understand they are on their own. Their government will do nothing to address this issue. Swedes only need to look to places like Sudan and Lebanon to sww examples of how this will play out if they don’t organize and solve thiis now. (Politicians don’t fear Swedes, but they sure do fear muslims).

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