Carbecues in the Stockholm Banlieues

It seems that Stockholm has become the Paris of the North — but probably not in a way that would gladden the heart of a Swedish tourism minister.

A third night of rioting has engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, spreading from Husby to Tensta, Kista, Rinkeby, Jakobsberg, and other culturally enriched neighborhoods. The Swedish and Norwegian media are covering the events (assiduously avoiding saying anything about the ethnicity or immigrant status of the perpetrators), but I’m told that Danish outlets have so far made no mention of what is happening in the capital of their Nordic neighbor. Which is curious, considering the Denmark is generally more open than Norway or Sweden.

Many thanks to The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

More car fires and unrest in various locations in Stockholm

For the third night in a row riots have broken out in the Swedish capital.

Cars are burning in various locations in and around the city according to Swedish media reports late Tuesday night.

In addition to the car fires a barn, Husby Gård [Husby Farm], which houses a cafe and an art center, have been torched according to Svenska Dagbladet [Swedish newspaper].

According to the newspaper, the fire department is at the scene, but the building is completely ablaze.

Kindergarten is burning

Cars have been torched in several suburbs in the northwestern parts of Stockholm, including in Husby, Tensta and Kista, writes

Cars are also burning in the southwestern part of the city, according to the newspaper.

In Husby, a kindergarten was set on fire, but the fire was put out just before one o’clock on Wednesday morning, writes Aftonbladet.

“We’re not used to dealing with situations like this on such a scale. It’s hard when it spreads to different areas,” says Lars-Åker Stevelin, leader of operations at the Södertörn fire station, to the newspaper.

Threw rocks at the police

Aftonbladet writes that according to police reports, rescue personnel in Norsborg in the southwestern part of Stockholm had rocks thrown at them during the riots. writes that the police were engaged in a confrontation with youths outside the police station in Jakobsberg, in the northwestern region of Stockholm.

Youths threw objects at the police and the police station was exposed to vandalism, the newspaper writes

Third night in a row

This is the third night in a row that major unrest has erupted in and around Stockholm.

The riots allegedly started after police officers shot and killed a 69-year-old immigrant who was threatening people with a knife [machete, according to some accounts — BB] in Husby.

Several commentators have pointed, however, out that the root causes goes deeper and that the turmoil is a result of social decay.

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  1. Well,

    I have to say I am utterly relieved that most of Europe has very strict gun-control laws…….things may just spiral out of control as the citizens of many European countries try to defend themselves……….but now they can’t…….oh well…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there………..”

    • I imagine this or worse is what is in store for those countries with the really big demographics and networks. Elect crazy people, take away border controls, feed the population with pc kook aid and voila! We don’t seem to respond to wake up calls anymore.

    • Well I imagine most of the rioters would have guns should they become legal. You would have a muslim mob armed to the teeth. That would have been better?

      • The rioters or “youths” can have guns anytime they want them. Its the law-abiding citizen that cannot get them. Law-abiding citizens are who need to have them during times like this because as you can see the public safety organizations are easily overwhelmed. Gun regulation or control only controls the average citizen’s access to the means to defend themselves during emergencies.

    • Well, I have to say that you’re a [person whose intelligence I hold in low esteem]. More guns. Especially now that I know you don’t want them. LOTS more guns. Oh, and dead Mslims, too. Lots of those. Lots of guns and dead Muslims. And you get to watch it happen.

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  3. Let it burn. Don’t send in Fire Rescue, Police or Paramedics. Let them burn down their homes and then be smart. Tell them they have no homes to put them in. They can live on the streets in the ashes they made or go back to the Hellholes they came from.

    That is what sane people do. These idiots will cave in to the Muslim demands immediately.

  4. Each such act by immigrants educates more Europeans to shift their world-view paradigm and harden their hearts against the incomer. Every cloud…

  5. An important thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT terrorists or religious fundamentalists. It is “normal” everyday muslims, your neighbour, co-worker or friends, who act and react as terrorists!

  6. “……Which is curious, considering the Denmark is generally more open than Norway or Sweden.”

    is that open to abuse?

  7. Burn down the whole city. When a country reaches the point that fathers would rather bow to political correctness while their own daughters are being sexually taunted, abused and even raped…. Swedes don’t DESERVE Sweden anymore.

    • I totally agree with you. “The swedes are like boiled frogs.”

      What really makes me sad is that my grandchildren have to grow up in this country of insanity. And I’m afraid their parents won’t wake up until it’s too late. Personally, I live happily in exile in Martinique – part of the EU. If I had lived in Sweden, it would have been dangerous for me giving comments to this blog.

  8. An article from Dagens nyheter

    “Youths put cars on fire and threw stones to police in Husby, western Stockholm on sunday night. About 50 residents were evacuated from a building because of a fire in a garage, and the locar center was vandalized. Three police officers were injured.”

    -About ten o’clock we went to an address in Husby. There the colleagues met youths that threw them with stones. They continued with a violent riot and general vandalism, says the police pressspokesman Lars Byström.

    A total of 40 police- and firemen from several stations in Husby took part in the events after the unrest began on sunday night. Before that police had received an alarm due to youths throwing stones to subway trains. Lars Byström says about 50-60 youths were involved.

    -We haven’t made any arrests, but they’re among our operation for the day. We’ll eventually see film material and hear wittnesses so we can sue the persons who committed crimes, says Lars Byström.

    Along the night several cars were burned. According to Scanpix fotograf in Husby about a hundred cars were burned. All kinds of vehicles were burned. For now the police will not take any contextual tasks.

    -We’re going to make a summary and see what comes out when it’s done. Until then we’ll report “some cars”. If we say something unspecific it’s only going to be misunderstood, says Lars Byström.

    According to Megafonen, a youth organization that is, among other activities, working in Husby, the unrest is a consequence of a 69-year man being shot down by the police last monday.

    “We understand that people react like this”, saus Rami Al-Khamisi from the Megafonen in a press release.

    Before the 69-old was shot down in monday he had threatened the police with a machete. The police threw a stun grenade to be able to overpower him, but the attempt failed. Megafonen demands an independent inquiry on the events.

    Byström doesn’t want to say if there is a connection between this event and the nightly unrest.

    -It’s hard to say if there’s a connection, but it’s something we’re considering. It was only a few days ago that a similar event happened in Brandbergen. But it’s too early to speak of a connection, he says.

    -Unfortunately things like these happen from time to time, not very often thankfully, but it’s not unique in some areas.

    About two o’clock came an alarm of a carage fire in Nordskapsvägen. Smoke creation was so strong that 50 people from surrounding area were evacuated, who staid in buses until they could return home, says the Stocholm fire deputy.

    Because there were gas containers in the carage, firemen couldn’t enter, and extinguishing was done fith foam. On monday morning continued the afterwork of the fire.

    There is general damage in Husby center. Many glass windows were broken, says Fredrik Andersson, county supervisor of Stockholm.

    According to Andersson the unrest went back and forth during the night. Three policemen were injured from stones thrown by the youths. During the night there was also a smaller fire in a school on Trondheimsgatan.

    • the article was published on may 20th.
      I suppose the background of the rioteers, or the man shot, didn’t need to be mentioned. Everybody knows it anyway.

      The main reason for translating this was to give an image of the swedish correctness.

  9. Our European civilizations are being eroded by this social experiment of Multiculturalism. When will we learn! We must defend Europa from all fronts or face losing OUR HOMELAND!!

  10. To those who quiver at the thought of a well armed citizenry and the thought of a sense of balance brought to the conflict as a result of being well armed………I say this…….

    There is the obtuse and then there is the stunningly obtuse and then there is the stunningly obtuse and spectacularly breathtakingly uninformed…….allow me to fill in a few of your blanks my Liberal friends………the Muslims have guns……lots and lots of guns…and they have explosives…..lots and lots of explosives and the have lots and lots of ordnance like RPG 7’s and so very much more…….just how much these busy little Islamic bees have at their disposal will become evident in the coming weeks and months……its the average citizen (read: sheep) who is without a shred of any of the mechanisms of effective self defense.

    The founding fathers of the United States of America spoke volumes upon volumes of the need for a well armed citizenry….that same need is answered in the American Constitution and its called The Second Amendment to the Constitution and forms, in part , the United States Bill of Rights……..this is the same Second Amendment that is suffering a blistering attack from both the occupiers of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Leftists across America.

    This is the same Second Amendment that is virtually the proverbial “Thin Red Line” that hold the tyrants and dealers in government sanctioned madness and mass murder at bay…. …but then again…….in light of events across the western civilized world, events that have the Muslims soiling themselves with laughter wrought from utter disbelief at the preponderance of our groveling dhimmitude at their slightest request, insinuation, demand or whim……it begs the question…….why in the name of Christ and all that’s holy would they need guns?……….their most effective weapon is our cowardice and grinding stupidity……and Lord knows…we have an endless supply of that.

    On another note…….the impotence of law enforcement as so adroitly illustrated in Husby and Stockholm is what terrorizes citizens more than the criminal rampages of the Muslims…….and even the poorest student of history, of which I am one, will tell you that that impotence and abandonment of the citizenry is the fertile birthing ground for breathtakingly violent vigilante action and the formation of citizens militias as the common man and women gather together to do what law enforcement, the government and the judiciary either refuses to do or is unable to do.

    Worthy of note is, again reflected on the blood-soaked pages of countless history books, the ire of the populace who, after rendering neutralized that which was given license to murder and terrorize by cowards and mountebanks, then turn their attention to those same cowards and fools who loosed Muhammad’s dogs.

    Husby is what is known as the edge of the Abyss……..a very dark and terrifying Islamic abyss………..its not Hell……but the citizens of Husby and Sweden can see Hell from where they are standing…..

    Muhammad and Allah have come to call…………..and they have brought with them their stock in trade: chaos, terror, subjugation, madness, violence and murder……….all hail Multiculturalism……Allah be praised!!!!

    Regards, Don “The Redacted Vagabond” Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Around the bend and down that silly winding road a little ways…………”

  11. Quote:
    According to Megafonen, a youth organization that is, among other activities, working in Husby, the unrest is a consequence of a 69-year man being shot down by the police last monday.

    So it was justified.
    Yeah, right.
    Islam is profane.
    Mohammed if a false prophet.
    Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

      • That Mo’ is ‘a prophet’ at ALL is a weird construction — for at no time does the record show him making ANY prophecies what so ever.

        The correct English for Mo’ would be that he is deemed to be Allah’s ORACLE.

        The ancient notion of a living man speaking for the gods, an oracle, or a shaman elevated into oracle stature by the gods/ drugs/ dream-dance predates the Neolithic period.

        That Mo’ was a self-described oracle of Allah is embedded within the muslim call to prayer:

        “Ash-hadu ana Muhammadan Rasoolallah,
        (I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger [oracle] of Allah)”

        Cat Stevens

        How messenger / oracle ever got perverted over to prophet is a puzzle — for Mo’ never claimed prophecy.

        Of course, oracles — as high priests ( double entendre alert ) are the most ancient of shamanic traditions.

        As in so many other ways, Islam is totally retro.

        It’s norms are 12,000 ybp not 1,200 ybp.

        That super-sized gap is poorly understood even among anti-jihadis. The general conviction is that we’re only centuries apart. As IF.

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  15. Well I imagine most of the rioters would have guns should they become legal. You would have a muslim mob armed to the teeth. That would have been better?

    Sooner or later, you have to choose to stand and fight. If it means risking getting shot at…so be it. Because the alternative is surrender. The question is, how much more are you going to surrender until you decide to resist? Or will you continue the appeasement until your country is no more? Of course, this violence could have been avoided altogether had it not been for the treasonable multicultic policies of much of the West’s ruling elites.

    And to think, Europe was a continent which could once produce men such as Charles Martel, Henry the Fowler and Don Juan of Lepanto.

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