A Fake Tommy Robinson Interview

A couple of days ago a Canadian radio station aired a bogus call-in interview with Tommy Robinson. Anyone who knows Tommy — or has heard him speak at greater length than those little five-second sound bites presented in the MSM — can tell instantly that this impostor is not Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. When has anyone heard Tommy talk about “sending them back to Africa”?

I see four possibilities here. This could be:

  • A bad parody like Saturday Night Live,
  • A very bad attempt at “Royal Canadian Air Farce”,
  • A hoax, and the station was genuinely taken in (unlikely), or
  • A leftist station that decided to do a little damage to Tommy and the EDL’s reputation all on their own.

The original audio clip is here. Or, if it has been taken down by the time you read this, see the video below, in which Vlad Tepes has combined the Toronto radio clip with yesterday’s real interview with Tommy, to provide a compare-and-contrast opportunity:

NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto should experience some major punch-back for their little disinformation campaign. A strong reaction from the UK would be particularly appropriate.

For those who are interested in making their opinions known, the relevant information is below. Remember: be polite! Obscenities and invective just make it that much easier for the company’s PR people to dismiss complaints out of hand, without even reading/listening to them.

Contact Information for NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto:

“Contact Us” form

I recommend contacting them to demand a publicly-aired correction and retraction.

To our Canadian readers: Is there a Canadian code of ethics for journalism?

You can complain to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC).

Here is the relevant code from Article 3:

Article Three – Authenticity

Electronic journalists will present news and information without distortion. Interviews may be edited provided that the meaning is not changed or misrepresented. Electronic journalists will not present news that is rehearsed or re-enacted without informing the audience. Newsrooms should take steps to ensure the authenticity of all video and audio, including news material acquired from the public, freelancers and other sources before disseminating/broadcasting it. Editorials and commentary will be identified as such.

Important questions:

  • What steps did they take to ensure the authenticity of this interview?
  • Who approached them?
  • Did they contact known EDL emails or contact info to verify that these were really EDL people?
  • Did they in fact do any due diligence whatsoever?
  • If so, please describe it in detail, with the names and titles of all program personnel who were responsible.

And from Article 7:

Article Seven – Corrections

Errors will be quickly acknowledged and publicly corrected on all platforms

Of course, if the station (or the Council) is run by left-wingers, they’ll ignore their own code of conduct. But that doesn’t matter. As Saul Alinsky says, demand that they live up to it.

7 thoughts on “A Fake Tommy Robinson Interview

  1. Perhaps Tommy should bring suit against Newstalk 1010 for libel. It is this type of misinformation and outright lie that negatively influence opinion of EDL and Tommy.

    Fallout from media slander:

    via Bare Naked Islam
    OUTRAGEOUS! UK ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity tells English Defence League to take their contributions and shove them up their ass fanny.
    2 hours ago

  2. I guess newstalk 1010 finds Tommy a threat to their narrative. Why else would they do this. The question is what IS their narrative??? Shall we all watch as a person is butchered on the street and then go about our business? How about blowing up a train in Toronto? Should anyone that might be aboard be dismissed as well as their families?
    What is the narative? I would think that rather than spew ire at these people it would be much more productive to engage them in discussion to find out exactly what it is they find acceptable and what they are doing to that end.

  3. I’ll take number 4 Baron………and they are bastards…the lot.

    Thanks for posting the contact information, the element of reciprocity in a situation like this can be downright inconvenient.

    Transparency in their little scheme….a backwater radio station with plummeting rating grasping at leftist straws…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there………….”

    • Ah, Don, I’m glad you’re going to have a word with those folks! And I’m sure you’ll mind your manners…

      • Indubitably!……the very model of civilized discourse at your service!

        Not one for letting cats out of the bag but lets let a cat out of the bag…..I am currently working on a few items Muslim in nature in the Ft McMurray area and that, combined with other activities has me quite busy.

        As for Newstalk 1010, I had something a little more long term in mind. I’m sure they are assembling a panel of administrators and reptiles, sorry….and lawyers…… as we speak…….it seems the regulatory agencies in Canada take a rather dim view of the sort of asinine foolishness that has resulted in the attempted assassination of Mr. Robinson’s character.

        In addition to our condemnation of this “news” radio station’s hijinks can be found a parallel condemnation as rendered by the multiplicity of revenue generating advertisers that provide Newstalk 1010 with a financial foundation from which, as we have seen so spectacularly, to launch the juvenile and injurious. I am sure that once individual board members are contacted, using a mind numbing numbers of contact vehicles, to bring the shortcomings of the “news” station to their attention……they will think immediately of terminating advertising contracts….secondly, their counterparts in corporate Canada and the United States will give sober second thought to any consideration of their pending association, contractual or otherwise, with media outlet that can be defined as little but thoughtless, viscous and slanderous.

        Of course Newstalk 1010 expects to weather the storm in spectacular Leftist fashion……….well, to quote a much loved entertainer, the inimitable Bob Dylan…….”The Times They Are A Changing”………and as for the conceit of Newstalk 1010………people have lost patience with their brand of stupidity……and in relation to conceit…..another few words from that Leftist balladeer, Dylan……..one of my very very favorite songs;………..a song, from the amber depths of a glass of French brandy, I have belted out to a singular audience…….a full moon as she climbed a starry, moonlit, midnight sky, beckoning me confess my sins……….and I did……..many times………(much to the irritation of the budgie)……….

        Ladies and Gentlemen……I present…..”The Disease Of Conceit”…


        Bon nuit mes amis…….

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown, Crankvillle County
        Alberta, Canada

        “Somewhere ’round the bend and down that funny little road a ways…”

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