15 thoughts on ““This is the Moment to Take Sides”

  1. Why is it that these words are falling on deaf ears? I fear that Britain is gone for good. The Elites have disarmed the masses and can get away with everything they want.

    • As that previous poster said of his native city of Leicester where King Richard the 3rd must have been spinning under his grave under that car park and which is now a part of the Indian Sub-continent, the fate for the whole of Britain eventually, he has had no option but to advise his children to leave and hand their ancient land over to the third world masses. As fast as we are leaving they are pouring in, it is called balanced migration and has been the case for the last 60 years so that the BNP cannot be faulted for talking of total race replacement. Those of us too old to leave now must opt for internal exile, shutting ourselves away with our books and our music as our leaders continue to hand our country over. Better to hide away than to venture forth into India, Pakistan or the West Indies or Africa. The alternative is to walk in the hills miles away from anybody which have remained unchanged for millennia and which will remain unchanged even when the English are gone.

  2. I love Pat Condell’s video’s but I think the message in this video is weak. It’s an appeal to “moderate” muslims to step up and renounce the violent jihadists. That’s all well and good, and how long shall we wait for that? Actually, haven’t we already been waiting for quite some time?

    When it comes to protecting your nation you shouldn’t plead with immigrants to be righteous and moral, you shouldn’t implore them to demonstrate their good intentions by publicly denouncing sharia, the rape of our daughters and beheadings of our sons.

    Over one thousand years of Islam’s history tells you everything you need to know. Islam does not belong in western countries. Zero upside, all downside.

    The solution isn’t to invite troublesome third world tribes into your fair nation and then spend enormous resources, decade after decade, trying to coerce them to behave. The solution is to act in the best interests of your fathers, your forefathers, and your nation. Don’t invite the third world into your home in the first place. There’s not one single good reason to do it. Unless, of course, you have an ulterior, unpatriotic agenda.

    • I agree with you, manesteiner. Although it’s weaker than I’d like, I noticed this video by atheist Pat Condell has a couple of hopeful signs: he used the phrase, “God knows…”, and he didn’t end it as he usually does by flashing Sir Winston Churchill’s V-for-victory handsign and saying the hippyish, “Peace”.

      We need a crusade for real peace.

      • Not weak at all. Surely Pat is saying that if ‘moderate’ Muslims fail to denounce the Koran’s call for armed jihad then they are not the moderates they purport to be.

        • “Moderate” muslims have been historically quiet, and peaceful, and bless their hearts but they affect no influence on anything. They are forever docile. I wish them well.

          My point is that a healthy England shouldn’t trouble itself with sorting out the difference between a “moderate” muslim and a jihadist muslim. I want to hear the argument as to why England should import muslims in the first place.

  3. Well said Mr. Condell, but we shouldn’t hold our breath while we wait for the appropriate response.
    Muslims are themselves the most damaged by the cult of islam, what is required is for our leaders to speak the truth as you have spoken it here and use all of the force necessary and available to the state to defeat this evil.

  4. Islam is a curse upon western society and must be removed. Those who follow Islam are nothing more than poor lost souls who have been corrupted by the vile, dangerous cult which hides behind the “religion” title.

    • Thank god nobody told the Nazis about the “freedom of religion” legal loophole, otherwise they could easily had quickly proclaimed Adolf Hitler their prophet and Mein Kampf the revealed word of god, and today we would have to respect them and their swastika waving, hitler salute showing and goose-stepping culture, 85yr old grandmas would be arrested for expressing criticism at their rallies and suicidal liberals would be chanting how much they enjoy the enrichment by national socialism the movement of peace.

  5. “Armed jihad “- prefacing the Islamic spiritual struggle with the word
    ‘ armed ‘ is pure folly.
    By far the most treacherous islamic struggle is the inner struggle to render every muslim fetish and its pernicious sharia sacrosanct in the western psyche , a supremacist occupation of our secular public sphere
    …drip-by-drip-… ” western values are being destroyed by a million cuts by a totalitarian/fascist ideology …. mostly unarmed !
    We ignore, at our peril, that holy-jihad is a pillar of islam and it’s manifestation is a multi-headed hydra, the holy- ‘struggle’ occasionally drops the velvet glove to expose an bloody iron fist ~!?!

  6. Great idea Pat. Back Muslims into corners to directly denounce Islamic Doctrine.

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