Burn, Husby, Burn!

For the past two nights major riots have erupted in Husby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. The legacy media accounts — whether written in Swedish, Norwegian, or English — have fastidiously avoided mentioning the ethnicity of the rioters. According to The Local, they are “youths”, “young people”, and “teenagers”. The only hint the media give us is when they say that police used horrifying racial epithets (“monkeys” and “niggers”) to refer to the boisterous lads doing the rock-throwing and fire-setting.

The fact that videos show the rioters shouting “Allahu akhbar!” while attacking the police provides another hint, but that little inconvenient piece of evidence is probably available only on YouTube.

According to tonight’s news reports, the riots have spread to other immigrant suburbs of Stockholm, such as Tensta and Rinkeby.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated two articles about events in Husby. The first, from Avpixlat, was posted late last night when the breaking news from Husby was just starting to come in. It says “at least four cars have been torched”, but later reports gave the number as “at least one hundred” before the night was over:

Currently: Riots and car fires in Husby

Riots broke out just after 22:00 in the densely immigrant-populated suburb Husby outside of Stockholm. At least four cars have been torched, and Molotov cocktails were used. Rescue services and the police have arrived at the scene to try to restore calm and order and put out the fires. There is a huge police presence at the scene.

Several immigrants, many of whom are dressed in traditional Muslim garb, are believed to have been involved in skirmishes with the police. It is not yet known whether there are religious motives behind the riots. One police officer is reported to have been injured. None of the rioters has so far been arrested, but several arrests are expected to be made during the night.

The police have dismissed claims that the riots were triggered by the death of a knife-wielding man in the area a couple of days ago killed by police officers who were forced to discharge their service weapons.

According to rumors individuals affiliated with the multicultural organization Megaphone were among the instigators of the riots.

This is a tweet from one of the leaders of the organization Bana Bisrat, who is a journalist at the local newspaper Norra Sidan [“North Side”], in an apparent attempt to fuel the hatred towards the police during the evening:

“Chaos in Husby. Hatehatehateeee the police pigs until the day I die. Mark my words, to the day I diiiiie.”

From today’s Dagbladet, more about the continuing riots in Husby:

Breaking news: “We want to see police officers getting injured”

Despite the large police presence there are reports of several car fires in several of the outer lying suburbs of Stockholm.

LATEST: Three police cars have been damaged and several other cars are on fire in several suburbs outside the central district of Stockholm, according to Expressen [Swedish tabloid newspaper].

“The situation is escalating and we now have reports of cars burning in Kista, Tensta and Rinkeby.” [Stockholm suburbs with high percentages of immigrants]

There are no reports of injured persons

“It’s just a matter of time before a police officer gets hurt — we want to see a police officer get injured,” reporters from Expressen were told just before 23:00 after talking with the youths who also decided to riot tonight in Husby in Stockholm.


The suburb is also being evacuated tonight due to toxic fumes, explosions and car fires.

It is the second night of riots in the suburb of approximately 11,000 inhabitants. Yesterday nearly 100 cars were torched as well as a car park structure and a school. A police officer was attacked by a gang.

There are also ongoing clashes between police and youths. Around 20 masked youths are throwing stones at the police and personnel form the fire departments. It all started with a series of explosions and one reporter from Expressen was almost hit by a metal pipe. Several terrified individuals ran from the area when the explosions started.

Conflict between youths and police

This youth organization Megafonen explains the background of the conflict between the police and youths:

“We have to keep in mind that this area has the highest youth unemployment in Sweden. Young people here don’t have high prospects for the future, and there is frustration among the youths here; they don’t have a lot of confidence in the authorities,” representatives from the organization tell Expressen.

“We need to understand the underlying motives for the riots, and understand why they are taking place. We need to understand the situation, move on — and find out what we can do about it.”

Fleeing journalists

Niklas Svensson, a reporter from Expressen, had to take shelter inside a unit at 22.15 tonight after a gang of youths started throwing stones at the police close to where he was standing.

“It is impossible for the police to anticipate such attacks, nor can we. It had been quiet and then all of a sudden this gang of youths appears with stones in their hands,” says Svensson of Expressen‘s evening broadcast program, “Prime Time”.

From his sheltered position inside one of the unit, Svensson says “A gang of masked youths just ran past screaming ‘put down the cameras, put down the cameras’.”

Three cars are burning

There are confirmation that three cars in a car park are burning.

“Three cars are on fire in Oslo Gatan (Oslo Street). It’s chaos,” says an Aftonbladet reporter at the scene.

“I fear that the situation will escalate throughout the evening, just like yesterday.”

A resident that Expressen talked to believes that the situation tonight, at least for the time being, is calmer than it was last night.

“It started like an explosion last night, and it was tense, but tonight it’s calmer. There are still many adults out and about and what happened appears to be an isolated event,” said a witness and Husby resident who was interviewed by Expressen.

Read more on the Husby riots in the Huffington Post and The Local .

Hat tip for the English-language articles: Fjordman.

24 thoughts on “Burn, Husby, Burn!

  1. The event is likely a “protest” for the police having killed a man who was threatening them with a machete.

  2. Well, this is not a riot . This is not about the lack of jobs. This is the beginning of a war.

    The very start of a BIG war. These are the little skirmishes that happen when the “light” troops test out the defenses of the big ARMY( police) .

    This is the beginning of the SWEDISH MUSLIM SPRING.

    The REAL citizens , the REAL people of Sweden will be forced to run as refugees to someplace… no idea where…maybe Russia.

    Blame your politicians. And be sure to blame the savages you allowed to enter your otherwise peaceful little world.

    Weep Swedes, you avoided Hitler but you HAVE other MONSTERS now. YOU, ALL INVITED HIM to live amongst you.

    • “Well, this is not a riot . This is not about the lack of jobs. This is the beginning of a war.”

      I agree with your first two points.

      But, Its not the beginning of a war, its just an other episode of a 1400 years old war against the infidels. A war our politicians wont recognise in fear of the backlash against the invaders.

      Flavius Vegetius Renatus. “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.”

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  4. Arrest all those involved and expel them from the country. Repeat as necessary, do not let them return. Close the door to replacements.

    • Mass deportations of these criminal Islamist elements is the only solution. The people of Sweden had better rise up and demand it or they themselves will be fighting in the streets to protect themselves from the murderous intent of their “culturally enriched” invaders.

    • Excellent advice. But it’s not going to happen. The frame of mind required for that solution to be even considered would be a frame of mind that would have never invited the problem in the first place.

      • You think, then, that the Swedes will give-in to outright dhimmitude without a fight? You may be right, of course. I pray that you are not. This is a spiritual battle, in my reckoning, and something much more precious than mere temporal well-being is at stake.

  5. Socialist find it very difficult to accept that their little proteges can and will behave like animals when they should be rolling over in thanks and praise for their sponsors.

    So out come the excuses, poverty, joblessness, lack of Yada…..

    There comes a time however when the excuses get thin, but still, somehow responsibility never seems to land in its correct slot.

    One cannot expect followers of a 7th century brigand king to behave like civilized beings and take their place in a structured 21st century society. Theirs is a culture of looting and pillaging, they will cut through civilised 21st century society exactly the same way as they cut through civilized North Africa some 13 hundred years ago. If one is prepared to be more violent than the people around you, then one will end up ruling them. Its simple.

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  8. Whose side is the Swedish government on?
    Do they understand that this is a severe challenge and show of contempt not just for authority, but for national and historical institutions in Sweden?
    The Muslims know exactly what they are doing?
    Do the Swedish indigenes understand what the Muslims are doing?

    • Excuse me.
      I wanted to say that the Muslims do, in fact, know what they are doing.
      It is in perfect accord with their history and sense of superiority over the West.
      Muslims do one thing.
      They conquer.
      They dominate.
      They oppress, murder and dispossess every non-Muslim of his culture, his things, and his history.
      The Ummah is nothing more than one large conquering army.
      And the Swedes have given them an engraved invitation to conquer, occupy and destroy their land and culture.

  9. “We are going to see police officers getting injured”… “it is just a matter of time”
    As a consequence of the Stockholm intifada.

    “We want to see police officers getting injured”
    – Misinterpretation?

    This statement could originally be based on Swedish
    “We are going to see police officers getting injured”… “it is just a matter of time”, according to journalists at Expressen.

  10. Until the sheep are completely shorn their socialist elite will continue to release the wolves.

  11. Just wanted to point out a translation-error, as one above me did as well.

    “Vi vil se en politimann blir skadd ..”
    Was the sentence circulation in the media after some guy commented, and directly translated word for word it will be something like you wrote:
    “We want to see a policeman get injured”

    but, it doesn’t work that way – the meaning here is:

    “We’re going to see a policeman get injured..”, implying that this has gone so far that it’s only a matter of time.

    Just wanted to point that out, i was following the media last night – and this translation is just not correct.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

    • Brief note from the translator:

      It could quite possibly be that the journalists from Dagbladet have incorrectly conveyed what their colleagues from Expressen actually said regarding ‘injured police officers’, but as a translator I have to deal with the content of the article I’m translating i.e. the Dagbladet article. And I have done an accurate translation of the Dagbladet piece. In it categorically states that the rioters wish for a police officer to get injured.

      Having said that, I can accept that the journalists from Dagbladet quite possibly got it wrong this time. They have stuffed up in the past and will probably also do so in the future.



  12. The only news I had heard of this before finding your article via Twitter is that Swedish youth were rioting in response to police having killed an elderly man who was threatening them with a knife. Swedish youth?

  13. …”Husby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm” ? Enriched in what way ? Culturally ?
    Who wrote this [odiferous substance] is either a zealot of Political Correctness or a naive journalist who tries hard to twist the facts to make the rioters look good.
    What have those non-Swedes brought into Sweden in terms of culture that has enriched that nation ? How about economic enrichment ? Did they bring any skills that will improve that nation ?
    NO ! All they that they did was to come in and MILK the system — paid by Swedes WHO WORK hard — which satisfies all their basic needs and more, without asking anything in return.
    A system run by bleeding heart do gooders who — to me and probably to those foreigners they cater to — come across as being weak or even cowardly.
    In Europe the LEFT — and often with the assistance of the CENTER ! — is digging the grave that will bury an entire Continent…that is if the populations do not wake up in time to stop those idiots they elect.
    If, when the time comes — and it will come for NUMBERS and a very strong WILL POWER count , and both are on their side — they will get the reward by having their cars, shops and houses burned down and looted. Unfortunately others who disagree with them will be treated the same way for the beneficiaries of MULTICULTURALISM when they riot they do not see any difference between the two sides.

  14. i guess speaking the truth here gets your post deleated..can’t deal with comparing 12th century savages to Hitler with a headscarf.

    my Swiss-German-Nordic ancestors would make short work of this [epithet].

    [NOTE FROM THE BARON: comments get deleted when it is too much trouble for us to redact all the offensive language. Commenters who are careful in their phrasing and restrained in their language will see their comments appear promptly and untouched by the editors.]

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  16. The Left has effectively silenced any dissent from the Right in order to create their “socialist, multicultural utopia. In so doing, they have also created a large segment of the Western population that holds in incredible amount of pent up rage. They are about to reap what they’ve sown.

  17. I think that the excesses being committed by the European Left ( surprisingly the Center also supports them on too many occasions ) with their appeasement policies towards Islam and their self-censorship of the Media — coupled with a deep Economic Crisis create by the application of despicable and predatory Neo-Liberalism — will drive millions of desperate , disappointed Europeans to embrace political ideologies that offer them a way out of the mess they are in and will renew their nationalistic Pride .

    Today there is no longer such thing as believing or wanting to be a European, — unless you bare part of the political Elites — and the neo-Marxist or neo-Nazi/Fascist ideologues have in their hands an enormous opportunity for gaining ground amongst the dissatisfied millions and advance to an eventual conquest of power. In many ways I see the Europe of today strong similarities to that of the late 20’s and 30’S.

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