Towards a More Multicolored Sweden

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from which serves as an appropriate follow-up to “Goodbye, Sweden-That-Was”. The translator includes this introductory note:

As you know, Swedish politicians are working diligently at destroying their own country. They are longing for the day when native Swedes will become a minority, something which this article confirms.

It must be very sad for these people to wake up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they despise the face looking back at them, and everything that it represents.

It must be some kind of a mental disorder.

The translated article:

When Sweden becomes just as multicoloured as Africa

Sweden’s minister of Finance, Anders Borg is visiting Africa. He is giving an interview with Expressen [Swedish tabloid newspaper] on the bus in Lagos. Borg looks out the window, sees all the colours and looks forward to the day when Sweden will become just as multicoloured.

It is one thing that he believes that Africa will become more influential in the global market, and that economic growth will occur on the African continent. It is something completely different to wish for Africa to come to Sweden. It is reminiscent of Mona Sahlin’s comments about ‘corny’ Sweden. Swedish culture was nothing compared to foreign cultures; hence one should simply be grateful for the enrichment. Borg’s comments have similar connotations.

“Look at all the beautiful colours the women here are wearing. Within ten years this is what it is going to look like all over Europe. Back home it’s so bleak and dreary the colours are devoid of life. When our children grow up there will be between 1.5 to 2 billion people in Africa and we will continue to be 500 million. That is going to have a huge impact on our trends.

“Europe will become a better place, a more multicultural place,” he continues.

“That Africa is becoming more influential can be observed in popular music among other areas. But I think it will really dawn on us when we start to see African fast food chains in Stockholm.”

Anders Borg has visited three African nations and met with politicians, CEO’s of the national banks and CEOs in the private sector.

But has Borg asked the Swedes whether they want Sweden to look like Africa?

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  1. This traitor anders borg should be arrested, along with all of swedens dhimmi political clowns, and msm who are carrying out mass genocide against the indigenous population of native swedes.!!!

    wake up sweden, the anti white racists and antfa nazis are killing you all off!

    Vote sweden democrats!

    • I am sure this steamy politicians words were carefully noted. Is the conclusion on the Nigerian street that Sweden especially is riper than ever?

    • But were Borg (or any other traitor) to be asked to explain the cost benefit analysis of immigration to the West that led him to adopt his stance, he’d come over all defensive. And he’d either question the motivation behind the question or repeat some mantra about the joys of diversity.

      He and his ilk will do anything but talk facts. Obviously they’re reluctant to address the costs of immigration, but they’re almost as reluctant to talk about the benefits. They’re afraid to talk about the costs because it exposes them as liars and they don’t like talking about the benefits because it makes them look absurd – it’s hilarious when they start waxing lyrical about an immigrant take-away on every street corner.

      They feel safest when talking in general terms about the ‘wonders of multiculturalism being beyond question’. Their paradigm is losing traction – it makes sense only when sense is suspended.

  2. Multiculturalism is a suicide pact……..

    Here is a great post on Vlad’s joint……

    There are now real numbers coming to light in Canada that relate to the influx of refugee/immigrant/temporary foreign workers…..the numbers are in the range of 600 to 675,ooo…….a number that, considering our population of approx 33 million, will be ruinous. This is our reward for voting for the Harper conservatives….

    I am almost starting to believe that there really is a globalist agenda at work…..the decimation of borders, the decimation of cultures and national identities…..the use of cashless transactions, the identification, with deadly particularity, of every citizen and their whereabouts 25-7…………yes Virginia….those really are storm cloud on the horizon…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there…..”

    • You have hit the nail on the head. I was told about the one world agenda 30 years ago when it was not so obvious. The EU is the start of a borderless world. The next stage is to link up North America and probably India to the EU. To achieve this you have to destroy Europeans and their national identities and turned the whole world into the third world. It will be colourful but totally useless. Europeans would resist, lower iq third world peoples won’t have the wherewithall to do so. The UN’s Agenda 21 aims to bring millions more third world people to Europe and probably North America and Australasia as well. I don’t know how they think that is going to work. As regards the EU, there has been a back bench motion to bring forward to the date of Mr Cameron’s promised referendum regarding the UK’s EU membership. Mr Cameron has ordered his cabinet to abstain from voting. So that is democracy for you. He is quite relaxed about the outcome, even though it is meant to be a free vote, the mps will be terrorised into submission. Was it on this site that I learnt that Cameron is being paid £6m a year to carry out the one world agenda on behalf of the plutocratic elite.

      It is nice to know that here in Britain we will not be alone. The indigenous British are now down to 80%. We are following our North American, in the US and Canada, cousins into minority status. We will be a minority in Britain by 2066 and probably in England long before that. Intermarriage is being plugged as the norm and anybody who does not want to marry another race must be a racist.
      By the end of the century if nothing is done England will be Afro-Asian and mixed race with a small white minority, much like Trinidad or South Africa.

      Unfortunately, for this clever Mr Borg, who is as nutty as a Swedish fruitcake, Africans have contributed barely nothing to the advancement of mankind. They may be happy lovely people. The races with the highest iqs are the Chinese, the Japanese, Europeans and some Jews but both Chinese and Japanese recognise that they lack the Europeans’ capacity for invention. That of sub-Saharan Africans is about 30 points below. The northern climate has given those living in the northern hemisphere a capacity for co-operation and organisation which the southern hemisphere lacks. Compare events in Haiti after the earthquake with those in Japan. Replacing Europeans with Africans will turn Europe into Africa.

      Somebody said to me yesterday that the world is in a mess. I said that during the 1950s and 1960s it was very different. I did not dare say that then the world was dominated by the powerhouse of Europe and North America. There was white hegemony and the First World tried to help the third. Now Europe and North America are being swamped and obliterated by non-Europeans. It is curtains for the world and there has to be an anti-Marxist counter revolution soon or the world will be plunged into the Dark Ages from which it will never recover. A fat lot of good that will do the plutocrats and the bankers with their UN One World government.

      • Dear Anonymous….

        You make some very valid points, only a fool would dismiss them out of hand.

        I am not the type of man who sits in a shoebox at the bottom of a hole at the back of a cave on the dark side of the moon with my tin foil hat pulled down tight……..but to quote a couple of lines from the song “Stormfront” by the Canadian folk singer Garnet Rogers….(Garnet’s a little bit of a Leftist but the lyrics are relevant…)

        “Some kind of stormfront on the move tonight, feel the tension in the air, dust devils dance on the side of the highway, leaves and garbage everywhere.

        Mothers call their kids from the door “C’mon get inside, shut the windows, lock them tight” The sun has burned its bridges
        plunged into the mountains in a sea of steam and poison light.

        I saw the Four Horsemen ride through here about an hour ago, they were sickened at the sight.

        We’re putting bombs in buildings, bombs in letters, bombs in trucks, we’re drowning kids in the backs of cars, we’re dressing killers in Armani suits, we turn them into TV stars, we become a race of leering voyeurs, we’re big on progress sex and death. Something evil is lurking in the darkness here with me and I can smell its stinking breath.

        It’s in the blankness of our children’s stares, it’s in a courtroom in a suit, it’s in the hand that holds gun that made these bullet holes, it’s a secret pocket filled with loot”

        “Stormfront” – Garnet Rogers

        We are witnessing the methodical dismantling of Western civilization……as to whether there is a larger plan afoot remains to be seen….

        We are witnessing the purposeful opening of floodgates releasing waves of the lowest common denominator of Humanity across the civilized world….

        We have and are now witnessing the destruction of the family as a unit of self determination and hence; strength to be reckoned with……

        We have and are witnessing the destruction of every last vestige of nationalism, national pride and vested interest in the promotion and protection of national sovereignty……

        Unfortunately, as a mere shadow, academically speaking, of some of my peers in this Pushback against Islam……I have been unable to quantify the sum total of all of the above……but I am working on it…

        If you have an opportunity please purchase and read “The Devil’s Advocate” by the author Taylor Caldwell. Her work can be found online and her other works such as “Dear and Glorious Physician” and “I, Judas” make for brilliant reading……as for “Devils’ Advocate”……….unsettling parallels to be drawn…..

        Unfortunately I have never been known for having an economy of words and run the risk of irritating some folks……so I will wrap this up….

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown, Crankville County
        Alberta, Canada

        “Somewhere between here and there….

        We are witnessing the destruction of Europe both culturally and economically……..

      • There IS a New World Order on the supranational level and it’s being run by the global centralbanking cartel – which is in PRIVATE HANDS.

        Listen to G. Edward Griffin:

        This is the book he talks about:

        READ IT AND YOU’LL KNOW! Quigley was their personal historian for 20 years and had direct access to their secret archives for 2.

        It all starts with Cecil Rhodes and his Rothchild financeers.

        • This New World Order is ‘being run by a global banking cartel’ alright, but the reason the cartel managed to bring that about is that politicians – we! – have allowed and enabled them, in exchange for the opportunity to wet our beaks.

          Nothing new here – money and power naturally coalesce in order to exploit the world and all that’s in it – but We, the People help them do it because we let ourselves be bribed with money politicians stole from others, with our blessing. We are happy to rob others earning more than we do because we want to believe that we would be just as smart..if only we too were privileged ^_^

          So let’s not blame the bankers, let’s blame ourselves.
          Let’s blame our greed, our dishonesty and our resentment, and of course our laziness and our stupidity.
          We were silly enough to believe that ‘we’ are poor, because others are rich. All because we gave in to the lure of money for nothing and the resentment of others more clever than us.

          That we have been duped, betrayed and lied to is true, but then: we were eager to be lied to. We sold our birthright, our dignity, our freedom ànd our wealth for a plate of lentils, because we are miserable fools.

          • Nicely put, Paardestaart. We are the troublemakers we have been looking for! The mote in the eye and all. Merely blaming other groups, especially free-market enterprises, is the basic totalitarian-humanist boilerplate; not our game.

  3. “Borg has been recognised as the mastermind behind the new Swedish government’s economic doctrine, focusing on proactive measures against unemployment. An incremental dismantling of the social democratic welfare state, …” – Source Wikipedia.

    Europe as a multicolored sweatshop, the dismantling of social democratic welfare in Europe appears to be an agenda to weaken democracy and economically degrade the indigenous populations as opposed to being a provisional policy towards economic dynamism.

  4. Oh and by the way……….this just in……..

    “Ironman 3” just raked in over 960 million dollars for its last 10 days showing globally……and Pamela Geller grovels and begs for 5,000 dollars for a few bus signs……

    A world of contrasts, world of irony…….do you think Nero would grace our little civilization bonfire with a requiem or two?……..something with a bit of toe-tapping rhythm………..I’ll bring the weenies and buns……do Lemmings eat weenies?…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there……….”

    • UK tv commercials are oppressively multicultural almost to the point of the exclusion of the indigenous working class, possibly Nudge propaganda linked to tax incentives.

  5. Funny how Mr. Borg reminds me of Neville Chamberlain who once proclaimed peace in our time right before the start of WWII and 150 million dead as a result.

    • Make no mistake, war is on the horizen, and it is coming and for when it does, it will make the last ww’s pale by comparison.

  6. What the [heck] is wrong with people like him.He has got to be missing a screw. Can he not see the streets of Lagos are not what Stockholm needs to look like. I am beginning to believe these people are on borrowed time and know it.

    • Won’t life be grand then. Everything in flux with tribes and magic spells and colors. The country can be split into two or even three new countries as the multicultural family grows and the more numerous dominant children demand their own homeland away from home.

  7. A pedantic point (or not) – the above photo does not suggest a more “multicolored” Sweden. There is only one colour there to be seen…

    • Not to forget that what Borg might actually see one day in Swedish streets is not women dressed in bright colours, but such women as are out in the streets at all dressed in black with their faces covered.

  8. Of all the depressing articles I have read in years of reading this great web site, this is the saddest, most depressing. And I have absolutely nothing against Africans. But why oh why should you change something that worked so beautifully? No one denies anyone visiting, etc. Nor does one favor the ripping off of anything African. Why most the whole globe go into one mishmash? Then what will be the point of gong visiting? That creep ought to be jailed, for his totalitarian actions.

    • I can’t think why anybody would want to visit London these days. I don’t. Any poor Japanese and North American tourists expecting to find the world of Mary Poppins or Sherlock Holmes must have a rude awakening. It is more like Africa meets the Indian sub-continent and even the whites are East Europeans. London has been virtually ethnically cleansed of its native inhabitants. The cockney sparrows have taken flight and the cockney accent, perfected so wonderfully by Dick Van Dyke, will be gone in 20 years. A friend visited Oslo and got a shock there too. He wandered off the beaten track and re-emerged saying the area was no longer white. I think it was mostly Pakistani.

      This is exactly what that genius Enoch Powell said. Those who talk of diversity should look ahead to a world where no country has a distinctive national identity but all are a multi-ethnic melting pot or mishmash. What point in going abroad when every country is the same – multi-coloured people by the score.

      • “I can’t think why anybody would want to visit London these days.” — To see the old churches and the blue plaques, and see the tombs of great people. That’s about it.

  9. Look at the starving children with flies buzzing around their heads. Soon this is what Europe will look like!

    Europe is ruled by treasonous cretins.

  10. Most refugees come under educated and using a generous welfare system while producing nothing except crime and mayhem. It will task the pension system of the host country. It’s going to be very interesting see how the indigenous population, who worked hard all their lives accept this situation. When children will have to contribute to the maintenance of their parents because the money has gone into subsidies for parasites things may start to change fast and drastically……………

  11. Never mentioned, nor considered, is the trauma that the Nordic clime brings upon Africans.

    Namely, they’re not at all equipped (physically or emotionally) for the l o n g nights that Nordic Europeans take as normal.

    All of these fellows are coming from points so far south that, until they met Sweden, they didn’t know what the four seasons were.

    Having spent decades in the tropics, I can assure you that it’s a totally different mind-set.

    Bringing these fellows north is NOT helping them. The latitudes are too far apart.

    Some measure of the matter are the countless numbers of professionals posted to the Antarctic — who have to be flown home prematurely — because they can’t take it anymore. And this is a sub-set of the White population that is well above average in IQ and education — and who actively sought the posting!

    It’s such a constant problem that every major Antarctic installation has a mental health professional — with anti-depressants to hand.

    There is no work around for the phenomena. It’s in our DNA.

    While never mentioned — this issue bedevils every attempt to bring Africans north — be it in Sweden or Wisconsin. (Another massively Swedish tribe, BTW.)

  12. A comment from Nick:


    There has been a huge gap between our ruling elite’s views and those of ordinary people on the street. This was brought home to me when dining at an Oxford college and the eminent person next to me, a very senior civil servant, said: ‘When I was at the Treasury, I argued for the most open door possible to immigration [because] I saw it as my job to maximise global welfare not national welfare.’

    The Daily Mail

    I couldn’t get the comment through at GoV, just wouldn’t let me. My point being that in that article (which has been mentioned at GoV before) I always thought that was the key quote – global welfare before national welfare.

    As the youngsters say nowadays – WTF dude???

  13. The lively tradition of tribes hacking their neighbors to death with machetes and garden hoes and leaving the bodies to rot in the streets will surely make Sweden and EU in general more “colorful”.

    Primarily red.

    As in “the multitudinous seas incarnadine” to quote the dead white Bard.

  14. I revisited the White Rose leaflets recently. Some of what these brave people wrote in WW2 Germany applies to our populations today. The Muslims and political correctness sound like the Nazis who got away. Who is Hitler and who is Churchill?

    • I really hate to rain on your parade of leftist/communist thinking, but fear not good friends and peoples of the west, resistance will come to the fore front as the Balkans on steroids and there will be no middle ground of COEXISTANCE and diversity, only the western way and all others flee or perish.

  15. I assume this Borg chap got voted in by the electorate. I’ll take a guess and say not all the candidates wanted to destroy their own country. I know who I blame.

    • Paris Claims is absolutely right. I don’t want to hear any more whining. I want to see action.

      I’m willing to bet that the lemmings all across Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe will re-elect the bums that brought them the islamic jihadist murderers, rapists and mooches next election and the one after that. Just like here.

      We re-elected the most incompetent president in the history of the United States of America, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we elect the worst Secretary of State in our history, to replace him…we all are headed down a pathway to oblivion if we continue to march on our present path.

      • They are getting wise to the fact that we are getting wise – hence their support for an immigrant electorate.

  16. All very well not blaming the bankers Paardestaart for the mess but the obvious fact is that these very same bankers, not your everyday bankers, but the Rothschild Cartel, are bent on creating and maintaining in perpetuity a fixed system where they are above the law and untouchable for any reason, and the rest of us apart from those who maintain the system, are a dumbed down, mongrelised hoi polloi who are welfare dependent drones whose permanent control will be extremely easy. It is unlikely that the masses will EVER be able to break out of this 1984-type system. If Obama succeeds in disarming White Christian America, the World will be heading for permanent lockdown.

    • You’re correct only so far as you skip past the ‘Rothschild cartel’ — like every other cartel of history — it didn’t last.

      Jews dominated banking ONLY when the Pope prohibited Christians from charging interest — and they actually obeyed the Pope.

      That ended centuries ago.

      The zany idea that Jews control global finances is as perverted as Nazism.

      It can’t be true because global savings and liquidity are not under any semblance of Jewish ‘domination’ — since these assets are held (globally) by fanatically anti-Jewish crowds: Muslim OPEC exporters, Red Chinese — and the highly nationalistic Japanese and Taiwanese. Even Europe is — financially — anti-Jewish.

      About the only place where a Jewish ‘financialist’ can have a career is in New York or London. Elsewhere they are actively discriminated against. (Putin ran off Ashkenazi Russians — who’ve fled to London.(aka ‘his critics’) The anti-Semitic nature of Putin’s nationalism gets no air play, no ink. Even the New York Times buries it: you’d think that Putin’s critics are just a bunch of ordinary, super-wealthy, Ivans. )

      You are correct in that the world’s central bankers conduct a lot of ‘log-rolling.’ (Going along to get along.) This, in spite of the fact that there is a full blown currency/trade war underway.

      This war is why the Yen just collapsed 20% in only 120 days versus the US dollar. This is an Earth shattering move — and it has Beijing in an absolute fit. She holds $1,000,000,000,000 in JGB — that just got reduced in value to $800,000,000,000 — for a haircut of $200,000,000,000 — imposed unilaterally by Tokyo.

      That’s some spanking over disputed islands!

      You might notice that the Rothschilds aren’t involved — not even in sight.

      If Red China had more freedom of action — she’d like to attack Japan. She can’t.

      Tokyo is going to use Abe’s ‘found money’ to spend on a massively expanded Japanese navy — no doubt. It’s the ONLY thing that Tokyo can spend money on — at home — that is sure to stimulate their national economy. It also represents a strategic break from dependence upon Buraq.

      In sum: a signature move by Barry. — It’s getting no press — of course.

      This strategic fiasco eclipses all matters, domestic, of course. It makes Benghazi trivial.

      If you want to be taken seriously, abandon the Protocols… it’s a fake.

  17. I don’t think Obama will succeed…he may cow 95% of White America, but that still leaves 10 million armed civilians…

    • Surprise, surprise, prime minister David Cameron has been talking to Mr Obama about the North Atlantic Free Trade Area. This is the same Mr Cameron who has been to India to sign a trade agreement which will make Britain virtually an econmic colony of India. Mr Cameron is obviously the New World Order’s place man. He can join up the EU to India because of Britain’s imperial past and he can join up the EU to North America because of Commonwealth Canada and the “special relationship” between Britain and US. It was funny that this was mentioned today. I doubt whether Obama feels anything special for Britain. He is the most anti-British president ever. He hates Britain because of what happened to his grandfather who was in the Mau Mau in colonial Kenya. He hates the British and sent back the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy. But Cameron and Obama do have one thing in common and that is working for the New World Order and the next step is the North Atlantic Union. America is already becoming as much if not more of a police state than the EU so it is perfect timing.

      When I was born 61 years ago, Britain was 99.9% white indigenous British. If my children live to be in their 80s then they will see a white indigenous minority in my country. A hundred years and they will have achieved their aims. Living in Britain today is living in a house with the windows and doors removed. When I was a child it was still like a fortress or a home. Now the winds are blowing in and it is open to the world; it is cold and people keep climbing in through the windows and the doors, people I do not want to live with and with whom I have nothing in common, neither racially, nor culturally nor historically. Even our own kith and kin have less and less knowledge of their own history, but this is the Marxists’ intention.

      I don’t feel as if I live in a country any more, a homeland, or as part of a people, I feel as if I live nowhere. I am as rootless and stateless as our immigrants. I am a refugee in my own country. I hate it, hate it, hate it and I hate them with a vengeance for doing this to us. There must be people all over Europe who feel the same. If you watch the Swedish crime dramas then it is amazing how ethnic Swedish actors are now in a minority. Sweden is losing its national identity at a frightening rate. I cannot work out if it is as fast as or fast than Britain; but even the British do not have as many tv actors of foreign extraction. The word we must use now is heritage not origin; as in the case of the muslim taxi drivers, from Pakistan and North Africa to be jailed for grooming native white girls for sex. I am pleased that the BBC used the term heritage rather than origin. This underlined that this is what they do back home and they have brought this barbarity to our shores.

    • Knock it off with that Armageddon stuff.

      Buraq is not going to be done in by Civil War II.

      Chicago on the Potomac runs on fiat money that is printed out of thin air: 40% of the budget at last look.

      Barry is on course to eliminate the US dollar as international money/ THE reserve currency. Even before that rubicon is crossed, his ability to spend (by taxing the asset value of dollar financials: bonds and notes) will collapse — 40%.

      At the same time, the international order will collapse. The entire planet will be trying to unload US dollars at the same time. A trade contraction beyond imagining will ensue.

      No more grift must mean the end of the Grifter-in-Chief.

      That’s how it ends for great powers, super powers and hyper powers. (c.f. USSR and Great Britain)

  18. This EVIL man is referring to ALMOST total population replacement whereby indigenous whites will be in a TINY minority. Ethnic cleansing is a CRIME against humanity.

    DAILY MAIL: Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.

    In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.

    He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work…

    End the TREASON! Massive numbers of immigrants MUST be returned to their countries of origin now! We must survive! The wicked ethnic cleansing, population replacement of Brits and Europeans must end!

    Send the immigrants home now before massively discriminated Brits and Europeans are reduced to living in FEAR as terrified minorities in THEIR OWN land!

    Join the Freedom Parties in Europe!

    Join Paul Weston’s new political party, Liberty GB, Britain’s last great hope!

    • All the left-wing parties in Europe are part of the Socialist International vowed to the Marxist one world revolution. In Britain the Labour party has not cared about the native working classes since the War, if not before. Dennis Healey was a communist in the 1930s. In 1948 they began their multicultural plan by bringing West Indians to these shores thinking that when we were all mixed up together there would be peace and harmony and a new utopia. How utterly incapable of rational thought these people are. I have just learnt that the EU is not in the top ten list of concerns for voters in Britain. This is staggering and indicates how dumbed-down the population has become. They do not realise that they are being swamped with Eastern Europeans through the free movement of labour and with third worlders through the UN’s Agenda 21 which was incorporated in the Lisbon Treaty and designed to bring millions more to Europe. The UN controls the EU and the EU controls them with 75% of our laws being diktats from what is a Marxist totalitarian superstate pledged to multiculturalise the whole continent.

      There is a Hindu gentleman who comments on the use of the term Asian in Britain to cover Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims from the Indian sub-continent. I notice he has said nothing on the action of leading rich Hindus here to oppose legislation making the Indian caste system illegal here. And then there are those gang rapes in India. And now we hear of a Sikh girl from Birmingham who went into hospital, mysteriously died and has been flown back to the UK with her organs missing, no doubt sold in India. I am afraid that we do not want Britain to turn into the Indian sub-continent but we suggest that Asians here, of whatever religion, might return to try and change the sub-continent into the civilised place they found when they arrived here. The third world will never change for the better if third worlders from wherever choose to flee to the First World which is now collapsing under the strain. Why is it that Africans and West Indians here do not choose to try to improve the lot of Africans? Why is it always left to Europeans until with third world immigration they are too swamped in their homelands to do anything to help those overseas.

  19. Just saw this headline about “colourful” Africa:
    Nigerian troops on new offensive against Islamists.
    Reuters – May 15, 2013

    Nigerian troops deployed in large numbers, part of a plan to rout an insurgency by the Boko Haram Islamist group that has seized control of parts of the region.

    The Islamist insurgency has cost thousands of lives and destabilized Africa’s top energy producer since it began in 2009, but it has mostly happened far from economic centers such as Lagos. The capital Abuja was, however, bombed in 2011 and 2012.

    Even their drab military is more colourful than a staid, safe IKEA Sweden!

  20. If Sweden’s minister of Finance, Anders Borg wants to bring color to Sweden then he should just hire a Nigerian dance troupe and have them come up and perform across the country.

    Something that will never penetrate the politically correct multi-verse that people like Anders Borg live in, is that just as a light complexion is an evolutionary adaption to living in northern climates, colorful displays and rhythmic and complicated dance are evolutionary adaptions for living in a hot equatorial climate.

    If anyone is interested in pursuing this observation further, I would suggest the works of the socio-biologists Robert Trivers. Years ago when I was a student at UC Santa Cruz, I had a chance to meet him and attend some of his lectures. Robert Trivers is a very “unique” individual, to say the least, as his short bio on Wikipedia testifies to. But his ideas on the biological basis for social behavior left a permanent imprint on my thinking on these matters.

    No doubt, within a year or two of cold and dark Swedish winters, most African immigrants will have forsaken their colorful native garb and adopted the same boring but warm and functional clothes that the Swedes already wear.

    Further, if one started with several isolated islands of Somali immigrants living in Sweden. And if it was possible to take the social welfare state out of the picture and let Darwinian selection take its course. Then, when one came back a couple of generations later, they would find a community of patient, quiet, forbearing, and stoic people with a fondness for lefse and molded Jell-O salads.

    Importing cultures doesn’t work because a culture has its basis in the climate and geography of the place it comes from. There are evolutionary reasons why Swedes are Swedes and not Africans.

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