Paul Weston: Video Plus Transcript

As reported here on Friday, Paul Weston appeared on the East Anglian EDL radio show to talk about recent events in Britain. Vlad Tepes made a video using a five-minute excerpt from Paul’s excellent rant, which is reposted below.

This video has now gone viral, and we’ve had a request for a transcript so that it can be translated and subtitled in French. The full English transcript is below the jump, for anyone who is interested:

00:00   It’s like something out of a George Orwell novel, isn’t it? You know, you’ve got two
00:04   Muslim guys that butcher a British soldier on a British
00:08   street, quoting verses from the Koran and shouting
00:12   “Allahu akhbar” as they do it. And the next thing you know is that
00:16   you have the prime minister standing up there saying that ‘This has nothing to do with Islam,’
00:20   and ‘This is a betrayal of Islam,’ and then the mayor
00:24   of London, Boris Johnson stands up and says exactly the same thing,
00:28   and then you turn to the newspapers to try to make some sense of this complete
00:32   insanity that’s going on. And you find that any
00:36   article that’s on there has the comments switched off. Because they don’t want
00:40   anybody writing in, saying, ‘Listen I’ll tell you what, what you just said in your article
00:44   there is a load of absolute bollocks. Because that’s what it is
00:48   when they are up there saying, you know, praising David
00:52   Cameron for apparently working to bring communities together
00:56   and by not vilifying Islam, well, Islam needs to be
01:00   vilified, because Islam quite clearly was 100%
01:04   behind what happened on that street. And the fact that we have a prime minister
01:08   of this country, considering what an
01:12   incredibly dangerous situation this is, to stand up there and say that
01:16   Islam had nothing to do with it, is quite —
01:20   I mean it’s like something out of the Soviet Union; it’s like something out of 1984.
01:24   It’s not normal. You know it’s not normal;
01:28   it’s not democratic. There’s nothing sane about
01:32   this; it is quite literally insane. And we’ve had the Spectator magazine,
01:36   who have done a couple of articles about this; they’ve switched
01:40   the comments off. The only newspaper that actually allowed some
01:44   comments on there, was about the EDL going down
01:48   there at 9:00, 10:00 into Woolwich
01:52   two nights ago, calling them ‘EDL thugs’, of course,
01:56   and then you look at the comments coming in and the comments,
02:00   one comment said ‘EDL scum’;
02:04   2600 people voted that down on the popularity thing. And then you go
02:08   to the best rated, and the best rated one was 9000 votes, saying,
02:12   ‘EDL, good on ya, we need you.’
02:16   And I’m thinking, here we have a complete impasse between the
02:20   people that rule this country and the people that live in this country, the proper
02:24   traditional British people that live in this country,
02:28   run by ****ing traitors like David Cameron, like Boris Johnson,
02:32   like the editors of the Telegraph, the editors of the Spectator,
02:37   and we are seeing something is really frightening in this country now,
02:41   where people are being outlawed, they’re not allowed to talk; if they do say something,
02:45   they are arrested, and you know, just think about
02:49   what was going on, for all those years before the EDL finally
02:53   made the authorities admit that these girls had been
02:57   groomed because they were white, because they were British, because they were not Muslim,
03:01   because they where kafirs, because they were infidels, because they were unclean —
03:05   that happened, that came to light because the EDL pushed that out there.
03:09   But even after all of that, do you remember
03:13   a single Muslim being charged for racial hatred?
03:17   Not one! Even though they said, “The white whores deserve it.”
03:21   Not one of them was tried for racial hatred, yet, when they murder
03:25   in cold blood a British soldier on a street in the capital of this country,
03:29   and people actually go out there, and tweet, or
03:33   twitter, or do whatever it is they do in this technological age, and they say,
03:37   “There’s something wrong with these people,” the police come around and
03:41   arrest THEM for inciting religious hatred? I mean, can anybody
03:45   really live in this country anymore and not see how insane
03:49   this situation is, and not just how insane it is now but
03:53   how insane it’s going to be in 10 years’, 20 years’ 30 years’
03:57   time? And people go “Aww, you know, it’s all going to be OK.” It’s not going
04:01   to be OK, and if you take it forward to the year
04:05   2050, someone born today, by the time they get
04:09   to 2050 they’ll be 37 years old, they’ll be a young man, a young woman,
04:13   this country is not going to be anything like it is at the moment,
04:17   because the Muslim demographic is doubling every 10 years,
04:21   and there’s 4 million of them. That’s 8 million, 16 million, 32 million;
04:25   there is going to be more of them by 2050 than us, and look how bad it is now!
04:29   And you’re not allowed to talk about this?
04:33   It is — rant over — it’s insane.
04:37   Sorry, but like Vlad said earlier, what’s happened in the last 24 hours
04:41   has just pushed a lot of people over the edge, including me.

14 thoughts on “Paul Weston: Video Plus Transcript

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  2. I found this edl site in searching for so called malicious comments on social media:

    The EDL will have to do a lot of pulling up their socks if this above site is even half way true, as not only if a lot of the claims are true, then to say that they are set up by the media is too easily done.. There just seems to be too much slurry overall, even if some possibly may be rubbish

    It just seems that they EDL are shooting them selves in the foot, , just makes a mess of their own credibility and wrecks their messages!! and ruins any one else associated with them. It makes the whole situation sad and tragic
    The other side of the immigrant/islam debate are also shooting themselves in the foot, with the Quaran

    Their very ethics and principles need to be thought about a lot more, so the truth of any arguments are then well thought out, not tainted by their immaturity, and damaged by their antics.

    Leadership has started. The example set must stay on the truth, and keep disciplined at all times. We seem to get glimpses of it, and then damaged by their antics.
    Truth will always be outed but it is the covering, damaging, sideshows, that can delay it and even derail it.
    After all truth is stark, and needs no embellishments.

    Basically a grass roots beginnings, a lot to learn, not only politically, but for just the basics of their philosophies, histories and lives, to gain principles and ethics and then how to present/market their message. A lot of work, education, study and control. A true dedication and discipline. No easy task, as I would think when circumstances, priorities and pressures keep changing as one keeps on learning. Yet one must stay focused and to the point.

    Finally it seems, cut back the drink and pubs as the old saying is “When the drink is in, the wits are out” and walking out in the public and making speeches and comments when “2 sheets to the wind” is becoming more and more under scrutiny with camera phones videos and etc. When more publicity then more scrutiny and the price of stuff-ups and fools becomes very high , to the cost of credibility respect, and the message.

    Respect/credibility has to be earned, then vigilantly guarded with self discipline, as that will show that they truly believe in their message.

    This is also for UKIP as that has also come under increasing scrutiny and it seems that a lot is still to be sorted out before it can have a real affect.

    PS Thank-you Baron and Dympha for always trying to maintain a high standard of truth and credibility.
    Hopefully you can be a helping/guiding hand/star to others.
    Take care

    • Quote:
      Respect/credibility has to be earned, then vigilantly guarded with self discipline, as that will show that they truly believe in their message.

      Why hasn’t anyone told the Muslim horde that bit of truth?
      Oh, that’s right.
      They use terror, so sanctimonious words about respect and credibility are irrelevant.
      So you have no trouble scrutinizing your own and extend complete credibility to the other. Whatever.

      • gothechosemercy, thanks for your reply.
        “Respect/credibility has to be earned, then vigilantly guarded with self discipline, as that will show that they truly believe in their message.
        “Why hasn’t anyone told the Muslim horde that bit of truth?
        Oh, that’s right.
        They use terror, so sanctimonious words about respect and credibility are irrelevant.
        So you have no trouble scrutinizing your own and extend complete credibility to the other. Whatever.”

        Yes complete credibility , the Muslim horde uses the koran which is full of advice how to, and when to use terror, and then to subjugate. As I said
        “The other side of the immigrant/islam debate are also shooting themselves in the foot, with the KORAN quran”.
        their truth.
        To me that is their credibility/truth for them and if only the rest of the British/world people would read the koran, hadiths and sunnah, then real mockery, scorn and ridicule would be able to be poured on any muslim leader and apologist, particularly in the style of Father Zacheria Boutros, though doubtlessly the British have a proven record with great comedy, and truth can really cut close to the bone.

        That is why we do have to defend/safe guard free speech and expression so that we can use it, and not just i) have it used against us, not only shutting us up but also it can also be ii) freely used against us in quotes (of our mistakes/lack of credibility) to support their slander and lies.

        Our reputations are a part of the mix
        That is why as a political force we do have to try and have discipline, to garner respect and credibility and it must be done ahead of time so that you can be effective in our message about islam and against any lies and slander, which will be inevitably be used against any opposition to the “muslim hordes” etc.

        We do have to scrutinize our own so that they can bear up and look like a government in waiting, not in the far future but right now ! ! ! Thank goodness that some, like Tommy are stepping up, learning , becoming media savvy, staying of the drink (and not above pass port law) and so leading others, to emulate him with not only a purpose in life but taking some if not all the other steps in their lives.

        Real hatchet jobs would occur like what was done on Sarah Palin so that the Tina Fey quotes totally blurred her message. We are not only trying to win the hearts and minds of our own, but a wider number needs to be won to gain real power for change. We are up against opponents that are well connected to the media that is ruthless with another agenda.

        A “Tina Fey” send up of Sarah Palin is exactly what I feared as I noted in a few posts more recently posted. Now Tommy and the EDL have to have credibility to squash this smear.,( and I hope others in Canada put up a withering polite fire to that radio station) as other “true” quotes can amalgamate and so would be used to smear them, and again the muslim horde gains credibility as being a religion of peace with their disciplined controlled inter faith responses. Ha.

        Discipline means that you may have to, keep your guns cleaned, oiled, in working order, stand firm, hold your fire until you, “see the whites of their eyes” And then the trained discipline on command opens up and the automatic “aim fire reload” system sends out withering truth. Otherwise we are so easily picked off.

        Hey gtcm, we are the same side so though I may seem sanctimonious, I have the same goal as you in regards to Islam and probably also to immigration.
        And like you, I do not want England as I have heard of it, to step back from any thing that damages it. And hey I do love Tommy’s style of message as it relates to so well a basic understanding of the problems.
        Unfortunately the other player is using this death by their own terrorists as making the most of a crises to be of opportunity for them by using interfaith, media and politics and pushing thru and controlling any laws that that may come of this.

        Just why is the “help for Heroes” against the EDL as posted in comments in “Fake Tommy Robinson interview”
        Is it in part of what my first comment was about and the fear of damage to you if you are closely aligned to the antics of EDL.
        a herf=>heros against edl

        If the EDL stay on message they may be able to over roll this and they can do this if they maintain discipline and credibility .
        People are frustrated and changing and that is what they are looking forward to carry their understanding of what islam is about.
        I do want the EDL to stay on message, to push it, and also to learn and avoid as much as they can any sidelining issues.
        It is war (And I fear it will be long with many twists and turns) and the side that has learning, discipline to gain and keep credibility will gain in firepower and win many over and more than likely break the other side with truth. It can not just be to a half way knee jerk conclusion or it will be like the long reconquista of Spain.

        • The EDL is not a political party – it is simply a group of British patriots who are fed up with the way British people are being treated in their own country. The British government are the movers to portray them as racist nazis, because they’re afraid that the EDL message will chime with what most British people are thinking, but dare not say because of the racial hatred laws the “liberal fascists” have pushed through.

          I do not trust Paul Weston or his intentions, and yes, the EDL needs to clean up its image in order to get through to the many Brits who feel they do not have a voice about where their country is going.

      • If the Baron lets my comment go thru regarding reply to gtcmercy .

        Hope the url goes through as I have endeavoured to follow instructions how to shorten it.

        Whoops sorry forgot to sign

  3. Paul Weston, German subtitles

    00:00 Das ist wie aus einer Novelle von George Orwell, oder? Wissen Sie, da wären
    00:04 zwei Moslems, die einen britischen Soldaten auf einer britischen Straße
    00:08 niedermetzeln, während sie Koranverse rezitieren und “Allahu akhbar”
    00:12 schreien. Und das nächste, was dann kommt, ist ein Premierminister,
    00:16 der sich hinstellt und erklärt, das habe “ nichts mit dem Islam zu tun”
    00:20 und dies sei “ein Verrat des Islam”, dann kommt der Oberbürgermeister
    00:24 von London, Boris Johnson, stellt sich auch hin und sagt genau dasselbe,
    00:28 und dann werfen Sie einen Blick in die Online-Zeitungen, weil Sie hoffen, einen Sinn zu finden in dem ganzen
    00:32 Irrsinn, der sich da abspielt. Und dann stellen Sie fest, dass bei jeglichem
    00:36 Artikel zu dem Thema die Kommentarfunktion deaktiviert ist. Sie wollen nämlich verhindern, dass
    00:40 irgendwer was reinschreibt im Stil von “ich sage euch mal was, was ihr da gerade in eurem Artikel geschrieben habt,
    00:44 das ist ein großer Haufen Mist.” Genau das ist es nämlich,
    00:48 wenn sie sich dafür hergeben, über David Cameron zu sagen, ach was, ihn zu lobpreisen
    00:52 dafür, dass er scheinbar daran arbeitet, gesellschaftliche Gruppen zusammenzubringen
    00:56 statt den Islam zu verteufeln. Nun, der Islam ist zu verteufeln
    01:00 Denn der Islam war ziemlich offenkundig der alleinige
    01:04 Hintergrund dessen, was auf jener Straße geschah. Und der Umstand, dass wir in diesem Land
    01:08 einen Premierminister haben, der sich in Anbetracht der unglaublichen
    01:12 Gefährlichkeit dieser Lage hinstellt und sagt,
    01:16 der Islam habe nichts damit zu tun, dieser Umstand ist ziemlich….
    01:20 …ich meine, das ist ungefähr wie Nachrichten aus der Sowjetunion, das ist wie ein Stück „1984“.
    01:24 Das ist nicht normal. Sie wissen, dass es nicht normal ist,
    01:28 Es ist nicht demokratisch. Es ist nichts vernünftiges daran,
    01:32 es ist fast buchstäblicher Irrsinn. Und wir hatten die Zeitschrift Spectator,
    01:36 die einige Artikel zu den Beiträgen gebracht haben, sie haben die Möglichkeit, zu
    01:40 kommentieren abgeschaltet. Die einzige Zeitung, die tatsächlich einige
    01:44 Kommentare erlaubte, tat das zum Thema EDL,
    01:48 die um 9 oder 10 Uhr nach Woolwich ging
    01:52 vorgestern abend, sie nannte sie dabei natürlich “EDL-Schläger“,
    01:56 Und wenn man sich dann die Kommentare durchliest, die reinkommen:
    02:00 Ein Kommentar verwendete den Begriff „EDL-Abschaum“,
    02:04 2600 Leute haben das negativ bewertet mit der Bewertungsfunktion. Und dann schaust du dir
    02:08 den bestbewerteten Kommentar an, mit 9000 Zustimmungen, und der sagt:
    02:12 “Weiter so EDL, wir brauchen euch.“
    02:16 Und ich glaube, wir stecken da in einer Sackgasse, die Leute, die dieses Land regieren und das Volk, das in diesem Land lebt
    02:20 die Leute, die dieses Land regieren und das Volk, das in diesem Land lebt, das
    02:24 Echte, traditionell britische Volk, das in diesem Land lebt, das regiert
    02:28 wird von verd**** Verrätern wie David Cameron, wie Boris Johnson,
    02:32 wie den Verlegern des Telegraph, den Verlegern des Spectator,
    02:37 Und wir erkennen, dass etwas die Leute wirklich ängstigt in diesem Land,
    02:41 wo Leute ausgegrenzt warden, mundtot gemacht werden, und wenn sie wirklich mal was sagen,
    02:45 werden sie festgenommen. Und wissen Sie, denken Sie mal zurück,
    02:49 was los war, während all jener Jahre bevor die EDL schließlich
    02:53 die Behörden zwang, zuzugeben, dass diese Mädchen deshalb
    02:57 missbraucht worden waren, weil sie Weiße waren, weil sie Britinnen waren, weil sie keine Musliminnen waren,
    03:01 weil sie Kuffar waren, weil sie Ungläubige waren, weil sie unrein waren —
    03:05 dies wurde zugegeben, dies kam ans Licht, weil es die EDL herausgezerrt hat.
    03:09 Aber trotz all dem, erinnern Sie sich
    03:13 an einen einzigen Moslem, der wegen Rassenhass angeklagt wurde?
    03:17 Kein einziger! Obwohl sie sagten “Die weißen Huren verdienen es.”
    03:21 Keiner von ihnen wurde wegen Rassenhass vor Gericht gestellt, mehr noch, wenn kaltblütig
    03:25 ein britischer Soldat auf den Straßen der Hauptstadt dieses Landes ermordet wird,
    03:29 und die Menschen gehen raus an den Tatort oder twittern oder was auch immer
    03:33 sie tun im Zeitalter der Informationstechnik und sagen,
    03:37 “Mit diesen Leuten ist etwas grundfalsch”, dann kommt die Polizei vorbei und
    03:41 Nimmt SIE fest wegen Anstiftung zu religiösem Hass? Was ich damit sagen möchte: Kann noch jemand
    03:45 in diesem Land leben und nicht sehen, wie krank
    03:49 das alles ist, und das nicht nur heute, sondern
    03:53 wie krank es in 10 Jahren, in 20 Jahren, in 30 Jahren sein wird?
    03:57 Manche sagen „Ach wisst ihr, es wird schon alles gut werden“ – gar nichts
    04:01 wird gut werden, und wenn ihr weiterrechnet ins Jahr
    04:05 2050, dann werden die heute Geborenen
    04:09 37 Jahre alt sein, sie werden junge Männer und junge Frauen sein,
    04:13 aber dieses Land wird nicht mehr dem gleichen, was wir jetzt noch haben,
    04:17 da sich der Bevölkerungsanteil der Moslems alle 10 Jahre verdoppelt,
    04:21 und derzeit gibt es 4 Millionen von ihnen hier. Dann werden es 8 Millionen, 16 Millionen, 32 Millionen
    04:25 und im Jahr 2050 werden sie zahlreicher sein als wir, und schaut mal, wie schlecht es jetzt schon läuft!
    04:29 Und darüber sollen wir nicht reden dürfen?
    04:33 Das ist – Schluss mit der Beschwichtigung – das ist geisteskrank!
    04:37 Entschuldigung, aber wie es Vlad schon sagte, was in den letzten 24 Stunden passiert ist
    04:41 hat bei vielen das Fass zum Überlaufen gebracht, auch bei mir.

  4. These 2 statements cannot be true at the same time.

    (This beheading on the streets of London) has nothing to do with Islam.

    (This beheading on the streets of London) is a betrayal of Islam.

  5. Why are all prime ministers, mayors and presidents denying that Islamic doctrine is influencing criminal acts? What do you think is behind this issue? It couldn’t be that these people are unintelligent or in denial. Is Saudi Arabia pulling the strings, or are they afraid of another oil embargo? I think the dialogue of Islam critics and exposure sites should probably switch from “here is the evidence” to “why are the western MPs, and other people in power making statements, doing this?”

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  7. “Why are all prime ministers, mayors and presidents denying that Islamic doctrine is influencing criminal acts? What do you think is behind this issue? …”

    If you are conspiratorially minded you could say it was the shadowy Bilderberg Group driving this. Islam is just a tool for them. Most leaders of the World formerly known as ‘Free’ get invited to these things – to discuss things their electing constituents are not privy to.

    If you are less conspiratorial you could say it is just the stupidity of the political Left. They see Islam as a benign minority, and importing jihadis, err refugees, wholesale was one way to force multiculturalism and permanently turn the electorate against the political Right. Except of course, the Left have always been crap at figures and reasoning – they don’t understand the current statistics and economics and therefore have no realistic chance of accurately projecting future trends.

    They say, “Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to incompetence”. Therefore, it’s probably the second group (the political Left) that caused most of the civilizational damage. The Bilderbergers (kind nazi in outlook) have their hand, but possibly this is less significant than the sheer number of leftist muppets that have been churned out by the Cultural Marxism that has permeated ‘Free’ society.

  8. I am afraid many people have missed the “Elephant in the room ” in this scenario,it is race.
    Winston Churchill in his more lucid days described the effect of Islam on “Native peoples” as akin to the the effect of rabies on a dog ,well here we have it on our own soil .
    Does anyone remember P.C. Keith Blacelock ,decapitated by a largely West Indian mob in the Tottenham riots of 1987 ,one suspect Winston Sillcott was identified by several witnesses as standing over the body of P.C. Blakelock carrying bloodied Machete .Several years later all the witnesses retracted their stories and lo and behold it is a miscarriage of justice !.
    We have been here before and sadly we will see it again!.

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