Imposing a “Narrative” on Boston, Stockholm, and London

Yesterday Vlad Tepes interviewed Maj. Stephen Coughlin (ret.), an accomplished American expert on Islamic law, about the ongoing riots in the suburbs of Stockholm, what had just happened in London, and what happened in Boston last month.

Maj. Coughlin describes the ways in which Western political leaders and the media impose a “narrative” on jihad attacks to dissociate them from Islam and make them appear something other than what they obviously are:

7 thoughts on “Imposing a “Narrative” on Boston, Stockholm, and London

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  2. Good synopsis retired Major Coughlin! You seem to have an Intelligence background. It seems to me that London Yard and the British Police allow atrocities to unfold and deal with the fallout afterwards. When I was in London, I saw a CCTV camera on almost every light post. During the 2011 riots and looting, surveillance occurred in real-time. Yet the Bobbies were ill-equipped to handle the burning, looting, and civil unrest. During the recent massacre on May 21, 2013 it took police 20 minutes to respond to the 911 calls. Two Nigerian Muslims ran over the British soldier before hacking and beheading him. Why didn’t those who monitor the large array of CCTV cameras sound off alarms during the car incident? It’s been reported that London has the most CCTV cameras in the world!

    The current narrative involves soundbites about “Lone Wolves” committing heinous atrocities. Someone or some political party (i.e. Salafists, Al Queida, OIC, Shiites, etc) is radicalizing second generation Muslim men with high levels of testosterone and low intelligence, critical thinking skills. Think about how “Lone Wolves” were used to assassinate JF Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, and almost killed Ronald Reagan. They are called crazies, mentally unstable personalities, celebrity stalkers, etc. This seems to be the new strategy of Islamic Jihad while the global elites turn a blind eye. Because they will benefit from a new world order, borderless planet. They will usher in a totalitarian government that tracks, monitors, and controls the working classes. Some will be more equal than others.

  3. The big massacres in New York, Madrid and London were FELT BY MUSLIMS as subjugations to “Unbelievers” to evolve more pressure also on “decionsmaking for Islam” amongst Non-believers, which are from the Islamists views all “fallen angels”.
    The Maximum extent in time for NOT FIGHTING is set by historical standards from Mohammed/Allah to 10 years. And even this is a very “diplomatic” view because Mohammed did end or possibly even provocated the end of Hudna already after about 2 years. So INSIDE THE MUSLIMS COMMUNITIES the knowledge of being already OVER the max extent for Hudna leads to more and more inner pressure “to follow the example of Moh” …. or in their “mind- and feeling- sets” “not to fall to far behind”…… and since Hudna is ended the next Momentum starts and unfolds “its” islamic-emotional Code on the Umma: “Who does the most murdering for Allah, because from the Sunna its clear that the more murders a Muslim did the more is his “Honor” before “Allah” ….”

    Its simply a “competition in murdering” which is by their mental borders under which “young” and “not so young” Muslims at present have “emotional concurrence”.

    And many in Core Muslims countries do think and possibly write on European Islamic blogs already of getting quite officially tiny Muslims regions in Europe under full sharia law. This is also felt and “read” by Muslims in Europe and which enrolls the next, but minor movement in the Umma – who would become the Caliph, who would become “Sultans” and “Emirs” ?

    The Islamic reasons to die for the next changes of a Dar el Harbi into a Dar el Islam are massive ….. since the Followers of Mohammed do feel “their prophet” so close to as in no other circumstances, when they are felt as being part of agitating for successfull “land and people-occupations”………

    All these Motivations could be destroyed easily with my knowledge…. and this on the only field core Muslims are accepting ARGUMENTATION – which is: On the cause of religion AND by seeing that they are NOT LIED AT.

    Where is the Publisher and who will finance the very special delivery of the books, which should not bring trouble to any seller in a book store.

  4. What they’re counting on is the tremendous ignorance of Islam and medieval history.
    If you know both, then the narrative is irrelevant.
    The truth spoke for itself in these incidents and more.
    The attackers said that we will never be safe.
    Our Christian scriptures tell us that only in God can we live in safety, not in fear.
    And so we must resist in every way we can.

  5. “Yesterday Vlad Tepes interviewed Maj. Stephen Coughlin (ret.), an accomplished American expert on Islamic law,”

    Today Vladtepes is down.

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