An Example of Left-Liberal Treason

Paul Weston uses the latest news about prison jihad in Yorkshire to illustrate the treasonous behavior of the globalist elites who have rammed Multiculturalism down the throats of Britons.

An Example of Left-Liberal Treason
by Paul Weston

There is a great deal of difference between times of peace and times of war. This may seem a very obvious statement, but I’m not sure left-liberals really understand the simplicity behind it.

Before mass immigration and multiculturalism so efficiently sickened the cultural, racial and body politic, it would have been impossible to blow up buildings, trains, planes and buses without first defeating the military defenders of the crushed nation. It would have been equally impossible to display foreign flags whilst loudly proclaiming they were destined to fly over government buildings; equally impossible that native soldiers should not wear their uniforms in public due to safety concerns; and equally impossible for soldiers in mufti to be murdered and decapitated in a city street just yards away from a military barracks.

We are clearly not living in a time of peace in Britain, but nor are we living in a time of war if war is judged in world-war historical terms. Perhaps it is best to say we are in a “sort of war” or a “low-level war” that, although hardly warranting the description “fully-fledged”, cannot be written off as unimportant and of no concern.

Britain’s security services have stopped Muslim terrorist atrocities like 7/7 each and every year since the last lot of Muslim jihadists slipped through the net and murdered and maimed people on our transport systems. Muslims routinely try to replicate this attack because Muslims consider themselves at war with us — be it as a claimed retaliation for our involvement in Iraq/Afghanistan, or simply because Britain is Koranically designated as part of the House of War not ruled by Muslims — as is their supremacist and divine right.

A similar low-level war has been waged against young indigenous girls in Britain, who have been chosen because they are the non-Muslim enemy and therefore deemed a permissible target of rape-jihad, which again is Koranically ordained. This monstrous evil has been going on for well over a decade, but has been deliberately covered up by the government, the police, the media and the social services.

And why did they cover it up? The reason, they tell us, is to ensure the laughable continuation of “community cohesion”, no matter there is no community cohesion in any geographical or societal area where Islam lives alongside non-Islam, or even where Sunni Islam lives alongside Shia Islam in the wider world.

But even citing community cohesion is disingenuous. If the left-liberal elites were truly concerned about cohesion, they would cover up all aspects of the failed ideology of multiculturalism, such as “right-wing” attacks on mosques, and not simply aspects where the consequences of Muslim barbarity reflect badly upon the Muslim perpetrators.

This explains why the BBC filled their studios with Muslim apologists after the 9/11 and 7/7 bombings, and also explains why the Times journalist Andrew Norfolk delayed breaking the news about Muslim gang-rapists on the grounds it would play into the hands of “far-right” groups who are clearly the enemy in the eyes of left-liberals.

Islam clearly considers itself at physical war with us, yet left-liberals consider themselves involved in an ideological war not with illiberal Islam, but with groups they label as far-right. This is a truly evil label when such people are in reality just normal, decent, liberal men and women whose only crime is to be indigenous white Christians who are understandably a tad miffed about their women being raped, their soldiers decapitated and their country and culture wrested from them by barbarian mono-culturalist Muslims.

So, we must admit we are in a low-level war, a clash of competing civilisations which, barely contained today, has the capacity to become an all-out civil war in the future as the internal enemy’s numbers grow. It is interesting therefore to take a look at who is on which side, and who has decided the racial/religious designation of the true enemy.

One side consists of Islam (not radical Islam, just Islam) and their left-liberal allies, the other side of indigenous Brits who would rather the country remained culturally, racially and religiously similar to the Britain they were born into, namely the Britain of their parents and grandparent’s generation.

Is it too provocative to suggest left-liberals have taken the Muslim side in this low-level war? I don’t think so. We have all seen and heard their reactions to the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, which was to essentially whitewash Islam and concentrate instead on defaming “right-wing” organisations such as the EDL and anybody else who had the temerity to associate Koran-quoting Islamic murderers with the political/religious/supremacist ideology of Islam.

We must not inflame and polarise opinion when it could result in “Islamophobia”, they tell us, yet they are more than happy to inflame and polarise EDLophobia it would seem, which is odd when the EDL exist purely as a reaction to Muslim violence. This perverse left-liberal alliance with Islam is particularly noticeable with regard to the BBC and The Guardian which both had the following to say about a particular event which occurred on Sunday last week.

First, the BBC:

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A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain

“Multiculturalism is destroying our culture.”

Paul Weston, the founder and leader of Liberty GB, spoke at a party meeting last Saturday. Below is a video of the final twenty minutes of his speech.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

The Voluntary Dhimmitude of the Austrian Catholic Church

Christian Zeitz has long been a thorn in the side of the Austrian establishment and the Austrian Catholic Church because of his Islam-critical opinions. In this latest incident, Mr. Zeitz was disinvited from an upcoming podium discussion about religion after two participants, a Muslims and a Protestant Christian complained.

Our Austrian correspondent AMT sends this introduction to two translated articles about what happened:

Gates of Vienna readers may be familiar with the intrepid Christian Zeitz, an economist with extensive knowledge of the Koran, the Hadith and Islam in general, in particular the religious-sociological aspects of Islam. He was recently asked by Vienna’s Syrian-Orthodox bishop to take part in a podium discussion on the occasion of the annual “Long Night of the Churches”. This has turned into a “Long Night of the Knives in the Church”, as Mr. Zeitz was, in true dhimmi-fashion, asked to step down from the podium because Tarafa Baghajati (yes, Carla Amina Baghajati’s husband*) and the representative of the Protestant church had categorically refused any discussion with Mr. Zeitz.

Such is the state of free speech in Austria today: the members of a discussion get to decide who they want to schmooze with, and the truth is suppressed.

However, this charade — thankfully — has backfired. The outpouring of support for Mr. Zeitz is immense, and at the same time only about thirty men and women attended the discussion, some even daring to ask some critical questions with regard to Sharia and human rights in Islam.

Many thanks to JLH for translating both articles. The first one was written by Christian Zeitz himself:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

A representative of radical Islam determines who will appear in the “Long Night of the Churches” in a Catholic parish. A Protestant superintendent assists him in banishing the search for truth. And a Catholic parish willingly offers the platform for an Islamic propaganda event, while excluding a representative of the Catholic church.

This incredible tale is unfolding now.

The Catholic parish “Donaucitykirche” [Danube City Church], on the occasion of the “Long Night of the Churches” scheduled for May 24th, is organizing a discussion on the subject “Dialogue and Coexistence of Diverse Cultures and Religions — Actual Possibility or Illusion?” I was recommended as a participant, the offer was made, and I accepted without second thoughts. Mrs. Sigrun Rädler, the organizer, happily thanked me and the program was printed and widely distributed. From this, I learned for the first time the names of the other participants:

  • D. I. Tarafa Baghajati, imam and functionary of the Islamic community;
  • Mag. Thomas Hennefeld, superintendent of the Protestant Church H.B [reform].
  • Marina Myo Gong Jahn, vice-president of the Buddhist Center.

Naturally I had no problems with anyone and looked forward to an engaged discussion.

On Pentecost Monday, Mrs. Rädler called me unexpectedly. She tried with specious reasoning to persuade me to withdraw my participation.

In her next telephone call, Mrs. Rädler admitted that she had been subject to massive intervention, but could name no names. The whole thing had turned into a huge political issue. Certain circles did not accept the participation of Christian Zeitz in the discussion.

In a further telephone conversation on the morning of May 21st, she reported that the pressure had increased, and gave the names of the intervening parties. Tarafa Baghajati and Superintendent Mag. Hennefeld had absolutely refused to participate if Christian Zeitz took part. I pointed out that there were alternatives to be found both in the Islamic and in the Protestant communities. She asked for time to clarify things. After a further internal poll in the church, she told me that she had no choice but to accede to the ultimatum, so as not to endanger the event. Christian Zeitz would not be participating.

The conclusion of this episode is definitive. The radical Syrian-Islamic functionary and highly-ranked representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in central Europe, Tarafa Baghajati, can determine as he pleases in a Catholic parish with what partners he may give his dialogue and who must be prevented from confronting him with unpleasant truths. The representative of the Protestant Church HB leaps loyally to the aid of his friend Tarafa, to preserve the illusion of “peaceful and integration-ready Islam” and he plays the card of “ecumenical harmony” to push through his desire in the Catholic Church.

Anyone who does not play along with the ritual of whitewashing and does not kowtow to the drop-dead logic that outbreaks of violence and persecution of Christians in the Islamic world, as well as repression of women and lack of commitment to democracy in the “parallel worlds of the West” “have nothing to do with Islam” and who just “politically abuses” such things is closed out, despised and subjected to character assassination. It is particularly troubling that the Catholic Church eagerly cooperates in suppression of the truth and its functionaries increasingly turn to being motto-makers for the propaganda appearances of Islamic functionaries.

Islamization proceeds apace, as Christians increasingly transform themselves into dhimmis of the Mohammedan domination.

Should you nonetheless want to participate in the Long Night of the Churches, these are the dates: Church in front of the Vienna International Center, Donaucithystraße 2. 1200 Wien, Friday, May 24, 2013. 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Yours truly,
Christian Zeitz

Mag. Christian Zeitz
Academic Director
Institute for Applied Political Economics

The second piece is by the well-known opinion writer Andreas Unterberger, from his blog:

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A European Spring

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A European Spring
by Fjordman

On 22 May, 2013 two African militant Muslims armed with knives and Koranic quotations beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight in the streets of London, England, near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich. The murderers then praised Allah and stated that the British would never be safe in their own streets anymore.

At the exact same time, some of the immigrant-dominated suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden had erupted in major riots, going on night after night with car burnings and shouts of “Allahu akhbar!” during attacks on the police.

Similar riots have already taken place multiple times in other Western European countries such a France. And not just in Paris. In the southern city of Marseille, which is partly an Arab and African city already today, the problem of street crime has reached such heights that even Socialist politicians plead for the army to be sent in against the gangs — the overwhelmed and understaffed local police lost control over these territories years ago.

The unarmed British soldier beheaded by two Islamic fanatics in London was later identified as Lee Rigby — a 25-year-old “cheeky and humorous” serviceman described as a “loving father” to his two-year-old son Jack. Witnesses said the suspects “hacked and chopped” at his body and were shouting the Islamic phrase “Allahu akhbar!” British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the savage murder will bring the UK together and “make us stronger.” Speaking outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said the attack was a “ betrayal of Islam.” Very similar sentiments were echoed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, another alleged “conservative,” as well as countless other Western leaders and media outlets. The only problem is that this is not true.

No, Prime Minister, beheading non-Muslims has been practiced for centuries around the world. Jihad is not a “betrayal” of Islam, it is Islam. The only “betrayal” here is that of people such as Mr. Cameron and the Western ruling class which he represents. They betray their own nations and countries every day by continuing to let Islamic fanatics into Western cities, from Austria to Australia and from Finland to Canada, while they harass our sons and daughters, mock our laws and customs and threaten us with terrorism. The days when these ruling elites could claim that they “didn’t know” the effects of their policies are now long gone. The negative effects are all around us to see, from Muslim-ruled streets in Neukölln, Berlin to the terror victims of Madrid, Spain.

On September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary for the 9/11 Islamic Jihadist terror attacks that killed thousands of American civilians, and was intended to kill hundreds of thousands more, three Jewish men in Waltham, Massachusetts had their throats slit from ear to ear and were nearly decapitated. Evidence indicates that the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who are believed to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, were also involved in this triple homicide two years earlier. Their father is a Chechen Muslim and their mother is a very devout Muslim woman. The Tsarnaev brothers came to the USA as refugees, and repaid this kindness with terrorism and murder. Let their example serve as a lesson to naïve Westerners.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/27/2013

The former head of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, calls on Britons to report their neighbors if they seem likely to be extremists. Dame Stella’s proposal comes as MI5 is under fire for its previous knowledge of (and attempts to recruit) the killers of Lee Rigby. Several years ago Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya for his association with Al-Shabaab, but was later deported to Britain.

In other news, the would-be killer of the French soldier in Paris is now said to have prayed before he made the attack, fueling further speculation that the attempted murder was a deliberate imitation of last week’s beheading in Woolwich. The suspect in the French attack is still at large.

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Thanks to C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, TV, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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A Fake Tommy Robinson Interview

A couple of days ago a Canadian radio station aired a bogus call-in interview with Tommy Robinson. Anyone who knows Tommy — or has heard him speak at greater length than those little five-second sound bites presented in the MSM — can tell instantly that this impostor is not Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. When has anyone heard Tommy talk about “sending them back to Africa”?

I see four possibilities here. This could be:

  • A bad parody like Saturday Night Live,
  • A very bad attempt at “Royal Canadian Air Farce”,
  • A hoax, and the station was genuinely taken in (unlikely), or
  • A leftist station that decided to do a little damage to Tommy and the EDL’s reputation all on their own.

The original audio clip is here. Or, if it has been taken down by the time you read this, see the video below, in which Vlad Tepes has combined the Toronto radio clip with yesterday’s real interview with Tommy, to provide a compare-and-contrast opportunity:

NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto should experience some major punch-back for their little disinformation campaign. A strong reaction from the UK would be particularly appropriate.

For those who are interested in making their opinions known, the relevant information is below. Remember: be polite! Obscenities and invective just make it that much easier for the company’s PR people to dismiss complaints out of hand, without even reading/listening to them.

Contact Information for NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto:

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Paul Weston’s Rant: German

As mentioned yesterday, Paul Weston’s rant on last Friday’s EDL radio show went viral, prompting a request for a transcript so that it could be translated and subtitled in French. However, an enterprising reader did a German translation first and left it in the comments.

Many thanks to Starost for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The English-language transcript is available here.The entire two-hour show may heard on Blog Talk Radio. Paul’s rant begins about 32 minutes into the segment.


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The EDL March on Whitehall

Further update: Steen has several videos from Whitehall.

Update: more photos here.

The English Defence League organized a march on Westminster today. The original purpose was to lay flowers in remembrance of the slaughtered soldier Lee Rigby, and to show solidarity with the troops. When it emerged that Prime Minister David Cameron would be away on holiday, however, the itinerary was modified to include No. 10 Downing Street.

The Daily Mail reports that “Tensions on streets after slaughter of British soldier: War memorials defaced and mosque firebombed as EDL march on Westminster”.

There are photos here:

edl and patriots in london today at least 5000 i have heard nse — with Matthew Bakewell.

Other news is trickling in, including this message from an EDL source:

My friend who is with the EDL in Whitehall has been attacked with a bottle by UAF thugs and has been taken to hospital.

He has not replied to my messages since he went to hospital, so I don’t know the current situation.

There’s also this, from an EDL supporter on Facebook:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/26/2013

French President François Hollande denies that there is any link between yesterday’s attack in Paris, in which an armed soldier on patrol was stabbed in the neck, and the beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich last week. A spokesman for the French police, however, has pointed out the apparent “copycat” resemblance between the two assaults.

In other news, after almost a week of nightly stone-throwing and arson, the Stockholm riots seem to be subsiding. Reports from Sweden say that only 30 cars were torched last night.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

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We just got back from a Memorial Day Weekend outdoor party, and it was the coldest one that I’ve ever been to. We were comfortable while the sun was still up, but after it got dark people put on their coats and crowded around the fire.

The temperature here (Central Virginia) is predicted to drop to 39°F/4°C tonight. Heavy snow fell in parts of New York State and New England this weekend.

Climate change is a bitch.

Paul Weston: Video Plus Transcript

As reported here on Friday, Paul Weston appeared on the East Anglian EDL radio show to talk about recent events in Britain. Vlad Tepes made a video using a five-minute excerpt from Paul’s excellent rant, which is reposted below.

This video has now gone viral, and we’ve had a request for a transcript so that it can be translated and subtitled in French. The full English transcript is below the jump, for anyone who is interested:

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