“The Police Are Running”

The video below was evidently shot from a high-rise in Husby, Sweden, by Muslim children. It shows a brief view of an incident in which police were fleeing from the rioters.

Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

See the earlier post for translated articles about the Husby riots.

17 thoughts on ““The Police Are Running”

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  3. I’ve been told many times about how Sweden is such a calm, peaceful, tolerant enlightened place… now I see just how peaceful & enlightened it really is. Little kids love it so much, that they shout “Allahu Akbar”! (presumably thanking Allah for all that benefit money & other goodies that Sweden’s given them?)

    • The decline of the Swedish society started 50 years ago, and the last 20 years the decline has accelerated. Now, Sweden is a dangerous country where it is particularly dangerous to tell the truth.

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  5. Burn Stockholm Burn!!!!……let your humiliation be your legacy and your epitaph…………may your cowardice and collusion be your everlasting shame as you are [redacted]………..may your misery and shame last ten thousand years and one more well deserved day after all of that………..oh how the Muhammadans must soil themselves with laughter watching you squirm and grovel……..how the snickering and gloating must echo off the rafters in mosques from Mecca to Montreal………put on your burqa Sweden and shuffle off into the pages of history with the derisive, mocking laughter of better men and women ringing in your ears……..Burn Stockholm Burn!!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    • You be reading too much Macbeth while imbibing too much Glenfidich!!

      • “Put on your burqa, Sweden, and shuffle off the pages of history.”
        Truer words were never said.

  6. A short report on the Husby riots has been broadcasted in a hungarian MSM TV channel. How interesting that this issue has received this kind of coverage outside the blogosphere…

  7. In any well-run society, riots should be considered an opportunity to chlorinate the gene pool, reduce the welfare rolls, and permanently eliminate large numbers of repeat offenders, all at once. Rioters should be given one chance to disperse peacefully, then lethal force should deployed to maximum effect against the rioters.

  8. I have checked a few of the leading Swedish newspapers. Noone tells the ethnicity of the rioters. “The xenophobia profits the riots” (Dagens nyheter). The police are also critisized. “Young people get provoked by police presence in the center of Husby” (Svenska dagbladet).

  9. In 2010 we went to Sweden to visit wife’s family and to do some travel. Stopped off at a place called Orebro as we headed north. Hotel looked down on town square, the police station was on other side of street. From about midnight there was a hell of a commotion. Groups of foreigners screaming outside police station to protest some perceived injustice. Police running outside to move protesters along. Scuffles. More police arriving sirens blaring. Firecrackers? set off. Silence for a few hours and then more yelling and screams and the police running out onto the street. A mini battle all night long. Way to go. Way to ruin a country. Too common now.

    Sweden was a real beauty. Special and gifted but that was too boring, so it had to end for some reason.

  10. The police are for the most part Dialog Polis, aren’t they, thus not equipped to deal with intifadas

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