Police mount operation to protect Anjem Choudary. None for Tommy Robinson

And Tommy Robinson gets exactly what state protection?

The Sun:

Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007

Links … Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007


Published: 8 hrs ago

POLICE yesterday rushed to the home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary — to protect him and his family.

Officers helped them flee their home and go into hiding amid fears they could be attacked by a mob seeking vengeance for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

Choudary’s wife and children were driven away under police escort to a secret address, while officers were left to guard the house.

There was no sign of Choudary himself, and a neighbour said he had been seen slipping out early yesterday morning.

cops at Choudary home
Protection … cops at Choudary home yesterday
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20 thoughts on “Police mount operation to protect Anjem Choudary. None for Tommy Robinson

  1. Tommy is the Man of the People, and the Man of the English nation.
    Of course the government will betray him.
    They abandoned the people in the eighteenth-century, and have grudgingly accepted their existence here and there only.
    Tommy is of the People, not of the corruption. The truth of his life and his vulnerability shows the corruption of his adversaries.

  2. Two murders in Germany both murders showing indications of Muslim backgrounds.


    Much more concerning than the very small infos concerning the physics and outfit of the murderer is the non-information about the pre-talk to the fight. The fiancee of the murdered was close by and not a single report about this which has been said during the quarrel follows many official Germans Lies-papers plans not to come in any touch with Islam, for reasons which could be summerized in in a term as the ” wider Jyllands Posten-Phemomenon”, because usually before the arrogance motiv of “Islam is peace” which is already crumbling in many mind sets, still comes the underlying and prevailing motiv of primarily “protecting themselves”.
    Doing really Journalism is let over ……. to us.


    Kirgistan ancestry, possibly involved in drug scene (trade? Afghanistan-Kirgistan connections ?) ……… and a former socialist Germany Code-Action: To swiftly bring behind walls of a psychatric clinic whose “mental set up” does not fit to the “wished official behaviour set up of minds”. This action is a mighty indication that the murderer had said something which could render the sights of “people” about Islam.

    The store manager forbid his employees to talk …….. the “reporter” seemed to have not even made an attempt for anonymous inverviewing (or was forbidden to do so) to ask employees and customers who were in sight of the murder, if the murderer has possibly spoken or yelled some exclamations ……. during his monstrous attack on a 82 year old he – according to the newspaper – he did not knew.

    Which is the next indication that the murderer has been possibly Muslim …… because alone to order Swine meat there at the Meat sale in this shop could have been “to much” for a Muslim ……..

  3. Our original system is being totally perverted by politicians and their allies (judiciary, media & co). To underline their attitude (intentionally or not), PM David Cameron considers it an appropriate timing to right now go on a sunny vacation in Spain, and you get an idea of what conditions Britain is in – and most of the rest of Europe too.

  4. Archangel —

    Your comment is off-topic. Next time, please put something like this on a news feed thread, or on a post which has the same basic topic.

  5. While our own citizens are slaughtered in cold blood, the Islamic enemy gets protection so they can continue their ruse of tricking Western Society into a deep dark pit of repression and Islamification! PATHETIC!

  6. This is yet another instance of sharia law operating in Britain today. Apparently Britain First posted an online video in which they threatened to seize Choudary, so the police put his whole family into protective custody at taxpayers’ expense.

    Back in April an armed Muslim mob gathered outside Tommy Robinson’s house behaving in a very threatening manner. The police arrested Tommy and another member of his family. Not one of the Muslims was arrested or even searched for the weapons they were quite clearly carrying.


    Muslims are effectively above the law in Britain today; the police won’t touch them and they are well aware of it. Perhaps that’s why the police took so long to turn up in Woolwich. They probably knew it was Muslims and were hoping they would have left so they wouldn’t have to arrest them. They needn’t worry as some wimpish, sharia compliant judge will probably let them off.

  7. The police in the “UK” are truly pathetic. Although not quite as neutered as the police in the Scandanavian countries. Yet.
    I get the feeling the the English cops actually believe in the mutlicultural [claptrap] they are enforcing. They really prefer the disgusting muslims over the whites in the EDL. At least here in the states, as out of control as many policemen seem to be, I know that when push comes to shove they will stand by their kinsmen.

  8. Did I not read that Mr Chaudary gets paid by the British state in terms of benefits well in excess of what Lee Rigby was paid and he gets police protection as well. Compare the police at the time of the murder of PC Blakelock with the copper who arrested the 85-year-old in Gillingham. Our police have now been subjected to decades of diversity training and political correctness.

    Britain is now heading for the lunatic asylum. We are holding Afghans at Camp Bastion suspected of killing British soldiers. Somehow they now have got their own British solicitors paid for at our expense fighting their cause. Churchill must be incandescent with rage. As for the killers of Lee Rigby, they will need a barrister paid for by us to defend them. Step forward Cherie Blair. She and her husband had a good thing going. Her husband let in millions of immigrants, illegal or otherwise and she defended them when we tried to send them home. I never thought that Britain would turn into such a hell-hole. Perhaps it is a shame that it was not a copper who was attacked and beheaded. Although, I expect today’s force would have gone down to the mosque and slapped the worshippers on the back and smiled at them.

    No, we don’t deserve to survive and I can’t see us doing so. Only if we have a civil war will England be England again. I have just read a comment on Russia Today from somebody begging for England back. I can’t see a civil war happening. We will all jump ship for Australia or become muslim in the end. As stated elsewhere we already feel like citizens of the One World Totalitarian UN controlled state here. We just carry on with a sort of apathetic resignation. In essence we are already a conquered people.

  9. Sorry I meant to add that on the news we heard that the hacking group Anonymous had published online the names and perhaps the addresses of two hundred members of the EDL. I assume that the police will now be rushing to give them police protection. I have a sneaking suspiscion that the British government were behind this leak.

  10. I have just read a comment from somebody who has read in a new book that the British government was working with Islamists in the 1930s. This suggests that the New World Order has been in the making longer than we thought, perhaps since the Russian Revolution. Hitler threw a temporary spanner in the works or did he? By his promotion of North Europeans as the master race he ensured that European racialism i.e. the ability for Europeans to live with their own like every other race, would be illegal. Was he also working for the backers of the New World Order and was betrayed by them? We will never know. Churchill was not as far as I can determine, nor certainly was Powell but Edward Heath certainly was and must have got all his money from somewhere. Plus he was a deluded liberal pretending to be a conservative.

  11. I remember reading a bit of news a year ago or so archbishop of Canterbury, asking UK government to apply sharia law on UK Muslims!

    Let be clear here most of those who use Islamic religion and get in to UK who built personal wealth for themselves by this very nasty I can say corrupted and hatful way that bread those ugly hatful minds with westerns society while they got ever support from social welfare and trustees grants from local city council for their nasty behaviours costing tax payer money in the end they beards criminal and enemy in the society.

    these guys I hope the western government open their eyes and follow the advice of the archbishop of Canterbury to apply on them sharia law by investigating their corruption and false or misuse of the money they granted and let their hands cuts according to sharia law>

    Then send them home from where they came.
    To refresh your mind all of you remembering Ali Al-Alaq, member of the Iraqi House of Representatives get paid by benefits from Denmark tax payers while he is top politician in his home country, what if Denmark government apply sharia law which he believe and teaching to his follower apply on him and cut both of his hands?

  12. Sorry, have just come across the book on Amazon. It is about how Britain kept radical Islamists here to do its dirty work abroad in the former empire and elsewhere. Never thinking that in the end they would turn on their minders.

  13. These guys are protecting Choudary in order to “prove” that there is free speech for everyone. Britain is just a globalist experiment, a blueprint on how a world government should work. It is a place to test centralized control over various ethnic and religious groups. Therefore it must be as diverse as possible. Apparently it was decided that Islam and Muslims must be part of the experiment. It doesn’t matter if this ends badly for Britain. Large islamic presence in Britain is necessary in order to obtain good observations on how multicultural society would work. If succesful, the model could one day be used for global governance.

    Therefore the British Government (although it knows muslims are dangerous) will not allow anyone to attack Islam and Muslims. Britain does not belong to its people. It is a place to make global governance experiments.

    • I had begun to suspect that the Left were using Britain as a test bed for Marxist multiculturalism because of our imperial past and the fact that we had the most colonies eager to colonise us. Putin said of France that she had been colonised by her former colonies. The same goes for Britain with knobs on. Also they keep telling us we are a tolerant nation, possibly even more tolerant, or stupid, than Sweden or Holland. Personally, I still can’t work out whether it is tolerance or cowardice and that if we had the guts we would violently overturn the whole thing. William Hague has spoken of the English as a potentially very violent and aggressive people and we are still in the potentially stage. But I never took it to the stage of our being used as an experiment in the New World Order although as I have said elsewhere I now feel as if I am a citizen of the world with no country or people left to cling to and in that state of resigned apathy which is the hallmark of people in totalitarian countries and will be magnified a hundred-fold once they have their one world government. I am already predicting a massive increase in mental illness and possible suicide here.

  14. @Anonymous on May 30, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    “No, we don’t deserve to survive and I can’t see us doing so. Only if we have a civil war will England be England again. I have just read a comment on Russia Today from somebody begging for England back. I can’t see a civil war happening. We will all jump ship for Australia or become muslim in the end. As stated elsewhere we already feel like citizens of the One World Totalitarian UN controlled state here. We just carry on with a sort of apathetic resignation. In essence we are already a conquered people.”

    Start looking for like minded people. Move to white majority areas. Unity is strength. Learn from the muslim militias, such as Hezbollah. They exist to protect the interests of their people. Form groups that protect your interests. Suport native people who are persecuted, imprisoned or oppressed by the British Government for so called “xenophobia”.

    • Bingo.

      In a word, re-form the tribe outside the institutions that once belonged to it but no longer.

  15. I am not surprised by this. The elites who form a semi-hereditary class want to replace the ordinary working/middle class Whites who form the backbone of any reformist challenge to their oligarchy. Everything is deliberate, and organic, come about by trial-and-error groping for a way to keep power without facing reformists. The fantasy is that they will bestride the European/Muslim masses without any hiccups. Even if they fail, they’ll be happy. See Ayers, Bill.

    IMHO, the EDL, BNP, UKIP, Generation Identaire, etc. are useless. All shot-through with police informers, and akin to the population in East Germany shown in “Lives of Others.”

    That the police protect Choudary while punishing those who express themselves in anger over the beheading of Lee Rigby in a London street in broad daylight is utterly predictable. The cops can do this and make it stick. However … Enoch Powell was utterly right. Far more dangerous is the Swedish fires, burning out people’s cars and houses and such. That old dead White guy, Machiavelli, said that making people poor is the most dangerous thing a ruler can do.

    Once people who are impoverished to pay for Muslim welfare, and sharia creeps up into the bread and circuses of TV (you can’t have all that sex and booze and football with Islamists on the beheading craze) and other stuff — well then you get a reaction. Derb thinks “Whites are pussies” to quote him — but the IRA just a generation ago got what they wanted — power sharing (and cynically IMHO, enhanced criminal opportunities). This from what, no more than 2-3K White guys?

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