Islamic Sex Slavery in the UK

RT (Russia Today) is an arm of the Russian government, so we must assume that it serves the interests of the Russian state. With that caveat, however, it should be noted that RT produces some of the most interesting and comprehensive news coverage that can be found on the web.

Its news reports are not occluded by the thick blanket of politically correct smog that shrouds virtually every Western media outlet. The following report dares to address the British “grooming and pimping” scandal in terms of religion and — gasp! — race. And, surprisingly enough, a couple of British journalists are willing to discuss the issue in the same terms.

With the possible exception of CBN, you won’t see a report like this in the Western media:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Islamic Sex Slavery in the UK

  1. Russia Today is very good at showing 21st century London as it really is on video footage in a way that the British media would shy away from. My heart weeps. There is a gentleman who writes on the comment pages of the Daily Telegraph terming himself rare cockney.How many rare cockneys did you spot. Today London tomorrow the whole of England. How on earth did the great and the good of the British establishment ever think that transforming the gentle and civilised country that was England into this was a progressive and preferable thing to do than to leave it as it was in the 1950s nearest thing to utopia you get to. If this is a better sort of utopia, i.e. the third world in place of the best of the first then I am a Dutchman, which I am not. Please give me England back, please and soon. Establishment journalists such as Mr Norfolk have fallen into the perfectability of the noble savage trap. It will never happen. And why was England pre-mass immigration so terrible I want to know. It is as if my extended family are being taken out at rare intervals, put against a wall and shot. Just can’t take it. Who is going to save us from these deluded fanatics of the Left?

    • No one is going to save you from leftist media. You are the only one who can save yourself (and others). Do what you can with whom you can. That is all most of us can do. If you are young, consider taking up teaching to start to undo the academic/political complex which hid itself behind warnings about a military/industrial complex conspiracy. To misuse a quote by John Varley from The Golden Globe, “Can you say [‘projection’] boys and girls?”

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  3. Thank God we’ve finally received an educated, cultured, “nuanced” commentator to explain to the …”working class” that the last ten–or was it twenty?–years of multicultural enrichment was simply the product of different customs and habits which would have been quite understandable…if we only had the wisdom to take a more educated, Other-understanding point of view that most of “Us” acquired in a decent public school, or on the playing fields of whatever, and that their threats of violence will not be tolerated, and if they can’t stand the presence of evermore diverse populations that they should move to America!
    While it lasts.

  4. I thought this was an accurate representation of the current situation in London up until the very end when the term Islamophobia reared it’s ugly head. Giving credence to that term conflicts with all the investigation that went into the piece before it.

    I was also saddened but not surprised to hear that the guest’s solution to the problem was for the Muslim community to step up and police their own. Have we not learned by now that that is not going to happen?

  5. If it is correct that the police are currently investigating 54 gangs in the U.K. and assuming those gangs each have 20 girls under their control that is 1080 girls. If this has been going on for say 20 years that is 21600 girls. That figure itself is appalling.
    It is only when you consider that there will be far more than 54 gangs and that those gangs will have many more than 20 girls. The scale of the atrocity which has and is being carried out in this country is revealed. It is an outrage that nothing has been done about it: but not surprising given who the victims and the perpetrators are.

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