A Sleeping Pill for Christian Society

The following video from Germany, originally posted at Politically Incorrect, contains excerpts from an interview with an apostate from Islam.

Nassim Ben Iman warns his audience that Westerners are being dangerously naïve about Islam and blind to the Islamization of Europe, which has been planned for a long time and is now well underway. As PI notes:

Nassim Ben Iman is one of the best-known apostates of Islam in Germany.

He has written a book of his own experiences entitled: “Der wahre Feind… warum ich kein Terrorist geworden bin” / “The true enemy…why I did not become a terrorist”. In view of the present Islamic terror threat in Germany, his statements about the danger of Islam are more topical than ever.

This ex-Muslim of Arab origin has a lot to tell, and offers us a deep insight into the most peaceful of all religions. As one of only a very small number, he managed to extract himself from the strict Islamic indoctrination. He tells brutal truths such as “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist”. We have distilled the most important points of an extensive interview with this courageous man which we conducted in May of this year into a ten-minute video, because of the acute terrorism danger.

Warning: this video is not recommended for “do-gooders” whose carefully constructed worldview could, when they watch this film, disintegrate.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   For Muslims it is a special honour to kill for Islam
00:04   and a greater honour to die for Islam,
00:08   i.e. the understanding that there are human beings and human life involved
00:12   has been suppressed from childhood.
00:16   One has learned from the start that the highest demands on
00:20   a Muslim life is to give everything for Allah, whether it makes sense,
00:24   whether it’s inhuman or inhuman, nobody asks. The Jews,
00:28   I hated them naturally it didn’t need much teaching for that.
00:32   Why? Well, I had been to the Koran school before I was in Germany,
00:36   then in school in the Arab country I come from
00:40   from the start, everywhere in the society one heard only one thing:
00:44   “The Jews are bad, they are the enemies of God, they are not human,
00:48   they are damned by God, some of them were turned into apes”,
00:52   as the Koran says it, i.e. this image of the Jews was
00:56   imprinted in me from the start,
01:00   an enemy image, and I hated, despised them,
01:04   wanted to kill them, but this concerns not only the Jews, but also Christians
01:08   and all non-Muslims. For Muslims all non-Muslims are
01:12   non-believers. I despised them equally, perhaps not
01:16   with the same intensity of hatred or wish to kill them,
01:20   but Christians had no value to me because
01:24   they were simply non-believers, Buddhists and atheists had no value; they all
01:28   were creatures who could only become valuable by converting to Islam.
01:32   The world has to be Islamised, that is
01:36   taught by Islamic scholars and clerics
01:40   and propagated by the leaders in the Islamic world.
01:44   The non-Muslim world is the “House of War”.
01:48   Where Islam is the official religion, (it is the)
01:52   “House of Islam” and thus the “House of Peace”.
01:56   This means that knowledge
02:00   “the world has to be Islamised” has always existed and those who love Islam,
02:04   and of course I did, as a good Muslim
02:08   is eager to make it so, i.e.
02:12   to Islamise Germany and Europe to fulfill the demands of Mohammed
02:16   to the best of his ability. If you deal critically with
02:20   the history, with the life of Mohammed
02:24   with the Islamic teachings, if one deals with these facts,
02:28   proven facts, from the Christian side
02:32   as well as from the scientific Muslim side,
02:36   if one faces up to these facts, it is weird to then still believe
02:41   that Islam is a religion of peace. I only see a pure tactic
02:45   by Muslim officials who want to obscure these truths,
02:49   to give a sleeping pill to Christian society
02:53   so that they sleep trough the Islamisation of Europe,
02:57   sleep through a treacherous, false
03:01   representation and the obscuring of truth. That is
03:05   part of the strategy to Islamise Europe.
03:09   The Koran is a revelation by God via Mohammed,
03:13   which is the final word for all peoples for all times.
03:17   It is not changeable, and thus unreformable.
03:22   The softening of the brutal Muslim
03:26   theological laws, theories etc.
03:30   only to fit them into a democratic free society
03:34   in the first place will be criticised and attacked by Muslims.
03:38   If you are angry about Muslim fundamentalists,
03:42   that’s unfair. Why? Because these fundamentalists represent exactly
03:46   and 100% Islam, such as it is in all forms.
03:50   I know that they fast, they pray, they follow the religious laws, and I know
03:54   that they are willing to kill or have killed already to fulfill
03:58   all laws of Islam. One must not forget
04:02   and deny that this is not about fanatics or Islamism,
04:06   it’s about people who follow their Muslim faith from A to Z,
04:10   who want to fulfill it a 100%. I see
04:14   that the Muslim is told in sura (9 verse 41?)
04:20   (inaudible) Allah’s way. Muslims are ordered to wage the holy war in different ways:
04:24   It’s not always only about bombing, war, the sword
04:28   the gun, but also about tactics and cleverness
04:32   whatever peaceful means work, they should be the first
04:36   to be used, especially when one is inferior militarily.
04:40   If one cannot enter by the front door, one should chose the back door
04:44   to establish Islam in the society.
04:51   One learned from childhood: he was the prophet of god, he was the envoy, he was the chosen one,
04:55   and all he did was always right, whatever one thought or felt.
04:59   What the prophet said and did was right. In other words,
05:03   when women were raped, when a territory or city was conquered,
05:07   that was holy, because these were non-believing women anyway.
05:11   The prophet has done it and ordered it. When you start to
05:15   question the religion or Mohammed critically,
05:19   then you feel guilty immediately. Why?
05:23   because one learns from childhood onwards that
05:27   when one sees anything critical in Islam, then it is a deficit of human behaviour
05:31   and not a justified critique. It is one of the most serious sins
05:35   to ask: “why did Mohammed do it?”
05:39   “Why is it in the Koran?” Such a question is already one of the worst
05:45   sins. And that is the level on which good brainwashing functions.
05:49   In this system, I am not allowed to ask questions. If I see deficits,
05:53   then I sin. So what have I left except to open my ears
05:57   and to say okay, what am I told,
06:01   what do I have to do? And when I’m told “kill”, here I am, I kill.
06:07   There is the general threat Islam teaches that he who changes his religion
06:11   must be killed. That’s a fact.
06:15   The sword hangs over my head.
06:19   It’s not a nice thing. The second thing is that
06:23   one is separated from the family, one is separated from the Muslim society
06:30   with which one was close, with a part of one’s heart and one’s life
06:35   And that the threats come just from these circles, not from somewhere imaginary,
06:39   somewhere in Europe, or further, but from the closest
06:43   circle of friends, of family… that is
06:47   what makes it very hard for me.
06:51   I know from reliable sources the Muslim Brotherhood already in the 60s
06:55   had started to develop strategies to
06:59   Islamise Europe.
07:03   And I see that a lot of what was decided in the 60s is enacted today;
07:08   the birthrate is only one example.
07:12   In my book I made one statement where I wrote
07:16   “each Muslim is a potential terrorist”.
07:20   In answer to that a publisher told me
07:24   that this statement had to be removed because
07:28   one cannot say it like that. And I said that I could justify why
07:32   I say this. If a Muslim takes his faith
07:36   seriously, when a Muslim returns to the words of Mohammed and
07:40   what is in the Koran, — if he is an exemplary Muslim —
07:44   then tomorrow he is first of all a warrior for god,
07:48   because this is simply a part of the faith. I can say from my own
07:52   experience that I can confirm
07:56   that (between) what is said publicly and what is told to Christians, and that which is said behind
08:00   closed doors in the family, in Muslim society,
08:04   in the mosque, there is a difference like day and night.
08:08   Sometimes I am stunned by the naivety of the West
08:12   and the naivety of the Christians, as they are so blind
08:16   and let themselves be so seduced. I am so bewildered
08:19   that such facts
08:22   as they exist in Islam, where you don’t even need
08:25   Muslims to understand them, that such facts are simply
08:28   denied. To give sleeping pills to the West,
08:31   to give sleeping pills to the Christians
08:34   so that they sleep through their own Islamisation: that’s the aim.
08:40   It is a fact that the core message does not change in translation
08:43   it doesn’t suddenly acquire a different sense. When it says
08:48   in the Koran: “kill them”, you can translate that
08:51   “kill them” or “erase their lives”, whatever;
08:54   the core message is: the non-believer
08:57   who does not convert to Islam is afterwards stone-dead and gets buried,
09:00   and his blood is gone. The second aspect is
09:03   that the Koran is written in the imperative.
09:06   that is plain for the simplest of men. “Go and
09:09   kill the non-believer !” No need to philosophise.
09:12   One grows up in this ideology,
09:15   and when a Western woman says to a Muslim woman,
09:18   “How can you live like that?” the Muslim woman shrugs
09:21   and says: “What are you talking about?”
09:24   A woman can rebel only then when she
09:27   realises, “Gee, I’m oppressed and treated badly.”
09:34   But as long as she takes it in with her mother’s milk: “You are like this because Allah
09:37   commands it, don’t ask”, in that moment
09:40   the discussion is finished before it begins.
09:43   My plea to our politicians and our society
09:46   is: please open your eyes
09:49   Tolerance is valuable, important and good, and love
09:52   of one’s neighbour is a Christian value, but
09:55   tolerance at the expense of truth
09:58   is a total stupidity,
10:01   which will exact a very high price.

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  3. Tolerance is valuable, important and good…but tolerance at the expense of truth is a total stupidity

    “Tolerance” is a virtue of limited value. Unless it is yoked in equal tandem with the virtue of discernment it disintegrates into, as this man says, “total stupidity”.

    OTOH, our politically correct overseers find it a useful tool for keeping us in line. Refusing to bow to the gods of Tolerance and Equality with Discernment excluded entirely makes one a Racist, simply by virtue of that refusal.

    Notice he discusses the mortal wrong of asking “Why?” in response to received doctrine. This fear of questioning, endemic to all totalitarians demonstrates how fragile are the foundations of this ‘faith’.

    The double-faced “public truths” for outsiders and “real truths” for the inner circle can be a powerful tool for creating strong bonds among believers.

    That this man managed to break the bonds and make his way out of that murderous cave bespeaks a strong, resilient character. He is free, but the price he pays is to spend his life never again feeling truly at home. I wish our admiration were enough to heal what this journey has cost him psychologically, spiritually, and intellectually.

    His interview is important for understanding those others, weaker than he, who don’t have the characterological strength to break free of such total preparation for a life dedicated to death as the greatest value.

    • ‘a life dedicated to death as the greatest value.’

      This just about sums up the ‘religion of peace’. It truly is a death cult.

  4. Tolerance is valuable, important and good…but tolerance at the expense of truth is a total stupidity…

    I too thought this the most important statement he made. And we see it all the time in Western society not just as it pertains to tolerating Islam and the negative changes it brings to our societies but all other things as well. People all around us living destructive lives, no problem! Not only will we tolerate it, we’ll even pay for it!

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  10. Since the ‘topic’ is the Islamic religion and how its adherents cling to the Koran’s tenets and interpretations thereof by the Imams, I fail to see how relating Biblical passages isn’t ‘on topic.’ If the posts are long, rambling, and generally rude/off color/insulting, I would agree the post either needs to be less so or the poster could be persona non grata if insistent upon his/her particular persuasive tools.

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