6 thoughts on “The Koranic Justification for the Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. There is a whole Sura in the Quoran which justifies “the killings” of hypocrite Muslims.

    First its about giving them a chance ……. but if they miss it the last verse of Sura 63 is quite clear.

    Muslims competing or watching a Marathon – which comes from a Non Muslim tradition – would be considered of having missed many chances to get back to Islam ……

    True Muslims should not come into a situation where they are second in any Sport to any “Unbelievers”.

    According to the Quoran Muslims are the best of all people …….

    Sura 3, Vers 110 states this.

    So whenever Muslims do not win against Unbelievers this is felt as a provocation against a core Quoran teaching.
    So Muslims MUST WIN …
    If they cannot ……
    …….their participating at such sport event is seen as a major transgression of Allah`s teaching.

    Since in every childs hearts the question goes simply: When Muslims are “the best”, why do they loose against Unbelievers ??

    So this vers in Sura 3 is also the explanation while from core Islamic countries there is so extremly low “interest” in sports …….. Every core Muslim scholar tries to keep off the Muslims from coming into a situation where “Unbelievers” could come in first.

    Why there is at least some “Muslim sporting” has to do with Taquia ……

    Its quite close how Muslims practise Taquia with the Deaf.
    The King auf Saudi Arabie himself invites a restricted group of Deaf every year to the Hadj …….. so no one can say Muslims in Arabia are against the Deaf.

    For sure they would do this only as long as it is necessary to keep Western “minds” off from getting upset by the ugly truth in Islam as it really is on the Deaf, because the Deaf are called amongst the “worst Creatures” or “worst animal” in the Quoran. Sura 8: Verses 22 and 23.

    So organizing even a Football World Cup or having even a Congress for the Deaf in Saudi Arabia is no other than playing Taquia to blend the Westerners who have not been willing to take a closer look …… or is maybe pressed even on Muslim Politicians by Western Politicians to keep “Unbelievers masses” in the “West” quiet.

    The question is so simple: Why does a leader of a state restricts the people of a certain disability —— ?

    PS: Why does Mohammed hated the Deaf so much ? Oh… this is very simple: He could not “argue” his lies onto them …..so they could easily prevent to being controlled by him. Mohammeds/Allah`s “solution” to declare them as non-humans…..

    This is one of the themes which Muslims do fear ,most to be published …… this and Sura 65, Vers 4, which is changed extremly in many English Translations.

    THE theme of Sura 65, Vers 4 is that MARRIED girls – before having had their first menses – could be divorced for marrying someone other, IF they keep a three monts waiting time to see if they are pregnant.
    The verse ends with the “hope” that IF a girl is pregnant MAYBE ALLAH KILLS THE UNBORN ….. that there is no more hindering….. for the lust of the new groom – child molester.

    …..another one of the Verses Muslims try to “not go public” is Sura 24, Vers 33 which “allows” prostitution being pressed onto slaves ………”but Allah is allforgiving”…

    Finally: Guess whose Ideology made the by far biggest Slave system on this Planet ?

    Especially in Kenia – where Obama`s Father came from – was one of the major Slave catching regions for the Indian Oceans regions. The Coastal Black Africans who were “made Muslims” by Arabs did not prolong or were kept off by Arabs to make “dawa” into the backlands, to keep there their African Brothers and Sisters NON MUSLIM for the reason of catching them and enslave them …….

    Maybe its useful to have a closer look at Obama`s ancestors ?

  2. Wow, moving video, especially how it ends.

    This sura 5 verse is so fraught with unlimited interpretation to support limitless violence. How can you make ‘war’ against Allah – a ghost/figment of imagination – and Muhammad – a dead man? This war must be ideological. So, anyone who runs websites like this, and calls Muhammad a murderer, not a prophet, is ‘making war’ on Allah and Muhammad, and should be tortured and/or killed.

    I’m pretty sure that the American government has been TOLD to say nice things about Islam, to say that they will try to stop ‘negative’ portrayals of Islam and to recite nice verses, by the Saudi government, or there will be another oil embargo. Interesting to think that maybe Saudi Arabia controls America to some extent. Roll on the day we invent something better than oil!

  3. Those who monitor the BBC need to be aware of their latest step in the propaganda war.

    In virtually every report on the Boston bombers, the BBC refers to them ONLY as “extremists” who were “radicalised”. No mention of islam whatsoever.

    Presumably they were “radicalised” by nuns, or by the Mormons, or the Tea Party, or the Dalai Lama. It looks like the BBCs new policy is to never mention islam in connection with islamically-motivated terrorism.

  4. Really interesting video by Dr. Wood, pity it cannot get to a wider audience. I had not realized previously about the refusal (in the U.K.) to pay taxes to the ‘infidels’. Explains a lot.

  5. I sent it to everyone I know. I have family and friends who don’t speak to me anymore but I’ll be damned if I will give up getting the message out.

    Our local community paper had the following, “From he Publisher’s Desk” regarding last weeks bombing and I quote verbatim, “Perhaps that is the point of these “terrorist” bombings. They want us to be more sensitive to what is happening around the world and to use our influence to encourage peace efforts everywhere.”
    After I finished pulling my hair out I calmed down and spent the weekend in healthier pursuits. Today I visited the office of the esteemed dead wood pundit only to be told that our Guru of foreign affairs had just left for his vacation. “Where?” I asked. “Cuba,” was the response. I said some bad words and left.
    My sword is drawn and I will not go quietly.

  6. Islamic is the paradigm for the Mafia.

    From the protection racket (jizya) to the code of silence (taqiyya), Mohammad was the proto-Godfaddah.

    The Koran is simply the codification of the crooked scheme.

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