Tommy Robinson on BBC Three Counties Radio

EDL leader Tommy Robinson was interviewed today by what can hardly be can be considered a friendly organization, and handled himself commendably. He overcame the interviewer’s attempt to force the conversation into the preferred, predictable politically correct “narrative”, and was able to make his points before a radio audience that rarely hears such facts and opinions:

Hat tip: Steen.

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  1. TRUST no one in the MEDIA Tommy, NO ONE! They are part of the system that wants to enslave the non-muslims. They are in on it!!

    Muslims are to be the enforcers for the new world order. LET us NOT let this happen.

    Down with the NWO and its enforcers.
    This is WAR!

  2. > He overcame the interviewer’s attempt

    This is obviously the only viable way to “win” such a debate. You have to talk faster, louder and more aggressive than them, dont let them finish, interrupt them, and when asked something, play back the ball and ask counter questions instead of answering.

    Just how caller Ali refused to answer the counter question was sufficient for Tommy to win the whole debate.

    • Yep, definitely. The other good one is when they say “common muslims are scared,” respond “no, WE’RE scared.” Always turn the tables, interview the interviewer.

  3. I think Tommy won. For a self-declared “uneducated ” bloke he is amazingly articulate and focussed. Maybe his passion is the clue and Thank God for that. HIS message is still not percolating to the general public even though most of those entirely agree with his views.
    Not ALL (likely few) EDL members are racist thugs and the EDL IS likely to attract many educated and “thinking”people – except that the MSM scare them off with unfounded accusations of “far right” (aka Nazi) .

    Mmmm. The LibLabCon politicians (MOST are con artists) got a scare in the recent local elections. What they seem NOT to realise is that UKIP success WILL encourage many more to vote UKIP because they suddenly seem to be a good possibility to ditch the LibLabCon crooks. Same with EDL. I DO so hope so on all counts.

    I think the choice for muslims is simple. Purge your community of killers and rapists OR return to your islamist hell holes.Once I would have welcomed you. Now I wish you would return home. You have presented rather too much trouble. We don’t need you and would prefer that you voluntarily left.

    I am quite sure that there really are “good muslims”. Sadly those very rarely make their mark let alone criticise what is so clearly written in their “holy book”.
    Sadly, ordered repatriation of ALL muslims may be the only way back. One bad apple i the barrel is bad enough . Except that I think that they may well be very MANY bad apples.

    • > I think the choice for muslims is simple. Purge your community of killers and rapists OR return to your islamist hell holes.

      This is the key observation. This is also what the host refused to realize.

      People form groups. Whether these groups are called states, religions, tribes or football fan clubs is not important. What is important is that not only the group called “state” is responsible for enforcing standards, every groups has this same responsibility, especially if they are intermixed with other groups.

      Like Germans have the moral responsibility to get rid of their Nazis, moderate Muslims also have the responsibility to get rid of theirs. 70 years ago, Germans were unable to control their extremists, so Russians, English and Americans had to march in and do it violently with a lot of collateral damage.

      The host keeps asking whether the Muslims are responsible if the extremists among them decapitates somebody: YES THEY ARE. Islam is the ideology that made them do it, but the group called Muslims, which the killers belonged to, is responsible for not having any mechanisms to get rid of extremists. They obviously have mechanisms, for subjugating of women, for example.

      If you are a woman and do not cover up, you will get massive problems with MUSLIMS. Massive problems. But if you are an extremist salivating over decapitating kuffar with meat cleavers, you will not. They’ll just consider you “very devout” and that’s it.

      But of being a very devout Muslim, i.e. a fundamentalist, means that you’ll start killing people, this means that the fundamentals of Islam command this and that it will happen if you follow the religion to the letter. Exactly this is the problem of moderate Muslims, because they know that their religion commands war, and that to modernize, they would have to throw out parts of the Quran. And exactly this is what they dont want to, because they would have to censor parts of the inerrant word of Allah, and then the inerrant word suddenly wouldnt be inerrant any more.

      Moderate Muslims abstain from the violence command in the Quran, but they do not do so formally by rejecting the violence. They just ignore it, but they sadly also just ignore when somebody does not ignore it and commits the commanded violence.

      Formally abstaining from the violence commanded in the Quran would bring their whole theology down, because the theology is based on violence.

    • Formally rejecting the parts of the Quran commanding violence would bring their whole theology down like evolution brings down christian theology based on the concepts of soul and sin.

      The Muslim majority refuses to formally abstain from violence, this is a fact and the root of the problem.

      There are minor Muslim sects that also formally abstain from violence, called Ahmadiyya Muslims, just google how the majority Muslims treat them because of this.

  4. Tony Robinson is wonderfully articulate and insightful. It is SOOO unfortunate that the insufferable interviewer inflicted on the listeners overwhelmingly long and loud politically correct statements such that Tony could hardly get a single sentence in before he was cut off again and again. The audience came to hear Tony (a prince) and got blatherer instead.

  5. You’ll notice how the guy refused to touch the FACT that the killers were quoting the Koran and saying very clearly that Islamic teachings from that book were the reason they were hacking an unarmed British soldier to death in the middle of the street.

    And finally Tommy had the opportunity to fight back against this ridiculous notion that discussing Islamic teachings and practices has anything to do with race – the Koran is a book, it consists of paper and ink. It doesn’t have DNA. So how can Islam be a race?

    • As Tommy said, Islam is not like a race like Scientology is not a race and like Communism is not a race.

      But Islam is intelligent. It _knows_ that racism is an European historical sore spot, and that racism is frowned upon in Europe, so it uses the accusation of racism as a rhetorical device to silence critics.

      It is as simple as that. I dont want you to say something out loud, and if you say it, I will publicly accuse you of racism.

      Like a false rape accusation is not about rape but about damaging the opponent, these false racism accusations are not about racism but about damaging criticism of Islam.

  6. The radio host tries to say that if an EDL member is racist or a nazi, this casts a bad light on the EDL. But on the other hand he goes to lengths to say that the muslim extremist murderers should not cast a bad light on islam. So on the one hand the member represents the group, but on the other hand, the member does not represent the group. Which is it? Blatant hypocrisy. Either the bad apple spoils the bunch or the bad apple does not spoil the bunch. He tries to say the bad instances of the EDL are representative of the EDL in general, but the bad instances of islam are not representative of islam in general. If the murder should not cast a bad light on islam, then why should a nazi salute cast a bad light on the EDL? If a nazi EDL means the EDL is nazi, then a murderer muslim means muslims are murderers.

    • Exactly – their double standards are blatantly obvious to everyone but them. So it’s good to point this out to them.

      • I think that their double standards are also obvious to them too.

        They rather think that we have too many Muslims now and that it is too late to apply logic strictly, because applying logic strictly would inevitably lead to cracking down on Islam, like we already did with Nazism, Communism and other totalitarian ideologies.

        But we also did not crack down on Nazism immediately, we appeased them for years and years and we only took action when it already was too late.

        Right now, we are in the stage of wide scale denial and appeasement. We are in the stage Charlie Chaplin was when he had problems getting funding for “The Great Dictator” because the studios feared they would offend the Führer.

        The appeasers very well know that they are appeasing and applying double standards, but they think that they have to do exactly this to prevent war.

        The only reason why they think that doing the same what already didnt work with the Nazis will work this time is because they are not the same people who fought the Nazis. Those people would not make the same stupid mistake twice.

        This is all so stupid and so so avoidable.

        • Denying reality out of cowardice -craven and unintelligent. They refuse to learn from history. A Jewish gentleman, Yossi Winter, told this tale:

          “I grew up in Budapest, and the Nazis occupied Hungary just after my Bar Mitzvah. I remember that many Jews from the countryside were being taken to ‘work camps’.

          A man once came to our synagogue to warn us about what was happening. He was dishevelled and distraught. He went up in the middle of the Torah reading and said that he escaped from Auschwitz, where he saw that thousands of Hungarian Jews arriving daily on the trains and being taken to the gas chambers. He said, ‘Don’t believe that you will be taken to work camps. Save yourselves. Run to the forest and hide.’

          The community leaders said he was inciting and they threw him out.”

          Just like Tommy Robinson today.

          Mr. Winter concluded, “It made such an impression on me. I don’t know what happened to him, but I still have nightmares about it.”

  7. BBC Three Counties Radio must not have money to hire anything but an arrogant, pompous, condescending, ponsified git nob who obviously knows nothing about Tommy Robinson, or his personal travails. Who feels sure in his ivory tower of political correctness that he can correct Tommy Robinson. The coup de grace was when he invited Tommy to a mosque or a secret place for talks. Hello! Tommy has become very focused after months in solitary confinement and tried to tell this twit about the threats to his and his families lives and how the police ignore them. I cannot express my revulsion at a so called member of the media who brought absolutely nothing to the interview but his own ego. And is blind to the danger within the UK. Caused by politicians and willfully blind media such as himself.

    • I agree. But how many times has Tommy been interviewed by similar PC/MC/Commie knobs? The agenda is always loaded against him and when this fails, they resort to the magic word…..WAYCIST.

      OK What’s a definition of a racist? A racist is a man who is winning an argument with a commie.

      Keep up the good work.

  8. Tommy is handling himself more self assuredly with each interview but in my opinion needs to calmly attack these interviewers with facts. Ask if the interviewer has read the Koran, Hadith and Sura, if not then how can they (the interviewer) discuss Islam rationally. Ask, should Islam be subject to critical analysis as other religions/beliefs have been, if not, why not? Also, do they believe the Koran is the actual word of God as Muslims believe and is it the “Religion of Peace” as stated ad-nauseum by Muslims? If they quote the peaceful verses, remember abrogation. Quote actual verses of the Koran and ask the interviewer if he believes these verses are acceptable, how are not they not hate speech and how they do not incite violence? The truth backed by facts, not hearsay and waffle, will prevail. Expose these interviewers for the empty headed fools and dhimmies they are.

    • > needs to calmly attack these interviewers with facts.

      He already _is_ attacking them with facts.

      But I think that presenting the facts calmly is wrong, since it would suggest that all is fine and dandy, there is no hurry, and that he is just presenting one opinion among many, like a old boring politician.

      The anger, the passion, the empathy, the enthusiasm Tommy brings accross is the essential part of the message. You absolutely need that kind of viral enthusiasm to awake people from their big sleep.

      • Without a doubt. He’s a charismatic speaker and he shouldn’t change a thing.

  9. Tommy easily took control of this idiot, dhimmi presenter and made the two callers out for being the idiot tools they are. Thoroughly enjoyed listening.
    Well done, Tommy.

  10. It was a good interview. Tommy did well.
    Meeting moderate muslims so they can tell Tommy that they don’t support violence is pointless. Those same moderates need to tell their clerics that the Jihad nonsense is unacceptable and then rat them out to the police if they preach it. However, that is not going to happen is it?. Even if a muslim man (no one in islam cares what women think) of moral courage stood up in the mosque and denounced violence, all the clerics would have to do is point to the Koran. It is all in there–the things moderates object to are all endorsed by the book and demanded of good muslims. The fact is that the killers were the true followers of the book and moderates who renounce the violence that is endorsed by the Koran are not good members of their faith. They are denying and living in opposition to their own scriptures.
    Also the EDL need to release that when Tommy talks of political correctness, what that really means is that islamic millitants are now clients of the left(–and that now includes, in the largest sense, the present blulabour gang in Westminster). They hope to use immigration and swelling muslim numbers to undermine and destroy our society (which has been their ambition since Marx first published his ordure a century and a half ago). They think islamists will serve them as shock troops and when the chaos is sufficient they will step in and stage a leftist coup. A pathetic fantasy a 100 years out of date.
    To defeat Islamic takeover the left will first need to be exposed for their crimes. The next time “racism” is put up against the EDL it would be wise to point out that supporting socialism is far worse than racism. Socialism has murdered 150 million people in the last 100 years. And yet there is no shortage of those who will stand up and declare their pride in the legacy of socialist tyranny and murder.

    • > so they can tell Tommy that they don’t support violence is pointless.

      It is absolutely not pointless. The meeting should not be used so that they can taqiyya him to oblivion, but so he can use the meeting to ask the Muslims in front of running cameras to reject the parts of the Quran commanding war, killings and violence. He has to quote the specific suras and ask the moderates to reject them, not just to abstractly reject violence.

      They of course will not be willing to do this publicly, since this would be like apostasy and lead to consequences.

      And if they refuse to reject Quran-commanded violence in front of the cameras, Tommy automatically wins the argument and has a video proof of it moderates siding with the jihadis.

  11. I was at the EDL march at Downing street. The so called “anti-fascists” were the ones masking their faces not showing themselves, and not the EDL supporters . This biased radio personality claims wrongly, and I have the photos to prove otherwise .

  12. If Islam dropped its jihad Islam would fade to nothingness – violence is crucial to it because it’s its primary recruiting aid.

    Tommy is doing well. Stick to the facts and present them with authority – but without emotion. Emotion is the modus operandi of the liberal-left; facts they hate and avoid like the plague. Focus on the Koran’s call to arms.

    Maybe I’m an old optimist, but I feel there’s been a shift in opinion in our favour. I don’t know where it’s going or whether it will be maintained, and of course the murder of drummer Rigby will have played its part, but I get the feeling that even the BBC has had to shift its stance. The cat is out of the bag. Islam has shown its true colours and they are so glaring they are impossible to ignore.

  13. Tommy made many good points ……. especially when he gave the Mod the opportunity to think which is “racism” and which is not.
    The Mod became “destroyed” on that …….. and he had “loved” apparently his “racism lie” very much.

    When “Ali” got the question if the murderers of Lee have been Muslims …….. it was to feel how the Muslim realized something………

    Finally the ” former EDL member” who was brought into troubles ……

    For the meeting with Muslims Tommy should have someone at his side who does know quotes from the Quoran ……… to show which is the “Muslims mind

    And: Because of the murder threads to you and your family.
    Tommy: I think Carla del Ponte is waiting for your call, Not all inside the EU is false. Just start a lawyer to bring attention on this.
    Motivate a friend to thrive this before the UN.

    THIS IS A MAJOR CRIME not to investigate on Terror threads !

  14. Practice improves the speaker. Tommy Robinson is getting pretty good with handling hostile media….and getting his message across over and above their objections. He clearly is well informed…and has improved immensely over just a few years ago. We all have. Refining and honing and developing the arguments and indictments.

    Good onya, mate!

  15. When the interviewer asserted that it stood to reason that some of the EDL guys were racist, which in logical terms is an I proposition (Some S is P) perhaps something along these lines would be a strong return of serve:

    You have made an assertion.
    But you have provided nothing in support of that assertion.

    So please provide an argument in support of what you have said.

    Argue your case – and do it without question begging (assuming what you are setting out to prove.)

    Put them on the back foot, don’t give them anything, make them define their own terms, and if they can’t then tell them they literally dont’ know what they’re talking about. And when they make assertions about Tommy or the EDL make them prove that what they say has substance. If they can’t then throw that right back at them.

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  17. I am the 66 year old daughter of holocaust survivors. They have been calling Israel , nazi and now the Englishman who is standing up for his country is a nazi. I do not understand the left’s. love affair with Islamic jihad. It is suicide for England to be complicit in its own destruction. The Boston bombers and mom were radicalized in Saudi funded al Qaida mosque. We aren’t allowed to know that. I know fascism and danger when I see it. You are speaking truth to brutal power. Your country men need to stand with you. God speed. Save your country.

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