Norway Keeps a Lid on the Truth

Last night we published a translation by The Observer of an article from about the violence and intimidation experienced every day by young native Norwegians in the culturally enriched Groruddalen district in Oslo.

Between then and now — in less than twenty-four hours — was pressured by the original publisher to take the article down.

Fjordman sends this brief account of what happened today in Norway.

Norway Keeps a Lid on the Truth
by Fjordman says that they were ordered by Finansavisen to remove the text of the Groruddalen story (in English here), despite having originally received a permission to post it. They published a follow-up entry, stating that they had received an enormous popular response to the previous article that was nearly unheard of by the standards of tiny Norway.

It spread like wildfire via alternative media on the Internet, including Twitter and many thousands of references on Facebook.

Norway faces national parliamentary elections this fall, and the left-wing coalition government is now trailing in the polls. Most of the political elites and the mass media do not want to talk about the problems mentioned in the article, especially not in an election year. People might get the wrong — or rather the right — ideas.

Human Rights Service, which republished this article online from the paper edition of business newspaper Finansavisen, is an excellent organization. However, they are vulnerable to political pressure because they receive public funding. Attempts have been made by left-wingers to slash their funding, but the right-wing Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) has lobbied to protect the state support for them.

I believe they did lose some of their funding by the left-wing government after Breivik, since they were branded “Islamophobes” who had spread “hatred,” but I’ve heard that some of this was later restored. I’m not familiar with all the details.

Of course, the many Muslim and left-wing “anti-racist” organizations hardly ever have their state funding questioned. Only the very rare organizations that criticize Multiculturalism, such as HRS, ever experience these kinds of threats.

The problems the article described — the harassment and violence directed at the natives in their own capital city — are very real, and rarely talked about as explicitly as in the Finansavisen piece. Many influential people want to keep a lid on any open and honest discussion of these problems, which are caused by the immigration policies promoted by the establishment mass media and the ruling political elites.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

15 thoughts on “Norway Keeps a Lid on the Truth

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  2. If politicians believe that multiculturalism is the height of human culture and achievement, the best way of life possible for all men and women, then why don’t they choose to sell up and go and live in areas full of Islamic immigrants?

    I’m being serious here – the fact that politicians choose NOT to live in areas which are ruled by the values they preach endlessly to everyone else shows that they are LIARS and CON ARTISTS.

    And that needs to be put to them at every opportunity.

    • Those hypocrites should suffer bilateral ophtalmectomy, followed up by translateral lobotomy. But first Norway should legalize euthanasia. As Islam forbids euthanasia, this opens the possibility of asymmetric warfare. Only a society with euthanasia can stay secular.

      • They’ve clearly already been lobotomized to believe the things they do e.g. that civilized nations should admit and then pander to barbarians from the 8th century.

    • Agreed. Recently I wrote to my MP, a believer in the ‘benefits’ of mass immigration (or so he says), asking him this very same question – why, if immigration was as beneficial as he’d have us believe, does he live in an immigrant-free area. He’s avoiding the question…

      • Obviously there is a four plus hour delay between us here in Britain and the other side of the Atlantic but even America by now must have heard that UKIP took 25% of the vote in the county council elections and came second in the South Shields by-election, a safe Labour seat. Even the Labour party admitted that they had taken votes from them as well as from the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, who only polled 325 votes in South Shields. How can Cameron respond?; his shadowy one world masters of the New World Order are using him to do their bidding and there is no way that he is going to take Britain out of the EU or stop mass immigration. In one of the great UKIP success stories of Boston in Lincolnshire, over-run with East European migrants a Lithuanian graciously conceded that he could understand how the locals felt. Too right, they would never allow it in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland or the Czech Republic.

        Mass immigration is the work, according to a commentator on Russia Today about Iceland’s rejection of the EU and the banksters, of Marx and Adam Smith of libertarian free-market economics walking hand in hand, which some of us have known for 30 years.

        But it is, of course, helping nobody in either Western Europe, Eastern Europe or the Third World. Eastern Europe is losing its skilled workers and much of its work force who have rushed west – especially to Britain – for the benefits and the higher wages. She will never recover from the ravages of communism without them. As for the Third World, most Third Worlders would move to the First World if they could and to judge from what you report as happening in Hungary are already banging on the doors of Western Europe. We are in a Camp of the Saints situation, a large proportion of those banging are muslims from Afghanistan and Pakistan. What is the effect of mass third world immigration? It is draining the Third World of any skills it has so that the First is having to do even more to help the Southern Hemisphere, even though countries such as India have plenty of millionaires if not billionaires. And it is now so weakening the First World that she will eventually not be in a position to help those who cannot help themselves – they just do not seem to have the intelligence to do so. Europe and North America are being swamped by peoples of lower iq than North Europeans. The result can only be to turn the First World into the Third. If this is the plan of a megalomaniacal plutocracy who think they are smarter than the rest of us then what sort of a backward world do they think they will be ruling over? I just don’t get their logic, they must be dummer than we are even though they think they are so clever. Incidentally, I am just reading Jo Nesbo’s crime novel The Snowman. His leader character, detective Harry Hole, musing on the American presidential election, decides that right wingers have sharper minds. If you are talking of Churchill and Enoch Powell, yes; Hitler who took things to ludicrous extremes, no, but he was a totalitarian socialist. Left-wingers do not have sharp minds. They live in a utopian fog of muddled thinking and are incapable of seeing the logical consequences of their actions even when they are right under their noses. They are already winning in their aim of smashing national identities in Europe. Sweden is rapidly ceasing to be Sweden, Norway Norway, Holland Holland, Belgium Belgium, France France and as for England, well there will soon be nothing left that is English about her at all, apart from her ancient buildings.

        • UKIP took 25% of the vote in the county council elections and came second in the South Shields by-election, a safe Labour seat.

          Those voters throw their hats against the UKIP wall, fooling all the prog-journos to think they have witnessed a move to the right when in fact the body politic has moved to the left – British national socialism.

  3. How will the demorilised young men of Europe like the socially atomised Andreas and the marginalised Marius cope when the battle hardened Mujahideen return to the streets of Europe.

    Maybe there should be the formation of Europe wide indigenous Historical Societies in all the cities and towns to give our young people cultural focus, social contact and a security matrix.

    • Downside: Even without returning Mujahideen they stand no chance in conventional warfare.
      Upside: There will be no returning Mujahideen. Sooner Iran will destroy Mecca, than allow Saudi-Arabia victory in Syria.

    • There is going to be a very serious reckoning soon enough, what these muslims are doing is sowing the seeds of their very own destruction by turning those native Nords into hundreds if not thousands of Breiviks on steroids, they will put up with being victims for only so long before brutal and lethal retaliation comes to to the surface. It is a matter of sooner rather than later when one of these kids gets ahold of a weapon and uses it with etreme prejudice.

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  6. The only way we are going to save Norway or Great Britain or the United States of America ( that is the European peoples who built this country) is to stop Mohammedan infiltration and banish the White Marxist traitors who are trying to replace us with what they think will be a more manipulable non-White population.

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