Battle Cries in Husby

Update: I’ve been corrected by one of our commenters — this is not an MSM report. I suppose I should have known — how could the Swedish MSM possibly have done such a broadcast? Still, it seemed like such a pro job…

The Swedish MSM have broken down and allowed the use of the M-word in their coverage of the riots in Husby, a suburb of Stockholm.

In the following video you’ll not only hear the word “Muslim” spoken by the narrator, but also the cry of “Allahu akhbar!” from the rioters. The presentation is obviously designed to reassure viewers that these “youths” represent only a tiny minority of Muslims who have been “radicalized”, but that’s a rearguard action on the part of the media — they have been forced to concede that Islam is involved in the current violence, and there’s no getting away from it.

Many thanks to T.E. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Swedish news report:


00:02   Rioters: “Allahu akhbar!”
00:06   Burned cars, rock throwing
00:08   and rioting characterized the night in Husby.
00:12   Seven or eight cars were burned and several persons were arrested, according to the police.
00:28   Despite a massive police presence, we were on a few occasions
00:32   asked by the police to leave Husby,
00:37   since they were unable to control the situation.
00:39   Reporter: “We are not going closer.”
00:53   Unknown: “Listen, be careful…”
00:58   Reporter: “Here comes a rock!”
01:07   On several occasions
01:08   the situation was panicky, and both journalists and the police
01:13   had to flee from the charging mob.
01:17   We met a despairing teacher, who lives in Husby and had witnessed,
01:23   the rioting up close. She did not want to be on camera, but explained to us
01:26   that she was deeply worried about developments in the suburb.
01:30   She specifically wanted to tell us, that the youths used “battle cries”
01:35   like “Allahu akhbar” [ Muslim battle cry ] when they threw stones at the police.
01:40   She pointed out that it is very important that the media report about this,
01:45   since it means that that the youths in the suburbs are being radicalized.
01:50   She is herself a Muslim, but couldn’t understand why they use religious slogans
01:55   in connection with riots and vandalism.
02:00   Police: “We had one police car that got its windows smashed, just before 6pm,
02:04   and then there are three private vehicles that have been burned.”
02:07   Reporter: “Do you have any idea of the number of cars burned tonight?”
02:12   Police: “An estimate would be five or six.” Reporter: “Five or six?”
02:17   Police: “Five or six, yes”. Reporter: “Ok, any other incidents?”
02:22   Police: “Yes, there have been a lot of fires, small fires; they want the fire department to come.”
02:27   Police: “They tried to steal the fire hose from the firefighters, and threw rocks at them.”
02:32   Police: “So now they won’t go in without us going with them.”
02:35   Reporter: “How does the continued work for you look tonight?”
02:39   Police: “We hope it will calm down, that people need to go home and sleep.”
02:42   Police: “That we can help the ‘good forces’ tomorrow, and see this finished,”
02:47   Police: “since this does not feel good.”

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18 thoughts on “Battle Cries in Husby

  1. Sorry to disappoint you, this is not an MSM video. It was produced by C F, a member of SD, SverigeDemokraterna. He is a very funny guy, being himself half Gipsy, half Jew. He says, he always has to think twice before leaving a shop, if he should bargain or steal.

  2. Wow they not only yell the disgusting allahu but they make a warbling savage trill sound too. I pray God steps in soon but I fear we have much more suffering to do before that happens. Import some more of these cultural enrichers and Sweden will be totally transformed into District 9 with disgusting aliens and all pretty pronto.

    • That heart warming vocalization is calledululation. It has been a Near Eastern expression of joy for millenia, it was even remarked upon by Herodotus.

  3. To: Christer on May 21, 2013 at 5:51 pm said:
    “Sorry to disappoint you, this is not an . . . ”

    Does it matter who produced it? The important thing about the video is that the process of handing over power and surrendering to Islam has gone a long way.
    The police are running because their superiors have betrayed them and their own “democratic” country. Is that difficult to understand?

  4. Anyone been following the mini-civil war in Bangladesh? The Islamists have been burning not just cars, but buses and even trains! And derailing trains.

    The secularist protesters by contrast are civilized.

  5. A single lawn seed flew North and landed on top of a rock on the hillside.
    Rock : What are you doing here seed?
    lawn Seed: I want to spend a night here. I heard you are nice and a humanist post-Christian era. You invited me because my country is plagued by violence. And I was told you care for the traumatized.
    Rock: You can certainly stay. We have created a reputation for us of being nice worldwide. We want to sustain that at all costs.
    Seed: You are nice.
    Rock: You don’t have to leave tomorrow. I am tolerant. We can live together.

    During the night the seed sent its roots under and around it. By dawn the rock was smothered and could hardly breathe.

    Rock: I am nice but if you could loosen your grasp on my throat so that I can breathe. Why are you tightening choking me more whenever I complain?
    Seed: Because this is not your place.
    Rock: What did you say? I have been here since eternity. You have to move.
    Seed: It is you who has to leave this place. This place is mine. Insha allah.

    The Seed ejected the rock from its residence and the rock tumbled down leaving the place for the Seed and its numerous descendents, while the Seed was shouting the cry of victory: Allahu akbar.

  6. The politicians who permitted this infestation should be dragged from their homes and deposited in the cultural-enriched neighborhoods. Politicians never see the light until they feel the heat.

    • Another comment by Nick that failed to get through:


      You make an excellent point. If politicians and journalists really, genuinely believe that multiculturalism brings in its wake a delight for all humanity, that it is the final solution to the question of how human beings ought to live together, then why don’t they sell their homes and go and live in culturally enriched areas?

      And here’s something which the Baron might want to take note of: Raymond Ibrahim explained recently that Western media ignores riots, arsons, murders etc in Islamic countries because Muslims running around burning cars and committing acts of violence in those countries explodes the official narrative of Islamic victimhood. In countries run according to shariah law, Muslims run around attacking non-Muslims and destroying their property not because Muslims are victims, but because Muslims are in power.

      A point which the academic currently corresponding with the Baron might want to take note of, before he tries to explain these acts of violence in Scandanavia, committed as per usual to the cries of the takbir.

      See video.

      • “If politicians and journalists really, genuinely believe that multiculturalism brings in its wake a delight for all humanity, that it is the final solution to the question of how human beings ought to live together, then why don’t they sell their homes and go and live in culturally enriched areas?”

        This simple point undoes them – once and for all. If diversity is so good, why do those that earn their living by promoting it invariably live in ‘un-diverse’ areas.

        In fact it would be good to know what proportion of multiculturalists actually live in multicultural areas.

  7. Quote from the topic, with words which were used by MSM: “…. these “youths” represent only a tiny minority of Muslims who have been “radicalized”,…” End of Quote

    Not “radicalized” since they are following the final principles of the Quoran.

    …..which so many of such “believers” did throughout the existence of final Islam for close to 1400 years building the worls highest mountains of murdered and raped and enslaved. Altogether about 300 millions, possibly much much more ……

    Would anyone from the MSM do “investigative Jouralism” on that matter ?

    …..which leads them into the conclusion this is not a “single riot”, but its “the culture of Islam”.

    ….which is Dschihad.

  8. So.
    I wonder where the multiculturalist response to these events is enunciated.
    Certainly not here. What cowards!
    I’d defy even one of the “monitors” of this site to weigh in!

  9. Thanks for posting the video Baron; have also directed some Hindu traffic towards this site because Indian MSM also are not using the M word while describing rioters, simply calling them “disaffected youth”.

    Anyway, from the video: the definite triumphal cry of “allahu (f) akbar” when some sort of missile goes off, and then the guttural celebratory sound (I don’t know what it is called, but it is a celebratory sound made by arabs at weddings or any such happy event).

    What have these muslims ever done besides destroy? That is all their mohammedised minds are capable of, because that is all that their “perfect man” mohammed ever did. Destroy, kill, rape, murder, … that’s Islam.

  10. Sweden is Toast! That bureaucratic older woman who is apparently a police supervisor of some sort epitomizes the weak-wristed wimps Swedes have become. Through years of adhering to mindless, multicultural, anti-western Leftism, Sweden has been effectively neutered of bravery, purpose and national pride. The legacy of “neutrality” against the Nazis, 60 years on, has ill prepared the Swedes to face the challenges of Islamic invaders bent on conquest. Modern day Sweden is a far cry from the country once known for its fierce Norse warriors. Are there more Mohamed’s than Johansson’s yet?

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