Child Gang-Raped by Muslims in Luton School Toilets

Update: This report has not yet been independently verified. For further discussion, see this more recent post.

This just came in; it was posted by Kev Carroll, the leader of the English Defence League, on Facebook:

A year 7 [equivalent to 6th grade; probably 11-12 years old] child in Luton Town has been gang-raped by Moslems in the toilets whilst at school.

The authorities have been desperately trying to keep it secret for fear of massive unrest by Lutonians and the EDL. Well, it’s too late!

The Luton Town media have participated in the conspiracy of silence, along with the police and the council, so as not to upset the Islamic community.

OUT[expletive]RAGEOUS! Hold on to your hat, Luton!

52 thoughts on “Child Gang-Raped by Muslims in Luton School Toilets

  1. You would think that after the grooming and pimping trial that just concluded in Oxford, and the great shame it brought to the British social welfare system and police, that the City of Luton would come clean immediately rather than try to cover up… What must they have thought? That the parents and friends of this young boy would just remain quiet?
    I feel terribly sorry for the young man and his family. Can you imagine having to go back to school after this? I don’t think I could.

    • What – it was a BOY?

      If they catch the slimebag piece of filth who perpetrated this – he should go to an adult jail.

    • send these beasts (mom, dad, and the entire litter) back to where they came from!

  2. @babs: Reports on other blogs say it is a 7th grade GIRL, not a boy.

    Wasn’t Luton where the other Pakistani gang did their gang rapes too? (Rochdale?).

  3. “The authorities have been desperately trying to keep it secret for fear of massive unrest by Lutonians and the EDL.”

    When sitting around trying to stategize a response, did anyone on the school board or the council say “this is going to come out one way or another.” If the parents were even half way decent they would never allow the rape of their child to go unanswered. So, best to get out in front of it to minimize what will certainly be a massive response?

    If I were on the school board or council that is certainly what I would think. The problem is that the board and the council have let this situation go so far over the top with their happy multiculti talk that they are hoping that a family and a young boy will be willing to sacrifice themselves. My hope is that all decent parents join up with the EDL to protest not only sick individuals preying on their children but also the gov’t entities that try to wish this all too familiar pattern under the rug. The best thing they could do at this point is to arrest the youth that did the raping and put them in juvenile detention until they are 18. Deporting the entire family is too much to ask for…

    Everyone has “hot buttons” and this is one of mine. When we moved to Long Island from SoCal in 97′ my 13 year old son was assaulted repeatedly at the Jr. HS. I did everything I could to make it stop and was repeatedly told that it was my son’s fault, that he was unable to assimilated into the population. Keep in mind that this is a school district that is 98% white and my son is white. Finally, when my son had his lunch thrown on the floor and his hat taken away and ground into his lunch he couldn’t take anymore. He picked up a lunchroom chair and smashed the boy that was harassing him. My son was suspended and I hired an attorney to the tune of $750 (back in 1997). Basically, we told the school district that if one hair was disturbed on my son’s head from this point on we would sue the school district for a zillion dollars.

    My advice to the parents of this boy is to sue the school for a zillion dollars.
    Here in the states we have a law called loca parentis (sic?) That is that from the time your child gets on the school bus until he/she gets off the school is in charge of their well being.

    Hopefully, a rape kit was done on the boy and he is able to point out his attackers. DNA testing will do the rest. These types of crimes need to be prosecuted fully or it will never stop. THAT is the only way to stop the unrest in Luton. I hope the EDL will guide the family through the process and not just make noise on the streets.

    • The criminal law cast the victim into the role of witness and it is the Queen against whom the offence has been committed, with the constabulary and prosecutors deciding if the Queen is offended enough and the witness can be relied upon to withstand cross examination to support proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and it all being worth their trouble. And that is before the dhimmification of the constabulary and muslim intimidation is brought into the equation. So Bab’s suggestion has much merit and the burden of proof in a suit is on the balance of probabilities.

      Schools where we are have divested themselves of all the fun things kids used to have in the playground because they carried the element of risk which attracted the possibility of being sued if a child hurt themselves. Schools are ready to react to the possibility of being sued.

    • the locals won’t do anything. No need to keep it quiet. Nobody does anything for fear of being called ” racist ” How stupid is that?

  4. This was a rumor yesterday and now it appears true. Still being kept under wraps. Why? Because it happened in Luton? Home of Tommy Robinson? Who has been warning about this for years? After the trials of muslim rapists grooming girls found them guilty? After every social service and police agency has said sorry, kind of, it wasn’t our fault and we are NOT going to resign? Is it any wonder that any decent citizen of Britain has no respect or regard for the police or bureaucrats there? Churchill and Thatcher would have dealt with this, but who there cares about right or wrong, good or evil? Not this bunch of pretend leaders, only waiting until their pensions kick in. So this poor little girl, latest in a gang rape by moslems, which politician will be first to resign, fall on his sword, because he wants to spend more time with his family? (Usual excuse for being in disgrace). No one fell because of the grooming and raping of poor girls, but I think this is different, a little schoolgirl. Raped. Gang raped. At school. A public school. In the bathroom. By muslims. Poor girls under bureaucrats care don’t matter much. This little girl will matter. I say it in that cynical way because I want all little girls gang raped in England to matter. I want to see the feral filthy faces of the rapists and know those girls get whatever justice they can. As though they could ever have their childhoods back. I want the police and bureaucracies in England to stop handcuffing themselves to the politically correct and do the right thing, for a change. Do the Right Thing.

    • Facebook posting from:

      Bedfordshire Police · 28,144 like this
      52 minutes ago ·

      Dear All,
      A number of you have posted questions to us about rumours on other social media forums that a year 7 child was raped in the toilets at her school. Bedfordshire Police have received no reports at all about an incident of this nature. An officer has been asked to review any relevant social media postings to see if any offences of incitement or similar have been committed. We will let you know when there is any update. Because of the large number of comments on this topic, which we are unable to moderate between other duties, we have removed most of them and would ask for your co-operation in keeping posts within our guidelines.
      Thank you

      Seems users of this website would fall for any old crap comes out of the EDL leadership’s mouths and repeat the same old foundationless lies rather than engage their critical faculties and do some research of their own. Racial hatred troublemaking fail!

  5. I think it is very important that none of us ever refer to this act of muslim white-sex-slaving of children as ‘grooming’ ever again. By doing so, we are complicit in the act of covering it up and minimizing its importance.

    This is sex slavery. Nothing other. We need to call it what it is. Gang rape will also do but its race and culture specific. Always non-muslims are the victims. Therefore even that term falls short of the mark.

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  7. So as to not upset the Islamic community?
    There are no words for how utterly obscene that one sentence is.

  8. I can barely contain myself after reading this. When I think about these aliens coming into our nations and gang raping our little girls and the media worried about offending Muslims!! G#@%DAMN THEM!!

    When are the MEN going to do something about this?!

  9. Looks like the powers-that-be are desperate to keep the genie insidee the bottle… but will they? Or will the mixture of Facebook, blogs and concerned citizens prove too much? That last one is all-important. If the media is not doing its job, individuals have to… does anyone know who this girl is? Some EDL sympathisers must, surely… in which case, why not get in touch with them, and do an interview with her parents – if not for the Daily Mail or Telegraph, then for JihadWatch, Atlas Shrugs or Gates of Vienna? The truth needs to be heard… and if it’s heard only in small blogs (and written to a high standard, verifying information and without falsehoods or slander), then people will start asking questions – such as why are the mainstream media not covering it? Which will result in further questions. The authorities are fighting a losing battle on this one. We just need to press our advantage home.

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  11. Check out today’s (English) Daily Mail – an intriguing article on comment page by an Oxford-based Imam. Also see the Mail’s editorial (same day same page) which castigates political correctness whilst at the same time being everso politically correct – see if you can pick up on it.

  12. @Babs “Deporting the entire family is too much to ask for… ”
    Why is deporting the entire family too much to ask for? Did that family come into Britain legally and if not they should be deported post haste.

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  14. If true, it’s too bad someone didn’t come across this happening and beat those involved to a pulp. Of course, they’d be arrested, charged with hate crimes & assault, and sent to prison for harming those poor Muslims, who aren’t aware that raping a child isn’t acceptable in this culture.

  15. Its a lie. This has been thoroughly investigated by the police and there was no rape. It was made up by the EDL leadership in a sick and twisted attempt to stir up hate and violence. Only a perverted mind could make up a story like this and only a complete idiot would believe it

  16. This rumour has been denied by Bedfordshire Police. No-one has reported a child being raped in a school in Luton. Do people really believe that the authorities would cover this up? So many other people (teachers, pupils, parents) would know about it IF it had occurred, but it didn’t. Reporting such a rumour as true is very dangerous – what if it sparks off some action by vigilantes and innocent people get hurt? This website would be morally responsible for inciting a crime. The fact that a paedophile gang who happen to be Asian have just been tried and convicted shows that police do act if Asian people commit crimes (although in the recent case the police should have acted much sooner).

    • do people really think the authority’s would cover this up? are you for real!!
      one of the oxford muslim rapists victims was actually told that if she didn’t stop going on about it, they, [the police for f’s sake] would arrest HER for wasting police time! you are either a troll, or seriously thick…….

    • What if innocent people get hurt, do you mean innocent Moslem
      paedophiles? You epitomise the main problem with this country, we are all far too soft and far too interested in being fair to these Moslem Retards when we should be giving them all one-way tickets to Jalalabad and points east.

    • “Do people really believe that the authorities would cover this up?”


  17. It’s not true and Bedfordshire police are investigating who started this rumor and are the guilty people will be charged with incitement to riot and incitement to racial hatred.Don’t shoot the messenger you find this on the Bedfordshire police site. I am surprised this story has even been published on this site.Do the admins do independent research before you publish story’s?

    • So “starting a rumour”, even if untrue, is now a criminal offence? What then should be done with the Guardian, who stated that the owner of this website allowed Anders Breivik to be one of its contributors, and never published an apology when this was pointed out as being a falsehood? Would that be an “incitement to hatred” or “violence”, perhaps?

      The UK police and child services, on the other hand, have form for allowing crimes against underage girls by Muslim gangs to be swept under the carpet. One such case happening in Oxford now – with warnings and leads about grooming for many years being ignored. So how much trust should be put in any denial now? The truth about this latest claim, in any case, should be known at some point. And I agree that, if indeed this claim was made up by someone inside the EDL, they will have lost a great deal of credibility.

  18. This story has been exposed ss a pure fantasy. It has been investigated by the police and been proved unfounded. It’s another attempt by the idiots at the EDL to incite racial and religious hatred towards muslims. To use the rape of a 7 year old child as the basis of a complete fabrication is, i’m sure you’ll agree, totally and utterly disgusting. Will you all join with me in condemning this disgusting piece of fiction?

    • Excuse me, but was 7/7 not “racial and religious hatred” towards non-Muslims? Or how about 9/11? Fort Hood? The Armenian Genocide? etc, etc, etc?

      What part of the Koranic “slay the infidel” do you not understand?

      • Thanks for the clarity Luke. One should also understand that Islam is a cult of institutionalized hatred towards non-muslim men. As such, it has grades of hatred. The two major grades are “people of the book” (this includes Christians) who are to be allowed to exist, but under terms of abject humiliation. The grade for whom the highest hatred is reserved are the so-called “polytheists” (as defined by Islam, of course), who are simply to be killed. Hindus fall into that category according to most schools of Islamic jurisprudence. So if you really want to see how cruel, inhuman, and genocidal Islam can be, please take a look at the Islamic histories of India. The things they describe, as acts of great piety, will make most decent men weep.

        Kuran 9:5 which you quote is one of the directives to muslims regarding the polytheists.

        As a Hindu, I am fully aware that in a true Islamic state, I have no right to even exist.

        • I took your advice and looked at a bit of Indian history: it seems that invading Muslims murdered an estimated 80 million innocent Hindus, and still counting, unfortunately.

          I think decent people everywhere can agree with the Hindu ethic of doing good Karma and avoiding bad Karma. Christians, Hindus, and all others of good will, need to work together to defend against today’s Marxist-Muslim axis of evil.

  19. This has been proved to be a fabrication invented by Kevin in a desperate attempt to save his flagging position. Bedford Police are gathering evidence against him, and this has been forwarded to them.

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  21. Vlad I think you’re absolutely right it’s not just grooming, it’s planned humiliation and sexual violence by Muslim men on non-muslim children – another string to the Jihad bow. I have another idea – on each public blog we post on, we should flag up the heinous crimes of Muslim paedophiles on children like the Oxford and Rochdale ones, and in the case of the UK – demand a public enquiry into these and the criminal behaviour of Social Services and the Police.,

  22. Won’t you join with me? . . .
    I’ll be damned if I “join with” anyone and forego my right to come to my own conclusion!

    • It’s a total fabrication, look at the bedfordshire police facebook page if you don’t believe me. They have been caught out in a lie and shown for the contemptible beings that they are……

      • Insulting them here is a waste of time.
        You must find some impartial investigator and ascertain exactly what has or has not happened.
        I hope that truly impartial people can be found.
        Wise men in Athens?
        Righteous men in Israel?
        Where are you?

      • Why should anyone trust what the police say on any issue involving political correctness?

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    • If this is so, is there any remedy at law or in society for the EDL?
      I don’t see any immigrants or foreigners being hurt by this.

      • What you will see is that the authorities will declare that the EDL was trying to create violence by stating this on the back of the guilty judgement against some Muslim rapists. They will be accused of causing a breach of the peace and the law will come down on them like a ton of bricks including closing them down, but even if that does not happen, you can expect the media to whip up a media storm to show the EDL as trouble makers intent on causing a race war or something like that, as people have started to get sympathetic to the EDL.

        Its a gut feel thatg the EDL have been setup and fits with all the dirty tricks that have been carried out so far against the EDL by the UK authorities.

  24. Many.coppers are posting on here!

    or better word is traitors of uk people!”!


  25. In case you haven’t noticed, the comments have been infected by remarks from a group who go under various guises on Facebook (names such as”Exposing Intolerance”, etc, but they never expose any intolerance by muslims, such as the child-raping gangs, attacks on gay people, violent racist attacks by muslims, etc.)

    These group are Trotskyites from the UAF who have got no other way of opposing EDL than to spend all day hanging round EDL pages, attacking the people and what is said.

    These are the same Trotskyites who would refuse to believe a word the police said in cases like that of the murdered black youth Stephen Lawrence. But when it comes to crimes committed by muslims, these Trotskyites are suddenly sure that the police are 100% correct (provided the police are saying that muslims did NOT commit those crimes – when it comes to things like 7/7 or 9/11, plenty of these Trots will deny muslims had anything to do with those crimes).

    As for believing the police. Remember this: prominent muslim police officers have been jailed for their crimes in the UK. Police officers lied about what a senior government officer said to them outside of Downing Street.

    In 2004 when these same Trots worked with muslims to get a documentary on the muslim grooming gangs banned, Bradford police denied there was any evidence for these grooming gangs. Yet now most of the cases that are going through the courts (like the recent one in Oxford) are for crimes that go back as far as 2004. And In the last 3 months alone, Bradford police have arrested 90 muslim men in connection with the rape of children in that area. The area where the infallible police said there was no evidence.

    The Trots are simply enablers of child-rape.

    • There are plenty of stories that the media don’t cover. And when they do cover them, they tell half-truths.

      Like the case of the gay man who was left paralysed by an attack from 8 muslims outside a gay bar in east London. When the media reported it, they said it was “a random” knife crime.

      Yet when just 1 of the 8 muslims was convicted (note: the police were quite happy to leave 7 of the vicious criminals still wandering the street), the others returned (with even more muslims) and attacked all the customers INSIDE the bar.

      Clearly it was not randome. Oh, and the later, reprisal attack on the bar and its customers, the media NEVER reported it.

    • The police claim that there is no truth in this story has gone. Which is highly indicative of Kev having told the truth.

      I wonder: what axe is it you have to grind with EDL.

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