Wandering Around

I’m off to visit family, and will be gone until tomorrow, so there will be no news feed tonight.

Pay attention to what the substitute teacher says. You will be tested on the material upon my return.

Also, remember that the CCTV is on. Just because you can’t see the camera doesn’t mean it’s not there…

4 thoughts on “Wandering Around

  1. I received an email today, from an old friend I went to school with in Ireland. His daughter Ryan was one of the Boston Jihad victims. She broke her back and both arms. It will take a year for her to recover properly.

    Please share this link http://www.gofundme.com/Ryan-McMahon


  2. Part 3 of establishing true democratic Rules.

    Anyone can bring in a law proposal to discussion in an Assembly of the Old. This is an Assembly about how they are elected I will bring a special post.

    This discussion on any law proposal must be public.

    If a law proposal is rejected by the Old it maybe re-considered, re-formulated in brought in as a new version OR if 20 percent of the people would like to get a vote of all on this proposal it passes sideways and must be brought to decsision available for all.

    So: Either law proposals are brought to the general vote by being accepted by the Assembly of the Old or when a proposal gets 20 per cent of a “nations” voters that it shall be forwarded to a general vote.

    Any law proposel given to the general vote most at least get 90 per cent to become a law.

    The simple majority – only a bit over 50 per cent – or even two third majorities in some countries necessary to change the constitution are NOT basic democratic principles……. such generate segregationisms.

    So …. there are no more “parties” !

    So …. there are no more professional Politicians 🙂

    No more Lobbyists 🙂

    Lies industries shut down !

    Anyone is “politician” in the utmost direct way possible ………. and this is also practicable in very populated countries.

    In fact the results of this shall finally become a more and more diminishing of the need for laws ….. since mankind shall be driven to true, which is caring humanity …….

    Hard News for the Liars out there: Ends to all sorts of Egocentrisms !

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