An Example of Left-Liberal Treason

Paul Weston uses the latest news about prison jihad in Yorkshire to illustrate the treasonous behavior of the globalist elites who have rammed Multiculturalism down the throats of Britons.

An Example of Left-Liberal Treason
by Paul Weston

There is a great deal of difference between times of peace and times of war. This may seem a very obvious statement, but I’m not sure left-liberals really understand the simplicity behind it.

Before mass immigration and multiculturalism so efficiently sickened the cultural, racial and body politic, it would have been impossible to blow up buildings, trains, planes and buses without first defeating the military defenders of the crushed nation. It would have been equally impossible to display foreign flags whilst loudly proclaiming they were destined to fly over government buildings; equally impossible that native soldiers should not wear their uniforms in public due to safety concerns; and equally impossible for soldiers in mufti to be murdered and decapitated in a city street just yards away from a military barracks.

We are clearly not living in a time of peace in Britain, but nor are we living in a time of war if war is judged in world-war historical terms. Perhaps it is best to say we are in a “sort of war” or a “low-level war” that, although hardly warranting the description “fully-fledged”, cannot be written off as unimportant and of no concern.

Britain’s security services have stopped Muslim terrorist atrocities like 7/7 each and every year since the last lot of Muslim jihadists slipped through the net and murdered and maimed people on our transport systems. Muslims routinely try to replicate this attack because Muslims consider themselves at war with us — be it as a claimed retaliation for our involvement in Iraq/Afghanistan, or simply because Britain is Koranically designated as part of the House of War not ruled by Muslims — as is their supremacist and divine right.

A similar low-level war has been waged against young indigenous girls in Britain, who have been chosen because they are the non-Muslim enemy and therefore deemed a permissible target of rape-jihad, which again is Koranically ordained. This monstrous evil has been going on for well over a decade, but has been deliberately covered up by the government, the police, the media and the social services.

And why did they cover it up? The reason, they tell us, is to ensure the laughable continuation of “community cohesion”, no matter there is no community cohesion in any geographical or societal area where Islam lives alongside non-Islam, or even where Sunni Islam lives alongside Shia Islam in the wider world.

But even citing community cohesion is disingenuous. If the left-liberal elites were truly concerned about cohesion, they would cover up all aspects of the failed ideology of multiculturalism, such as “right-wing” attacks on mosques, and not simply aspects where the consequences of Muslim barbarity reflect badly upon the Muslim perpetrators.

This explains why the BBC filled their studios with Muslim apologists after the 9/11 and 7/7 bombings, and also explains why the Times journalist Andrew Norfolk delayed breaking the news about Muslim gang-rapists on the grounds it would play into the hands of “far-right” groups who are clearly the enemy in the eyes of left-liberals.

Islam clearly considers itself at physical war with us, yet left-liberals consider themselves involved in an ideological war not with illiberal Islam, but with groups they label as far-right. This is a truly evil label when such people are in reality just normal, decent, liberal men and women whose only crime is to be indigenous white Christians who are understandably a tad miffed about their women being raped, their soldiers decapitated and their country and culture wrested from them by barbarian mono-culturalist Muslims.

So, we must admit we are in a low-level war, a clash of competing civilisations which, barely contained today, has the capacity to become an all-out civil war in the future as the internal enemy’s numbers grow. It is interesting therefore to take a look at who is on which side, and who has decided the racial/religious designation of the true enemy.

One side consists of Islam (not radical Islam, just Islam) and their left-liberal allies, the other side of indigenous Brits who would rather the country remained culturally, racially and religiously similar to the Britain they were born into, namely the Britain of their parents and grandparent’s generation.

Is it too provocative to suggest left-liberals have taken the Muslim side in this low-level war? I don’t think so. We have all seen and heard their reactions to the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, which was to essentially whitewash Islam and concentrate instead on defaming “right-wing” organisations such as the EDL and anybody else who had the temerity to associate Koran-quoting Islamic murderers with the political/religious/supremacist ideology of Islam.

We must not inflame and polarise opinion when it could result in “Islamophobia”, they tell us, yet they are more than happy to inflame and polarise EDLophobia it would seem, which is odd when the EDL exist purely as a reaction to Muslim violence. This perverse left-liberal alliance with Islam is particularly noticeable with regard to the BBC and The Guardian which both had the following to say about a particular event which occurred on Sunday last week.

First, the BBC:

Two prison officers have been taken hostage and attacked by three inmates at a maximum-security jail near York. The incident on Sunday at Full Sutton Prison in East Yorkshire lasted for four hours. A Prison Service spokeswoman said the staff received treatment for their injuries, which were not thought to be life-threatening.

The Prison Officer’s Association (POA) said it was aware of the “hostage incident”. Police are investigating. The POA told the BBC it was sending a national representative to the prison to determine exactly what happened. Steve Gillan, the POA’s general secretary, said: “Until the full facts of the incident are known we do not wish to comment further for fear of compromising any police investigation.

“We can confirm that officers sustained injuries and had it not been for the professionalism of prison officers dealing with this violent incident the outcome could have been worse.” The Prison Service spokeswoman said the incident started at 16:25 BST and ended at 20:40 “after staff intervened”. She would not confirm reports that one of the warders was held.

And The Guardian:

Police are investigating an incident at Full Sutton prison. A prison officer was held hostage and beaten at an east Yorkshire prison by inmates. The attack took place at Full Sutton prison on Sunday. A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: “An incident involving three prisoners took place at HMP Full Sutton on 26 May from 4.25pm and was successfully resolved at 8.40pm after staff intervened.”

The spokeswoman said on Tuesday that two officers were receiving treatment. She refused to comment further, saying the police were investigating. The Prison Officers Association said it was aware an officer had been held hostage and injured but it was still trying to ascertain the facts of the incident.

These stories, although relating to an incident two days ago, were taken from the front pages of their websites on Tuesday morning. Both left-leaning “news” organisations have had plenty of time to glean further information, but for such basic journalistic professionalism we have to turn to The Daily Mail, a newspaper routinely sneered at by left-liberals as being right-wing and not worth the paper it is printed on.

The Daily Mail:

Three jailed Islamic extremists stabbed a warder and beat him for four hours after the prison imam called on them to pray for murdered soldier Lee Rigby, it was reported last night. The trio snatched the warder from E-wing at Full Sutton prison, near York, and held him hostage before stabbing him during a stand-off with guards.

The terrified victim, who is in his 30s, was locked in a cleaning room where he was also apparently beaten with mop handles and told he was going to die. The prison’s National Tactical Response Group were called and eventually managed to free him and he was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

A prison source told the Daily Mirror: ‘The fear was that the gang had somehow got hold of knives from the prison kitchen and they would attempt to behead him. ‘By the time the attack finished the officer was covered in bruises and blood. He feels very lucky to be alive. He was told they would kill him.’

The three prisoners were thought to have become enraged following a prison imam’s call for Muslim inmates to pray for soldier Lee Rigby, who was stabbed to death by extremists last week. Two of the attackers are believed to be an African-born fanatic and British man who converted to Islam while in prison.

Full Sutton Prison houses dozens of extremist prisoners and there has been recent concern about the spread of radical Islam behind its walls.

Why would the BBC and The Guardian not cover this story properly? The simple answer is that they have chosen to take sides in a war, regardless of whether the war is fully fledged or low-level, and the side they have taken is not the side that represents the interests of Great Britain or its people.

Or, put more simply, left-liberals have committed treason and continue to commit treason on an ongoing basis. They are not held to account because the government and the police are also committing treason, and the head of the government is David Cameron, a man who describes himself as a Conservative but who is, in reality, just another left-liberal traitor.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

35 thoughts on “An Example of Left-Liberal Treason

  1. I am really worried about the future.

    The left is going to cause a disaster of biblical proportions.

    If Enoch Powell was alive he would be saying I told you so.

      • Enoch Powell would have been 101 as he was born in 1912. There was mention of the centenary of his birth last year. However, the Traditional Britain Group – and I would urge all British visitors to this site to join them as it only costs £10 – held a special centenary dinner.

        Some of us were alive when he made his rivers of blood speech. Britain was still a very different place then, probably still well over 90% white indigenous so there were still enough of us to reverse mass immigration if the traitor Heath had not stopped us. Now I fear it is much too late. 1968 was the time and that is now 45 years ago. Although not as fiery as Powell who was of Welsh descent, Paul Weston could be the new Powell but he would have a tremendous struggle to get there.

        • “Paul Weston could be the new Powell but he would have a tremendous struggle to get there.”

          A demonized and ostracized conservative British patriot.

          I think Paul Weston is already there.

  2. Yes, the BBC/Guardian have taken sides. Not only them, but the Telegraph as well, and all the other newspapers banning comments. And even the Mail Online, today, was full of attacks on the EDL, all the while applauding the “every faith and generation” mourning for the murdered soldier, Lee Rigby. The Daily Mail wrote:

    “His killers said they were acting in the name of Allah – but yesterday Muslims bowed their heads in prayer to honour the victim’s memory, and reject the vile hatred of those who butchered him in broad daylight.

    And just below this statement, a picture of dark-skinned people praying, and another picture of dark-skinned women mourning…

    The most-recommended comments were full of praise, about it being “fantastic that all faiths and people can join together”, and other similar sentiments. Only one comment spotted that the hats worn by the dark-skinned men in the first photo looked like Nepali hats, called “topi” hats. An example of such hats is shown here… draw your own conclusions about whether the hats in the Mail’s photos were the type of hats worn by Muslims, or Nepali “Topi” hats (in all likelihood worn by Hindus). In any case – there did not seem to be any clearly Muslim symbols present in the photos – be they burqas, headscarves or Muslim-style hats… But surely it would make sense that some Nepalis, a large number of whom are Gurkhas in the British Army, would pay homage to a fallen British Army comrade??

    So, were there really so many Muslims “praying” and “paying homage” to the fallen soldier, or have the Daily Mail resorted to desperation to find “Muslims” mourning the murdered soldier, deciding any “brown” person will fit the bill??

    • Well spotted GI. The people mourning and praying for the victim are Hindus. They are folding hands (only Hindus and offshoots of Hinduism such as Buddhists) do that. Muslims never fold hands in prayer. Plus the tall topi is a tradition in northern India and bordering Nepal (a Hindu country). These people are almost surely Hindus from the border region between India and Nepal. Very likely Gurkhas.

    • The people in the picture are not Gurkhas, and not Nepalis. Having been to Nepal and seen the people there, this is clear to me. Hats such as those are not worn in the Nepal I visited. The people there are not as tall as the people in the photo, on the whole. There are a number of other differences. To one who has been there, the answer just leaps out.

  3. I am from India and see Britain going India’s way where government and police do nothing against islamic terrorism and finally ordinary people have to take law into their own hands. Killing non muslims by muslim jihadists,fanatics and fight back from non muslims in the form of riots or kind of civil war is regular occurence in India. Britain was supposed to be developed country with best law and order. I guess it slowly getting converted into third world country due to islamic immigrants.

    • Conversely, before I visited India 2 years ago, I was hoping it would be in better shape than Britain vis-a-vis the Islamic threat. Instead, I was greeted with large numbers of burqas, and men with beards and Islamic garb, some riding around on motorbikes with women in colourful Hindu dresses. Also, the call to prayer was everywhere. And this in the South of India – the least touched by Islamic invasions of the past!

      If there is a postiive though, it seems that Indians are much less afraid to express their opinions, and regular Indian citizens know what the Muslim threat is all about. And they are also passionate about their culture, religion and identity. Unlike young Britons who have in vast numbers decided to be “world citizens” travelling, trying to fit it and making excuses for Islam. Indians, it seems, are also much better educated – which in the future could also prove crucial.

  4. What we are probably seeing — in David Camera-on — is the desire to ride it all the way.

    What the Lib-Dem, Labour and ‘Conservatives’ don’t grasp is that they’re on a Titanic voyage — and they’ve hit islam-berg.

    Re-arranging the deck chairs won’t keep you dry, and there are no lifeboats.

  5. It would seem that it’s not just the Guardian and the BBC who have decided to take the Muslim side in this war. This is the account of the incident in the Telegraph, a supposedly right wing paper.

    It’s barely more informative than the report in the Guardian, just saying that the Ministry of Justice would not comment on reports that the attackers were Islamic extremists. It does mention tensions between Muslims and other prisoners and that 22% of the prison’s inmates were Muslims.

    In contrast the Sun, widely regarded as a rag not fit for wiping muddy boots which men only buy to look at the pictures on Page 3, gave a detailed account which clearly identified the exact nature of the incident.

    Perhaps the Telegraph has also decided to take the Muslim side in this war. That would be in keeping with their closure of comments on all articles relating to Woolwich or Islam, and by the increasing number of journalists at the paper who take a left liberal political stance.

    • The Sun is not a newspaper I’d normally turn to. That said I read an interesting article this week by Sun Writer Trevor Kavanah(sp?). He tries to be even-handed, but it doesn’t work because what he says Islam closer to the truth about Islam than anything else I’ve read in the msm.

      • …because what he says about Islam is closer to the truth…

        (apologies – must learn to type.)

  6. This is a country that withstood the Blitz. And then rolls over to the new Nazis of our time. I don’t blame the barbarians, they are just doing what their brainwashing tells them to do. But when all is said and one, it will be something to see the barbarians say to the leftists, “Now it is your turn. Covert to Islam or die.”

  7. I guess London and other parts of England seem to be more like the country portrayed in “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later”…except in those movies, people fought back against the infected. I don’t think there is a cure to this infection, either.

  8. There are some details in the Times of India report on this.

    It is amazing that the muslims in Briton now feel they can do such things blatantly. The warning signs were there in the (Pakistani youth) Bradford riots years ago, but no one seems to have heeded them.

  9. I’d like to think that if the US were this far along the road to Islamization that the well armed Amercan public would ave started taking things into its own hands. There are a lot of great shots in the US.

    In my opinion a ‘civil’ war is unavoidable. I put civil in quotes because in my opinion civil war describes a war between the indigenous inhabitants of a country. Native Brits vs. Isamic invaders is more akin to the Reconquista.


    • But you must remember to figure in to your projected civil war that
      the state and ALL its organs will be totally on the side of the Moslems.
      That makes the fight far more difficult from the point of view of
      patriots. The Army and Police will just obey orders, thinking all the while [ if they ever do ] that they are doing the only thing they can.
      That guarantees their pay checks . And that suggests that the
      Government forces are basically mercenaries who have no tribal

  10. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Anglo men haven’t used their intellect to eliminate this threat. What is clear to me is – these barbarians have at least enough intelligence to get into the Anglo system and exploit it. If someone has the ear of the EDL – tell them to discuss how they can subvert this evil by subversion. Hell, the liberal government and press could never condemn the conversion of thousands of Christians into this evil order. Get inside and destroy it from within. That’s what I’d do…

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  12. Paul, you ask “Is it too provocative to suggest left-liberals have taken the Muslim side in this low-level war?”

    Not at all. If the left-liberals don’t see the awakening of the English as a threat, why are they doing everything they can to disarm us of the ability to defend ourselves, physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually?

    As an aside, I visited my brother’s house earlier this week. On my way back downstairs from visiting the lavatory I passed my niece’s half open bedroom door and I couldn’t help but notice over her shoulder on the screen of her laptop Pat Condell with his latest video. “Wow, Pat Condell?” My niece (17 yrs) looked over her shoulder, “Oh you know him?”

    “Only via video. How did you come across him.”

    “A friend liked it and put it on my facebook wall.”

    Slowly but surely we are waking up Paul.

    • The so-called “liberal-left” have taken the side of the Muslims on the basis of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. The Labour Party gets 25% of its votes from Muslims. Frankly, the Labour Party can’t do without them. The Conservative Party would dearly love to coax those Muslims over to their side, so they also have nothing bad to say about them.

      All politics in Britain is now carried out “at the margins”. It is all about trying to win the votes of minorities. Hence an obsession with placating Muslims and also a plethora of other minority groups. The majority is left behind, because the votes of the majority are considered “in the bag” – the white working class “will always vote Labour” and the middle class “will always vote Conservative”. So the majority are neglected. Well, until UKIP came along anyway.

      • Islam takes no prisoners, unless they can be ransomed; sold into slavery or are sex slaves. When the socialist elitest leadership in England has served its purpose for Islam, their throats will be slit as Islam partners with nobody especially the weak minded so called leaders of England. Of what use would they be? Some will be useful to keep the rabble in check but most will assume room temperature at the hands of Islam. And the Brit leadership will die thinking they were right all along.

      • This is happening in the U.S. already but no one seems to realize it. The Muslim vote in at least one state is big enough that both major parties are afraid to say anything against Islam. The more Muslims immigrate, the harder it will be to fight this dynamic. The time to fight desperately is now or yesterday, but most Americans have no sense of urgency.

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  14. The Muslims were given a religion that can only flourish either on the fringe of civilization i.e. in deserts (maybe there it had some good influence preventing caravans from being assaulted by bandits, I simply don´t know) or in city-states under tyrannical rule, never far from their original deserts. Here, in the developed world, it turns its younger 2G (second generation) adherents into enraged beasts and can only summon sympathy among some of our most resented native idiots. There is only one rational conclusion: Allah hates Muslims.

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