The Fourth Dimension of Warfare, Part 2: J’accuse

After a long hiatus, Seneca III returns with the second part of “The Fourth Dimension of Warfare”. Previously: Part 1.

The Fourth Dimension of Warfare, Part 2: J’accuse

by Seneca III

Is this our Last Chance Saloon before the political classes try on their “I have in my hand a piece of paper signed by…” ploy?

Caveat: This article was completed and was about to be forwarded to GoV when the news from Woolwich started to break, and I have sat on it since then, wondering what to do with it. Much of it is probably redundant now, particularly Articles 3, 5 & 12 they having been overtaken in importance by the more pressing reality that we as a people are at last beginning to openly address. However if the Articles in the Indictment are re-arranged in the order 11, 2, 10, 9, 7 and then the others in any order according to the reader’s personal preference (because in effect they are all part of whole deconstructionist project) it may well retain some relevance, particularly as I now suspect ‘The Ploy’ draws ever closer.

— Saturday, 25th May, 2013 Gregorian (Yawn as-sabt, Rajab 15, 1434 Al Hijra)

In order to politely and reasonably voice any concerns or ask any questions they may have, all UK citizens are free to contact the Member of Parliament who has been elected to represent the constituency wherein they live. This can be done at what is known as a surgery, whereby the MP attends in person to listen in privacy, normally at the designated Constituency Office, or it can be accomplished by mail or e-mail, the latter via the parliamentary web portal.

Hence I am currently giving serious consideration to forwarding the following to my MP, and it occurred to me that perhaps there might be a few UK Gates of Vienna readers and others who are inclined to do likewise. Do let me know what you think of this idea if there are any of you out there, and, if you have any ideas as to how this might be more broadly co-ordinated in some way for best effect, please don’t hesitate to contribute.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Dear Honourable Member,

I would like to thank the Conservative Party and their Liberal Democrat and New Labour colleagues for being the gift that keeps on giving. You have, collectively, helped me to finally define myself beyond any reasonable doubt.

In a way it really is a relief to be ‘outed’ and, consequently, although I do not take kindly to the “racist, swivel-eyed loon and far-right clown of a Little Englander” epithet I will respond accordingly. I offer below an Indictment of you and yours in the form of twelve Articles, those deep and abiding concerns that have brought me to write to you this day — [My personal position on these issues is in italics and brackets, thus].


Article 1. Concerning the political as opposed to the cultural EU, its laws and their application (i.e. the EConHR & the ECofHR), its unaccountable institutions, its vast horde of also unaccountable yet lushly rewarded bureaucrats, its financial accounts that have never been signed off and, most of all, its open contempt for the common man and its blatant disregard of the interests and freedoms of those it is supposed to represent: this EU is of no benefit any of us, and that you and yours will not give me and my fellow citizens the opportunity to decide upon our future within or without it is unacceptable:

[Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty is the ratified means by which any member state can undertake an orderly departure from the EU, and we must be given the opportunity to decide whether we wish to take that step. We must be given that opportunity NOW, not next year, not at some undefined time in an unforeseeable future, but now, within the minimum time frame it takes to organise the logistics thereof, and certainly no longer than three months hence.]

Article 2. Immigration. We the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were never asked whether or not we wished to become the dumping ground for every parasite and predator from every failed socio-economic system on the planet. You and yours, past and present, have either enabled this or failed to stop it or reverse it. This is treason, nothing more, nothing less:

[Close the in-door, open the out-door. Open it wide and offer all assistance to those who freely choose to go and whatever form of encouragement is needed to those who don’t so choose. This country is full to overflowing and screwing down the lid on this fragile vessel in the hope that it will contain the increasingly higher pressures generated is nothing more than wishful thinking at best, and in truth probably something far worse. We must open the safety valve, and do it now before these islands explode of their own accord.]

Article 3. Your so called ‘cross party’ insistence on pushing ahead with the building of yet more Wind Farms and that ill-conceived High Speed Rail Line to Birmingham is political arrogance elevated to an art form. And that neither of these projects will generate either financial or material benefit to those of us who will have to pay for them is worthy of an indictment in its own right:

[The first, Wind Farms, are an inevitable manifestation of the great global warming scam whereby acquisitive third world klepotocrats and first world plutocrats together with their supporters at the farcically named UN use carbon taxes and similar schemes to line their own pockets at our expense as we are driven into fuel poverty. The second, the HS Rail Line, is simply politically sanctioned vandalism intended to tear apart the culture-defining countryside of Middle England and the peaceful homogeneity of its native inhabitants. The construction of Wind Farms (taxpayer-subsidised, inefficient, economically unviable and unfit for any purpose that they are) must cease immediately and all subsidies to existing projects must be withdrawn without any further burden on the taxpayer — the speculators will just have to take a haircut. As for the proposed HS Rail Line, major improvements to the existing lines, with their far less negative environmental and human impact, would be more than sufficient to meet the travel times and freight volume requirements of this small island. Essentially, both Wind Farms and HS Rail are social engineering rather than civil engineering projects and will, if not stopped in their tracks, result in the further deconstruction of this once green and pleasant land and its indigenous peoples. And our children and grandchildren — if any survive their introduction to Islamic barbarism — will end up paying for generations to come without any tangible benefit to us or to them.]

Article 4. Foreign Aid. You are giving away money we don’t have, against the wishes of a majority of the electorate, either in order to secure the votes of those members of the recipient countries who live here and to whom you have foolishly given the right to determine how our non-existent wealth is distributed, or you are doing so for long-term personal benefit (e.g. see Blair). Giving any Foreign Aid in our present financial situation is not simply insanity, it the personification of ideological tyranny disguised as humanitarianism or altruism.

[This money, or some of it, must applied to Home Aid instead, and only where required in cases of genuine need and non-self-inflicted hardship. If and when we do have a surplus, instead of having to borrow in order to make these hand-outs as we do at the moment, then we could make a judicious contribution to International natural-disaster relief projects, thus satisfying any global moral obligations we may have.]

Article 5. Your attempt to institutionalise gay marriage and child adoption/surrogacy is an offence against both decency and biology:

[One man plus one woman plus children equals a family, in essence all that is proper and is needed. Some form of legal union between consenting adults of the same sex for the protection of their mutual assets and to enable them to live safely in peace and harmony is fine, but full marriage in its existing sense and with its attendant implications concerning the upbringing of children is not.]

Article 6. You and yours continue to enable the creeping imposition of Sharia Law and the nationwide spread of the primitive socio-political practices it mandates, specifically but not solely the organised mass rape, torture and sexual enslavement of non-Muslim children, honour killing and perpetual gratuitous violence in the name of Allah, practices that you who are currently occupying the legislative and executive branches of government either surreptitiously permit in the name of ‘Multiculturalism’ or deliberately ignore in the name of ‘community harmony’ and ‘cultural sensitivity’. This is simply treason of a magnitude that defies belief.

[These practices, this way of life if it can be called such, are an abomination, an abrogation of everything the West has stood for, fought for and paid a huge blood price for over the centuries. Appeasement is not the solution; it is the road to hell. This parlous situation demands and requires immediate rectification, a swift and total return to the legal and social systems that existed prior to the clandestine imposition of the alien laws and ideologies that now threaten to entrap us in the same evolutionary cul-de-sac into which Islam has shuffled itself. We did away with the death penalty for apostasy and heresy nearly four hundred years ago; we abolished slavery in these islands over two hundred years ago, and we followed shortly thereafter by abolishing preferential gender suffrage, the act of bringing about the full emancipation of women. That these primitive practices have re-surfaced in the United Kingdom, and done so to the extent they have, is an indictment of our whole political class. Those of you of the political establishment and its accompanying chattering classes who are still actively permitting or promoting what is essentially the destruction of our culture and way of life, and likewise those of you from the recent past who have since slithered off into affluent retirement or employment: You, both history and we the people will hold to account.]

Article 7. The recent revelation that the cost of ‘welfare’ benefits as handed out in London alone, where the indigenous population are now a minority in their own capitol, is higher than that spent upon our decimated and overstretched Armed Forces is an act of aiding and abetting the enemy:

[This is but a further example of the corruption and utter destitution of contemporary political thinking. We must reverse this inequality and its ratios without delay — the defining function of any government of the UK is Defence of the Realm. I will say that again — the defining function of any government of the UK is Defence of the Realm.]

Article 8. Your adoption of and refusal to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and thus relieve us of the insane dictates of the European Court of Human Rights, that in general preclude us from properly defending ourselves against both economic and violent physical terrorism, is a case of your absolving yourselves from any obligation to fulfil the requirements of your defining function:

[Human rights as defined and applied by the political and judicial organisations referred to above can only be a ‘right’ for those who by their conduct towards their fellow man and by their contributions to society and their communities have been seen to have earned them. The human rights of those who parasitise and/or predate upon society have not been earned, and therefore cannot have any definition in law.]

Article 9. The abolition of freedom of speech and the creation of a Thought Police in all but name in order to suppress any whom attempt to continue to exercise this freedom is perhaps the most frightening of all tyrannies:

[We must restore freedom of speech without delay. Its abolition was and remains the first step upon the road to serfdom — our laws concerning libel and slander, if properly enforced, were perfectly adequate, as were and are those laws ensuring all of our other freedoms.]

Article 10. Defining Islam as a race despite the fact that its followers are actually recruited, most often forcefully, from virtually every race on earth, and then prosecuting Islam’s critics and opponents for ‘racial’ hatred is Dhimmitude of the first degree:

[Islam is a theocratic political system based upon slavery and imposed and enforced by violence at every level. It is not and never has been a race as such, since the time of its first conquests.]

Article 11. Your unwillingness or inability to protect us from or stem the tsunami of deconstructionism that is inundating high and low places without as well as within the Palace of Westminster speaks for itself:

[In the fields of political, academic and educational thought and practice, and also in virtually every other aspect of our daily lives, we are being deconstructed and destroyed both as a people and as a culture. This is ethnic cleansing, our ethnic cleansing, and it is being executed with malice aforethought. Change it must, and change it will. See Cromwell’s speech to the Rump Parliament as appended below, you might find it well worth contemplating.]

Article 12. The mutation of a necessary and useful organisation, the Factory Inspectorate, into the Health & Safety Executive — a vast, publicly funded, self-perpetuating industry employing just about every otherwise unemployable ‘jobsworth’ in the country — as gradually instituted and sustained by successive governments including yourselves is both a drag on human progress and yet another drain on the resources of productive net contributors.

[Why, it must be asked, is virtually every other person in country, including yours truly, now having to ponce around in a fluorescent yellow jacket once outside of the boundaries of his or her home environment? My answer: “Because H&S as currently practised brings personal freedom to an end and human progress to a halt. It sabotages the fundamental mechanisms of Darwinian evolution by suppressing hybrid vigour and its attendant urge to explore human limitations and our environment with all of the risks that entails. Simply put, it seeks to reduce us all to the level of the lowest common denominator.” So, for a start, let us, at least in principle, have a bonfire of the yellow jackets and a swift return to the use of common sense in all areas where we interface with our fellow workers and fellow citizens. We are beginning to look like nothing more than a nation of perambulating daffodils and, most likely, will end up with the same collective IQ unless we call a halt!]

Essentially, Honourable Member, if you want my vote next time around or sooner then you are going to have demonstrate to me that you will utilise it in my interests. My vote is not yours to do with as you please; it is merely on loan to you in order to enable you to govern on my behalf and in my best interests according to my wishes.

I remain, yours sincerely,


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Address to the Rump Parliament — 20th April 1653

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you who were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!

Oliver Cromwell

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18 thoughts on “The Fourth Dimension of Warfare, Part 2: J’accuse

  1. With just a few minor adjustments in the text this could also be applied to the United States of Americastan

  2. Thanks for posting Cromwell’s speech to the Rump Parliament. I am staggered at how it applies equally to today’s occupants of the green and red benches. As for approaching my mp, I went to see my then mp, Douglas Hurd, in the 1980s at his surgery on the subject of immigration. I am afraid I suffer perhaps from the same naivete as Enoch Powell, having a very logical brain and assuming that all others think as logically. Surely, I thought, Mr Hurd must see that mass immigration is illogical lunacy. But no, he only said one thing; “This will take hundreds of years to sort out” i.e. I will be long dead and buried before the sh.. hits the fan. He then went into a sort of trance and seemed not to be listening to a thing I was saying. Some clever person even suggested he might have been brainwashed. He came out of his trance when it was obvious I had given up and was about to leave. So don’t expect any mp to follow logic, decency or common sense, they are either ideological fanatics of the libertarian or Marxist variety or just having their palms greased with silver.

    I have just been sent a piece on the German psychologist Tanya’s comparison of Islam to totalitarian socialism and Nazism, which was of course totalitarian socialism also. However, it occurred to me that Marxist multiculturalism is along the same lines. Mr Tanya argued that most Germans stayed silent and went along with the fanatical few as did most Russians and most Chinese. How true of how the British have reacted to the multiculturalism imposed on them, especially since the Labour Government in the 1960s imposed draconian legislation and hence began the process of dismantling Britain and turning it into an anti-fascist fascist police state.

    • “He then went into a sort of trance and seemed not to be listening to a thing I was saying. Some clever person even suggested he might have been brainwashed.”

      Have also witnessed this strange phenomenon, a seisure of the intellect when even vaguely informed of the sociopolitical reallity.

  3. Nowhere in the article did Seneca address the fundamental differences of the spiritual character of Islam and Christianity. The former takes, the latter gives. For adherents of the former it is “Inshallah” or “as god wills. For those of the latter, God who is worshipped knows the end from the beginning and lovingly cares for all humanity as a shepherd does for His sheep. The former is brutal and brooks no competition, the latter is caring and invites all to “Taste and see that the Lord is good” and openly invites comparison and even appraisal.
    Islam confronts the world demanding submission and obeisance in exchange for being allowed to live. Christianity has proven its truth, its relevance, and its societal worth. The former can only offer physical death while killing others as the path to the salvation from hell. The latter offers life, more abundantly, and eternally to those who choose to follow Jesus Christ by faith.
    The enemy (Satan) comes only to kill, steal, and destroy, characteristics and behaviors that typify Islam. God, in Christ, comes to bring life, hope eternal, and joy that comes with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The enemy thinks that all that is necessary is to slaughter all the Jews so that none will be present to cry out, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,” and thus bring Jesus’ return to earth. The enemy also thinks that if all Christians are dead, or gone, there will be no one to tell the Jews the Good News of Salvation by Grace through Faith apart from the Law. In this strategy Satan refuses to acknowledge that God is on the Throne, just as he attempted to usurp it in the past and continues to do so today.
    With all due respect Seneca, just as you wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, you would not bring carnal weapons to a spiritual battle. Jesus rode into battle in Jerusalem about 2000 years ago, just as foretold, on a donkey that no one else had ridden. One week later He arose from the dead and walked out of town victorious, having conquered sin, death, hell, and the grave. The enemy hasn’t gotten it yet that he was defeated by the cross and the empty tomb. The behavior of the true believers of Dar-al-Salaam attest to that but their day of reckoning is soon as the patience of He who sits enthroned is quickly running out and the days the He foretold are soon to come. Maranatha.
    Steven Davis

    • A Mohammedan says inshallah.
      A Christian says Deus vult.
      And God wills that we fight Islam.
      Gather under the banner of St. Michael, St. Louis and St. Athanasius.
      Protect the integrity of your culture and religion. No one else can.

    • Steven: in a short article of this length I only had the time and space to address the demanding realities of the moment. Deeper philosophical (or metaphysical if you wish) analysis will have to wait until we are in a position to indulge therein.

      Time is not on our side; we are, secular humanist that I am and Christian humanist that you present as, are in nothing less than a survival fight for both of our futures and cannot afford to waste what little time we have in internecine debate. I say this without wishing to give offence, and I hope I have not done so.

      Sincerely, S III.

      • You haven’t. I only wished to point out that this is one battle that belongs to the Lord as Satan is supporting and energizing (almost openly) the enemy who wishes to destroy us. From reading the posts, yours and others, you and others who are humanists seem to be fighting with knives emplaced field artillery. There is no rancor or division nor any offense. Rather, there are tears shed for what you must endure. You are loved, and prayed for as are all the others who are taking a stand against the coming darkness in which no one will be able to work. Know this, I stand with you in Christ. I pray that you would stand with me in Him as well. God Bless you and yours.
        Steven Davis

  4. It even fit the Danish government too.

    All I have to do is translate it and post it.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Thanks, please consider some toughts and comments –

    Article 1. On EU – this is of secondary importance. If European countries positioned itself correctly as pro-civilization entities, there wouldn’t be need to abandon EU. One can force EU to evolve to something more acceptable.

    Article 2. Immigration. OK – but curb the third world emigration only. There is no threat from “Bulgarians and Romanians”, no more than from Poles or French or Russiansn or even Chinese. They are all cultural brothers.

    Article 3. Wind turbines – Secondary importance. Britain should push for international crusade, to bring oil prices down. That will solve energy problem, short term.

    Article 4. Foreign Aid. Correct. Stop it.

    Article 5. Gay marriage – secondary issue.

    Article 6. Sharia Law and Islamization – OK. All three branches of jihad must be cut off – violent, civilizational, and institutional.

    Article 7. Recalibrate Welfare and MOD expenditures – OK. Britain needs more soldiers ad patriots, and less parasites.

    Article 8. ECHR – secondary. This is matter of interpretation. Human Rights themselves aren’t bad, one needs to ensure that this law industry doesn’t limit freedoms and not applied selectively.

    Article 9. Freedom of speech – OK. Very important. There is stealth imposition of censorship, everybody knows that.

    Article 10. On Islam – OK. Islam is aggressive, destructive, totalitarian, supremacist, archaic and barbaric sect. If not banned completely, then at least it should be made difficult to operate freely.

    Article 11. Very correct. Restoring the education system and protection of national Heritage are main priorities.

    Article 12. OK. Bureaucracy and quangos must be cut.

    There are several additional initiatives that one might find worth considering:

    1. Stop and ban both foreign and government funding of religious organizations.

    2. Start internationally coordinated “Manhattan project” to find substitute(s) for oil.

    3. Raise quality of scientific R&D in all technical and especially humanities fields. Stop funding “mickey mouse science”. Bring more world-class expertise.

    4. Invest wider in classics and humanities studies, – art, music, history, history of science, and especially anthropology. Develop new national curriculums.

    5. Diversify manufacturing and agriculture base through wider start-ups funding – to ensure preservation of crucial skills for sustainability.

    6. Reform financial system. Society doesn’t need such huge amount of clerks, bankers, agents, brokers, etc.

    7. Reform NHS, making it partly privatised. Use examples of such countries as Germany and Canada. Invest more in Biomedical R&D.

    8. Downsize and reform BBC. Ensure that MSM culture of double-speak, celebrity madness, and dominance of kitsch is ended.

    9. Give Peerage solely on the basis of merit or/and exceptional military service. No political considerations should be applied.

    (I am an immigrant myself, but what is going on in the UK now, makes my blood boil)

  6. Seneca,

    Except for membership of the EU, and despite a good economic run due to our abundance of resources, we DownUnder have been similarly afflicted by many of the insidious undermining of our fundamental liberties. As you are aware, it is a product of so-called “progressive” thought of the self-appointed arbiters of public opinion in sections of the media & professional and bureaucratic industries throughout the West.

    I had begun to think that it would eventually bring about the loss of much that is at the heart of our civilisation, despite the valiant efforts of a few. But I suspect we have passed a tipping point. It will be a long way back. But I think the long suffering general public will call a halt to it all, but it may be a very long way back for Europe.

    Australians have never stood too long for humbug, and the polls show the real feeling within the wider community. A Sydney beach community received a media pounding a few years ago when they reclaimed their suburb, but many Sydneysiders realise that they did the “heavylifting” for the rest.

  7. Organize some armed militias and take matters into your own hands. You will NOT get your government to change course.

    Given the rate of Muslim immigration and their high birth rates you have only a small window of time left to you. Do you wait and hope that Parliament acts or do you act now?

    I recommend the latter or else start making plans to fight or flee.

    • Charlemagne: The time for The Fourth Dimension of Warfare Parts 3 & 4 is not quite here; it is close, it is hard by the door, but it would be counter productive to open that door at the moment, there simply aren’t enough of us yet.

      S III.

  8. Closing the In door and opening the Out door is all well and good, but no one will leave as long as they are being paid to stay. Cutting off the dole payments might help, but you’d have to cut them off across the board and enough Englishmen are on the dole now that such a policy would set off riots.

    Keep working on it.

    • The way to proceed is as follows :
      1. Close all mosques with immediate effect. Issue a deportation travel voucher to all muslim clerics to leave the UK within 14 days.
      2. Each local authority to depute sufficient staff to form a compensation department to dispose of non moveable assets, such as vehicles and properties, and forward proceeds to the deportees bank account in their country of ethnic origin.
      3. Any muslim recipients of social security in local authority housing , given a travel voucher and advised that their social security payments now available for one year at the British High Commission in their country of ethnicity, on surrender of their British passport.
      4. Property owning muslims given 3 months to sell up or place property with compensation department , at agreed local valuation. Proceeds to be available in country of ethnicity on surrender of British passport. Properties obtained in this manner, to be added to local authority social housing stock.
      Job done !

    • Re. benefits: Why would we “have to cut them off across the board”?

      We don’t want to get rid of the majority of Englishmen, we want to get rid of invaders and they are easily identified. Profile, profile, profile.

      S. III

  9. Our most fundamental problem is that we are losing freedom of speech. Here in Australia we cannot get an article critical of Islam published in a daily newspaper, as they rightly fear Islamic violence, or, at the very least, huge legal costs, as Muslims have learned how to take full advantage of our democratic freedoms. It’s quite possible that many, or even most, of our representatives are ignorant of the dangers of our current policies, as are almost all of my neighbors in Australia. They don’t read “Gates of Vienna”, or know of Fjordman or Seneca III.
    Our greatest danger is that the media itself has lost the freedom to criticize Islam.
    We need to offer much more protection, both buildings and staff, and outlaw any case that would limit their freedom to criticize any religion. The government should compensate for any damage, and ensure that the offending article, whatever it was, gets greater publicity, and the offenders get severely punished.
    We need more articles like this in our Sunday papers.

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