“Everything You Have Learned in School is Wrong”

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from Rights.no about the ghastly predicament in which young Norwegians find themselves within heavily culturally enriched districts of Oslo.

Well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where they may send their children to school among white native speakers of Norwegian. Less affluent citizens are not so fortunate, however, and are forced to endure the humiliation and degradation of the Multicultural behavioral sink in which their political masters have consigned them to live.

The translator includes this introductory note:

This report shows the real consequences of the enormous betrayal of their people by the ruling elites in Norway. Sadly, the same thing goes on in every Western European country today, and on both sides of the Atlantic.

There is something seriously wrong with politicians who actively pursue policies that have such horrific outcomes. Nor is this ground-breaking information that is being presented in this article — it has been going on for a couple of decades now in Norway.

The politicians know it, but they keep their mouths shut and let the vulnerable ‘youths’ pay the price for their betrayal.

As a matter of interest, Finansavisen (which published the original piece) is one of the very few newspapers in Norway that don’t receive press subsidies. Every Norwegian newspaper journalist is subsidized by the authorities to the tune of $75,000 per year. Which is perhaps also why (as far as I know) no other MSM newspaper has covered this story — for them, Norwegian ‘racism’ against non-Norwegians is all that matters.

The translated article:

Norwegian boys in the new Norway

Over the past few weeks, Finansavisen [Financial Newspaper] has focused on immigration and its economic consequences. We have commented on several of these previously. Last weekend the journalists Kjell Erik Eilertsen, Ole Asbjørn Ness and the photographer Iván Kverme left behind their calculators and computers and met with some of the individuals who are growing up in the new Norway. They decided to focus on the youngsters, Norwegian boys, who are growing up in the most immigrant-dense area of Norway — Groruddalen [Grorud valley] in Oslo. And they have produced an article that other media would probably refuse to print.

Groruddalen is an area that covers four neighborhoods: Stovner, Alna, Grorud and Bjerke. All the neighborhoods have an immigrant population approaching 50 percent.

Finansavisen has made contact with two young boys in the “valley”. One of them, Marius Sørvik, has decided to go public, and his name and picture appear in the newspaper. The other one has decided to remain anonymous. Finansavisen refers to him as “Andreas”. One boy was interviewed twice and the other one on three occasions. They were given copies of the article to read through before it was published, and confirmed that they have been quoted correctly. In addition to this Andreas’ father has read the article and given the newspaper the approval to publish his son’s story.

Two different worlds in 35 minutes

When the decision to travel to Groruddalen was finally made, Finansavisen decided that the journalists should travel there in the manner that most of the youths choose, namely by riding the subway train. The trip from Smestad to Stovner takes approximately 35 minutes, according to Finansavisen, and I guess that during the journey they were shown two different worlds.

When they arrive in Stovner, they hear the voice of “Andreas”:

“A few weeks ago,” he says, “I was entering the schoolyard. They were attacking Lars. There’s a whole heap of them. They always attack as a group. They are dogs, they hunt in packs. They are beating him up. I run in between them and I punch one of them. Then someone comes rushing to and separates us, and yet again I’m being hauled off to the principal’s office, and yet again I am being told that even if they punch us we are not supposed to retaliate. Do you know how insanely provocative such a statement is?”

Finansavisen‘s description of Andreas leaves no room for doubt:

He is sixteen. He is angry. He’s scared. He is brave. He is tired. He wants to tell. He’s got the face of a boy and the eyes of a man.

“I would have gone public with my full identity had it not been for the fact that I have younger siblings. People need to realize what it is like to grow up here,” he says.

Home is a place somewhere in Groruddalen. That’s where he grew up. He spends one week at his mother’s place and the next one at his father’s place. His stepfather is nice. His father is great. His mother is great, but naïve.

That is not the problem. This area is what’s the problem.

“My mum told me that it would be good for me to grow up here. I would get to know the new Norway, get to know different cultures.”

Then we are introduced to Marius Sørvik.

He is nineteen. He is articulate. He is brave. He’s scared. He is weak. He is successful. He has dropped out of school. He has a beard. He is too young to have beard. He is pretty in the eyes of young girls. He is only 19, but he has made four movies. He earns money. Right now he is staying with his mum.

He came to Groruddalen from Fredrikstad when he was one year old. Soon he’ll move back to Fredrikstad.

“They are to be pitied”

The boys have difficulties defining themselves, “the others” and animal metaphors are often used:

They both belong to an animal species that is rapidly diminishing in Groruddalen. They do what all animals do: Come up with survival strategies. Trying to find a way to show off their feathers in all its glory, run and hide when they are outnumbered.

Human nature: The wish to retaliate: revenge, vengeance, one day they might be the strongest, and not be outnumbered. Them. Against them. The others. Strangers with Norwegian passports. The ones they were told to be considerate of when they attended elementary school. Their species has as of yet not been officially labelled. For want of a better term, we chose to use the term that Marius uses to describe himself, a young ethnic Norwegian male.

“All the teachers told me, the principal told me, if I had an altercation with them I had to understand that they were to be pitied, that they came from countries where there had been war. I thought that he was joking. Their grandparents emigrated from Pakistan. So if I hit someone no one would scold me because my grandfather had been a member of the Norwegian Resistance Movement? But I believed in it.”

Duped by the school

The elementary school in Groruddalen is a pleasant experience for both of them in the beginning. They sing the songs, they believe in the songs, they live the songs. Then it starts to sound false, the childhood comes to an end, fifth grade:

“You discover who you are,” says Andreas.

“People are different; everything you have learned in school is wrong,” says Marius.

You have the ethnic Norwegian boys, and then there are the others. Faced with these two choices, the two boys chose different strategies:

Marius’ strategy

He doesn’t lower his head. He refuses to take any crap. He answers back. He’s loudmouthed. He is who he is. It does not matter. But that’s not why they target him. It is an autumn evening in seventh grade. He is playing tennis. When he leaves the court to collect some tennis balls they appear. They are seven or eight Somalis. The beat the crap out of him, he has to get new teeth put in.

Marius doesn’t slow down. He calls a Roma girl a gypsy, something that isn’t appreciated. When her brothers and cousins come for him, he hides in the principal’s office. It has begun.

Andreas’ strategy

He lowers his gaze, he wants to be like them, talk like them, he alters his language, limits his vocabulary, makes deliberate spelling mistakes — ‘an school’, kebab-Norwegian, buys a soft gun, wants to be like the older, tougher, cool Pakistani guys that have cars and money and no job, why not become a Muslim, become a brother?

He wants to be like them, but he doesn’t become like them, something inside him is resisting.

Fragments: the bad grades in the Norwegian classes, the bad friends, Islam, he notices how they view women, as an object, how they react when he tries to discuss Islam with them, how they talk about respect, but don’t show any respect, how they refer to Norwegians as f***ing Norwegians, whitey, potato; something inside him resists.

He withdraws. They notice that he withdraws. Then it starts.

Constant fear

We learn about the suffering of Marius:

He heads off to school an hour before it starts in the morning. He heads home before it finishes in the afternoon. More episodes, more threats. Fear is not an isolated event, but rather a continuous stream.

In tenth grade he goes to see the doctor and lies about having social anxiety. He is given a medical certificate so he can spend as little time as possible in school. He’s scared. Says that they always come in packs. Says that they always stare when he sees them on the subway when there are twenty of them, and when he gets a girlfriend they cry out to him:

“‘Hey Marius have you got yourself a girlfriend,’ and it’s not the words that are threatening, but the way they are being uttered, do you understand, how they look at me and my girlfriend who starts to cry, do you understand?”

NRK’s “concept” of “our valley”

We are being told that Marius’ fears have subsided, although they can still return:

It has been three years since he graduated from high school. He can still feel a twinge of fear whenever he meets the gangs on the subway, but he doesn’t give a ****, he has made four movies, he says what he thinks, he is who he is, the valley is what it is, he writes op-eds about life in Groruddalen and gets them published in VG and Dagsavisen, he is only nineteen but he has already had a heart attack and he has been interviewed twice by the producers of the Norwegian TV series ‘Dalen Vår’ [‘Our Valley’], Elisabeth Brun (see separate article) to find out if his story fitted in with the story about Groruddalen.

It did not.

“Your views do not fit in with our concept,” she said. That TV series is state-funded propaganda. A documentary where the angle has been determined in advance is no documentary, but a half-mockumentary where they have full control of what is being said. If you are going to tell a story about what a great place Groruddalen is, then you can’t talk to young ethnic Norwegian boys, because most of them will tell you that it is a horrible place.

Worried about murders

Andreas is also suffering, despite attempts at hiding it as much as possible:

He has withdrawn into himself, although he still has a Muslim friend from a very religious family. Let’s call him Omar. He tries to persuade Andreas to become Muslim. Omar tells him about the judgment and the hell that awaits all those who refuse to submit to Islam in time. Omar tells him that he needs to stop enjoying life, but rather prepare himself for the next life. Forsake. But Andreas says that he is wary of Islam; actually it’s more than that: he doesn’t like Islam, not the strictness, vengefulness, its view of women, all the talk about the chastity of women, hijab, not because they want to but because they have to.

They discuss. The discussions descend into verbal altercations.

“He told me that he was going to kill me. I threatened him back.”

Andreas allies himself with ethnic Norwegians in the motorcycle community for protection, a 1% club.

“Had it not been for them he would have killed me.”

Cowardly Muslims

Andreas doesn’t deny that he’s still scared. That he lift weights to gain strength. He also says that he’s contemplating carrying a knife, but that he fears the police knife controls. He says that he’s made deals with his friends, that they will all stand up for each other. Friends who also lift weights and that are into martial arts.

“Muslims don’t fight you on a one-to-one basis. If you meet them alone they are cowards. If I run into Omar alone, he will just walk past me. If I am alone and meet him in a crowd, the best outcome I can hope for is a beating.”

Marius has lifted his gaze. Now he can start to analyze it all.

“There is a hierarchy, where ethnic Norwegian boys are on the bottom rung on the ladder. They will be targeted unless they accede to their rules, if they don’t they become Norwegian immigrants. If a Norwegian boy gets into trouble, odds are that he has a small family and a tiny social network. Unlike a Pakistani or Somali boy, he doesn’t have a clan of brothers and cousins and uncles who come rushing to his aid in the event of a conflict. Most of the time the only thing he has is a single parent.”

Norwegian is weakness, Norwegian culture is on the way out

Andreas believes that the Norwegian culture is being squeezed out.

“Nobody wants to be a Norwegian here. Norwegian is synonymous with weakness. This is a feeling that is also being conveyed by the teachers.

“They are afraid. They don’t dare to speak out. You should have a look at the number of principals that have come and gone at Vestliveien school in recent years, and ask them why they left. They don’t have control, but they do everything to accommodate the Muslim students. In home economics classes everybody has to prepare halal meat. Immigrants do not have to attend ‘NyNorsk’ classes [literally New-Norwegian, which is a different dialect and a different way to write Norwegian — there are two forms of written Norwegian]. I have to attend these classes. The Muslim girls do not have to attend the physical activity classes; because of course they cannot undress in front of other girls. We have to adapt to their culture. They don’t have to adapt to ours.”

Andreas’ views on girls:

“There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs. It’s something you learn early on. You just don’t go after a Pakistani girl, but Norwegian girls are available to immigrant boys. Norwegian girls prefer them. I don’t know why. I guess it must be that brown skin. That they are tough, that they have money despite not having jobs. They don’t see that they fight in packs, that they are cowards. I asked my best female friend if we could get romantically involved, and she told me that I have the right personality, but the problem was that I’m Norwegian. She wants to become involved with a foreigner.”

He believes that Oslo will eventually become Oslostan.

“It’s not going to happen straightaway, but it that’s the way its going. More and more Muslims arrive here from abroad, and many Norwegians convert. Personally I know of five converts. Here it’s all about Islam; Islam is strong, so why fight it?”

The betrayal and the silence

Andreas says that he feels betrayed. And his conversation with the journalists from Finansavisen is the first time that adults let him speak freely, the first time that he doesn’t have to hold back and place restrictions on himself. He says that he wants to become an actor. He wants to make a movie. Maybe a movie about the real “our valley”. He says that he wants to join the HV youth (the youth division of the National Guard). “He wants the uniform. He craves the authority that a uniform gives. No one messes with a soldier.”

Finansavisen’s reporters suggest that adolescence can be tough for everybody, and they wonder how much of it is actually about growing up in the valley and how much is trauma that many adolescents experience, such as differentness, loneliness and exclusion. They even ask them if they are paranoid — if there really is something to be afraid of. Maybe they have deliberately isolated themselves and gone into hiding and started worshipping imaginary horrors that have replaced reality?

The boys’ response is laughter:

They laugh. They smile. The journalists have not understood.

“It is not imagination when they shout after me, when they threaten me, when they hit me,” says Andreas.

“Are you afraid to walk around alone?”

“I’m not. Not any more,” says Marius.

“There are many places that I don’t go alone. Especially at night,” says Andreas.

We follow Andreas to the subway station.

“Do you see?” he says, and guides our attention to two immigrants. “Do you see how they stare back?”

He’s right. They do stare. We lower our gaze first.

Once again we hear the animal metaphors that permeates their language:

“They are like cats, says Andreas — cats never back down. They challenge you. I get so f***ing mad.”

The subway train arrives. We get on. After a few stop Andreas gets off. We lean back in our seats and try to let the rattle of the train carriage rock us into a kind of sleep. But sleep doesn’t come.

The subway ride from Stovner to Smestad takes approximately 35 minutes.

Epilogue: After having read the draft, Marius gave us a call.

“You can delete the statement that I can walk around safely.”


“I got beat up on the way home from the pub yesterday.”

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82 thoughts on ““Everything You Have Learned in School is Wrong”

  1. “If a Norwegian boy gets into trouble, odds are that he has a small family and a tiny social network. Unlike a Pakistani or Somali boy, he doesn’t have a clan of brothers and cousins and uncles who come rushing to his aid in the event of a conflict. Most of the time the only thing he has is a single parent.”

    That atomisation and isolation celebrated as ultra-individualism and the contempt for association or commonweal, branded as socialist conspiracy in progressive conservative political dogma is inhibiting the formation of a mass European opposition particularly at street level.

    • That’s why libertarianism, objectivism, colorblind race-neutral conservativsim, free markets etc. cannot save the West and in fact, are part of the problem. The only thing that can save the West is racial solidarity.

      • Sorry to say but Western Christianity must be added to that list as well. Another conservative fascination which leaves its followers completely defenseless to tribal enemies.

        • I must disagree with you. The decline of Christianity is exactly the root of the problem. When Christianity recedes Marxism fills in the gap. Only the strength that comes from Christian faith and ethics can stem the decline of the West. Christianity is not imcompatable with ethnic solidarity. Christianity does not deny natural law, which would prescribe kinship solidarity.

      • Free market and objectivism together with the right to bear arms will save the West
        And there obviously have to be censure on voting: only those who pay taxes should vote, these votes should be weighted by the proportion of taxes to income the single voter pays. For example an individual pays 50% of his income as taxes, he gets 10 votes, pays 5% gets one vote (just for example, not that 50% tax is nearly fair)

  2. And the pressure cooker just keeps on building up.
    What happens when the State runs out of money?
    What happens when the natives stop caring and fight back?
    It will happen, the lessons of history are clear on this point.
    The saddest thing is that it is all so avoidable.

    • What happens when the “vets” from the various western supported “Springtimes” have fully embedded themselves throughout the ghettos and mosque infrastructure? Will it be springtime for Islam or Normany?

  3. Anybody still questioning the value of our 2nd ammendment?
    This is OUR future if Pelosi/Cuomo/Obama/et. al ever get their way.

    • What do you mean this is our future? This began decades ago in America when places like Norway were still white paradises. I am a white male who grew up in a black ghetto in the 70s and 80s. I’m still working through all of the psychological trauma which multiculturalism inflicted on me. No one ever believed me in the 80s/90s/2000s. People still don’t believe me and laugh if I state that I was victimized by blacks as a child. So I don’t talk about it. I went so far as to move to England ten years ago and became a UK citizen in an attempt to escape the blacks in New York City. But now UK cities are just as bad.

      I have a good friend who is a fully Caucasian New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent who grew up in Spanish Harlem. He has been driven mad by the hate directed at him all his life coming from black people. When we walk down the street in manhattan he goes out of his way to avoid blacks – even though he is powerfully built and tough – he is deeply psycholically traumatized.

  4. Crusaders, mount up…it’s time to put an end to this just like your ancestors did.


  5. I used to work as a teacher in Groruddalen Oslo and watched the native Norwegian pupils gradually became the ones most exposed to mobbing, and the victims of ever increasing criminal attacks. The responsibility for the lack of opposition to the cultural suicide of mass-immigration lies firmly at the feet of the politicians that hid behind or even believed in diversity. It is the principle of equality gone insane when you give away everything that you have worked for to any-comers that demand an unearned share, and refuse to contribute to the common good.
    I have witnessed how the Norwegians have gradually been denied their natural rights.

    • What are my Natural rights? I was wondering do you get them handed to you when you are borned or when you celebrate your 18 birtday.Really want to know, i think they forgot me when they handed it out..

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  9. I hope I see the day when those responsible for this blatant attack on western values are brought to justice.

    • I agree with you but there are so many traitors it will be hard to nail all of them down. You have the politicians first, and the media – the media bosses and the actual journalists themselves without whom this could never be done. So when they whine that they were adhering to the rules of their jobs (multiculti, evil white good black, and the other narratives) they will be shown absolutely no mercy. There are the courts and the judges, and even police superintendents who should be arrested by their own men who they forced to arrest protesters etc. Lists must be made, [redacted] etc. They need to get what is [expletive] coming to them and it will be a hard and painful lesson that others will observe and learn from. Whites need to man up and take out their own traitors first, letting the muzzies and [racial epithets] have the time to vacate and get home, leaving less of them to deport or be dealt with in more forceful methods.

      If we fail to deal with these threats we are doomed, doomed. I have to admit that at this point it doesn’t look great either – it looks like we are losing. Perhaps I should say rather that if we do not rally, we are doomed. If we are worth anything as a species, we will. We know we are, and we know what will happen to the planet if we are gone.

      If these two young boys are any example I am hopeful, because they know what must be done. The treasonous [epithets] who are making a living hell out of their lives should be held to account. Not even the muzzies – they are just acting how they act – but the ones who know what they are doing is wrong need to PAY.

      • I agree. Those Norwegian boys are brave. They know that the only way that the Muslims win is in packs. Politicians are to blame as well as who they make these back door deals with; rich industrialists and international banks. Also for these countries to join the UN they must agree to accept immigrants. America at one time had a great immigration from many countries but these countries shared the same or similar values both western ie English Irish, Scandinavian, Italian and Eastern ie China, Philippines. Muslims do not value our ways. They treat women like they are nothing. They rape them. They do what they want and are protected. Excuse me but what the [expletive] is wrong with this picture!!?

  10. The west has allowed itself to be run by cowardly apologetic morons who could well see an end to democracy and freedom in our lifetime unless drastic action is taken soon. The people have the power to make changes if they elect the right mobs in the respective elections over the next few years. Failure to make this shift in approach soon will result in massive bloodshed later as those like me refuse to put up with insanity any longer!

    • This is not going to be solved through elections. There are no politicans on our side.

      • ^ This ^

        We CAN do something for our brothers and sisters in Norway, South Africa,etc, who are being genocided day by day.

        It is time for a global white strike.

        Operation Whiteout.

        We can bring our traitorous globalist diversity pimps to their foreigner-loving knees if we all work TOGETHER. A global enemy requires a global solution,and that solution is WORLDWIDE white solidarity.

        Operation Whiteout is that solution.

        • Many cultures from all around the world share lighter skin. Many cultures from all around the world share darker skin.

          “White-people” doesn’t mean anything to me because you’re talking about so many different peoples and cultures. That phrase is intrinsically inaccurate and hateful.

          What are you saying exactly?

  11. The Balkanization continues, there is only one way this ends, when those little Nord boys grow up into men they will be Breiviks on steroids and will play by the same rules as the muslims and no mercy nor empathy for any of them.


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  14. Look at this list of racist murders/attempted murders by muslims in the UK in the last 12 years. http://4freedoms.com/group/uk/forum/topics/racist-attacks-by-muslims

    Considering that muslims are (currently) 1/20th of the UK population (and in 2001 were more like 1/40th), there would need to be about 30 incidents where gangs of white men went out & found muslims & killed them for each of those racist murders I have listed above, just for there to be an EQUAL amount of racist violence between muslims/non-muslims in the UK.

    There is not one, NOT ONE, incident in the last 12 years of white men behaving like these muslims.

    When muslim academics start to whine about “horrific violence” against muslims, and they are presented with the list of cases of violence by muslims (and we are excluding officially-designated terrorism here), the muslim academics run away and refuse to discuss the issue any further.

    The true enemy are the media, the police and the politicians who deny the problems exist. They are all traitors.

  15. This article is [ordure] and thats the reason it was pulled. And People who was borned in Norway are Norwegian Citizens, not immigrants . So the premise for Your [excremental] article is ……. as always……… [an odious substance]. These two boys fight with other Norwegian youths, something that happens in every country.

    • Well Sparky, let me help you out with your denial of reality problem.First, the muslim third world savages that are attacking your native Nords are being attacked by packs of muslim savages, so your excuse of it’s only one on one is complete utter tosh and a bold faced lie. Second, the muslims born there in Norway are not Norwiegens, period! Third, he fact that you defend these muslim savages against your own is appaling and quite frankly it makes you a Quisling, good luck with that.

    • Just random fights, eh? Not getting attacked by a gang of other boys because he’s an ethnic Norwegian, by any chance? Because that would surely be the worst of the worst – R-A-C-I-S-M… or is that term reserved for when whites attack non-whites?

  16. Damn all of the Quisling traitors to hell, in Europe and all of the Western world. They held the door open to hostile invaders, and made defending one’s own culture and traditions a criminal offense. I hope that someday there is an accounting for all of these Quislings, for what they have intentionally done to destroy Western Civilization.

    • I don’t believe this sort of thing could have happened without the help of the media. Politicians can pass laws to make ordinary acts criminal but not unless the media softens the public image of the law beforehand.

      While patriots maintain lists – written and/or memorized – of various politicians who deserve removal from office they should also find out where the local “talkin heads” live, shop and play. If Goebbles (sp?) had been eliminated in 1939 and each of his successors treated similarly Hitler might not have had as much success as he did.

      Just sayin’…

    • Do you think Norway would be having this problem if Quisling were still in charge?

  17. I would recomend persons that feel unsafe to join the Mormons. The Book of Mormon has several sections about how attackers are fought and won over in battles. That is my understanding of the Book of Mormon anyway.
    It is a sense of brotherhood in the Mormon church, I have exprerienced.

    • Interestingly, since Islam claims that Mohammad was the last prophet, no Muslim can ever consider the LDS a real religion. If Islam is true (which a Muslim believes) then there can be no prophets after Mohammed, therefore Joseph Smith and the long line of prophets who followed him in the Mormon church are illegitimate in the eyes of Islam.

      Ask any Muslim if they “respect” Mormonism.

      • I don´t care the least about if Muslims respect Mormons. Why would I?
        One thing I care about is feeling safe. The stories about wars in the Book of Mormon make me feel that Mormons if attacked stick together and fight back. And it makes me feel often enough that good will prevail in the long run. And defending against enemies in war does not make a person not going to Heaven, as I understand Book of Mormon.
        I have thought that Islam was designed to suck the blood of Christianity. And I also have felt that the Mormon Church is Christianity but suitable for prevailing and flourishing in a world that still has Islam in it.

        • Mormonism is no more Christian than the man in the moon. LDS is a wussy religion- why, they even changed their ‘no blacks in the priesthood’ rule, when it became apparent that the FEDGOV was going to take away their ‘tax exemption’ back in 1979!

          No, the only religion that will avail us, is to return to the fierce, tribal racialism that gave life to the Orthodox Christianity (not the Papal, post schism Vatican II counterfeit) of St. Olaf.

          Fram, Fram, Kongsmen, Kristmen, Korsmen!

  18. “There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs.

    And therein lies the secret to Muslim domination: They have children with their own women. They have children with their enemies’ women. Their enemies do not have children. Is there any more that we need to know?

    • Both Christianity and White Nationalism forbid turning the tables, and taking Muslim women for breeding. Christianity believes in monogamy and is opposed to slavery. White Nationalism forbids race mixing.

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  20. The counterjihad movement, if this want success, must oppose other leftist ideologies like feminism, that have horrible consequences to young europeans who lives in culturally enriched neighborhoods. First, the lack of family protection, specially the lack of a father and other male relatives, throwed away from the homes by the divorce industry or completely absent because their mothers are promiscuous womem who became pregnant outside a marriage. Second, the removal of all barriers for the female utilitarianism and the feminization of the native men, wich causes the preference of native girls for immigrant men, who are the new alpha males. Fjordman explained this phenomenon in the article “How the war against boys paved the way for Islam”.

    • Break up the Muslim family. But ethnic solidarity is more important than strong families. African-Americans have more ethnic solidarity, but weaker families than European Americans. Why do Muslim boys need to know their fathers? If it doesn’t matter whether you are Kurdish or Pakistani, why does it matter whether your father is a Choudary, a Bhat or a Khan? Aren’t all Muslims brothers?

    • Make clear that the Antifa protects the Muslims boys, so the Antifa is more alpha than the Muslim boys. The Muslim boys are also protected by the police, so even the police is more alpha. Finally, the Antifa is protected by the police. The police is ordered not to force the Antifa into takin off its face masks. This means that the Antifa is just as much part of the powers that be as the police. This will pose problems for Christians following Romans 13:1-7!

  21. I want to thank Fjordman, the Baron and Dymphna for making it possible for me to read what happens to my fellow Europeans, its the same all over the Western world.

    • I’m sorry, it is NOT the same all over Europe. Scandinavians have had a pacifist pathology for a long, long time. Come to Italy and try to behave like these Muslim immigrants and see how far you get. Even in Germany, and especially Austria, there is big push-back. In eastern Europe the situation is radically different. That northern European Protestantism would eventually give way to contemporary Norway and Sweden was inherent from the start, but that’s a bigger subject. Scandinavia is part of Europe, yes, but it is also a distinct area with its own sub-culture. It has always been on the peripheries of European history and has its own very different (and very promiscuous and mechanical) sexual history. Obviously, there is a common threat and the whole West is under attack. But I know from experience that Scandinavians will react very differently to this sort of outrage than would Italians, Austrians, Poles or Czechs and Slovaks. White nationalists who idealize the great blonde north should be required to read stories like this one.

  22. “….has not been *officially* labelled”…..a doubtful concept.In England the highly unofficially term is :”One of the* indigenous *people,who have been here for the last 10,000 years since the ice melted”.We have never been ethnic;it’s foreigners who are`ethnic`.(Being genuinely not-racists we include Anglo-Jewery in our tent.)

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  25. This story reminds of memoirs of a russian man who lived during his childhood and adolescence in Chechnya (last years of USSR).Exactly the same-how he was alone,how russians were not able to group together while chechens always did and all the struggle he lived through-everyday fights,offenses and so on.

    • The difference, of course, is that Russians in Chechnya were the immigrants. Chechens know how to protect and hold their own territory from outsiders.

      • There’s no difference, the point is that after that “treatment”, when their dominance became absolutely clear – came the genocide of all ethnic Russians and other “non-chechens”.

        Read up history before spitting out marxist myths – Russians and Cossacks have historically lived in what is now known as “republic of chechnya” (Grozny was founded by Russians) where Chechens (until commie scum came over) historically lived in the so called “Upper Chechnya” up in the mountains and NEVER (even before the territory officially becamce part of the Russian Empire) had settlements in the “lower chechnya”.

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  27. I was in Oslo a few years ago, and it was already like walking through a non-European city. Muslim shops everywhere, and African prostitutes on every corner. In all of the European capitals I’ve been to recently, there’s always a feeling of mourning for a dying loved one, as if it’s the last time you’ll see them alive.

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  30. I first went to Oslo back in 2004. I was surprised by the chaos. Dodgy characters dealing drugs quite openly out on the street below our hotel room. Immigrants of different stripes lining the main street, so that one was forced to run the gauntlet as you headed to the main train station. The Third World is where the Third World lives. Went back to Oslo four years ago and it hadn’t improved. Such madness on a grand scale. BTW I do love Norway and have a fondness for Norwegians. I felt very much at home in the old villages along the fjords. But it is not my home, so I went back to my home on the other side of the world.

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  41. This is no different from any other place in the world! All this is a conspiracy!
    Yes Believe it!
    It happens in the US Muslim Somalia losers in packs. They fight each other even.
    It happens in The UK
    It’s happening in Sweden
    It’s happening in Norway.
    Listen There is something at work here that started with so called immigration. This is BS! This is part of something else.
    Same thing with Mexicans in US
    Flooding the world with Rift Raft and letting them take over.

    What will be the end result?
    Well the UK is being Ruined and the immigrants not only have taken jobs but are now being able to fuel the made up Terror! AH HA!
    Ruin the School system, Ruin the Cultures, and jobs! With it we can control the people.

    It’s all part of a larger scheme why do you think politics is in on it.

  42. ok reading some peoples comments on religion. Please realize your weak beliefs of Muslim, Catholic or whatever are product of your up-bringing and your psychological weakness.
    We are all spiritual living a Human experience.

    Your religions are a control mechanism of blindness and stupidity. They divide people, cultures, and mental capacity for truth.

    Just remember your actions your thoughts make you who you are not your silly religious beliefs that you allow to control your actions.

    This is the 21st century and it’s time to have wisdom and be wise that means studying all religions and where they are from who uses them for control over the masses.
    Don’t believe in something that is not positive and doesn’t have respect and love for nature, animals, and humans.

    Haven’t you ever read Lord of the Flies!

  43. “Please Realize” that the only people who fan out across the Internet and have as their Boogie Man the “Religious People” are the Gays. A 1 in 50 conduct Minority. In the United States they are using Gays in Leadership positions because Gays have Zero loyalty to the Traditional Middle Class. Obama is Gay as are virtually all of his high appointees.

    The control of the Media and therefore the issues and Elected Politicians is how it all is being done. One 3% Minority Religion owns the Media. Religious solidarity SURE is working for them. No. It’s not the Mormons.

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  45. This is a worthy subject, it is unfortunate that you cannot bring forth your ideas without inane bantering. Get to the point!

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  49. The story feels very fake…reality in Norway is different.
    Foreigners are suppressed and discriminated much more – the same in all Scandinavia. Double standards and racism,nationalism rule.
    Feels like Marius story is just to create more hate.

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  52. Sounds like a couple of white kids having a hard time fitting it at school, getting bullied. And they can’t find any girls that like them. These are the stakes of some heart-tugging coming-of-age story, not the “ghastly predicament” of “enormous betrayal” with “horrendous outcomes” that the adjectived-addicted author claims.

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