French Jihadi in Mali

The following French news clip concerns a Breton mujahid who was recently arrested in Mali. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   This video posted on YouTube in October 2012 had made Gilles Le Guen
0:04   the most famous French Jihadist, the only recognisable one.
0:09   Because this native of Brittany appeared with his face uncovered, a quite disconcerting declaration of faith.
0:15   Under the banner of AQME, this merchant navy veteran retells his way to Islam
0:21   and advises the French against an intervention in Mali.
0:23   I call on the French people to oppose all aggression
0:28   which would not be in their interest. He converted to Islam in the early ’80s
0:32   and settled down in Tumbatu (Mali) in 2011 with his Moroccan wife
0:38   and his five children. It’s at the moment when the jihadist groups of AQME
0:43   take the town in April 2012 that he approaches them.
0:46   He underwent military training but his rapport with these organisations will always remain
0:51   complex, ambiguous and tainted with suspicion.
0:55   In November 2012 (his Muslim name??) is arrested by AQME.
1:00   Some accuse him of being a French spy. He was arrested by the French forces
1:04   in the region of Timbuktu, which he never seems to have left.
1:08   Now in the hands of the Malian authorities, he should be soon be available to French investigators.

2 thoughts on “French Jihadi in Mali

  1. I call on the French people to despise evil and do what is right.
    Fight Islam.
    Do not submit, as this dead soul has done.

  2. Interesting but I don’t see much need for concern. If he’s truly the most famous of Frenchmen who’ve turned jihadist, neither France nor Mali has much to worry about from him.

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