A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain

“Multiculturalism is destroying our culture.”

Paul Weston, the founder and leader of Liberty GB, spoke at a party meeting last Saturday. Below is a video of the final twenty minutes of his speech.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

16 thoughts on “A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain

  1. Paul, thank you for telling the truth when to do so is literally illegal. Look at the fate of Emma West. I still want to contact you as you are one of the few still prepared to stand up for us. Baron could provide you with my e-mail address.
    You are younger than I but I still remember the 1950s when this evil process of genocide of the British and the rest of the white race began. As I have just said, for any non-white country resistance would not be called racism it would be called self-preservation but we are not even allowed to save ourselves. As for Sonia Gable, does she not realise that the Third World has given nothing to the advancement of mankind, the white race and the British in particular have given everything. Does that stupid woman not realise that when whites go down the world goes down and the plutocrats who think that a world of brown people will be easier to control will be ruling over a cess pit? They say the English only begin to fight when their backs are against the wall, I think that the killing of Lee Rigby might be the point when we finally turn. I hope so, otherwise what will there be left for us to live for? I could say much much more. I hope you will get in touch.

  2. Excellent speech – what will happen to my grandchildren is my sole worry. Our own children have been so brainwashed and propagandized they do not see what is happening….yet.

  3. This man is a hero for standing up for all the European nations. The fight will be long. The fight will be hard. But if not for the fight, we are all spent and wreaked in the sand.

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  5. I guess being a communist will protect them from having their heads separated from their shoulders.

  6. Paul has given a first class assessment of what it is like to live in the UK today and how careful one has to be if one is a dissident. I couldn’t stand it anymore and along with my Asian wife, I packed up and de-camped to her country of origin. Being 69 years old, I am not much use in a fight these days so I should get out of the way of those that are. Until mid February, I lived in Hayes, West London. During the 25 years I lived there I saw it change from a white working class area to one which was neither. The whites gradually moved out and few of the remaining population wanted to work or knew how. The Community Centre in Hayes town became an “Islamic Centre” and at night it is virtually a “no go” area “policed” by marauding somalis and pakistanis. I forbade my wife from going to Hayes Town alone and when I finally retired from work, I drove her to her office every day from Hayes to her office in Watford and back in the evening. The streets and public transportation in West London had become unsafe for a single woman travelling alone . I support Paul Weston, the EDL and anyone else who has the courage to confront the police state that the UK has become.

  7. I was a bit apprehensive about Weston a couple years ago. But, he is being very honest and truthful – the PC chains are hanging loosely these days.

    My big question is why oh why did Weston and the EDL dissolve there political union?
    In combination, they could be where the dodgy UKIP gang are today in terms of political power.

    The EDL, Liberty GB, and BNP (yes those pesky “nazis”) should set aside the sibling rivalries for a bit and put a hurting on the delusional establishment.

    The classic quote we’ve all heard and as many have said comes sharply to mind, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    Sun Tsu would say, “Join hands with your allies. Do not linger in dangerously isolated positions”.

    And, Sun Tsu made clear that having “The Moral Law” was essential. The Nationalists have the moral high ground, no doubt.

    • I dont know why Mr. Weston left British Freedom. However I reflexively support him, rather than the organization he left. I also support the EDL even given their imperfect foibles.

      I also support UKIP. But am skeptical that British Freedom could be where they are today.

  8. Exellent speech ,calm ,rational incisive.We must remember we have been here before with the fusilier Rigby atrocity.In many ways it bears similarities to the P.C. Bakelock case where he was decapitated byin this case a West indian mob, the leader of the mob Winston Silcott was convicted after up to 10 witnesses said they saw Silcott standing over the corpse of P.C. Blakeock with a bloody machete shouting “This is bullmans blood”.
    Several years later all the witnesses retracted their statements and lo and behold he became the “victim of a miscarriage of justice”.Do not be surprised of anything that may happen with this case in the future ,the judiciary are as much an enemy of the English people as the Labour party .People like Mike Mansfield and Gareth pierce have an agenda that is political rather a desire for justice.
    On another note can anyone think of an idea to boycott “Help for heroes” and form a new charity after the disgraceful boycott of the E.D.L. ,some of the few people that had the courage to stand up agains these atrocities.

    • maverick, my only thought so far, with regards to how to handle the boycott, would be for Tommy to send the money to the wife of Lee Rigby. That would help her and show the absurdity of the ‘help for heroes’ rejection.

  9. In your closing remarks you state that you dont know why this is happening. The why is very clear and simple. The time has come to teach to all why this is happening and what sort of world our so-called elites have planned. As always, information, knowledge and organization opens to road to the potential to fight back, and hence reclaime our western civilization. We must also see this as a western problem.

    • I think Paul gave us the answer as to why this is happening, one I have always known about but never been to sure as to whether to believe or not. He told us that UN Commissioner Peter Sutherland wants millions more third world people to be brought into Europe in order to destroy for ever homogeneous European states. Well, in the case of Britain that is almost a fait accompli. This, he says, will ensure the success of the EU which, as Paul says, is a totalitarian entity, a totalitarian Marxist entity and multiculturalism has already been used to ensure the individual national identities are dismantled. Certainly in Britain we are already becoming rootless individuals no longer with a people or a homeland to belong to. This is exactly what they want to achieve.

      But we all know that the EU is just the beginning; Cameron has been over in Washington discussing the next stage, the North Atlantic Union. I have discovered that the Canadian Conservative government is aiming to multiculturalise its party as is the Conservative party in Britain. Cameron has also been over in India ostensibly to sign a free trade agreement but Bismarck showed the way by starting with a customs union and ending up with one German nation.

      In the case of Britain, the process is now so far advanced that it is difficult to imagine that the British people will ever escape their fate which is extinction and replacement. I hope you will prove me wrong, Paul. The British are already displaying all the hallmarks of citizens of the one world state, an ignorance of and detachment from their history and a resigned apathy about what is being done to them. I wonder whether they realise that they have been deliberately selected for genocide or, as the lady said, have just been brainwashed into thinking that multiculturalism is progress, never questioning as to why it is only being done to white countries. As regards intermarriage, I have seen hardly any between the darker and the oriental races or between the darker races per se. The aim seems to be to get whites to intermarry. Interested to hear about the man with an Asian wife. I wonder whether she realises that her people as were all those from the third world have since the War been brought deliberately to Europe, North America and Australasia for a purpose. In essence they are as much fodder or pawns in the game as are the whites. It would be nice if she could persuade her compatriots to return home as well and try to re-create in India the civilised, gentle and altruistic (yes I notice that Paul used that word which is so alien to the Indian sub-continent) country they found when they accepted the establishment’s invitation to come and colonise.

      So it is the slow march to United Nations One World Government, we realise that. It will be a world-wide totalitarian police state from which there will be no escape, multiculturalism has been used to get us used to losing our freedom. But as to whether this is the tool of a select obscenely rich elite who accepted Satan’s invitation to rule the whole world if they only bowed down and worshipped him, that is the question.

    • It is happening because:

      1. US envy: The elites want to commandeer a 500 million entity, instead of 27 tiny ones. Mass-immigration helps them dillute the group identities of the 27 member states so they can artificially build a big European one.

      2. Idiots: The non-elite liberal post-christians have lost their identity and are filling the mental vacuum with a suicidal guilt trip.

  10. Thanks to all for your very good feedback and for picking up on my questions. It’s good to know that some pick-up on the actual aimes of our so-called elites. We must now educate ourselves and in so doing we can fight back. But real aggressive resistance is also important, since the favorite tool of the elites, being the islamists, are an all too willing player and extremly violent. No-one should doubt our fate once the balanced is finally tipped.

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